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Misty Loves Raven ____________________________________
Misty Loves Raven
I.D. g0411 & dvd_2091, Adult
2004, 85 min.
GBC Video of Portland


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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Misty & Raven, Linda & Ally.

A Lezlove.com Exclusive! Misty Loves Raven is a true erotic love story. What makes this movie so amazing is that the girls are so real, so natural, and so wonderful together. These two 19 yr olds are in love, not just on tape, but in real life. The DVD starts with an interview of shocking true confessions. The girls' first innocent touching was in church! They go into stunning details, from their first kiss, to their first time making love. This scene is full of erotic kissing, and sensual foreplay. Misty Loves Raven is what young lesbian love is all about. Enjoy!

Bonus Scene: This DVD features an extra bonus scene! Linda Loves Ally is another story of how innocent friendships turn into erotic sexual release. Linda and Ally are also two real-life lesbian lovers who give you a look behind closed doors.

Please note: this title ships in a plain sleeve.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, digitally remastered, chapter index, bonus scene "Linda Loves Ally".

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This is a great release that shows promise from another up and coming amateur video producer. The first of the two segments is by far the better. It starts with a brief pre-scene interview. The girls start out by playing with themselves on opposite sides of a couch, but quickly converge on one another. What follows is a great sequence of the girls making out and groping each other on the couch. Their hands roam everywhere and their legs frequently intertwine as they seemingly canít get enough of each other.

The action soon cuts to the two girls standing and facing each other doing more of the same. Itís great to see this start out with the girls fully clothed. They kiss, grope, and undress each other as they stand, eventually retiring to the couch for oral sex. This is followed by some 69 action on the floor and some great kissing to follow.

The second segment has somewhat less attractive girls, but at times is just as hot. If the first segment screams sex and passion, this one is more about lovemaking. They start right out in bed, briefly sharing and feeding each other grapes. The editing gets a little funky here and a third girl is shown alone with one of the girls for a while.

1) Buildup/Seduction: This gets high marks purely for the way the first sequence is executed. The girls keeping their clothes on, kissing and groping as long as they did, create a higher sense of urgency and release once they do finally disrobe. I wish others had this trick figured out.
Score: 8

2) Kissing: Great kissing in each scene, but the first one is especially noteworthy due to its frequency. Just awesome.
Score: 10

3) Attractiveness of Women: The first two girls are super cute and very real. The others girls are a little harder looking and have tattoos.
Score: 8


Wonderful Lesbian Love. I only wish all girls who want it could get it like this. The kissing is beautiful.

First, I'll say that I believe there to be 3 "R's" for reviewing lesbian erotica. Raw, Romantic, and Raunchy. The best example of Raw, I think would be, 'Nasty Girls,' and 'the 4-finger club' (esp. #17-up). Also 'Girlschool 3'-unbelievably HOT. A Romantic example would be 'Pink Velvet' which invites you into a world where other things are going on, and is Romantic heaven. Highest rating. Raunchy, would be Darkko's 'Girl Crazy 2' which despite the incredible babes, I found tough to watch.

That being said, I'd like to offer my take on 'Misty loves Raven.' They are sexy babes ďnext doorĒ average gals. It was Raw, not at all as slick as '4-finger club,' and was really just one 1/2 hour scene. (as opposed to three or four 1/2 hour scenes). I'm gonna have to disagree with the 5-Star rating of this one, though it was certainly not bad. I consider it to be on the right track though, for sure - which I suspect is what earned it that rating. I liked it. While the gals may be MVPs in their own rights, this performance isn't headed to the Hall of Fame.

This DVD is all about kissing and hot foreplay. The scene on the couch is amazing. The girls are very hungry, and can't wait to get it on. Great camera angles while they grope and feel each other up.

I like that they kept their clothes on for most of that scene. It made for a great tease. The girls have great chemistry and love to kiss, and kiss some more! I love to watch girls masturbate and cum while their lover helps out. This is a great amateur DVD!

I fully agree with the above comments: great movie! The long bonus scene, unfortunately , does not match the expectation.

FF Fanatic
This video stars two of the cutest cutie pies I've ever seen on videos: Misty (the girl on the right on the cover), a brunette with a pierced right nipple and an air of sexual confidence about her; and Raven, another cute brunette who has a pair of gorgeous breasts, and a very irresistible innocent-seductive look about her. Without any doubt, these are two very attractive and beautiful young women. Through the interview we know that they are real life sexual partners (though probably not girlfriends) so there's definitely some genuine chemistry.

Well, speaking of the interview... I'm not sure if the company can afford to hire Charlie Rose, but they really need to get a better interviewer! They guy who does the interview has this awful habit of constantly interrupting the girls and trying to put his own words in their mouth. Potentially this could have been a perfect interview situation -- you can have the two girls recall, reminisce, and playfully argue about how they got together. Instead, the interviewer just can't stop talking.

After this disaster, we start off with some masturbation (huh? what's up with that?). Fortunately the real foreplay starts quickly after that. Lasting about 20 minutes, this is really the highlight of the whole video. The girls share one steamy kiss after another. They seem to really love doing that. They partially take off their tops -- but mostly it's Misty who just can't seem to tear herself away from Raven's gorgeous breasts, what with the constant kissing, sucking, soft biting and all :) Raven is a little less "focused": she kisses Misty not just on her breasts, but across her stomach too. They also rub each other through their panties. This could have been very hot, but is not due to some bad planning: mostly they are sitting side by side, instead of facing each other, so they have to reach across each other to do it. It just doesn't look very comfortable. After that they take off each other's clothes (I really liked the look of those tight black t-shirts) and started to eat each other.

The oral is captured on video very well: a nice mix of close-ups and overall shots. Again, it's Misty the "aggressor" who dives into Raven eagerly. She uses her fingers and tongue together to please Raven, who seems to be really aroused, but probably fakes the orgasm at the end. Incidentally, Raven has a strip of hair just above her sex, and when Misty licks her clit her nose is squarely on Raven's hair -- doesn't that tickle? :) Raven then returns the favor: she really seems to be very excited and hungrily devours Misty. But in the end it just doesn't seem to work for Misty, who has to finish herself by masturbating. After that they begin a 69 session on the floor. By then the girls seem to be losing energy so it's not very good. Near the end they abandon the 69 and just have Raven sit on Misty's face -- that looks really hot and Raven seems to be getting into it. Alas that lasts only a minute or two. Finally they kiss and the video ends.

For an amateur video starring two girls who apparently are doing this the first time, this is a very good effort. The girls are really cute and obviously enjoy each other a lot. The lighting and camera work are very good. There are plenty of hot kisses and a long, gorgeous makeout/foreplay.

However, I do have several complaints. One is the interview segment (see above). Two is the setting. It seems to be a dorm room or something. As such there are too many distractions: in the background you can hear clearly somebody playing music probably next door (not very loud in the video, but still unmistakable). Another time Misty's mood is apparently so ruined by the wailing siren of a police car passing by that she calls for a halt. Also the girls have to do most of the foreplay and sex on a not very big sofa, and have to do the 69 on the floor. Where's the bed??? Think of how much more exciting their lovemaking will be if they only have a little more space to operate. Three is, to a certain extent, the direction. Specifically, the girls are either sitting down or lying down 95% the time. One the sexiest features of the female body is her long, slim, and elegant legs -- well you really have to rely on your imagination when she's sitting down all the time! And when, for a brief moment, they are standing up, the camera is placed at an "upskirt angle" looking up at their panties. Why oh why?!

There actually is another movie on the same disk, called Ally Loves Linda. Well, to be brutally honest, those two are just not attractive women. That whole thing is more or less a waste of time for this viewer, especially in comparison to the two beautiful little minx in the first part.

For all you kissing fans out there get this DVD now. After a 10-minute build up Misty and Raven proceed to kiss each other endlessly for over 40 minutes, There is also some oral action and breast sucking but it is the kissing that stays with you.

The bonus scene is ok but nowhere near the intensity of the first scene so just sit back and enjoy the sight of two young attractive girls making out on a sofa in close-up and clearly enjoying every minute of it. It doesnít get any better than this does it.

This vid is an odd mix of raunch and sensuality. After a brief interview the action begins with close-ups of the girls fingering themselves and each other through their panties as they sit spread legged on a couch. To me nothing says sleazy porn for the raincoat crowd like extensive close-ups of crotches, with or without panties, and this vid has them throughout most of the first scene. Conversely it also has a lot of very sensuous kissing and breast sucking.

There is no doubt that both girls are enjoying themselves and each other. They eventually move on to some oral, and both girls are very expert at pleasuring their partner. The last scene has them on the floor together as they sixty-nine, their bodies beautiful in the light from the window behind.

Other than the over abundance of crotch shots the camera work is fine, though I could have done with a few more long shots and fewer close-ups, there is a slightly claustrophobic feel to the action.

The bonus scene features one woman making love with two different women separately. Two of the three women are less than average looking. I thought it was a bit of a strange turn on to see women I didnít find terribly appealing being so erotic together. Apparently itís not necessary to look sexy to be sexy. Itís not something Iíll watch over and over but it was a nice change of pace.

This movie was VERY GOOD. It would have been better if not for the slightly sleazy feel to the beginning of the first scene.


I consider this video to be a pretty good effort. Both Misty and Raven are very cute, and they both have great bodies. I realize that many people like to see interviews before the action, but I just don't get the point of this. It makes the video really seem staged. Aren't we always complaining about how unrealistic lesbian erotica is? If we can believe that a real sexual encounter is taking place , doesn't it make it more interesting?!

Being a lesbian kissing fan, I am always looking for videos which feature lots of great kissing. There is quite a bit of kissing in this video, and the girls always come back to it. This is great but the kissing is not that great!! It is not prolonged. They break off the kisses too soon and there is not enough tongue within the kissing. It is definitely not hungry enough. If you prefer soft, sensual kissing it's pretty good. If you prefer intense hungry kissing, forget it !!

The oral action is pretty good, and there seems to be some genuine passion between the two girls within their lovemaking.

One thing that I liked was that one of the girls liked to look into the other girls eyes. It's too bad that the other girl didn't reciprocate.

Overall, this was a pretty good effort, but Phathead's "10" for kissing is absolutely ridiculous. The other part of this DVD was below average. Every aspect of this part was lackluster and completely fake.

Mixed feelings on this one. Outstanding effort on the part of the girls, but the direction and camerawork needs some help. I agree that there were too many crotch shots. This is obviously nothing more than some kind of seedy voyeurism on the part of the cameraman. Focus on the models as people, not a pair of crotches! That said, there is a lot of kissing in this video which helped save it from the negatives. Over and over, back to the kissing. Great stuff. From soft, pecks to full mouth kisses, they go at it with relish and passion. I didn't really miss the lack of tongue, I'd rather see their lips locked any day!

The rest of the foreplay is done well, but could've used some better direction. Seems a little disconnected. Granted, this is an amateur video, but it shouldn't look totally amateurish. I'll leave the review of the bonus section to someone who enjoys scenes with more than two models, because I don't. Not enough intimacy is possible when you add a third girl. Probably just human nature.

All in all, a very nice video worth more than one look. Recommended? Yes, if for nothing but the kissing, you'll want to see this one. Grade: A-

I am only going to review the first scene. I feel the second scene was a waste. It may have contained lovemaking, but it doesn't matter how hot the sex may be if I find the girls unattractive as I did here.

As far as Misty and Raven are concerned, it was a good scene. I liked the kissing, the oral and the 69. I do agree with Jenny about too many crotch shots. The interview was a little sloppy. The two girls watching each other masturbate could have been quite arousing if they would have been more into it. In fact, they looked bored.

Other than a few gripes, I enjoyed this DVD. However, I give it 4-stars instead of 5. The bonus sequence gets a 0.

I purchased this video a few months ago, and I was really disappointed. I considered it less than average amateur action you would expect. There is a 25 minute interview which was incredibly boring! I considered the second half of the video a lot better with the women not mentioned on the title.

The women in this DVD really lust for each other in a way that's sadly pretty hard-to-find in porn: like the performers in "Three Girlfriends" and "The Appointment," Misty and Raven just tune out the cameraman and go at it. That fact alone is enough for me to recommend this and validate it's 5-Star status.

The above-mentioned interview isn't even actually that awful: the women discuss in some detail about how they met and eventually hooked up, which is a turn-on for me: even a poorly done interview adds some psychological/erotic depth to a sex scene. The interviewer sure is a dorky guy, though.

Setup, lighting, filming and editing are all really amateurish, although not distractingly awful. Note to director: You know that TV set in the background? Turn it OFF in your next production.

On the disk I received, the interview was about *ten* minutes and the sex scene was about *forty-five,* although that's just going by the clock on my DVD player. Some previous reviewers seem to have an odd sense of time.

The second scene is good too: the sex is very *real* and not just a performance for the camera. The women might not visually be to everyone's liking, though - very, well, Pacific Northwest types: i.e, hairy and somewhat lacking in fashion sense.

Overall this is a good DVD, though, and I recommend it.

I enjoyed this a great deal. The first segment with Misty and Raven calls for watching over and over, and the second segment deserves same.

Thought it was hot, and I loved the oral sex scene especially.

sniff n lick
As hot of sex as you can get! Truly genuine! Misty and Raven are really into each other; the kissing is awesome, and great close-ups. You can see the REAL lust in their eyes, as they touch and sniff and taste each other with passion. And the second scene is just as genuine as the first, but is sliced up too much. But the problem here is that there is no plot and very little dialogue throughout. If it werenít for that, you would be hard pressed to find a flick as hot or better than this. And because of that I would rate it as a 4 star out of 5.

What a waste of my time and money. Part one, the girl couldn't walk the talk. They didn't know what to do with each other. Also, a guy was talking with them for a long time. Part two also was a bad movie. The kissing was very bad. They need to get another job. Everything was bad about the movie.

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