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Where The Boys Aren't 02 ____________________________________
Where The Boys Aren't 02
I.D. w0002 & dvd_0321, Adult
1990, Feature
Vivid Video
Directed by Marc Weiss

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5-Star Film! 

Barbara Dare, Jamie Summers, Diedre Holland, Cheri Taylor & Kelly Royce.

Imagine this: Five showgirls shipwrecked with only each other for companionship. For warmth. For pleasure. No men. No skipper. No Gilligan. And of course, no Ginger, since she's making regular movies. Wait a minute. Stop. Why are you imagining this? Rent this tape. And see what happens.

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What a great premise, a bunch of shipwrecked women end up on an island somewhere and pass the time having sex. The scene with Jamie Summers and Deidre Holland ranks as one of my all time faves.

1) Buildup/Seduction: Jamie narrates that Deidre and she are praying to be rescued and it slowly fades into a love scene.
Score: 7.

2) Kissing: What sets this scene apart is the silence. Instead of flooding the background with cheap, typical sounding music, all you hear is the sound of their lips smacking and their breathing. It comes off as VERY real.
Score: 10.

3) Attractiveness of Women: Jamie, Deidre, and the whole cast for that matter look just great.
Score: 9. OVERALL SCORE: 9.

Give this one 5-stars!!

This one is one of the best in this series. Featuring absolute stunners like Jamie Summers, Deidre Holland, Barbera Dare and two other stunners, this video will give hours and hours of enjoyment.

A must have title.

The Philogynist
This is a very entertaining, sexy and amusing tale of shipwrecked showgirls. The cast is beautiful and some are noted for being into women on and off camera. The script is occasionally clever and the sets are intentionally cheap providing a fun atmosphere. The problems are too many moments of these ladies pleasing themselves rather than each other and a needless bombardment of looping during the sex scenes. Also, a ridiculously attired Cal Jammer, posing as a native, is seen spying on the women WAY TOO OFTEN in the movie's second half. If you had the wonderful fortune of watching Mary Ann and Ginger having sex would you really want to constantly cut back to Gilligan's goofiness as he ineptly spied upon them? All the scenes are moving, but the best pairing has Barbara Dare and Cheri Taylor going at it where the great Ms. Dare does a terrific job of fingering and orally stimulating an enthused Cheri. Definitely a good time, but some wasted potential considering the tremendous cast.

I've had this video close to forever and have watched it many, many times. The women are all stunning and also all natural, save Cheri Taylor, though she looks great, anyway. This video is a very long tease before it gets going with the down and dirty. But it works because it's worth it just to look at these girls, they are really that hot. Something about the way it was filmed and a certain quality of their bodies and the glow on their skin, makes just looking at them worth while.

Diedre (one of my all time faves, just wish she smiled occasionally), Jamie and Barbara Dare were all pretty much at their peak when this one was made. The first scene where the girls are asleep and start masturbating is among my faves, and I'm usually bored with masturbation scenes. Barbara Dare's work in that scene is especially hot. An oldie (sort of) but a goodie.

Another decent effort from the WTBA series. On the positive side, the girls are pretty, the sex is good, especially the scene with Diedre Holland and Jamie Summers, the story is plausible.

On the negative side, there is another "boy" here in "Where the Boys Aren't". Plus there is too much self-gratification. In place of that they could have thrown in another lesbian scene. Those are the only two negatives I have for this.

Overall, this was a good tape.

I love this film. Jamie Summers was simply one of THE most beautiful women in the porn industry... from her wavy blonde locks, to those blue-green eyes, to her smile, to that perfect dimple in her chin. This is a must-see for all Jamie fans, pairing her up with the sensuous Deidre.

Okay, Jamie Summers should be a lesbian! Maybe we can make her an honorary lesbian! I've owned WTBA 2 for a few years now, and I never, ever tire from watching the scene with Jamie and Deidre Holland. This should go down (no pun in intended :) as the most sensual and romantic lesbian scene in hardcore film. They don't just "go at it," they make love. It is so beautiful, as are the two ladies involved, absolute knockouts.

Although in the 80's Jamie stated that she was "bi-sexual with a leaning towards women," you would never know that she even liked the "pee-pee". I've been a fan for years, and have seen her in scenes with men, and to me it's obvious that her true sexual appetite (at least on film) is for women. She acts like she could be between a woman's sweet thighs all day, and not stop. For that reason, I love Jamie. This film is a must have for your video collection!!!

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