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Pink Velvet 03 (Viv Thomas) ____________________________________
Pink Velvet 03 (Viv Thomas)
I.D. dvd_2110, Adult
2005, 185 min.
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Viv Thomas
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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Lisa, Jo, Sandy, Sophie Moone, Ella, Sandra Shine, Eve Angel, Lolita, Henrietta, Peaches & Gina B.

A Lezlove World Exclusive!! aka A Lesbian Odyssey Lisa has become the owner of a hotel on the Hungarian-Czech border. Now in a serious relationship with Sandy, she still harvests a deep, unbridled love for Jo. Ella has come home to patch things up with her mother, and begins working at the hotel as duty manager.

An All-Star cast and seven outstanding scenes make the final Pink Velvet a truly magnificent film, containing some of the most sensual lesbian erotica ever filmed. Real female orgasms, mesmerising lesbian love-making, long scenes of kissing, seduction, slow sex, anal playing and frantic passion combined with an electric atmosphere make this film a true one-off. A fitting end to the trilogy.

For further information and screencaps on the scenes in this title, please visit the ELMS Viv Thomas section.

Please note: we cannot ship this title to countries where PAL is the standard video format. Please order PAL editions directly from Viv Thomas' online DVD store instead. If you are not sure what the standard is in your country, please refer to our help section.

Please note: this title is now part of a 3-pack, available here - Pink Velvet 3-Pack

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, bonus scene [kissing] & outtakes. NTSC.

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As with all of Vivís recent releases, this will be a must-have for the majority of fans of the lesbian adult video. If you have the previous two from this series, you know what youíre in for. Every scene here is a winner on nearly every level I gauge a video on.

If I had to choose a favorite, itíd have to be the very first scene with newbie Lolita and Lisa in the hotelís Jacuzzi. Of course, the older/younger thing does a lot for me here. The contrasts are awesome to see - Lisa is tall and elegantly beautiful. Lolita is tiny in comparison, with the sweetest, most innocent-looking face. Watching and listening to Lisa verbally and physically seducing Lolita, I could literally feel my pulse racing. I absolutely LOVE Lolita! I pray Viv uses her more extensively in the future.

1) Buildup/Seduction: Story, seduction, high production values, is it any wonder many consider Viv to be the king?
Score: 9

2) Kissing: Right on target.
Score: 10

3) Attractiveness of Women: As awesome as always, with some new faces too!
Score: 10


Not a lot to say about this, beyond what I imagine other reviews already waiting in the queue do. PV3 meets and exceeds all expectations. The scenes are authentic and the women are gorgeous - several of them have never looked better, Lisa, Sandy, and Jo in particular (I really like Jo's new haircut, which is an extremely good idea).

Lisa is the star: she has three great scenes and she closes the movie with easily the most convincingly authentic orgasm I have ever seen, which she receives from Jo - this scene is also the stand-out best in a collection of almost uniformly stand-out five star scenes. Lisa, by the way, can also clearly act, even when she is not having sex.

The question is, what do Viv and Lewis do now? PV3 is just about as good as lesbian bonkathon porn can get, but it is still, fundamentally, bonkathon porn (the framing premise, after all, is a world of cheerfully promiscuous women who have indiscriminate, consequence-free sex with each other almost literally at the drop of a hat). Lewis has said that he would like to make more structured stuff that could address questions like ďwhat happened to Sandy's character at the end of PV3?Ē Neither doing so, nor making money doing it, will, I suspect, be easy, but I wish him luck - he has at least one guaranteed sale for his first effort.

Fan In The UK
And so... it ends. The history-making Pink Velvet trilogy ends with this massive release. What can be said about it? It wraps up the series nicely and gives everyone exactly what they want. Standout scenes are with Sandra and Eve, Peaches and Henrietta, Ella and Sandy, and Lisa and Jo.

Lisa now owns a hotel and she hires her daughter, Ella, and an event coordinator. Like mother, like daughter; both Lisa and Ella run the hotel like their own sex playground. (Lisa gets the young Lolita in the hotel spa, while Ella beds her client, Sophie.) Soon, we find that the hormones of everyone in the hotel must be hot and bothered because everyone is getting action. (It's especially amusing when Ella beds Lisa's companion, Sandy, in a particularly good scene.)

However, the climatic scene is the reunion of Jo and Lisa. The scene is very simple: Lisa discovers Jo is a guest, goes to Jo's room, waits for her to arrive. Jo walks into the darkened room. Lisa turns on the light and says, "Hello, Jo". Without another word spoken, the two women come together and have sex like they need it. Desperately. The scene is amazing in terms of... everything. It is the most perfect scene. This DVD is a massive piece of work and a worthy addition to any Viv Thomas collection. Cheers to a project well done!

Lady V
PV3 delivers on all that was promised. Lisa looks absolutely stunning and headlines the movie with three distinct and spectacular scenes. As a seductress she awakens feelings in newcomer Lolita. A very sexy scene that left me wishing it was longer. Withholding her love, she has a very hot scene with Sandy and distracts her with a kiss when Lisa is asked if she loves her. Then thereís the finale, Love Fulfilled! Lisa and Jo are reunited in a most erotic and passionate scene. Thereís intense eye contact, passionate kissing, and we are treated to two amazingly intense orgasms. WOW, what an appropriate ending to the trilogy!

Ellaís return to wrap up the series was very fitting, as it wouldnít have been the same without her. She continues her mischievous ways, having sex with a prospective client (Sophie Moon) then pretending to be Lisa and having a go at Sandy in two very enjoyable scenes.

There is a nice blend of story buildup for all of the scenes. Viv continues to turn up the heat and raise the bar. PV3 is a masterpiece, showcasing varied scenarios of women loving women with lots of deep, passionate kissing and real orgasms. A definite must buy.

Just saw this movie. I'm pretty new to watching Viv Thomas. Very impressive. The final scene with Jo and Lisa making love is the best scene, I think - what a great ending scene! The sounds they make are so indicative of real lovemaking! The heavy breathing is awesome. The kissing incredible and the passion and lust are absolutely real! Jo is so incredibly beautiful. Normally I favor larger, full natural breasts and dark hair, but for me Jo is an exception, maybe due to her style of lovemaking. She is so sensual and passionate.

In this last scene, she positions herself next to Lisa and brings her to a very strong orgasm using her hand while sucking feverishly on Lisa's left breast. It is a long act, and when Lisa finally climaxes, and arches her back, Jo sucks deeply and passionately on Lisa's breast, drawing it into her mouth and sucking hard as Lisa experiences the throes of orgasm.

Just a great film, full of passionate sex. The redhead, Henrietta, puts on a great scene in the middle of the film - she is very passionate, very pretty face and great natural breasts.

Pink Velvet 3 is the finest example of lesbian erotica ever made. It is more than just Viv Thomas' finest achievement; it is just a fantastic piece of filmmaking. Everything that you could possibly wish for in a lesbian feature is here, and then some. Up to now, Pink Velvet 1 had set the benchmark, followed by a fine sequel, but this third entry in the series tops even those.

Starting off with a little teaser scene between Lisa and the very young Lolita, it's really the stunning pairing of Sophie Moon and Ella where the film hits a peak and doesn't let up. They both are discussing a job position at the hotel that Ella's mum Lisa is running, and the looks they are giving each other in their finest business gear is delicious, I couldn't wait for them to go after each other. They proceed by undressing each other with long, lingering, passionate kissing, and it's the highlight of the whole feature.

Ella also figures in a fine scene with Sandy (another great blonde/brunette pairing) and there's a great scene with the two maids, Eve and Sandra Shine. Another standout is the pairing of Peaches and the redhead Henrietta; there is so much kissing in this scene, I thought they would both collapse from exhaustion.

Last but not least, we have the reunited pairing everyone was waiting for - Lisa and Jo, who appear in the final scene. The scene is great; I was surprised how little there was in build-up between the two, though. No sooner have they met in Jo's hotel room than they are passionately kissing each other. The orgasm Lisa receives at the end of the scene looks about as real as you can get.

If I had one criticism, it would be that Pink Velvet 3 is too short. I have never known a three-hour feature to go by so quickly. I could have done with seeing a few more hours of some of these women. Gina B, for example, is in a non-sex role, and Peaches, Eve, Sandra Shine, and Jo only feature once. It really is an embarrassment of riches, and it's hard to see this film ever being topped. Everyoneís got to see this to see just how lesbian erotica is meant to be filmed. Fantastic stuff.

Nowhere Man
Perfection, Viv. Bravo. Finally, I get what I've been craving since PV1 - Lisa, Lisa, and more Lisa. She is simply stunning, and, in my opinion, the best girl (looks-wise and performance-wise) Viv has ever worked with. I could watch her forever. Her scene with Sandy is everything I ever dreamed of, and her scene with Jo is magical. In fact, every scene here is top quality. A masterpiece.

This won't be a long review, because there are already a few very good ones above, but this title sells itself if you've watched the other two or are a fan of Viv's work. The man knows lesbian sex as well as any filmmaker I've seen in the adult biz, and you see all his efforts come to fruition here.

The girls are all gorgeous, with my favorite pair being Eve and Sandra Shine. My jaw about hit the floor when I saw those two beautiful women were going to hook up, and their scene was easily the best one I saw, but they all were great. I loved the young girl, Lolita, being seduced while in the hot tub.

The kissing was superb, the way it should be done, and Viv gets the big seal of approval for capturing this highly erotic act as well as it can be.

If you haven't checked one of his titles out this one is a very good one to start with. I really didnít follow the storyline too much through the first two into this one, but you have Ella returning as the daughter whose mom seduced Jo, who, in Part 2, Ella eventually hooked up with. It can be confusing, I guess, but really the main thrust of these movies is the lesbian sex, and in that area there is no confusion.

It's brilliant, with lots of goodies so far as kissing, oral and even some rimming done - and the right ways too. Never too forceful; instead the girls beautifully go about pleasuring one another, and I think everyone will have many an evening or afternoon of enjoyment with this title.

Extra-wise you have some funny outtakes to laugh at, and there is a short preview of a new Viv movie where the main thrust is kissing, and I'm such a huge fan of girls locking lips and tongues that I'll definitely be picking that one up. I can't recommend this one highly enough, just great looking girls making sweet beautiful love to each other and it just doesn't get much better than that, friends.

The first scene, between Lisa and Lolita, is giant! Lisa wants to seduce Lolita, and she takes time for that, but it's so wonderful to see Lolita who is shy, who has fear and surprise to be with Lisa, who is surprised by Lisaís desire. 5-star scene for Lisa and Lolita, even though the scene is long itís still too short! A movie about the love between Lisa and Lolita would be a must.

Yes, pretty girls... I agree with that part. On the other hand, I think this series is overrated. Especially this episode is very boring if you like nastier lesbian movies like I do. I wish those pretty girls could be a bit more slutty. I'll wait for part four.

Blue Bird
From the time that the gorgeous young Lolita descends the staircase into the hot tub, I knew that we were going to have a good time viewing this video. You just can't find any American girls who can approach the beauty and passion of these European ladies. What I like about all of these women is their elegance and their aura of sophistication. Various facial features and body types, but there is not one this bunch that didn't turn me on. Good Job, Viv and Lew, and the rest of the cast.

I really liked the leisurely way they seduced and made love to each other - just a few times I did a little fast-forwarding. I am more than a little partial to Lisa, probably because I like "well-seasoned" women. It would be wonderful to come home to this lady every evening, but she would probably wear me out.

In addition to taking time with each other like real lovers, there is a good mix of different shots from various angles and distances. A lot the real sounds of love and passion, and very little, if any annoying music. One of the best I've seen to date.

Where do we go from here Viv, producing something for the mainstream: HBO, Showtime, FX, Lifetime, IFC? Perhaps a real-life couple done in your style, with sex as hot as a Hatch green chile (blistering)!

This is a HOT production by Viv Thomas (although all of them are hot). My favorite is probably Eve and Sandra, they are fantastic together!

Well, clearly going against the flow here, but I wasn't that impressed by this one. Hated the subtitles - hard to read and not on screen long enough to read. English dialogue inaudible. The scene where Ella seduced the client jumps straight to them on the bed, no buildup, not erotic. The first Lolita scene ended abruptly. So much more could have been made. Not enough Jo! Really missed the opportunity of pairing Ella and Lisa (maybe with Sandy in some way) - that would have been hot. All in all, not up to the first or second.

Each release of the PV series is better than the last, and this one is no exception. It is a huge volume and loaded with scenes (likely the best scenes ever done!). Each scene has its own storyline, often unrelated to any of the other scenes. But that shouldn't bother anyone, because each scene and its plot can stand on its own. (In a sense, there are six separate stories at work in this release. Pretty ambitious effort!)

Moreover, the viewer gets a whole mix of atmospheres with each scene, from the sensual beauty of Lisa and Lolita, Lisa and Sandy, or Lisa and Jo, to the near-gonzo style of the quickies enjoyed in the Ella and Sophie, Ella and Sandy, or Sandra and Eve scenes. (It becomes clear that Ella likes quickies.)

And, for me, it was funny to watch the scenes featuring Ella and Lisa. This mother and daughter pair may often be in personal conflict, but they seem to share a taste for women. (Just as a side note, Lisa's scenes are more sensual than Ella's because the mature Lisa is a more experienced lover? Chew on that one.)

Worth every dollar, this is a great wrap-up to a great series. North American producers of lesbian erotica take note: you can learn much from Viv Thomas Productions.

In PV3, Viv Thomas has been outdone by Viv Thomas. The DVD is a very fitting end to an absolutely wonderful lesbian trilogy. Lisa continues to be a most beautiful and erotic woman. The scene with Lolita exhibits her complete mastery of the mature woman and novice teen scenario; very erotic and lovely to watch. Jo, Ella, and Katie have ALL become exceptional young women in their own right. Sexy and visually appealing are the hallmarks of these three ladies. The final scene with Lisa and Jo will become a classic in lesbian cinema; the interplay between these women is just plain magic to see. I also must say the remaining ensembles were wonderful additions to this Viv Thomas masterpiece.

Lil Devil
There is just no competing with this guy and his team on their terms. It's like trying to make a Star Wars movie better than George Lucas. He simply has more resources and vision than you do. Viv has the best looking girls, the most beautiful locations, sets, and costumes, the longest scenes, the most of what we want in terms of action, the least of what we don't want, the best production values... shall I go on?

The only fault this has is it's so good, I sometimes forget it's just sex. It seems more like a really intense love scene from a movie... then the clothes come off... all of them... and I remember where I am again. These girls are amazing in what they can pull off with a crew of people standing around. It seems so intimate and playful, like real sex. I am stunned at the level he has reached.

Is this video perfect? I don't know. Maybe. You tell me where the flaws are and I'll probably tell you why they're necessary and make it better. Some might say the plot is well... a little thin? I agree. But you know what? If it wasn't, we would be distracted from the real focus of the film - voyeuristic lesbian sex. The union and communication of Viv Thomas and LLV customers has truly built a beautiful thing. May it never end. The only complaint I have is, after Viv, I don't want to watch anything else!

Grade: A+++

Recommended? If you have to wonder, then I did something wrong in my review.

This is the first VT film I've ever seen, and what a way to start my VT exposure! PV3 is a definite must-buy; it's just... incredible! The characters are believable, but even more importantly the sex is white-hot. Here are my ratings:

1. Best scene: Henrietta and Peaches. This scene is one that I watch over and over again. Peaches is cute and funny when she is lost, but it's the stunningly beautiful auburn-haired Henrietta who commands this scene in every way.

Runner-up: Lisa and Lolita. I loved how the "older woman" character seduces the "young, inexperienced" character - very, very hot.

2. Best Kissing: Henrietta and Peaches. I swear to the good lord above, I have NEVER seen so much hot and passionate kissing in a scene before. Once they started, they couldn't stop; in fact, you almost forget that they actually had sex. Well, their mouths definitely had sex with each other! The kissing just can't be described justly; it's hot, it's genuine, it's passionate, and most of all, it's constant.

Runners-up: Sophie Moone and Ella, Sandra Shine and Eve.

3. Best Orgasm: By far, I thought Sophie Moone had THE best orgasm in this film. Ella slowly works her up, and then brings her over the edge. You can tell that not all the orgasms in the film were real, but when they are, they are awesome. Watch Sophie's left hand - right before she cums, and she puts her hand around the back of Ella's head, her hand is trembling, a definite sign that she's about to explode. Now, that's not something that in the heat of passion you think, "oh, let me make my hand tremble, so the audience believes this is real." And look at Sophie's stomach contract, listen to her breathing. The look on Sophieís perfect face is just priceless. The hottest big "O" in the film.

Runners-up: Sandra Shine (loved it!), Henrietta (love how she bites her bottom lip), and Peaches (who kept going... and going... and going...)

4. Hottest girls: All the girls were hot in their own special way. Lisa is just beautiful, so is Sandy with her cute dimples. Sandra Shine is drop-dead gorgeous, Jo is cute (but not really my type), Ella has beautiful, cat-like eyes, and Peaches has a very cute appeal and sense of humor. But, for me, the standouts in the "Hot Department" are Sophie Moone and Henrietta; too bad they didn't have a scene together! Although she is Hungarian, Sophie has the tall, blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty of Scandinavians (mainly Swedes). She is almost too beautiful to look at (not to mention a beautiful smile). Henrietta has incredible facial features and beautiful blue eyes, but it's that long, flowing auburn hair that gets me every time. I can't believe I've never heard of her before.

So, those are my picks... buy this film, it's so worth the money!

HolyÖ that was incredible! It is totally worth buying, if for nothing other than the last scene. If both of those women didn't have actual orgasms, they are the best actresses in the biz! Jo on the edge of the bed, while Lisa is still fully clothed; and Lisa being pleasured by Jo while sucking on her breasts... that was sooo hot! I'd wonder why more scenes couldn't be like this, but I think I know the answer. Most actresses aren't willing and/or can't allow themselves to be brought to that place where IT would really happen (perhaps understandably). Maybe I'm being too cynical or too naive, but I think those were the only legitimate orgasms in the movie. That being said, how often do you see that!

The Pink Velvet saga has rebuilt the status of lesbian producing. Part one was an emotional carpet, which introduced us to the new era of lesbian films, created by the master Viv. Part two was a more sunny continuation, but still with intensity inside. And after all, part three is lesbian delirium, containing love, passion and a kinky atmosphere.

Thank you, Viv and crew, for making that movie, always listening to our ideas and recommendations through your lovely forum. People, do yourselves a favour: join the Viv Thomas forum, contribute to the diamonds he produces, and share some words with the models too. You will not regret it. ;-)

The best lesbian movie I have seen. Real and total passion, great story, great looking women. Hopefully the series will continue.

Absolutely stunning! What more can you say? I appreciate the efforts a few companies are making to find fresh-looking girls who don't look like rejects from a second-class strip joint. These girls are typical of the pretty young women who are increasingly drawn to lesbianism and bisexuality these days.

Face it folks, most women involved in lesbianism are pretty and young. Relatively few look butch, and virtually none look like porn star/hooker types. Films such as this reflect the actual face of sapphic love in these times.

Bravo, Viv: this is another great movie. Great kissing, great girls, and superb sex. Lisa, as usual, is the star of the movie. Lisa and Lolita, and Lisa and Jo are my favorites. It's extremely hot to see an experienced woman (Lisa) making love to a young and inexperienced one (Lolita in PV3, Jo in PV1).

Nevertheless, I believe there is some room for improvement. The buildup in some of the scenes is too short: Ella and Sophie, for instance, also the scene involving the two waitresses.

I have just seen another Viv movie, ďConfessions of...Ē Zora is the star of that one. Viv, do you have any plans to bring these two hot ladies (Lisa and Zora) together?

Evin Marie
PV3 is exceptional! I truly cannot praise it enough. Being a lesbian, I find mainstream porn to be so boring, and it lacks SERIOUS passion. Viv's movies are completely the opposite.

I loved, LOVED the Sandra Shine/Eve scene, I thought it was the hottest. The way they kissed, touched and looked at each other was so freakin' sexy. You have to have great chemistry with your partner, and these two definitely did.

As with many other reviewers, I loved how Lisa totally seduced young Lolita.

Oddly, the scene that we all waited for kind of left me cold; the final scene with Jo and Lisa. I just didn't think it was as emotional and passionate as it should have been. After all, they were long lost lovers.

But, with that aside, this film is a must have for your collection!

This was good work, but not enough trib. The first scene could have done a lot more; trib would have been great on that scene, with a experienced woman teaching a young adult. All the women are great looking! I rate it overall B+.

Wow. I was really impressed by this movie. I have several other Viv Thomas movies, but this one blows them all away, in my opinion. I liked parts of Pink Velvet 1, but the thing that excited me the most about that movie was Vivís potential. PV1 took a firm step away from many porn movie conventions, and I was really excited about the prospect of a movie that got rid of them completely. Pink Velvet 3 is not that movie, but Viv is getting closer. Iíve still never seen Pink Velvet 2, so the progress made between the PV1 and PV3 seems especially huge to me.

The first things I immediately noticed were the better production values. Parts (but not all, unfortunately) of PV3 look like they were shot on film and are gorgeous. The sex is much better all around, and the scenes have a good flow to them. I was really surprised by how great Ella was in this film! I found her a bit stiff and unconvincing in PV1. My only criticisms of the sex are:

1) I thought the Lisa/Sandy scene was kind of weak.

2)I would have liked more talking during the sex scenes, particularly the one between Jo and Lisa, who are supposed to have an intense emotional connection.

Iím hoping that in future movies Viv uses more story, more context for each coupling, and more conflict and drama. In Pink Velvet 3, he could have had one less sex scene (six scenes is still a good number) and provided more story and buildup to the remaining scenes.

I would like to see scenes where the characters develop some sort of relationship, and fewer scenes of random hookups between strangers. I would like to see Vivís movies take place in a more realistic setting, where sex has consequences and itís not a given that all the characters are lesbians. The Ella/Sandy scene in particular had a scenario that was too much like a typical porn movie, in my opinion. Iím still hoping that Viv will take the mother-in-law / daughter-in-law scenario from Laurel Canyon to its logical conclusion.

Lastly, I would like to see Viv work with an English speaking cast. This is not to slight his current roster of Hungarian beauties. All in all, I was very happy with this movie, but I hope that Viv continues to move forward.

I was a bit disappointed by Pink Velvet 03. I liked the actresses, and the actual sex was excellent, but the "buildup/seduction" aspect was sub-par. I would like to see more SEDUCTION in lesbian movies. Let's see some imagination and realism, or what one might like to see as real. The seduction leader in lesbian film production is Girlfriends Films. And they, like all producers, could do much better. Let's see some competition among producers for depictions of seduction! Let's see some seduction!

Stunning, stunning, stunning! This is an amazing movie. The best scene for me was Peaches/Henrietta, followed closely by Ella/Jo at the end of the movie. Well shot, and sex was very natural and without many of the usual porn clichťs. Why can't other directors in the US produce this type of work? The actresses are also incredible-looking, and the passion seemed very real, including the orgasms. If Ella faked that last one, she deserves an Oscar! I'm not kidding! It has no flaws, unless the dialogue in Hungarian bothers you. I think it's sexy! JUST BUY IT!

Viv Thomas = The God of Lesbian Porn!

Itís as simple as that folks. I canít give enough praises to Viv and his team; everything in this movie is PERFECT. The women are stunning, the cameramen are great at what they do, the lighting is great (you don't see shadows of the crew or anything). All of the action is hot, with tons of kissing and tongue.

The first scene between Lisa and Lolita was great, I loved how it was an older woman showing a younger girl how to kiss, and what to do. Only thing that I wish was that the scene was a bit longer!

The other scene I thought highly of was between Peaches and Henrietta, for the simple fact that Henrietta is stunning! That whole scene drove me crazy, how she wanted to "warm up" Peaches. She sure warmed me up with that outfit!

Itís a very close call, but I would have to say that my favorite character is Ella, followed by Henrietta and Lisa. Ella is SO adorable in this video; I couldn't get enough of her and that cute laugh she had, she's too adorable.

This video is worth every single penny! I just got it a day ago, and already I've watched it twice. Needless to say, I need to find my bodyís off switch, because this video has me soaked!

If you want a video with beautiful women, loud orgasms, hot scenes, and perfect camerawork, then this one is for you.

Lastly, Can I check into a room at that hotel? PLEASE!

The Pink Velvet series is a visually stunning series in every way. The women are naturally beautiful, and their lovemaking is believable and breathtaking. If you want hardcore (toys, unnaturalness, etc.) movies, there are thousands of them out there to choose from. But if you want sexy adult films with class, and breathtaking lesbian erotica thatís in a class by itself... the Pink Velvet series (1,2,3) is it. A sure win in every way!

I know this might sound silly, but I feel I have grown in maturity from watching these movies and I am more secure with my own sexuality than I was before. There are not many "movies" (adult or blockbusters) that will achieve this; that is, give me a strong emotional response. I cannot say that I am that new to adult movies. I have tried to watch them, but I could not get past two minutes of most porn today without cringing and turning it off.

The only movies I have been able to watch and enjoy in the past are (70s I think) Emmanuelle series (they play on Cinemax cable). They are pretty soft-core, but very visually stunning, like the Pink Velvet series. The Pink Velvet series is a huge step further for me, because there is actual erotic love making, without the sometimes gross stuff that makes me cringe and turn away that is in regular porn. I am very happy I can finally put away the Emmanuelle and have this, already classic, series to keep me happy and satisfied! Only problem I foresee is I am spoiled and my expectations have been raised so high.

Just to add, I have seen all of the Pink Velvet Series and Pink Velvet 3 is my favorite. They are all 5 star, but PV 3 has Lisa (a sure-win for me) as the main focus (hotel owner) and the last scene with Lisa and Jo... ahhhhhh, if it cannot happen to me like that in real life, at least I can see it and enjoy it on film! Also, I personally like when they speak their native (Hungarian) language in PV3 (Lisa-Lolita). It is very sexy.

Jo - I have a mixture, LUST feelings/I am in love with Jo. (I would like to speak further of these feelings, but my review would be too long)

Lisa - if she would seduce me it would bring such JOY (I can dream...).

Thank you, too, Viv Thomas and his very talented cast for such brilliance in adult cinema. Also, a special thank you, to the lovely actresses that portray Viv's brilliance on screen for us. BRAVO!

Sappho's Butler
Throw out the rest of your tapes, the Holy Grail is here! Okay, that might not be completely true, but this is a near-perfect film that will redefine all-girl movies for years to come.

The women are, of course, beautiful, but thatís par for the course with Vivís films. Whatís great is their natural, genuine enthusiasm. The kissing is amazing. Highlights include Lisaís slow seduction of Lolita in the hot tub (a throwback to a similar scene in Pink Velvet 1), Peaches being hungrily devoured by Henrietta, and Ella and Sophieís wild coupling. But frankly, each scene has at least something to recommend it.

The story, such as it is, has a slightly dreamy quality to it. If I had any one complaint, itís that the story wasnít fleshed out a little more, though the location works out great (a remote hotel in Hungary). Several of the scenes do seem somewhat disconnected with the rest of the film. There is a little less emphasis on close-ups of the action, but that suits the style of the film and doesnít really detract from the heat.

With seven scenes, at more than three hours, this is a case of both quantity and quality, and itís one of the few times I have no problem with the slightly higher price on this disk.

Women - 5/5
Enthusiasm/Acting - 5/5
Direction - 5/5
Story Ė 4/5
Explicitness (does not count towards average) - 3/5
Reviewer's Spin - 5/5

Average - 4.8/5

Extremely arousing. Never before seen such blatant and abandoned sex. Eve and Sandra and Sophie and Ella are my favorites; such finesse in lovemaking makes eroticism the queen of the arts. I am quite satisfied - nothing is held back.

At last, a movie that meets all of my desires: beautiful women making beautiful love to each other. Actually hearing all the lovemaking and kissing sounds was just magic, and it was so realistic; they truly seemed to desire each other. It was so pleasant to watch a movie where there were no high heels, no trashy costumes or makeup, no crappy music, no toys, no pretending. This was my first Viv Thomas movie and I can't wait for P1 and P2 to arrive in the post next week. More titles are on my list and I can't wait to buy them; I just wish I could get them locally.

I guess if this were the first VT film I viewed I probably would give it 5 stars. My favorite scenes were Eve and Sophie Moon and Ella and Sophie. There need to be more stockings worn instead of that same old blue jean crap. Eve gives Sophie Moon some nice anal licks and didn't get any in return. I hate that. Unless tribbing is done right, it is nothing but worthless motion. Dildos and tribbing take away the time that could be spent on good pussy eating.

This was the first Viv Thomas movie I had ever seen. When I saw the first scene between Lolita and Lisa, I knew I was hooked. It was beautifully done and highly erotic. Lolita was the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen until I saw the final scene with Jo. She instantly became my favorite of Viv's models. After watching PV3, I got the first two of the series and I was glad that the stories followed Jo. This movie was a great end to a great trilogy.

My goodness. I purchased this film recently; this is my third Viv Thomas DVD, and Iíve got to say it, Iíve never seen any film like this one. This is perfection made into a video. Authentic lesbian lovemaking, the most gorgeous adult performers on earth. Thank god that Mr. Thomas exists so that we can forget that sloppy, crappy American porn. No cheap makeup, high heels, implants, bad hair - these women are purrrrfect, passionate, classy looking! Whoa, I am breathless. I recommend it all the way. Here is a review about the girls and scenes.

1. - Lisa/Lolita. One of the most sensual, natural acting scenes. Loved them interacting Ė damn, that seduction looked so real! 5 stars. Lolita is drop-dead gorgeous. So is Lisa; she is out of this world!

2. - Sophie/Ella. The only flaw in this one is the build up, but forget it. Damn, these two devoured each other like beasts. My goodness. Ella is beautiful, sexy, and seductive. Sophie has the most gorgeous face I've seen in a blonde woman. I agree with the gal that said she looks Scandinavian. She has an amazing body and butt!

3. - Peaches/Henrietta. Wow, this particular scene makes me laugh. Peaches is very funny, and that redhead Henrietta - where did she came from? Wowowowow! She is the bomb; totally love her! Peaches is very pretty too!

4. - Sandy/Lisa. My jaw dropped when I saw Sandy for the first time on film. I have seen her in pics - she has the most gorgeous ass that has appeared on an adult film. My god, she has amazing skinÖ mmmmmÖ sexy woman; she made me so wet. All of them. Sandy, I wanna marry you! lol.

5. - Sandra/Eve. My second favorite scene. These two goddesses make you orgasm from the first moment they look at each otherís eyes with so much passion and realism, omg omg! Sandra is from another planet, so is Eve. I notice Eve gained weight; her rear end is amazingly pleasurable to look at. Mmmmmm. Two perfect women made for each other. I almost had a heart attack with these girls - they have no comparison! Iím going to buy Pink Velvet 1 soon!

Steve B.
This is a cry for help to Viv Thomas and all the other producers and consumers of lesbian porn. Someone please save us from fake lesbian porn! I'm going to crack on this movie because no one else will do it. I've seen all three Pink Velvets, and while they are the best lesbian porn has to offer, that's not saying much.

Lesbian porn has come a long way, and this website and Girlfriends Films get the credit for that, but the whole problem with lesbian porn is that it takes girls longer to come than boys. Directors take a fatal shortcut to solve this problem: shoot enough footage then yell, "cut," even though the girl hasn't really come yet. In the Pink Velvet series in particular, the average movie lasts about 2.5 hours and there are about five scenes where each of the two girls allegedly comes. You break that down and take out the non-sex footage, and you are left with each girl coming every ten minutes. No way!

Naturally, with these time constraints, there is relatively little actual mouth-on-pussy time. I would rather have one girl take up the whole scene and really come than the obligatory ďone girl then the other allegedly comes.Ē Other indications of fake orgasms:

1. The giver keeps eating and finger-fucking the girl after she allegedly comes. Girls are too sensitive after they come to continue being eaten and finger-fucked.
2. There is plenty of fake moaning from the second the scene starts, but no bucking of the hips, trembling of the stomach, or general spasming and jerking when she allegedly comes.
3. I'm sure these girls are real lesbians, but why do they all take a few licks, stop, look up, and repeat? That's not the right way to eat pussy.
4. Sadly, it is easier to find real female orgasms in straight porn than lesbian porn.
5. Why in lesbian porn do so many of the scenes show girls having sex with their bras and panties on? Please! Take them off, don't just pull them aside. That's not real life.

Lesbians and bisexual women have to demand more from their porn. Real sex, with real women, with real orgasms. I have been a consumer of porn for over a decade, and I have viewed hundreds of videos during that time, and the quality of lesbian porn never ceases to disappoint me, even when I pay $50 for a video. I don't understand why this is so difficult.

All lesbians and bisexual women should own all the Pink Velvet titles until something better comes along. Please, let it be soon!

Build-up = 3/5
Attractiveness of women = 5/5
Action = 5/5
Best scene = Peaches and Henrietta

Just like PV2 was better than PV1, PV3 continues to raise the bar in my eyes, and for essentially the same reason - a more attractive cast. I still need a more convincing plot to give it the full 5-stars, but this is probably the closest thing I've seen to achieving that grade.

Overall = 4.5/5

disappointed in FL
I'm baffled. All the hype about this video, I thought it was the jewel I've been seeking. These girls can't even pretend to enjoy themselves. All the ill-timed moans and groans, and what is that fish face they all make, ahhing and ooooing, hissing and gasping. More cheap porn.

I'm new to Viv Thomas. And I must say that I think he's hit the nail on the head with lesbian erotica in general. I love all the girls he uses. (Eve and Sandy are my fav) I've never seen Eve in action, and itís a great pleasure to finally see it. There are a couple of things that I wish that there were more of. Like more close-ups and more feet and sole shots and play. Other than that, A+++ I will be building my Viv Thomas collection shortly :)

Iím always amazed at the volume of comments praising VT as the very best. To me, they are well-shaped models going through motions with almost no excitement and completely unconvincing about wanting other women. They do not get overly aroused, excited, show enthusiasm or passion, just follow a slow-paced script pretending to enjoy other women. The kissing isnít even convincing, much less the oral sex. Watch Abby Wintersí amateur young women who get into the enjoyment of same-sex, and most of the girls are natural, not perfect models putting on a show.

This reminds me of the Ozzy song, "Shot in the Dark." Three of the scenes were just so dark that one can't see the pink in Pink Velvet. Additionally, this lacked the passion of the first one. I was looking forward to the Lisa/Jo scene, but it was, well, shot in the dark, and there was less chemistry between the two in PV3. Of the PV trilogy, the first one is still the best.

I wish Viv would apply (just) the technical cinematography of the Bellezza videos - shot in clear HD.

Loves Real
This is my first V.T. video, and I must say that it is way superior to the lesbian videos made for men by men (although episode seven thoroughly reminded me of one - what with the background music/fake moans and the girls totally not being into each other).

I really enjoyed Lisa and Jo. In my opinion, they are the most believable of all the lot, and I wish that there was more of them together.

Besides the above, my only other complaint is that there isn't enough tit-sucking or, if there is, it does not last long enough. Any woman that has been with a woman knows how important that is in terms of getting the other person turned on and wet.

All in all, a very well-made and thoroughly enjoyable movie, and I really appreciated the fact that there aren't any fake boobs! Keep on giving quality films, Viv. You have a new fan!

What can you say about Eve Angel? My god, what I'd like to do to her.

This might be the most reviewed movie on this website, and the most highly and almost uniformly praised as well.

Let me add my voice to those who speak highly of this movie, although I think itís a bit of a stretch to consider this the pinnacle of lesbian erotic filmmaking. Not that itís not a worthy contender.

Chock full of Viv's most spectacular girls, there simply isn't a bad scene in the bunch. Hot realistic sex is the norm, and the orgasms are plentiful. The final scene between Lisa and Jo is one of the top scenes anywhere, and Jo in particular gives a heartbreakingly real and honest demonstration of excitement, buildup, and satisfying release.

I do have some quibbles. Lisa is fine, but if I had to pick a woman to dominate a film I would choose Sandra or Sophie. I know Sandra has Butterfly and Sophie has a couple of her own, but I can never get enough of those two (especially Sandra, who I consider one of the loveliest and sexiest women ever to appear in an adult film).

There's a little too much intercutting and looping. I remember being particularly frustrated when Viv started cutting back and forth just as Sophie started to have one of her characteristically spectacular orgasms. Lisa and Jo also suffers from some unnecessary insertion of previous footage.

These are but quibbles. An extraordinarily successful film.

Annoymous L
PV3 is a vast improvement PV2. My god, it's so nice to see Lisa and Jo back together. Pity we only see them together in PV1 and PV3. The shot of Lisa giving oral to Jo is simply dynamite. She really knows how to suck pussy. The last scene of the two lovers reunited was pure nirvana. When they touch or kiss each other, they have such strong chemistry, pity the film even ended.

Another great highlight is Lisa seducing Lolita in the pool. Very sexy and erotic as Lolita experiences pure Sapphic pleasure for the first time. Pity we never see them spend some quality time in a bed elsewhere, as Lisa demonstrates her expert lesbo tongue on Lolita's soft and sensual body.

Volume three is as good as volumes one and two. Overall the trilogy is not only a masterpiece, it is a milestone in lesbian erotica. Viv Thomas shows emphatically that not all porn is alike. He makes ambitious films with a high content of eroticism.

My only complaint is his unlovely favor for ass fingering, which seems to be a caprice or even an obsession. I am no expert on lesbianism but I feel that this does not have much to do with realistic sex.

Big Jim
I am surprised at some of the comments by some people. Of the three films this is the best, and it starts with a great scene with Lisa and Lolita which I watch over and over again. The action moves quickly with Sandy popping up twice to do Ella and Lisa. The action steams up in the lobby with Henrietta dominating Peaches. Eve Angel and Sandra slip away for a romp in a spare room (check out Eve Angelís butt, it will have you drooling). But the last scene is the best, as Jo is back in the arms of Lisa for a hot scene.

If youíre able to play PAL discs get the European box set, it contains two extra scenes with Lisa. The second is the best, with Petra Short playing the mum of Dolores (from the first Pink Velvet).

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