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Older Women with Younger Girls 06 ____________________________________
Older Women with Younger Girls 06
I.D. o0030 & dvd_2711, Adult
2004, 96 min.

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Desire Moore, Sharon Kane, Sexy Vanessa, Claire James, Shanna, Keri, Brooklyn & Gauge.

Who better to teach a sweet, young thing the ways of lovin' than a hot, seasoned older woman? Watch these old pros teach the young ones some new tricks as they fuck and suck the new beauties!

DVD Features
chapter index, DVD-ROM compatible, trailers [all hetero].

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NOTES: I only liked the scene with Keri Windsor and Shawna McCullough, thought it's harder to sell this pairing as a true older/younger scenario the way I typically prefer to see it. Still, the sight of these two veterans going at it in an outdoor pool is pleasant.

Anon in 'Bama
I can't recommend this one. It was awful. The casting was OK, but there was no effort whatsoever at making it interesting, and on a couple of the scenes the older/younger match-up didn't even exist. I suspect they must have taken some leftover scenes from another video and dumped them here. It's that bad.

The first scene has the beautiful Sharon Kane matched up with a gorgeous younger blonde named Desire. So far, so good. But rather than come up with an interesting and seductive set-up they instead have the male cameraman interview the two women, with him eventually telling them to "have a nice, hot, dirty scene." Really stupid. Really UN-erotic. What a waste of talent. I normally enjoy anything the beautiful Sharon Kane is in, and with a bit of effort this scene could have been incredibly hot, but instead we get an I-do-you-then-you-do-me-with-a-dildo raunchy XXX disappointment.

Scene two isn't much better, although at least we don't have the male cameraman involved in the dialogue this time. This scene involves the two women on the box cover. The older redhead is stroking a younger brunette. There's no set-up. They bring out a dildo. They continually look at the camera. Very weak.

Scene three also has no set-up. There's also no noticeable age difference between the women, and no dialogue. A girl in a red-bikini kisses a blonde in a white blouse and dress. They remove their clothes and have so-so sex near a waterfall. Lame.

The fourth and final scene is equally lame. No set-up. Weak camerawork. There WAS a strap-on doggy-style moment near the end of the scene that I might have enjoyed had the choice of camera angles been better, but when everything else on a video is poorly done then why should the production values be any different?

Pass on this one. I only wish I had!

Seize Magazine
I hate when the cameraman or director orders the women verbally during the shoot on what to do and say! That clearly was the case in scene one. Had Sharon had her way, I feel this would not have had ANY toys OR talking to the jerk cameraman. That is not her style. Having said that, now on to…

SCENE #1: Sharon Kane and Desire Moore. Sharon was 48 years old when this was shot in 2004, and she STILL is the most beautiful woman in the entire history of adult films. Desire is very, very pretty, just 20, with a great slim, tight body, a doll face, and long, silky blonde hair. This is a GREAT pair-up! Quickly they’re both nude, caressing each other as Sharon plants a few kisses on Desire’s firm young body. Sharon's body is very gym-toned, hard abs, her firm breasts begging for kisses, and I love her pixie-cut style hair! Desire soon is feasting on Sharon's sugar-tits; how I wish it was me!

Desire wastes no time going down to her knees and starts sucking Sharon's sweet cream with gusto! And I have a feeling she has NEVER tasted pussy juice as sweet as Sharon's! Sharon is in heaven! So far, so good... NO TOYS! The young girl simply can't get enough of Sharon's pussy! But she has a hunger for something else maybe even sweeter! That being Sharon's tight ass! She spreads Sharon's hard, firm ass-cheeks and starts licking with long, slow laps! She tells Sharon, "You taste SOOOO good!"

I love this kind of lusty, slightly nasty action, and clearly Sharon is wildly turned-on by this baby-doll girl licking her ass! But damn! A dildo comes into the scene! She rams the black dildo deep into Sharon; we'd ALL rather see her continue to suck Sharon's pussy and ass! The jerk camera guy is still giving lame orders. Where do these LOSERS come from? How did they get in and stay in the business?

Desire goes back for a little more of Sharon, and then Sharon wants some! Sharon now worships young Desire's cute, shaved pussy. NO ONE sucks pussy better than Sharon. She also samples Desire's tight, cute ass big-time! Hot, hot, hot! Sharon is ordered to bring a dildo into Desire's wet pussy, BUT Sharon isn't about to let one single precious drop of her pussy juice to be lost and as she's banging the dildo into Desire, she is also licking her pussy! That's why I love Sharon so! Sharon soon sends the young baby-doll into orbit!

This scene has wonderful sex talk back and forth between the women. That adds so much more spice to the sex! They finish each other off with both women fingering their pussies! They seem to me at this moment more like MOTHER and DAUGHTER! Both have intense COMES! Desire was 90% into guys, 10% into women at the start of this scene. By the end of the scene she was 90% INTO WOMEN and 10% into guys! SHARON KANE - Contact "Girlfriends Films" at once! Viv Thomas, contact Sharon pronto!

SCENE #2: Older Vanessa – Cover girl on box cover. She was also cover girl on "50+ Magazine,” volume 7, number 8. She is paired with a sorta soft butch type. This scene has too many TOYS! And I felt the young girl SHOULD have been the top/dom, worshipping this hot older woman, Vanessa! She does finally wake up and buries her face in sexy Vanessa's pussy, but it's too little, too late. I would have much preferred to see Vanessa cast with a young, muscled black bull dyke! That kind of scene would have had MAJOR FIREWORKS!

SCENE #3: Keri Windsor and Shanna. Shanna is over 50, but man she looks good! She is ever so slightly chunky, BUT her body-tone is firm and hard, and she is even prettier now at 50 than when she was 25! Keri is over 30, for sure. Who could EVER forget her film opposite Sharon Kane for California Wildcats, "Unholy Humiliation!" This scene is shot against a backdrop of a pool with a rock waterfall. Both women are turned on by each other, and I did enjoy this scene, though again too many toys. A good, not great scene

SCENE #4: Busty, blonde, older babe with a petite young femme. Why are so many scenes filmed in a kitchen on the counter? In my mind, this young girl is the school friend of the daughter of the older blonde Mom! She goes to visit her school friend, but she is not home. The blonde Mom invites her in for a couple cookies and milk. Soon the little bitch is sucking Mommy's tits for real!

But "Mommy" wants a snack also, and she eats "Baby" like she has been planning this for a long time! The blonde Mom is no longer a "Desperate Housewife" as she ravages this young Baby-doll! The camerawork is excellent as one long shot shows Mom, legs spread wide on the counter, with Baby's face/mouth licking her pussy on the countertop angle. Nice work here. Baby is nursing Mommy's wet pussy as she explodes a pint of sweet cream into her young mouth. Very tasty indeed!

The blonde is going to show this little bitch who is your mommy and she straps-on and plunges her cock doggy style into Baby’s tight pussy! Awesome stuff! Baby comes and knows now which family member she wants to see in the future in this household. It seems Mom has stolen Baby from her own daughter!

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