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TG-28: Erin & Jolie ____________________________________
TG-28: Erin & Jolie
I.D. t0075 & dvd_1108, Adult
2005, 89 min.
Thursday Night Video (TNV)

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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Erin, Jolie & Cherry.

A LezloveVideo.com Exclusive!

Wet & Wicked

I bet many of you wonder what pretty Austin girls do on a really hot August day. Well many Texans find their favorite swimming hole and cool off in the soothing waters of our creeks and streams..

TNV-favorite Erin and her friend Jolie did just that for our cameras last summer. We caught some great upskirt shots of these two cuties as they climbed up and down the rocks surrounding the pool of water. They splashed and giggled and had a great time, as their dripping wet clothing clung to their lovely bodies.

Our naughty cameras captured it all. The girls kissing and tugging on each other's panties. The girls taking off their skirts and tops. The girls making out in their wet bras and panties. The girls pulling down their bras to feel each other's titties. The girls fabulous deep tongue kissing and sucking.

The scene got so hot we had to take it indoors, out of the public eye.

Erin's Simply Amazing

The girls were so horny they could hardly wait for the cameras to start rolling again. This scene is amazingly sexy as they make love with their clothes on. And it's definitely one of the best make-out scenes we've ever photographed. As they take breaks from sticking each other's tongues down their throats, they take turns sucking each other over their panties, under their panties and through their panties. They hump, they grind, they finger, they suck. And every now and then they pause, Erin flashes her sensational smile and they giggle like schoolgirls.

And when they take off their clothes, the camera treats us to a generous array of twat shots as the girls take turns muff diving. Watching this video, you can't help but admire the way Erin sucks pussy. Her tongue is everywhere and Jolie is loving every minute of it. These two know how to give and get pleasure and we feel privileged to watch it.

Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed

As the two finally snuggle together for a well-earned nap, they're awoken by a very angry roommate. Cherry demands to know what they are doing in her bed. Jolie tries to describe the most amazing sex she's just had, but Cherry's having none of it. She wants them out of her bed, right now.

But Jolie convinces Cherry to stick around. They will share their love secrets. "Hi, I'm Erin. Nice to meet you!" And Cherry gets to meet Erin and her fabulous tongue.

Erin and Jolie waste no time taking off Cherry's clothes. They hold her down and take her clothes off while kissing her. Then Erin gets busy with Cherry's, um cherry. The poor girl just doesn't know what hit her. There's tongues and arms and legs all over the place.

Then Erin removes Cherry's panties with her tongue. Fantastic. She's horny already. Jolie realizes it's time to leave and kisses her friend good-bye, leaving her alone in Erin's capable tongue, er, hands.

Please note: this title ships in a plain sleeve.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, digitally remastered.

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Thursday Night Video (TNV)
Thursday Night Video (TNV)

TNV knocks one out of the park again after a few innings of singles and doubles. Erin just has that natural hunger and desire you wish every girl could show in a lesbian scene. There’s no second guessing or wondering how much she really likes what she is doing. She is not shy or timid. Even when she played shy/timid in her first lesbian scene (Pleasing Kinsey), you could sense her desire and eagerness.

1) Buildup/Seduction: The settings are nice. A playful jaunt in a wet creek on a summer day, followed by a roll in the sack.
Score: 8

2) Kissing: Both girls play for keeps here. Pure, unbridled passion is shared in these kisses, especially once the girls hit the bedroom.
Score: 10

3) Attractiveness of Women: The only possible issue I can see here is for ink haters, as both girls sport tattoos. I could look past it, though, and both of these not only look great but look better together.
Score: 9


After a lot of disappointment in the post-Corrina era at TNV, I was knocked out by this release. Featuring Erin, this release represents a strong comeback for TNV. The seduction and sex in this title is hot and second to none. I cannot imagine what anyone could find at fault with this DVD. It's surely one of the top-ten releases this year.

Anonymous Lez
For a long time, I have been praying for a TNV release that is similar to their older classics, like Pleasing Kinsey. This one comes really close. Erin is simply amazing. I wish she would do more lez films. The chemistry between her and Jolie is pretty good; it restores TNV's old glory. My only complaint is that Jolie has tattoos and a pierced tongue. Otherwise, kissing and oral is excellent. However, breast sucking, like previous TNV videos, is lacking and should be more plentiful and longer. They have such lovely and natural breasts - what a waste, they should have spent more time focusing on their enjoyment of them. Cherry is one actress to look for; she's naturally beautiful and shy. She and Erin make a nice pair. It’s a pity that they enjoy each other for such a short time. Hope to see Erin once again.

Based on the video preview i highly anticipated my copy of this DVD. And i must say to a large degree i was disappointed. All 3 girls are highly attractive, fit, toned ...prerequisites to my enjoyment. No toys or fake boobs either which is always nice. What bothered me. The fact that to a large extent the girls ( Erin & Jolie ) had tops and panties on while attempting to make love. Girls, director, would have been too much for the contestants to have stripped down to nude status once the two hotties reached the apartment? Try having oral sex with a beautiful girl while her panties are on and it's like eating cotton candy with a plastic wrapper surrounding the sweets.

I also noticed a lack of any emotion, moaning, writhing, orgasmic bliss from any of the girls. Didn't anyone have an orgasm in this movie? Last. Why do directors, editors insist on filming scenes while someone is using a nail gun in the background or a very loud woodpecker was in the audio every 5 seconds. Couldn't this be edited out in the final product? And Erin and Jolie have enough tattoos on there hot bodies to join an NBA team. Girls, here' a little advice. If you have a hot body one or two tattoos is fine. Filling up half your body is an eyesore. I will say Erin is simply gorgeous and her looks remind me of the very sexy Sarah Michelle Gellar of Buffy FAME...Two Thumbs down and pass the popcorn and Cream soda...

I love Erin. This video is worth purchasing because of her sheer sexuality. Here is a girl who loves her job. Her raw sensuality was witnessed in every scene. Based on previous reviews, I was all set to be distracted by Jolie's many tattoos. Yes she does have a bunch, but they weren't nearly as distracting and disappointing as other aspects of the video.

The first scene was in a beautiful locale at a supposedly secluded pond, yet we see one of the camera men at the bottom of the scene in two different shots. Then as the girls are climbing up the rocks we see a camera on a tripod in the middle of the pond. During the bedroom scene you hear the shutter of stills being taken through out the scene. Granted there is no cheesy music to listen too but this can be just as annoying. Also there are the moments were you can see the cameraman once again, the poor lightening is accentuated by the shadows of people moving in the background while the girls are obliviously going at it on the bed. You even hear someone giving directions in two separate scenes. I liked the video but found it hard to enjoy because of the distractions. A clue to TNV...a little editing goes a long way.

This is a great video but is almost trashed by the constant noise of a camera man taking stills with a motor drive camera. The clicking goes on and on and reminds you that the crew is standing by.

Well, I write a lot of reviews for DVDs, and have enjoyed watching a lot of lesbian DVDs from this excellent site, so I thought I'd comment on this title. I thought the first part with the girls in the woods was a cute intro, but it took too long until the girls started doing anything. I'm not saying watching girls get wet isn't a good thing, but when it's g/g action, I want to get to the meat and potatoes as quickly as possible; Viv has spoiled me, I think!

Once the girls got down to it, the kissing was pretty good, with only a few lighting issues coming in. Now, when they made it to the bedroom, then the action got much better, as they got down to some kissing pretty quickly, and the girls seemed really comfortable with one another. Now, the oral was pretty hot, but I'm always a sucker for girls licking pussy!

The girls then peacefully go to sleep, only to get interrupted by another girl who was the "friend" of Jolie (who was the girl with the tattoos). Well, Cherry, this new girl, was rather upset to find the two of them together, but it only takes a few seconds to get all three girls going at it. More fine kissing, and oral mixed in highlight this portion of the DVD, and the lighting was ok - still not up to Viv standards, but the action is visible.

I haven't watched too many TNV DVDs since I began watching Viv's DVDs, but this was consistent with the others I have watched. It's a good g/g DVD, and still light years ahead of the mainstream porn companies, where it's a toy out after two minutes and the kissing is pretty light, but this title does a good job in that area, which is a key one for me when watching lesbian DVDs. This DVD had a more amateur feel to it than I'm used to, but again I've been on a Viv Thomas diet for so long, this TNV DVD is still worth checking out if you like good g/g action.

Lesbian Connoisseur
Well, I just started watching this and wasn't able to finish - I just got too "excited!" I will definitely have to finish this one later! But for now, I do have a few things I wanted to say before I forget.

The first scene in the rocky pond just doesn't do it for me. It did take way too long for the girls to get into anything, and I made use of the FWD button several times. Whenever I watch these movies I always get more out of it by imagining I am there too. Imagine trying to make out or get intimate with sharp, jagged rocks all over the place, where one slip could cost a painful trip to the hospital! I couldn't get that out of my head the whole time. Every time they lay down on those rocks, I could just imagine how uncomfortable it must have been, and therefore turned me off!

The kissing was great, though, and that is what kept me going, even though every time they got up, their panties were dirty (turnoff again)! The one with the red top in the video cover (I don't know who’s who) keeps giggling and jumping around like the scene is some big joke, which became annoying, but overall I would never buy the video for this scene alone.

The scene in bed is about the best panty-loving scene I have seen yet. Both girls really enjoy each other’s asses with the panties still on for a long time. I love panties, and these two are not in a rush to take them off! There is lots of sensuous caressing and kissing through those sexy silky panties! This makes the video a winner to me.

BUT - The camera quality is not up to par with any Viv T. DVDs, and quite often you see a glimpse of the sound guy or the camera of a photographer! Also, the clicking sound of the still camera goes off so often that it starts to become hard to ignore and louder than the awesome kissing sounds! Because of these annoyances this video is not worth $40! But overall I was happy with it.

anonymous female
This is one video that will not disappoint you. The girls are cute, and the action is sincere. There were a few glances towards the cameramen that were a little annoying, but for the most part these girls seemed to forget that they weren't alone. Erin knows how to eat pussy and seems to love it, it's refreshing, there are too many g/g videos in which the girls seem scared of full mouth/clit contact, but not these girls. Amazing. I could've done without the little Cherry/Erin hook-up at the end of the video, it was unnecessary and Cherry seemed distracted and not completely into it. But all in all, this is one of the best I've ever seen. It'll be hard to top.

anon from NJ
Well, this production was ok, but I have seen better. The getting wet scene at the beginning was far too long, and it took too much time to "get down to business." When they get to the bedroom, it takes them forever (again) to get all their clothes off. Though the kissing and oral seem authentic at first, as it went on you get the impression that these girls are just going through the motions and are really not aroused at all.

Now, when Cherry discovers the girls in bed, you had a perfect setup for a hot three-way, but they blew it when Jolie takes a powder. The lovemaking between Erin and Cherry was as boring and passionless as you can get, and as one of the above reviewers said, Cherry seemed to be distracted through the whole scene. I have seen worse, for sure, but have seen much better also.

Rexall Ranger
Actually, I was totally disappointed with this video, and I have to believe that it was not photographed by the usual TNV photographers. Too many times you could see someone else in the frame, and then there was that incessant click of a camera shutter in the background. I found that very distracting and annoying.

Also, Jolie has too much INK on her body; it makes her look cheap, and not up to TNV standards. BTW, I just viewed TNV's new video, “Summer Counseling." WOW! LezLove, I hope you have plans to add this title to your catalog!

Super sexy girls have sex together in this sexy, sexy movie. Erin (in pink) and Jolie (in stripes) are thoroughly uninhibited and completely into each other. In the first scene they splash around in a creek in their underwear and after some flirting start kissing very deeply and sensuously. After twenty minutes or so of this, they head home for some serious loving.

They roll around in bed for a long time, kissing deeply and caressing each other. The kissing is slow and tongue filled, and not limited to mouths; shoulders, breasts, necks and faces also get plenty of oral affection. They repeatedly entangle their legs and slowly hump each other’s thighs as they devour each other’s soft, wet mouths. They love to touch each other and continuously stroke and caress each other’s backs, faces, hair, breasts, arms, legs and butts. They take their time getting out of their tops and panties, shoving them aside to access tender and sensitive areas.

Eventually they get naked and engage in long sessions of oral, both 69 and in other positions. One of the best moments is when Erin rolls her richly tattooed lover onto her tummy and kisses, bites and licks her full round butt cheeks before eating her lusciously from behind. The lovemaking goes on and on; I think this scene is over an hour long.

Eventually, exhausted by their passion they fall asleep in each other’s arms, only to be awakened by Cherry, who, after a bit of convincing, joins them in an intimate three-way. Cherry is just as enthusiastic as her friends once she gets going, and seems to really enjoy being licked by Erin as she soul-kisses Jolie. After a while Jolie has to leave, and Erin and Cherry continue making sweet and passionate love together.

This movie isn’t all good, however. Its biggest fault is that the sound of a camera shutter is constantly audible during the non-creek scenes, which are the bulk of the movie. While the noise itself isn’t bad, it serves as a constant reminder that there are other people in the room, something I’d rather not think about. Allowing that sound to intrude is really unprofessional, and I’d expect more from an excellent company like TNV. I can’t enjoy this movie unless I turn the sound all the way down. Also, there are too many close-ups of panties and asses, as is often the case with TNV. The action is sometimes interrupted with an abrupt cut to an ungainly shot of a behind, which lends a crass “porn” quality to the proceedings. Other than these two criticisms the camera work and other technical aspects are fine.

Erin, Jolie, and Cherry’s unabashed enthusiasm and desire for each other makes this an EXCELLENT movie, though it would have been that much more excellent if I could hear the sounds of their lovemaking without the constant clicking of some guy’s camera shutter.


Anon in 'Bama
This isn't a bad video, but for TNV I'm afraid I would have to rate it as slightly below average. Erin is incredibly cute as always, but I wasn't all that impressed with Jolie. She's got a hot body, but the chemistry Erin had in previous videos (e.g. "Erin and Corrina") just isn't there this time.

Scene 1) First, I agree with Anonymous Lez's above review that Jolie's ugly, large tattoo on her left arm is distracting. I also agree with bono-One that too much time elapses in this opening scene before anything happens. The two girls wander into a grotto, where they proceed to splash water on each other for about eight minutes. It's almost like George at TNV had nothing better scripted, so he just told them to play for awhile in the shallow water, so that's what they did. The girls showed little affection for each other during this time. Finally, almost reluctantly, they stop splashing each other and they kiss. There's lots and lots of kissing. After about ten minutes of it, they grab their wet clothes and leave.

Scene 2) Later, the girls are together in bed in dry clothes, kissing and fondling each other. On the positive side, it's all natural sound with no music, just like in the opening scene. Also, the girls don't moan loudly the entire time like they do on some videos. I like that. Erin seems to know instinctively what to do with Jolie, at one point flipping her onto her stomach and kissing her pretty tattoo-less butt. I really liked that! There's some good tribbing here, which I also liked, especially when Erin grinds Jolie from behind.

On the negative side, the girls constantly shifted positions in an almost mechanical manner. They were occasionally awkward together. It got repetitive after a while. And they didn't talk to each other at all during this time. No compliments, no nothing. I'm glad there was no porn-speak, but some loving whispers wouldn't have hurt any. Again, no real chemistry between these two.

Scene 3) Cherry arrives unexpectedly, and FINALLY this video has some dialogue! Cherry is supposedly Jolie's girlfriend, and she's angry to find Jolie lying nude in bed beside an equally nude Erin. Cherry wants to know what the hell is going on. Jolie pulls her down onto the bed. Cherry continues to act upset, but only for a very short while. Predictably, a three-way ensues. But I thought it was somewhat lame. "Three Girlfriends" this was NOT! There was kissing, trib, and cunnilingus for those interested. Later, Erin asks Cherry, "Are you still mad at me?" Cherry responds, "It's fine."

Again, not a bad video, but not a particularly great one, either. If this was from any other company besides TNV, I'd probably be impressed. As is, it's a mild disappointment at best.

Lil Devil
Oh, TNV… so unpredictable. I love you, then I hate you, then I love you again. Please find a formula and try to sort of stick with it.

I was eager to see Erin again, but then I saw Jolie with her huge tattoo, and that is just not attractive to me. However, there is so much kissing in this video, I forgave it a little.

I could not even watch the water sequence. Too much background noise. Once they made it to the bed, I was happier, but then I began to hear the clicking of a camera shutter. Hello! That takes me right out of the scene and reminds me it is a shoot. And then it concluded with a three-way, which I hardly ever like because it ruins the intimacy.

There are some really good moments of kissing and trib, but I was left with an overall bad taste in my mouth because of the negatives. Recommended? Ehhh... mixed feelings. One thing is for sure, you can find much better TNV videos than this. I expected more than this from one of the top amateur producers. Grade: C-

Erin has been better, much better, particularly with Corinna in an earlier video. The latter scene with Cherry: pretty fair. Lots of kissing, but the video doesn't rank very high among those that I've bought over time.

Not very good. The only redeeming value is with Erin enjoying Cherry, but it cannot mask the rest and isn't up to TNV's usual standard.

I was very disappointed with this video. It was the first "erotica" video I’ve ever purchased (I usually just download them), and, what can I say, I was just really let down.

The first thing I really hated was in the first scene: the girls were wearing panties that sagged down when they got wet and made them look almost like granny-panties. That was a big turnoff, as I am an ass man (they should have been wearing a bikini at least).

The second problem was the ink; some tattoos are ok, but Jolie had a few too many, and they were sizeable ones too.

The third problem is the still frame cameras in the background. If they were going to be taking pictures they should’ve used a digital camera (no sound)

And, finally, some may disagree with me here, but I really didn’t find Jolie that hot. The tattoos and her face made her look like a biker chick. So, having said all that, for the money I paid, I had much higher expectations than this.

Let Me Drive
WOW. The term "hot" is defined in this film. I could not watch in one sitting, the second scene was that amazing. The girls were deeply passionate, almost like long apart lovers and no camera. I'm not normally a big fan of TNV, but this one hits it out of the park. Move over Japanese lesbian erotica, here come the Americans.

This just failed altogether to match the usual excellence of TNV videos. Look at Summer Counseling and there is absolutely no comparison.

Some of us were obviously watching something else to have rated this "among the very best," or they were just starving for erotica and anything would suffice. This is among the worst of TNV's recent releases in the opinions of several of us who watched this again together in hopes that we had misjudged. And, we were disappointed in Erin. We all agreed with our earlier assessment to buy other TNV videos.

Simply the best video.

P_rv_rt_d B_st_rd
“Erin and Jolie” is, in my opinion, a great movie. The two young women (the first of whom I’ve seen work her magic in “Corinna and Erin”) are a definite match (for me, at least; others may disagree). A third, by the name of Cherry — who makes her pissed-off appearance in the last scene — is also a sight, as she participates in a three-way before having Erin all to herself (with Jolie leaving the two in peace, of course).

Pretty much everything is an upside for me: kissing, breast sucking, pussy eating, tribbing, etc, etc. Admittedly, it takes a while in the beginning for Erin and Jolie to get started, and they take small breaks in-between kissing one another and what-not, but I thought the chemistry was there (as I thought it was with the bedroom scene, which doesn’t have too much of a build-up).

Speaking of which, the one major downside that I have for this film (as do some other reviewers on this page) is the annoyingly constant camera shutter in the background during the bedroom scene (how long it lasts, I’ve forgotten by now); you will also notice, Potential Buyer, the occasional body part(s) of a cameraman.

Why these things were not simply edited out, I will never know (although I bought this film knowing that they were evident), and it is irritating to think that the crew at TNV purposely chose to let these distractions go by under the radar. Nonetheless, the passion was there for me, and to all those who can appreciate the beauty of women kissing, there is a high chance that you will enjoy this as well: 9.5/10

Toy Usage: None

The kissing was great. The girls were great together; they were very hot. The only bad thing about this movie is the cameraperson. Always in the wrong place, away from the action. I missed most of the hot kissing scenes. Get a new camera operater. Angle of the camera was off most of the time. I would like see these girls in another movie together and with a new camera operator. This person was very bad at it.

One of my favorite movies. No doubt there are some things wrong, but Erin is so sexy in her panties! I for one LOVED how they stayed in their panties so long! I love seeing their slippery panties slide on each other and rub together...such a turn on!. Why would you want 100% naked sex? Why not do 33% clothed humping and kissing, 33% panty play, 33% naked sex!. Works for me- Karen

The best TNV scene ever! They were amazing in bed. My scenes I love is when they suck on hot tits and the same time. This happened for about 2 minutes. Alot of hot kissing too. Grade: A-

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