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Girls In Rhythm (Abby Winters) ____________________________________
Girls In Rhythm (Abby Winters)
I.D. a0209 & dvd_1128, Adult
2005, 100 min.
Directed by Abby Winters

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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Jacki & Selina, Shannon & Pam.

Jacki & Selina
Selina is a bit of a hippy chick, and Jacki is a bit of a musician. Together they make beautiful music together. This is quite possibly one of the hottest sets we have ever shot!

Shannon & Pam
Shannon likes to keep fit and go jogging, and she takes her friend Pam along with her. But that just works up an appetite - for each other.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, digital end-to-end transfer, broadcast-standard encoding, chapter index & trailers.

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anon from NJ
As with the last major release from Abby "Girls Together", this new edition "Girls in Rhythm" falls way short of Abbyís previous productions. In scene one the kissing, caressing etc was quite good, but thatís it. Both of the girls do not know how to perform oral, and eventually brings at least one of them to a light orgasm by mutual masturbation. I could not really tell whether or not the second girls cums at all.

The second scene starts with closed mouth, lip smacking kissing which is very annoying . The girls just play with each other for the rest of the DVD. Not very good on the arousal scale which is the primary reason for viewing a xxx film.

An absolutely breathtakingly beautiful effort by Abby Winters. It is certainly worthy of a 5-star rating. Heck, I would give it 10 stars if that were the maximum. After "Girls On Film,Ē "Girls In Love," and "Girls Together," I did not think it could get any better from Abby Winters, but "Girls In Rhythm" definitely proves me wrong.

We are lucky enough to have two amazingly erotic, dreamlike scenarios of lesbian erotica. First, two incredibly hot hippie chicks (Jacki and Selina) engage in long, passionate kissing to go along with slow, tender lovemaking. The fact that one of them is a musician, complete with acoustic guitar, only heightens the level of eroticism for me.

If you love women in music (who doesn't?), this is a scene for you. The only real life scenario I could imagine being more intense would be a scene of Alanis Morissette and Fiona Apple making love. But until that happens, watching Jacki and Selina is just fine with me any day of the week.

The second scene is also unbelievable, as two athletically toned and sculpted beautiful joggers Pam & Shannon engage in loving intimacy. They have perfect bodies and they provide us with all of the tenderness and affection that have become synonymous with an Abby Winters production.

The only other athletically oriented scene I would place above this is the one that featured Dee and Nadege in "Truants 6," but Pam and Shannon have nothing to be ashamed of. They are both gorgeous, incredibly hot young women.

Kudos to Abby Winters yet again. Every time I watch an AW production, I have an urge to travel to Australia. In the meantime, buy this movie immediately from Lezlove or AbbyWinters.com. You will love it!

anon from N J
Not bad, but certainly does not deserve the praise given in the above review.

Good: the first scene was exquisite. Passionate kissing, and the girls exhibited what seems to be true affection towards one another through their kissing and stroking; very erotic. The oral was very weak , but was compensated by the digital manipulation of the genitals; especially the last segment when they get each other off by fingers only and kiss throughout the scene. Very, very arousing. Also you can tell the girls are truly aroused by their dripping wet pussies!!!

Not so good :Scene two turned me off from the very beginning when the girls start with that annoying, closed mouth, lip sucking, smacking sound kisses (and they kiss like that throughout). They were not passionate about each other at all. Also very weak oral and no trib.

So, what you have here is a mixed bag: watch the first scene and skip the second! All in all, worth the price for the first scene alone.

I am a big Abby Winters fan. I consider Girls In Love, Games Girls Play, and Girls On Film three of the finest amateur productions ever released. Girls In Rhythm is another good effort from Abby, but it doesn't have the passion and intensity of her earlier efforts.

Although the chemistry is really good in both scenes and there is plenty of kissing, it just comes up a bit short. I seem to remember the kissing in particular being more wild and frenetic in the previous productions; here the kissing is more leisurely and sedate. Still a good Abby Winters production is better than 95% of the stuff out there. I just hope Abby returns to her earlier brilliance with her next efforts.

I definitely have to agree that Abby Winters has some of the best girl-girl videos out there - top of the class. The girls seem to have great passion for one another, and most importantly, they seem to genuinely desire each otherís pussies (or at least one of them will genuinely desire the other girl's pussy). Example: Joanne devouring Kylie in G.G.P., or Gabrielle and Jamie devouring each other in G.I.L.

The last attempts by Abby have been great in comparison with the rest of what is out there (she has the gift), but have come up short as to what we expect and love about her videos. The reality is that everyone loves great kissing, fingering, trib, and tender passion, but the oral is what really makes or breaks a great girl-girl movie.

Natural, earthy, young women make sweet love to each other in yet another fine release from Abby Winters. They hug and kiss and caress and press their curvy, voluptuous, naked bodies together as they entwine their limbs. These are real women making real love to one another, just what I like to see.

Not that this movie is faultless. Once the women get down to the nitty-gritty, things cool off. Most of the oral in both segments is ď69,Ē something that might feel great, but I donít like to watch very much; it looks awkward and ungainly to me. Also, itís not done with that much enthusiasm by any of the four women - itís some half-hearted licking with a lot of fingering.

Though there is lots and lots of mouth to mouth kissing and breast sucking, in neither segment are there quite enough erotic activities, such as leg licking, finger and toe sucking, ear and neck nibbling, and so on. As a matter of fact, in the second segment even the mouth to mouth kissing gets rather tiresome, since itís very lippy with very little tongue used.

The camera work, while very solid and straightforward, suffers from too much glare and overly bright lighting at times. (Abby and her crew are to be congratulated for never ever trying to make the camera the star with a lot of unnecessary movement and tilting the way so many other camera operators and directors do.) As is typical of Abby, there is no music, and the girls make nice natural sounds.

All in all, while not her best movie, this is a VERY GOOD release.


This had such great potential. Natural looking girls. They looked like REAL modern lesbian young women... but it fell flat. There was no chemistry. The film was quite a disappointment, as I have found all of the other films in the series to be first rate. This just didn't do it for me. I don't know if the directing was bad, or the girls just weren't into it. But it was a surprising turn-off for me.

Lez B. Friends
This film had the potential to be great. It was clear that Selina was really turned on by Jackie. She was ready to explode had Jackie been more assertive. I waited and waited for Jackie to use her tongue on Selina with some strong and sustained oral, but it never did happen. Jackie did bring Selina to a nice orgasm using finger stimulation, but it could have been so much more. Selina has natural soft milky breasts that Jackie kept squeezing. That was a turn on. All in all, a 3.5 to 4. The second scene had its moments.

I am very surprised about the negative reviews here - tastes really seem to differ a lot. A video like "Three Girlfriends" gets glowing reviews and disappointed the hell out of me. Girls in Rhythm, by contrast, seems to please few people, but I find to be the very best video I have ordered from here (five in total).

What makes the first scene great for me is: a) the girls - gorgeous faces and bodies, very natural; b) the camera - very good shots; c) the sound - no music, but also (unlike in many TNV productions!) NO annoying air conditioning that suppresses basically all of the "important" sounds; and, most importantly, d) authenticity. This is one of the rare productions where it is crystal clear that the girls are much, much into each other, as you can tell from their wet pussies, their movements and their sounds.

Criticisms of the above reviews: I found the oral part to be ok. Again, the occasional licking seems more authentic to me than the 15-minute scenes of other productions, where the girls are clearly acting in accordance with some kind of prefigured schedule. And in addition to the oral stuff, you get the greatest finger penetration I have seen in an amateur video.

Kissing: I guess there could have been a bit more French kissing. But once more, the kisses come over as very passionate and authentic.

What could have been better is the foreplay. Personally, I like some kind of storyline and/or dialogue at the beginning. You get none here. That's a minus for me.

Quickly about the second part of the video: frankly speaking, I never really made it there, because the first part always, ehm, served my purposes. From quickly skimming over the scenes, it seemed to me that the second part too has its moments, thought it's not as outstanding as the first one.

I would give this video a high ranking. Not perfect overall, but, as I said, my favourite video from here so far.

I am still watching this over and over. What is there not to enjoy about this film? I agree with an earlier reviewer who was astonished with the negative, picky reviews compared to those lavished on pure crap. It clearly illustrates our differences, but in this person's opinion this is on the mark, and more of its type needs to be made available. Come on Abby!

Lil Devil
Ahhh... thank you, Abby Winters. This is why I love your productions. Young, attractive amateurs in a natural setting with no toys or props... well... ok, there was the guitar, but it was incidental and quickly put aside. The models are playful, passionate, and girlish, yet still come across as real, and the production quality is competent but not intrusive in its artificiality.

The camerawork is largely invisible, and there is only a light score to establish a romantic mood - the rhythm, so to speak. Normally, I am strongly opposed to background music, but in this case I found it titillating rather than distracting.

The kissing is deep and frequent throughout the scenes, and the rest of the action is deliciously enacted and shot. A few angles were obscuring, but this was just a part of the natural feel of the scene and didn't really bother me. All in all, an outstanding effort from one of the marketís finest producers of amateur lesbian videos.

Recommended? Absolutely.

Grade: A+

This is a natural process of two young women exploring the wonders of lesbian intimacy. It has a genuine feel to it and is very comforting to watch.

This was ordered along with Girls Get Busy, and I could not have been more delighted. Believe it or not, these two exceed Girls on Film, Girls in Love, Girls Together, and Games Girls Play. However, all of these films are sensational, and we are waiting for more to come from Abby.

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