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Pussy In Paradise (Viv Thomas) ____________________________________
Pussy In Paradise (Viv Thomas)
I.D. v0123 & dvd_2104, Adult
2004, 134 min.
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Viv Thomas


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5-Star Film! 

Nadia, Nikki Sandz, Bella, Gina B & Peaches.

A Lezlove World Exclusive!! Pussy In Paradise follows the exploits of little Nadia, in her last film before her retirement from adult movies, as she makes her way through a crop of gorgeous new models experiencing the sensual delights of lesbian sex for the first time (in front of a camera anyway).

Featuring beautiful girls in beautiful locations doing beautiful things to each other, this is a must-see video.

Please note: we cannot ship this title to countries where PAL is the standard video format. Please order PAL editions directly from Viv Thomas' online DVD store instead. If you are not sure what the standard is in your country, please refer to our help section.

Please note: this title is now part of a 4-pack, available here - Viv Thomas 4-pack: The Sinful Pack

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This is MY idea of a fantasy movie. For some, an Andrew Blake, or maybe even the latest ďWhere the Boys ArenítĒ video will qualify. But for me, this is as fantastical as my fantasies get. Stunningly gorgeous girls having sex with each other in gorgeous, luxurious locations. Maybe Iím boring. Maybe my mind is too pedestrian to fully appreciate leaps that much further beyond reality. I donít care. This is as far off the beaten path of reality my mind can go. When I say far off the beaten path, I mean, these girls are just TOO damn hot, and these settings are just TOO damn perfect, but in a good way.

I count six scenes here, and what makes this title even better are the little snippets in between each scene. Iím literally racking my brain here trying to think of one scene that bubbles up slightly above the others. As with most Viv titles, itís a matter of degrees of greatness, not one sucking and another being awesome. Iím going to be general, then, and say I liked the segments with Nadia the most. She brought a slight physical contrast to each pairing. Nadia is VERY petite and has short, cropped hair. This is the exact opposite of every other girl in the cast. I also didnít mind her talking to the camera briefly before each scene, because once the action starts, she had eyes for one girl and one girl only.

My only complaint about this video is appearance of a strap-on dildo on two occasions. Its use never dominates or is the focus of the action, though.

I cant think of ANYONE making lesbian adult videos on this production level, with this care, and with this quality as a final product. Thanks, Viv Thomas!

1) Buildup/Seduction: The lush, outdoor settings alone are enough to make your mind explode. The beach, in the pool, out of the pool, etc. I also liked Nadia talking about lusting after the various girls in between scenes.
Score: 9

2) Kissing: As usual for a Viv title, the kissing here will make your head explode.
Score: 10

3) Attractiveness of Women: These girls are what the 10 in this scale was meant for.
Score: 10


According to LLV, this is Nadia's last video (no mention of that on the package, or in the disc, but I assume it to be true), before she goes off, presumably to write her PhD. Well she will be missed, but she has left on a high.

Compared to PV2, or Searching for Silvia, this is a small scale affair (though made on the same location as the later, with the same makeup girl - Henrietta - somewhat more demurely packaged here than in Searching for Silvia). No plot as such, just a 'beautiful women hanging out by a pool in a lush garden on a summer afternoon, having lots of relaxed sensual sex' theme (the best of all themes, as far as I am concerned).

We get five or six independent scenes, intercut with Nadia chatting to us as she wanders around the house or sunbaths, ogles the other girls petting while getting herself off, buffs her strap-on, etc. Just about all the scenes are great: the (relatively) weakest is the first: Bella ('Beautiful Bella', as Nadia accurately calls her) and Nikki (I think), on a beach. Problem is that Nikki is so much taller than Bella that things look visually askew.

There are two very nice scenes with Peaches, first on the same bed on which Silvia made the earth move for Jo in Searching for Silvia, and then in the garden, and there is (maybe the best of all) the last scene with Nadia and Bella by a pool - the first ten or fifteen minutes of this is pretty much perfect: lots of kissing and touching all over, no exhibitionistic histrionics, and the girls look as into it as I have ever seen.

One major frustration is engineered: about three quarters of the way through, I was thinking that, in order to make this perfect, we just need to have Nadia with Peaches. I have no sooner thought this than Nadia starts waxing about how nice Peaches' breasts are (no dispute from me), and off she goes to check them out. We get two minutes of Nadia seducing Peaches before she chases the camera away, saying 'what does a girl have to do to get some privacy here' (earth to Nadia: you are on a porn movie set). I nearly smashed my ThinkPad.

In short, this is very much like 'Young Lesbian Love' (or even like early Andrew Blake), but better: there is the same emphasis on relaxed, sensual sex, with lots of touching and acknowledgement of all those other erogenous zones that get ignored so often (necks, sides of breasts and tummies, backs, etc.) But there is none of the inertness that spoils some of the scenes in Young Lesbian Love (or early Andrew Blake).

This is a great disc. P.S. Note to Viv: can we have lots more Peaches and Bella please?

What can I say, quite simply the best Viv Thomas release ever which means it's in my top ten of all time. Why so good? Well there are a number of reasons.

The now retired Nadia coyly making her way round the sun-baked surroundings playing with the other girls, playing with the camera and therefore us the viewer. Anyone who knows Nadia knows that she is a right tease and always gives the scene she's in her utmost with special attention given to her kissing scenes with her fellow performers. Well here she is at her best, she is definitely going out on a high, you're clearly looking at a top adult performer enjoying herself and the relaxed nature of the proceedings.

One of the other highlights is the delectable Peaches. First seen in "Pink Velvet 2" where I felt Ella was the star of the show she really shines in "Pussy In Paradise", she looks totally different in this with her stunning long hair allowed to flow and remember she is still so young. Any Viv Thomas forum members out there knows the extraordinary following she has and this film will surely add to that mass appeal.

However there is more to "Pussy In Paradise" then stunning girls and locations, that's a given as far as Viv Thomas is concerned. There is a noticeable increase in the amount of kissing on view (always my favourite part of any Viv release). The pairings are great, unlike Smat I couldn't fault any scene and there is something about blonde/brunette pairings (think Lisa/Jo or Ella/Jo) they make a scene come alive - 4 of the 5 main sex scenes here are blonde/brunette pairings.

Also as Smat pointed out there is a wonderfully relaxed feel about everything, you want to see beautiful girls making out, no in-depth storyline just everyone having a great time then this is the film for you.

I have always liked Viv Thomas productions for the look of every scene and of course the stunning models he uses but there is something a bit special about this latest one. He definitely has upped the kissing quota and of course he is the best producer of full on luscious/passionate mouth-to-mouth kissing and thatís why for me "Pussy In Paradise" is as good as it gets. 5-Star review, more like 10!

Buyer for Lesbian Couple
I buy movies for a couple of woman I know who desire anonymity due to their respective jobs, so I have become their patsy, lol. This Viv movie is not the best according to them if they were the intended market demographic of which Viv was wooing. If that be the case, then this is the most sub par Viv Thomas movie to date that they have watched. But to say this is a 10 is rather misleading to some. Maybe guys like it but my women were disappointed.

To them the women were sub par and the sex was very conventional. Don't get me wrong, it is a good movie but if your looking for a 10, then my women feel people will be less than happy. Just their opinion as interpreted by me, a friend who supports their lifestyle. They convey to me what a great site this is but often disagree with the reviews. I guess it show how diverse our society is, thanks much and no intention of hurting anyone's feelings.

I appreciate the opinion of the reviewer above who buys for a lesbian couple, but I think they are confusing apples with oranges. Viv Thomas is about pure fantasy, not realistic sex scenarios. Sounds like your friends would be happier with an Abby Winters video. Her films are more for lesbian couples than Viv's are. No offense to anyone, but VT videos are marketed towards the male fantasy of lesbians. I enjoy the beauty of that fantasy, and I'm not the only woman here who has that admiration.

Viv has found a style that works, and is partly based on feedback from LLV customers and staff. It's amazingly simple - take stunningly beautiful, international women, insert them into exotic and equally beautiful locales, color coordinate the sets, costumes and makeup, shoot with warm lighting, skip the lengthy dialogue and let the sex follow a fantasy sequence with lots of close-up kissing, lavish breast worship, fingering, ass licking, clear shot oral, occasionally throw in a toy or two (hopefully not) and if we're really lucky, some trib. For me, his videos keep getting better and better as he perfects this plan.

PIP is nearly flawless. I too will miss Nadia, but there will always be another beauty waiting to fill her spot. Here, she shines as if she was giving us her final performance, and her lust for other women is readily apparent. For once, I really didn't have a favorite scene. There is a consistency to this video that makes it worth watching all the way through. I sort of agree that it's like Young Lesbian Love in its fantasy sequences and attention to underestimated erogenous zones, but I personally loved YLL, so I'm not complaining either. It's definitely one of his best, and his crew has made some of the best videos here as far as I'm concerned.

Recommended? This is becoming a rhetorical question with his videos, but yes I would strongly recommend this video for its production quality, attention to detail, passionate kissing, beautiful women, etc. Grade: A+

This was the first full length Viv Thomas movie I ever watched. Nadia is beautiful and seems into girls too. But her piercings annoy me a bit. All in all, 4.2 out of 5

Pixie, or Nadia as she is also known, is an extremely beautiful woman. I've wanted a high quality film featuring her, and I have found it with this one. I viewed the preview clip and was amazed at the beautiful photography of the scenes that were shown. The women are gorgeous, as is the lovemaking exhibited. Can't wait to get it!

Tigre Bleu
I disagree with most of the reviewers here. The girls are great looking, the locations are beautiful, and there's lot of kissing. But that's all I can put into the "pros."

Now, for the "cons:" there was a lot of kissing, but I found it soft rather than passionate. The girls are quite into it, but the sex is very formulaic (I do you, you do me) and pretty dull, in my opinion. Not much heat to be felt. I thought this vid was a little cold and dťjŗ vu. The small, "in-between scenes" moment with Nikki and Nadia was probably the most passionate. Too bad it was so short; a longer scene would've been very hot!

If you love very soft kissing and very soft lovemaking, you'll probably like this film. But if you're looking for passion, look elsewhere. Verdict: not worth its 5-star rating. Could be worth 3-stars, maybe 4 if you love soft sex. Note: the small "interviews" with Nadia were very cute and didn't get in the way of the main sex scenes.

Recently watched this one again after quite a while and found it even better than I'd remembered. The title and the format - one of the girls wandering around, speaking directly to the camera, introducing the other girls, introducing each sex scene - still put me off a little, but British Nadia does this hostess thing better than anyone else I've seen: relaxed and naturally sexy, rather than awkwardly or overtly porno.

Anyway, each encounter is expertly shot in the lush, tropical paradise manner that Viv perfected. All the women have that natural, believable Eastern European beauty that he brought to light, and all are hot. The sex they have is always both passionately real and a joy to behold. In short, you can't go wrong with this one. Repeated viewing should only increase your appreciation.

Nadia is truly amazing in this one. Every moment that she is on screen she oozes sexuality. Such a nasty little minx, she manages to create more heat just looking into the camera and talking about sex than many other women do actually having sex. Her feelings don't come off as feigned when she describes how turned on she is for the other women. Scripted or not, one senses she really can't wait to get with these other women.

Among my favorite moments is one of the interludes between the scenes proper. We cut to Nadia and she is getting licked from behind by one of the other girls. She is looking into the camera talking to the audience and explains that they are just practicing for their big scene later. The girl is so cute and her moans and soft grunts of ecstasy so convincing, I always get very excited when this moment comes on screen.

So sad this was her last video. Besides a handful of pics of her I've found online, I haven't seen much of her other work. I'll have to look out for it.

I am on the thumbs-down side on this one. There are some good scenes, but the mere presence of toys is a major turn-off for me. This combined with the excessive amount of time spent where you really can't see anything make this one OK but certainly there are better buys out there.

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