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Teenage Seduction (Viv Thomas) ____________________________________
Teenage Seduction (Viv Thomas)
I.D. v0108 & dvd_0808, Adult
2002, 87 min.
Rolling Images / PRP
Directed by Viv Thomas


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5-Star Film! 

Sadie & Dana, Kelle & Jo, Anoushka & Olivia, Angie George & Natalie.

A Lezlove World Exclusive!! There's nothing more erotic than a young girl being seduced by an older girl... to see innocence corrupted and penetrated!

A police woman gives a young shoplifter a chance to feel the law!

Little Jo is having difficulties in class. A stunning new teacher helps with her homework!

Mother Superior punishes a virginal nun for having sexual dreams.

A schoolgirl, locked out of her house after lessons gets a 'special tutorial' at licking by her Aunt-like neighbor.

Scene listing:

[1:00] Sadie & Dana

[22:55] Kelle & Jo

[48:43] Anoushka & Olivia

[1:08:40] Angie & Natalie

[1:27:19] END CREDITS

Please note: this is an exclusive custom edit of this film made only for LezloveVideo.com, which cuts a hetero scene.

Please note: we cannot ship this title to countries where PAL is the standard video format. Please order PAL editions directly from Viv Thomas' online DVD store instead. If you are not sure what the standard is in your country, please refer to our help section.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, photo gallery & trailers [all g/g]. NTSC.

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The four scenes here score 2-2 for me. For me, the setup must have at least a tinge of realism in order for it to add to the scene. For that reason, the first and third scenes rang hollow for me. I won't dissect them, but let's just say I don't think nuns make a habit of wearing read and black lingerie, complete with garter, under their usual garments. The second scene, though, with a teacher and student was much hotter to me. Aside from the fact that it takes place in an actual classroom, I was completely transfixed by these two. That and it's the only scene in the video without toys or devices of any kind.

All things considered, the fourth and final scene was my absolute fave. My biggest beef is that they didn't drag the introduction out a bit longer. An older woman seduces a younger girl in her kitchen. The woman and girl are dressed appropriately. Even the dialogue worked well. The progression of teaching the younger girl to kiss and onward was great to see unfold. More like this one Viv!

1) Buildup/Seduction: The last scene takes the cake here. Great setup and all of the little things fell into place, too.
Score: 5

2) Kissing: Every scene has great kissing at times.
Score: 9

3) Attractiveness of Women: Top notch girls, as you'd always expect from Mr. Thomas.
Score: 9


This video is mainly worth having for the second and fourth scenes. The first scene, with a policewoman and a young shoplifter, is good but not outstanding. The third scene, with a "nun" and a "Mother Superior" I felt was kind of forgettable.

But the second scene, with a student and her teacher, was really beautiful to watch. There's a lot of tender kissing and touching, and even a couple of "I love you’s" are said. The younger girl, Jo, is so incredibly cute and innocent looking. Just seeing her with another woman, an older one at that, is mind-blowing.

The young girl in the fourth scene is almost as cute and innocent as Jo, although her tongue stud and a couple of tattoos kind of spoiled the illusion. Still, the kissing in this scene is really beautiful. The older woman neighbor teaches the young girl how to kiss. She learns quickly enough, and you wish it could have gone on a lot longer.

Just seeing these cute, sweet innocent girls with attractive older women is an incredible turn-on in and of itself. But how's the lovemaking? Well, definitely not as passionate as I would like. I found myself wishing the girls would show just a little more heat and desire -- embracing tightly or one lying on top of the other while kissing, pressing and rubbing their bodies together, doing some trib. The ladies were a bit too controlled, not into each other quite enough. A bit too much acting, not enough joy, passion, and spontaneity. It was sexy when they talked to each other during the lovemaking, though.

It was frustrating that the girls would often lose articles of clothing without being shown taking them off. I hate it when they edit that stuff out. There's nothing more erotic than girls taking each other's clothes off.

The toy use was not overwhelming except in the third scene (where the girls masturbated THEMSELVES with vibrators to close things out, go figure). There were no toys in the second scene. The music basically sucked. Typical irritating, up-tempo, electronic disco-beat stuff. The 2nd & 3rd scenes especially needed something slower, more organic and sensuous. At least, you could hear the moans of the girls and some of the sounds of lovemaking.

If you're a Viv fan or a fan of older-younger pairings, you pretty much have to get this one, even if it didn't quite reach its potential. Still, it's definitely the framework of a bridge between the best of Viv's softcore stuff and his hardcore efforts. Let's hope that the new lesbian video Viv plans to make, incorporating the ideas of Lezlove and its customers, will finally bring it all together.

I'll have to say the scene with the teacher and student was hot. Both women were beautiful and there was passionate kissing. But overall this video was a disappointment (at least to me). The pictures on this site makes the police officer and shoplifter scene look hot. There is deep kissing and the officer slowly peels the girl's clothes off. But in the video there's none of that. The cop orders the girl to take her own clothes off. There's not even one kiss. And the cop totally ignores the girls nice natural breasts. The women appear very detached.

Also in the last scene, the older neighbor just massages the girl's chest (if she was really attracted to her you would think she would lose control and bury her face in there! It was so clinical.). Both women look good, but the sex seems too tightly scripted. I wanted to see the woman pounce on the girl.

I also thought the girls in the video would be a little more innocent acting and say things like, "What are you doing?!" "I don't think we shouldn't be doing this." Overall, it's a good video though.

Although I really do like this video, it is more than a little frustrating to watch because with a few things done differently it could have been INCREDIBLE!

The set-up for the first scene was nice with the shoplifting girl and the cop - the one glaring problem with this scene is that despite the photos on the box there is no kissing to speak of. There is some nice verbal seduction and the woman are really hot, but you'd think Viv would have had them kiss at least once!

Really no complaints about the second scene other than the fact that the music sounded like something out of the "Night at the Roxbury" soundtrack. This scene itself is simply superb.

The third scene is brought down by the toy use but is otherwise OK - the irony here is that Mother Superior tells her young friend that masturbation is forbidden but Lesbian sex is allowed - they then proceed to end the scene by masturbating a few feet apart!

I liked the fourth scene quite a bit. Again there is some nice verbal work prior to the sex and I found the accents of these two ladies quite appealing. I agree with Cinna that the tattoos and tongue piercing do disrupt the fantasy a bit, but compared with the body mutilation prevalent in most contemporary porn this is at most a very minor inconvenience.

I was probably expecting a little more here because I hold Viv to a higher standard. Still, I would definitely recommend this to anybody.

For me, this video is worth having for the second "schoolgirl" scene (it's the only reason I'm reviewing this one). The policewoman scene didn't move me. Nor did the nun scene, although it had some passionate kissing. The fourth scene would have been so much nicer if the older "aunt-like" woman had taken her young friend into the bedroom. Instead, they got each other off with a dildo in the kitchen. Pretty ho-hum.

But, as I said, the second scene is a keeper with a capital K! The young, seemingly innocent, doe-like student seducing her sexy, experienced teacher. It's a great little fantasy that I have never seen "fleshed out" better by anyone. It's a wonderful little vignette that is total fantasy... and yet somehow we believe! It has that palpable magic where the elements converge SO nicely. The two women are perfectly cast and play their roles very well, indeed. They are a striking, alluring contrast to one another: the "student" is soft, sweet, and a fragile looking girl who possesses an innate beauty. Her "teacher" is a gorgeous, sexy mature older woman.

Together they transcend words! Little Jo is really the scene stealer though, and a stealer of hearts (she stole mine) as she softly, shyly professes her love for the older woman with a coy sweetness that is just adorable! The teacher holds back at first (rather unconvincingly I'm afraid) and before you know it, they are passionately lashing tongues. Let me say again, together they transcend words. They are the epitome of what this particular video is all about. The scene lasts about 24 minutes. It's in a classroom (of course), so the two lovelies are somewhat inhibited with their actions. They go from kissing and caressing to some slow, loving oral sex. The implied affection and tenderness is there. There's not a lot of variety, but what's there is definitely good. The fantasy is carried out well, and there are no toys, thank goodness (as this would have ruined this particular fantasy for me). And when sweet little Jo softly mews for her teacher to lick her loins, you will just about fall out of your seat! Too sweet for words!! Her teacher fulfills the request (needless to say). That had to be the highlight for me. There was some problem with the sound in the beginning, as some of the opening dialogue was drowned out by background music.... but no big loss.

I'm going to join in with the crowd here. The first scene did nothing for me. No seduction worth mentioning (other than "take your clothes off and start licking"), and I'm really not into coercion anyway. Pity some of the nice pics on the box cover don’t actually happen in the video. The second scene.. ahhh. The Nordic Nuclear Device Kelle-Marie as a teacher and lethally cute Jo as shy love-struck student. I echo all the sentiments of the other reviewers. One thing that surprised me was how frustrating the editing was sometimes: there's a perfectly yummy longish shot of Kelle-Marie getting more and more excited as Jo does something nice to her and then we cut to a close-up of KM faking an orgasm. Stay with the long shot and make a friend for life...

The third scene. No. Just no. Everything about it was wrong for me. The fourth scene... can we have an entire video of this, please? With 2 10-star entries and 2 0-star entries, this deserves 5 stars.

I agree with Rough regarding the second scene. I have always liked indulging "impossible" fantasies, where two people who just aren't supposed to be together unite not only physically but also emotionally. This is pure, over-the-top fantasy -- teacher and student aren't just having casual sex (you know, like "I wanna fuck you, you hot little bitch!"), they're expressing love, commitment, devotion to each other. You KNOW that there's no way, in real life, this relationship would work out over the long term, but you're willing to suspend disbelief and be swept along by the fantasy, to imagine this sweet same-sex, spring/summer romance extending beyond the classroom encounter, even to see teacher and student "coming out" with their love for each other. It adds another, exciting dimension to the scene.

Yeah baby !!! This video was made for me. Yeeeeessss Srrrrrr. Sensational piece of work, this is a dream comes true for me and I believe it will be for millions of people around the globe!

Viv Thomas hits the spot with this one. Must be the most erotic g/g video of the year. All the reviewers are talking about the second scene, like it’s the best of the video, could be true, but for me all four of the scenes are terrific. I wouldn't know which one to choose, they are all little masterpieces, each one of them.

I pick the first scene, cuz it ended up with the police-woman banging the younger girl with a strap on dildo, and also because of the contrast in body size between them. Buy this video no matter what, even if you don't have the older/younger fantasy, you'll still go crazy. Take my word.

PS: What about "Teenage Seduction # 2" ???!

KELLE MARIE you're so beautiful. Plese Viv, give us "Teenage Seduction 2" and more...

The acting at times is terrible, the music is way too loud in spots and most moments seem over-choreographed. But, in the end, Teenage Seduction comes out a winner, thanks largely to the most attractive cast overall that I've seen in a while. I really liked the over the top fantasy attire too. Sometimes it's just a nice added turn-on to see a beautiful woman wear stockings. The sexy British and French accents don't hurt things either.

I really enjoyed the opening Police Woman/schoolgirl episode. It's a decent, if somewhat forced, dominate/submissive scene. I loved some of the facial expressions the Schoolgirl made. It definitely added to the whole submissive fantasy. Some nice, if not completely believable, trash talk here.

I am totally in love with the Schoolteacher from scene 2 (I think her name is Kelle) She is amazingly beautiful and her British accent drives me wild. As a matter of fact, I loose all motor skills when I watch her and I tend to drool! She really is a knockout. If she was my teacher, I'd still be in school! Needless to say, I really dug her scene. She's paired with very cute girl (Jo).

I skipped scene 3. I can't think of anything less erotic then nun's getting it on. Yuck. There are just some places I don't want to go.

The tape is rounded out by a good closer. I found it not quite as good as the second scene, however.

Next time out for Viv I'd like him to shit-can the background music. It gets sooo LOUD in scene 2 that it drowns out the dialogue. Maybe next time can you at least turn it down, Viv? Bottom line: A sexy, beautiful cast wins out over stilted dialogue, inappropriate, loud music cues and over-choreographed sex. You'll like it in spite of yourself.

Anon in 'Bama
The casting in this one was really good in that the women are all gorgeous! And overall I agree with the other reviewers regarding their breakdown of the fours scenes. Here's my take:

The first scene involving a policewoman and a pretty little shoplifter she's caught could have been a lot better than it was! The sub/dom element was highly erotic, but the execution of it fell short due to the poor acting skills of the women involved.

The second scene with the beautiful blonde teacher and her teenage student (with an east European accent) was overall very good. The kissing was especially hot.

The third scene involving the two nuns was probably the weakest of the four, although I liked the idea of the older nun very briefly spanking the younger girl --- but as in the shoplifting scene, I thought the sensual spanking was over with too soon!

Finally, the scene involving the neighbor woman seducing the younger girl, I thought it was overall the hottest on the tape. The dialog & seduction element were best in this scene, as was the acting. Overall, I give this video high marks, typical for a Viv Thomas production!

If lightning were to strike me dead tomorrow, I still would have lived a rich, full life, having spent the whole evening watching this feature on DVD. I enjoyed all four scenes, even the one with the nuns (even though I'm not Catholic!).

Major strengths: the women are gorgeous, no silicone (or it was not conspicuous), contrasts (older/younger, but also some physical contrasts), they start dressed, but undress in stages, some magnificent kissing, the setups are nice, nice European accents. The kiss in scene two sets a new standard - delectable. One thing I especially would like to see more of is cotton bikini briefs, which were worn by some of the girls. They convey some freshness and innocence that instead of the slutty look typical in porn. Nice business suits, too. This film will be one of my all-time favorites.

Have you ever fantasized about producing your own lesbian video? I have. And this latest from Viv Thomas is about as close to what I would want to see on the screen as I can imagine. Lots of people can get a video camera and film two girls doing thing to each other -- lots of them do, in fact, and you can find many mediocre productions here and everywhere else in lez-land. But few can get girls with the right look, gorgeous yes, but also able to carry out the eroticism of the script, put them in traditional, yet very hot and juicy scenarios, mix in near perfect cinematography (lighting, camera angles, and pacing), sprinkle in some light domination and submission, and deliver a delicious, pulse-pounding lesbian masterpiece. Viv Thomas did just that. In fact, she owes me for my last laundry bill: I went through three pairs of panties watching this gem.

The first scene, well, it's literally out of my fantasies. I'll open my psyche wide to the world here and confess to all of you: I am that young brunette, caught by the dominant blonde copper, at her mercy, being searched, disrobed... it's a long time fantasy of mine. This first scene had everything the fan of lesbian dom/sub fantasy could want -- the innocent, doe-eyed brunette, de-pantied and made to pleasure the blonde with her mouth. The oral here is awesome, as the producer, here and in the rest of the tape, takes great care to show girl-syrup stringing from mouth to pussy, and plenty of glistening in between. Then, the blonde takes the little honey on the table with a strap on, pounding her while yanking on a dark pigtail. Wonderful stuff. The brunette is made to eat the policewoman yet again, and the camera angles of this raging hot scene are perfect. The naked girl, on her knees, under the cop's desk, is shot from behind, and then from above, looking up for approval at the blonde as strands of womanly excretions bridge from her lips to the blonde's pussy. That's great lesbian video making.

The second scene was just as hot, as the delectable student (she's VERY convincing at being a teen) confesses her love for her lovely, sexy teacher, and they start things off with some world class kissing. From there, the action is superb, and rightly controlled by the teacher, who peels off her ward's clothing and exacts some homage from her as well. After returning the oral favor, teacher puts the naughty girl on her hands and knees on the desk and fingers her into oblivion. A scorching scene, that one. This one ends beautifully, with the face of innocence looking up from between her teacher's thighs in between pussy licks. The teacher, seated, looks down at her naked young capture and cups her chin in her hand, stroking her like a pet. Student finally moves up and kisses her way to the older woman's mouth, and the scene fades with the girl laying her head on her teacher's breast in bliss. Wow.

The third scene leaves a little to be desired. The nun thing could have had potential, but these nuns are thickly made up, and wearing racy lingerie under their habits. The writer must have had a moment or two of weakness or laziness: "Masturbation is forbidden here, my dear, but the lesbian sex is not." Umm, ok sister. Anyway, after an all too brief spanking, they get out of their habits pretty quick and get into each other. The sexual energy is fine, though punctuated by a long self-dildoing sequence. The kissing at the end is sincere and hungry, saving what could have been a disaster.

The fourth and final scene of this movie is another winner, as the young blonde, locked out of her house, accepts a glass of champagne from her tall, dark haired neighbor. The woman has her sights set on the schoolgirl from the beginning, and easily coaxes her into some "kissing lessons". Mmm yeah...more of my fantasies!! Anyway, it races to full-blown licking and stroking from there, and these two have a fine physical rapport with each other. Again, focus is on wetness, and there is no shortage of pussy juice glistening from between these lovely girls' legs, as well as on their tongues and lips. I love that -- not all camera angles and lighting capture the wetness of lesbian love, but this tape does, and does it very well. The timing with which these girls seduce and entrance each other is also a thing of magic... their eyes meet just at the right times, their lovemaking is real, even though there is a script, panties are lowered at just the right speed, and there is no denying the genuine nature of the actresses' arousal (or mine for that matter)

I have rated a few videos here as 9.5, and I have come to realize there is no "perfect" video, but this one comes as close as anything I have seen, in spite of the stupid dialogue in the nun scene and the dumb techno-dance music throughout the tape. I forgot all about it, because the action was so hot. Viv Thomas, as my Dad was fond of saying, "knocked one out of the park" with this one, and it is indeed a "10."

Oh what might have been. Never has there been so much wasted potential. Make no bones about it the girls look wonderful, especially the pairing of Jo and Kellie Marie in the second scene, eye candy of the highest order. So visually it’s a treat but in ever other aspect it's rather ordinary. It's a bit too contrived and rather passionless. If this had the energy of say a TNG or AW movie it would have been sublime. You get the impression it's all a bit over produced, Viv should trust the girls and let them get on with it.

The Philogynist
The second vignette was superb. Kelle Marie is an absolute goddess and Jo is simply adorable. The execution wasn't perfect on every count, but a fantastic scene nonetheless.

The fourth segment was pretty hot while the first and third installments had their moments amidst otherwise slightly above average presentations. Forget the lack of realism in scene three (Fantasy setups can be quite provocative if adeptly handled; besides the "world of lesbianism" is a fantasy for the male viewers) for the main gripe I had with it was that I just never have found nuns to be the least bit sexy.

I must point out that the younger ladies were all sweet, petite, nubile (in a Sapphic sense) and cute beyond description. All the women were lovely and well cast in their roles. Another Viv Thomas winner!

I wonder how many of us harbor fantasies of two women making out on the empty stage of an empty strip club or being paid to don fetish attire and get it on in a mansion for the supposed enjoyment of unseen voyeurs. I wonder, but only because I can’t decide if the number is three or four. How many of us, on the other hand, haven’t had schoolgirl fantasies? Or daydreamed about women in uniform? Viv Thomas’ “Teenage Seduction” is a true-blue fantasy film, and it’s quite a coup to be able to jot down such a rare specimen in your porn-watching book.

Jot this down, too: it's actually got something. In vignette fantasy films, Rule No. 1 is, the more banal the better. The further a scene travels from common imagination, the less universal its appeal and, conversely, the less personal its effect. What this film has is three scenes that follow this rule explicitly. A fourth scene, featuring a Mother Superior and a young nun, strays too far from the commonplace to be truly effective as fantasy, except to a niche audience.

The other scenes stay closer to home, offering us scenarios about a cop and a shoplifter, a student and her teacher, and a young virgin and an older woman. At this point, Rule No. 2 comes into play: a smooth integration of situation and sex is a must. Though Rule No. 1 virtually guarantees the greater popularity of the latter two scenes, the cop/shoplifter scenario is probably the most artistically complete. The cop, in a position of power, guides the young miscreant in pleasuring her, and when it’s her turn, she dominates the younger girl with a strap-on. The similar virgin/older woman scenario begins promisingly with the older woman showing the virgin how to kiss (all too briefly; Gellar-Blair it ain’t), but breaks down when the virgin is called upon to satisfy her mentor with a vibrator. (The girl playing the virgin gets out of the scene without ever putting tongue to vagina). Though another variation on the older woman/virgin scenario, the teacher/student fantasy is given the twist of having the student as the aggressor. The sex that results is more evenly balanced than that of the other scenes, and appropriately so.

In general, the sex in this film could use a boost of energy and passion -- or, some compensatory pleasure. Thomas gives us compensation. The girls’ costumes are terrifically attractive and sexy and Thomas provides the long shots necessary for us to enjoy the girls in them. His compensation is eroticism, and that, too, is a rare bird in contemporary porn.

“Teenage Seduction” isn’t perfect. Most of the girls aren’t good actresses, the dialogue is uniformly poor, and then there’s the nun scene. My favorite example of bad dialogue occurs during the nun scene, in which the Mother Superior tells her young novitiate, “Our most important rule is masturbation is strictly forbidden. But the lesbian sex is allowed.” (She and the girl then proceed to close out the scene masturbating themselves with vibrators). These aren’t insignificant considerations, but with so much else that’s right about this movie, and the plain fact that it exists in a sadly under-exploited genre, “Seduction” earns the pride of place it will no doubt occupy in your DVD rack.

I bought this DVD based on the reviews I read from previous viewers.

First the good: The 2nd scene is the best as has been stated previously. The 4th scene is also good and then the 1st and 3rd scenes respectively.

The Teacher and Student was simply outstanding! This scene was worth the price of the DVD alone. The fourth chapter was also very good, but the tattoos and piercing took something away from the fantasy for me as well. The first chapter with the Cop was also above board. It was the only one that hinted at 'seduction' in some form. The Nuns didn't really do anything for me, but was a good scene as well.

The Bad: The title is misleading. There is no seduction going on here. Maybe a hint in the first scene with the Cop, but that's more of a command and control fantasy. In the second chapter the student is in love with the teacher so there's no seduction there either. All of the scenes are basically mutually attraction between parties. Nothing wrong with that, but I was hoping for something more. The fourth scene gets somewhat close to seduction as well, but again, the younger girl appears more than willing to experience what her older counterpart has to offer.

The second scene would have been the ultimate fantasy if the Teacher actually had to SEDUCE the student. Some persuasion is necessary. Certainly NOT force, but the younger girl should be reluctant to participate AT FIRST, slowly being entranced by the older woman.

Bottom line: EXCELLENT video that should be experienced by everyone. The few drawbacks are minimal compared to the great fantasies this production provides!

Scene two of this movie was one of the sweetest scenes I have ever seen. If it was not for the lousy music overriding the dialogue it would have rated 5 stars. The other three scenes were less than noteworthy.

Emm Tee
The reviews of this DVD were right on the money! The second and fourth scenes - HOT! Worth the price of admission. The other two could've used some work. Should Viv Thomas make a "Teenage Seduction 2" (I hope so!) and take suggestion from Lezlovevideo.com customers.

I’d like to put my 2 cents in. I would like to see more "seduction" and more dialogue along the 'tutoring lines' from the mature woman. "Touch me there..", "Lick me here..", etc. is very sexy. Anyway, overall good job. I will purchase more Viv in the future. Gorgeous women by the way (like I needed to tell anyone that :) Thanks for the chance to comment lezlovevideo! Peace!

Ever so rarely there comes along a player that so utterly kicks their competition's asses that they set the standard for every one else to futilely aspire towards. This is Viv Thomas. Nobody else has his combination of realistic sets, beautiful color design, hot scenarios, crystal clear cinematography, and the MOST unbelievable girls you've ever seen this side of a European fashion show. His only failings are sound, and dialogue, neither of which can be heard over the annoying soundtrack most of the time. If he ever learns how to employ direct sound, over dubbed soundtracks, I don't know if I would ever watch anybody else's videos.

Teenage Seduction is one of the best lesbian videos I've ever seen, or am likely to see. I won't waste space going over the scenes in detail as that has been done extensively already. I will state my unabashed lust for Jo, from the second scene, and testify to the superb kissing throughout this video. Only the first scene skipped the kissing, but that was due to the nature of the role-playing in this scenario, I believe. True, the nun scene is a little creepy, but if you can ignore the associations, it still delivers some real passion. The last scene, like the second, also features a stunning little blonde which will raise your blood pressure for sure. God, these girls are so cute and so hot, I almost can't believe it when they start making love to each other. It's almost like a dream... But that's what Viv is - a maker of erotic fantasies and dreams. Images so beautiful, they probably couldn't exist in reality, but they can excite your mind and body when captured on the screen. My fantasy? I would really like to see Jo paired up with the blonde from scene 4. Now that would be mind-blowing.

Another note which I don't think has been mentioned is that these scenes are more explicit than other Viv productions such as Mayfair, Babes Abroad, etc. The cunninglus can be seen, rather than just implied as is usually the case with him.

The only really negative feeling I got from watching this video was wondering why I waited so long to get it. Recommended? I can't emphasize this enough. Unless you don't like beautiful girls, lots of kissing, clear camera work, or hot scenarios, get this video today! A+

Axel Blade
Hell yeah it was good. I wish Jo was in pro wrestling. She is sexy and I am a pro wrestler and I want her to be my valet as well as my girlfriend. Jo, if your reading this daring, I love you. I am a pro wrestler and I am a gentleman. Love and kisses. The others suck and I could give a monkey's ass about them. I love you Jo!

I have watched this video a number of times in order to get a good sense of it. Sad to say, overall it is very disappointing. Though the woman are often stunningly beautiful (the younger one in the “nun” section is striking and the younger one in the last section is amazingly adorable. It would be a privilege to see her in a better production), there is very little emotional or erotic connection between them. And, in a tape about seduction, this is deadly.

In addition, the tape has two features which automatically turn me off: shaved genitals and ongoing music. I still do not understand why producers think that it is erotic to have shaved pussies - don't they realize why the word "pussy" became a slang description for the female genital (hint: it has to do with fur!). Similarly, the irritating music makes it impossible to hear the women talk and react to each other. The use of toys too is a turn-off. Kissing and breast play are minimal and perfunctory. The younger girls do seem interested but to no avail. Long shots occur just when not needed as do close-ups. I kept wondering: is there really an intent to excite here? And, I guess you can tell the older woman from the younger woman because the older ones have stockings and garter belts. Sorry but maybe a 4/5 out of 10.

I'm going to make a suggestion. We know Viv Thomas reads these reviews. We also know that vivthomas.com is going to make a fair amount of money from sales of "Pink Velvet" alone. My suggestion is: Remake "Teenage Seduction" (except for the scene with Jo, which must stay as it is!), with all the bugs ironed out, without all the strap-ons and stick-ins, without the tongue-stud, and WITH all the improvements suggested by reviewers. It will be worth the investment, because we will all buy it! You know it makes sense!

What can I say? Viv keeps doing what he was born to do: amazing stuff! But less dildoes and strap-ons would be great. Make it looks more natural, more real and trustable - what we really expect to dive into the fantasy. Kudos for Jo, who lives in my threesome fantasies. Babe, I LOVE U! Great movie.

There are two available versions of this disc: There is the version that LLV sells, and there is the version that Viv sells from his UK website, where it is called 'Hot Babe Seduction' at the English censors' insistence. According to a mail I have from LLV, Viv's own version differs precisely in the addition of a fifth, boy-girl scene; i.e. the other four scenes are the same edits (but I am not sure I believe this - see comments below). There is also a hypothetical third version, and this is the one I would *really* like to get: a version without the Casiotone soundtrack, that included all the material cut, at British Board of Film Censors insistence, from the fourth scene. Even in doubly-mutilated form, this is an easy five stars. The girls range from very cute to (in the case of, e.g., Kellemarie) Ford Agency level. The scenes are decently choreographed and filmed, enthusiastic, and feature some classic kinkiness: (spectacular blonde) Novice-seducing lesbian nuns, anyone? Funny, but I don't remember Diderot's Mother Superior wearing lingerie under her habit!

The flaws, however, also have to be documented: First and foremost there is the boppy synthesizer soundtrack, which is irritating in itself and sometimes, far worse, drowns out pretty much all natural sound. This is a particular problem in the otherwise stunning Kellemarie/Jo scene; the result is - only appropriate word - catastrophic: you strain desperately to hear what the two are saying to each other. In many of Viv's videos his blasted Casiotone is only on one channel, so you can switch it out; such, alas, is not the case here.

Second, the last girl-girl scene (housewife seduces a younger girl) looks as if it could have been great, but has been so slashed to pieces by the BBFC (according to the notes posted at www.bbfc.co.uk it is missing almost 20 of the original minutes, leaving 6 minutes behind) that it has lost all structure. Slashed enough that I wonder if, in spite of LLV's assurances, their version does, in fact, include the material missing from the English cut, since it is otherwise difficult to square some of the posted comment with the version that I have (is the LLV edit of this scene really only 6 minutes long?)

It is also a shame that the fifth scene is boy-girl, since the nurse is super-cute, and it would have been nice to see her with a girl patient instead of a boy; my imagination kicks into overdrive at the thought alone. What possessed Viv to stick a single boy-girl scene at the end of an otherwise - and very superior - all-girl disc?

Thus, can we have a new version please, without the Casiotone, and with the cut material back in place (and also with some of the other nice material - going by the evidence of the stills - that ended up on the cutting room floor). But until such is available, this is a great disc - in spite of everything - and well worth getting hold of.

Sappho's Butler
A good film with some flaws, as others have pointed out. The younger/older pairings are a treat, and as other have pointed out the second scene (Jo and Kelle) is wonderful. Jo is certainly cute and seems to be the centre of attention in several recent Viv Thomas lesbian movies, but I find the older woman playing the teacher to be the more attractive of the two.

Unfortunately, the whole film seems a little... cheap. The acting is pretty awful, which takes away from the pairings. At many times I got the feeling that the girls were not really into it, which is a real turn off. The oral sex is at times perfunctory, and they seem eager to switch to fingers or toys. I wouldn't call it five star material. It is better than many other lesbian films, but the flaws mean it is unlikely to be seen as a classic.

This video was disappointing. No heat or passion in any of the scenes. The girls were bad actors and seemed to just be going through the motions. The fourth scene started off very well with the older woman actually "seducing" the younger woman, but it quickly turns into another boring scene. Rating should not be 5 stars.

Let Me Drive
I loved this video. The first scene I watch over and over. Nothing like some gentle dom activity done well. I like strap-on if it’s done well with some passion (e.g., Women Seeking Women #8, scene 3).

The second scene with Jo is awesome as well, but Jo would be hot just standing there. I didn't care for the nun scene, I'm just not into that. And the final scene did not have enough close physical contact for my taste. But overall, one of my favorites.

I keep saying this time and time again, if the hips aren't in motion while being eaten it's like a dead person being eaten without any emotions. Show some movement!!!!! But overall the movie was o.k.

Humble Opinion
I'm writing this review primarily for those who have watched and loved the Pink Velvet series and would like to check out some other Viv Thomas films, but don't know where to start. I would recommend Teenage Seduction as certainly one of Viv Thomas's best.

Teenage Seduction is made up of four separate scenes, with different women and girls in each scene. It is similar to Pink Velvet in two ways: first, there is a story line to each scene, and a build-up. The build-ups are slight, and sometimes clumsy, but they do give a background for the scene, which I believe always helps to make a scene enjoyable. Second, each of the scenes has an older woman/younger girl element to it, which is reminiscent of Pink Velvet.

Two of the scenes in Teenage Seduction are outstanding. The first great scene is with Kelle and Jo (from Pink Velvet) - Kelle is Jo's teacher, and Jo tells her, after class, that she has a crush on her. Kelle immediately tells Jo that this is just wrong, etc. And Jo jumps forward and impulsively kisses her teacher. Things develop quickly from there. Jo is adorable to watch, and Kelle is a fox - you can relate to why Jo has a crush on her!

The other terrific scene is with Angie George as an older friend to the young Natalie. They are talking in Angie’s kitchen, and Angie essentially and deliberately seduces Natalie, by offering her wine and talking about kissing. I have never seen Angie George before or since, but she is breathtakingly beautiful and rivals Lisa, from Pink Velvet, in the seductive older woman category (very high praise, coming from me.) The other two scenes are not as good, but all the scenes have pretty women.

I am not suggesting at all that Teenage Seduction is comparable to Pink Velvet in excellence. It is not. But in its own way, Teenage Seduction, I think, foreshadowed Pink Velvet, and deserves a viewing if you have never seen it.

5 stars for this one? You’ve got to be kidding! Okay, I know everyone has his personal preference, but I expected something at least more passionate; most of time it looked pretty mainstream to me but with hot women. I would give it two stars at best for the hot women, which isn't my fetish anyway, and it does have a lot of potential unfortunately very much wasted.

The good thing was indeed the hot women, but eye candy isn't everything. The situations (cop/teenage girl, nuns, and teacher/student) are all nice fantasies, but the execution leaves much to be desired. The idea for seduction sounds attractive, but I noticed very little of that. There is some nice oral and fingering, which are the best parts, but all too short and I never had the feeling the girls were really enthusiastic; it looked pretty mainstream at times.

Some reviewers say it has good or decent kissing. Well, I guess they saw a different version than me then. I don't think there was kissing in the first scene. In the others, the kissing was nice, although not overly breathtaking as I saw in JAV or AW, but kept to a minimum (again, looked mainstream). I want to see lots of kissing, and that's not what I saw in this one.

I'm really not fond of toy use, so I was pretty much disappointed that there were toys in three of the four scenes; once I see the toys pop out, I start fast-forwarding. The first scene had a strap-on used by the cop – yeah, that was so predictable. Some like strap-on; I find it a turn off. That scene just had no passion at all!

The nun scene has the girls using toys on each other separately – turn-off, and so mainstream! Also, the last scene has the younger girl use a toy on the older girl - what a disappointment that the younger girl didn't use her tongue on the older woman's pussy. Only the second scene has no toys, which makes it the winner for me, but it lacks in so many other aspects which I will describe in the next paragraphs.

In none of the scenes did I see any decent breast play; it was kept to a very minimum. I was disappointed how much those nice breasts were often ignored, and the ladies headed south way too quickly. It was like, “okay, let's make each other come as quickly as possible.” I want scenes to be much slower.

Undressing. I hardly saw any undressing on-screen. I hate when they cut out the undressing, as that is part of the seduction, passion, and sexiness of a scene. Nothing more erotic than a girl slowly revealing another girl's most intimate parts. I found it frustrating that, at one point, a girl is fully or semi-dressed, and than next point she's half or fully naked. Most of the clothes were taken off off-screen.

The dialogue: yes, same complaints as others. The stupid background music prevented me hearing most of the time what the girls were saying to each other, so that was a disappointment as well, but that surely couldn't have saved this movie IMO. I also had the feeling the moaning was pretty much faked.

Description of the scenes:

1) I saw no passion at all in this one. Domination and strap-on fans will love it, I guess; I didn't see anything positive in it except for the nice-looking women. This scene confirmed so many clichés, which didn't help either.

2) The best scene, but only for the non-use of toys. It’s lovely how the student seduces the teacher. The lovemaking is cute at best, but it also made me fall asleep, as it looked like going through the motions as in the other three scenes.

3) The use of habits was pretty much a turn-off, I must say, but, yeah, that's what nuns wear. The idea of forbidden love between nuns is attractive, but the execution was, like in the other scenes, awful. Anticlimax when the girls each used a toy separately on herself at some distance – how much more mainstream can it get?

4) The scene that started best, with this time the teacher seducing the student. The teacher offering wine to her pupil was sweet and kind of romantic. That was the best part. It was much like all the other scenes with little kissing, hardly any breast play or enthusiasm, and, yeah, the obligatory toy usage. Sigh. The older woman had such a great body that I was disappointed the student girl didn't eat her out. What a waste :(

If this is really one of Viv Thomas' best out there, I don't think I should check out other stuff from Viv. This is so not my preference.

This movie sucked big time. I mean, come on, Viv! What were you thinking? I mean, here we have four fantasy cliches. I've wanted to watch teacher-student scene for a while. If Viv Thomas would've done this Pink Velvet-like, this would be one of his best works. I like the idea of an older woman and young girl, but this really ruined. Hopefully, Viv Thomas will do a Teenage Seduction 2, but better scenes and a least a bit of better acting.

T Hawk
This movie is a mixed bag. To be sure, like the masses of reviewers (of all of Viv's films) have stated, the girls are near legendary in appearance. But as with all things nothing is perfect. Viv can come extremely close though (most LLV customers I gather have seen the Pink Velvet trilogy).

Scene 2 is the best of the film, as stated, but I happened to like scene 1 better than scene 4. Mostly because scene 4 seemed or is incomplete, I don't know which, but I prefer both girls to pleasure each other orally.

Scene 3 may have been 40 years too late! Why would I say something like this? Because I have seen old pulp photos, stories, and books on lesbian nuns. It has also been long rumored that these things go on in the convents. But I digress since I have never found a nun sexually attractive (I am catholic and have seen many nuns), so I do not share this fantasy.

Overall not one of Viv's best, but this is definitely a pleasure to watch.

By 2002, Viv Thomas was beginning to find his identity. Victories in the courts had finally made hardcore porn de facto legal in the UK, and Viv was now producing films under his own label rather than Rolling Images. The following year he would break new ground with high-end plotted porn in "Pink Velvet".

Here however, he has not quite completed this transformation. "Teenage Seduction" and its companion "Single White Female Seeks" (sadly unavailable on this site) are among the last of the old-style episodic format VT videos. These were still made with a view of being broadcast in the various late-night UK cable channels- the Adult Channel used to show a soft edit, while Spice showed the full version. There is therefore no pretence of a "plot" other than a broad theme underlying all episodes - in this case a rudimentary dominant/submissive set-up rather than the "teenage seduction" promised in the title. (As an interesting aside, this title caused Viv serious trouble in the UK and had to be altered for the local release there). Furthermore, the extremely annoying background techno-muzak present in all early series, such as "Sam Gets Her Girl" and "Sandy, Babe Abroad", is unfortunately still present.

As far as the sex scenes are concerned, back in the early 00s this was as hot as posh girl-girl could get but it has badly dated now. It’s not poor by any means, just don’t expect it to be on par with recent VT releases. Everyone’s still learning their trade in this one, including two of the greatest models of the franchise: Jo and Vera.

I would say that Jo’s scene with Kelle Marie (second in the series) is the greatest disappointment of all. Not that it is terrible by any means, but one has high expectations of these two, particularly of Kelle Marie who is awesomely aggressive in her other outings. Unfortunately, this is formulaic and strangely tame by her standards. Vera’s scene with Sadie Leech, which opens the video, also feels stilted. Vera, still in her natural raven-haired glory, looks as cute as ever of course, but I would say that her scene will only interest her rabid fans -such as yours truly- rather than the casual watcher.

It is a real shame that "Single White Female Seeks" is not sold through this site. It’s one of Viv’s best outings in this early phase, and showcases Vera at her most radiantly beautiful ever. Unfortunately for those of us who prefer her as a brunette, it was right after that release that she discovered blond dye...

The verdict: Decent fare of historical interest, but has dated badly. Worth a glance for rabid VT fans, while Vera/Jo groupies will need no encouragement, I’m sure. Rating: 2.85

Tom Hillside
Scene #2 with Jo and Kelle is one of my all time favorites, although it’s funny that the teacher acts so sexual at first only to be "no, no" when Jo confesses her love for her. I appreciate the "I love yous" as I am a romantic at heart and not just watching two people make love for no reason. I find it hard to watch Kelle in other scenes where she has a different haircut and isn’t acting like she does here. Scene #4 is excellent as well, the cop scene is good but could have used some kissing. The nuns scene is the dog of the group, those outfits are not turn-ons.

Viv Thomas is obviously a man of some taste, so how did he ever allow Teenage Seduction to be infected with its crappy music? Whoever is responsible for the awful soft-then-loud percussive sounds during the student/teacher seduction should pay a stiff fine for working against beauty with noise pollution. Hope this clown decided to leave music to the talented.

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