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BushMates ____________________________________
I.D. dvd_2927, Adult
2015, 109 min.
Filly Films
Directed by Karlie Montana

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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Karlie Montana & Sasha Heart, Jenna Sativa & Karlie Montana, Jenna Sativa & Georgia Jones, Georgia Jones & Sasha Heart.

Scene listing:

[1:28] Karlie Montana & Sasha Heart

[30:24] Jenna Sativa & Karlie Montana

[55:54] Jenna Sativa & Georgia Jones

[1:19:37] Georgia Jones & Sasha Heart

[1:49:43] END CREDITS

DVD Features
chapter index, bonus footage [orgasms], photo gallery & trailers [all g/g].

I was surprised to find that this is only Karlie’s second movie as a director. This and her previous film, “Finding the L in Love”, are I think most entertaining and interesting girl-girl movies. Hopefully she will have further chances, for she has a talent.

Bushmates is about four girls, all related by current and former romantic relationships with each other. What triggers the drama of this movie is when Karlie seduces Georgia Jones’s girlfriend, Jenny Sativa. I will not tell you the plot, for that might ruin this for you. Let me just say that this is a film that demands your attention every minute with its story. The cast is very good, with excellent performances from Karlie, Sasha Heart, Jenny Sativa, and most of all Georgia Jones.

I have never been a Georgia Jones fan, but in this she is really good. Then there is the star of the picture, the superb Karlie Montana, for this is her eleventh year in girl-girl and she is getting better each year, as this film clearly shows. Long may she continue.

In a word, very much worth the watch, and please give Karlie more movies to direct.

Humble Opinion
I have enjoyed both of Karlie Montana’s forays into writing and directing for Filly Films. Karlie has a sexy, sly, and at times humorous "take" on sexual relations that is refreshing as well as arousing.

In this film, the 4 scene plot revolves around Karlie. Karlie was in a 3 year relationship with Georgia Jones, but Georgia broke it off because of Karlie’s unfaithfulness. Karlie’s current "squeeze" is Sasha Heart, while Georgia is involved with Jenna Sativa now. Karlie still has the roving eye though, and the hands to go with it, and she seeks out Jenna. Jenna admits to Karlie that while things are great between her and Georgia, she feels that she can’t get Georgia "off" like Georgia can get her "off". Karlie cleverly suggests that she is the only one who knows how to make Georgia scream and cum, but she has to "show" Jenna how to do this, she can’t just tell her. Jenna hesitates, but enters into Karlie’s web of deceit, and they have terrific sex. True to her word, Karlie shows Jenna what it is that drives Georgia to shakingly intense orgasms, "pulling on Georgia’s bush hair as she eats her out". But when Jenna later tries out that technique on Georgia, while it works like gangbusters, Georgia immediately rises up off the couch afterwards, grabs her clothes and storms out on Jenna, angrily concluding that only Karlie could have taught Jenna that "move".

(The moral seems to be "Don’t cheat on your partner". But as a contrarian Lezlover, I found the moral to be "If there is something that really ‘GETS YOU OFF’, don’t hide it from your partner lest your unscrupulous Ex comes along and shows your partner instead!")

Anyway, morals aside, the genuine revelation for me in this movie is realization of how much I enjoy watching Sasha Heart. Sasha is hardly a newbie, but within the last year or so I have begun to notice how reliably sexy and entertaining Sasha Heart is. Sasha Heart has a sort of sassy demeanor which alternates between flirtation and intelligence.

Here, with Karlie Montana (another incredibly reliable and sexy performer who never disappoints), Sasha is enjoyably wary about Karlie’s lusty "morning-after" attack on her in the kitchen, as Sasha pours herself some morning coffee she just made. Sasha has just spent the night with Karlie, who is living with her "ex"-Georgia, and Georgia’s girlfriend, Jenna. Karlie tells Sasha that they are alone in the house, as she tries to stick her hand inside of Sasha’s shorts. But Sasha holds the "eager beaver" Karlie at bay, insisting that she doesn’t want to have to deal with Georgia. "There’s no telling what kind of mood she’s in today." Karlie keeps pushing forward though, trying to snuggle against Sasha. But it is only when Karlie assures Sasha that SHE will deal with Georgia, if Georgia comes back too soon, that Sasha finally relents and lets Karlie grind and grope her on the kitchen counter. Midway through "the first round", Sasha is standing, leaning back against the kitchen counter behind her, with one leg raised, her foot supported by a drawer handle. Karlie is kneeling in front of Sasha, licking and flicking her tongue on Sasha’s pussy. Karlie comments in astonishment, "My God, you’re dripping!" and we notice that Sasha’s leg is shaking, and droplets of juice are running down her leg. Karlie laps up Sasha’s pussy even more fervently, and more juice drips, until Sasha finally groans and her leg shakingly collapses.

In the final scene, Georgia Jones calls Sasha and asks if she can come over immediately. Sasha suspiciously agrees, unsure what to expect. When Georgia enters Sasha’s home, she finds Sasha sitting on her bed. Georgia announces that both of their lovers are fucking each other. Sasha stares in startled silence as Georgia lays on the bed in front of her, following this stunning revelation.

"And you know this...how?" Sasha asks. Georgia then patiently explains that Jenna used a sex technique that made her cum like crazy, and that only Karlie knows that this works on her. Sasha blinks at this explanation, but has to admit to herself that she is also leery about Karlie’s faithfulness to her. Georgia shrugs sadly, "I’m sorry, but your partner is a slut. That’s why I broke up with her. She cheated on me." Georgia adds as an after-thought, "She cheated on me with YOU."

Taken aback by Georgia’s bluntness, Sasha still can’t quite understand why Georgia has come to her with this. Georgia responds pointing, "I think that you and I should hook up." Sasha stares in disbelief, repeating what Georgia just said, "You and I should hook up?" Georgia nods slightly. Sasha blurts out, "YOU DON’T EVEN LIKE ME!" Georgia frowns, "I like you. What are you talking about?" This funny scenario plays out for a while longer before the two ladies get down to the serious art of pussy eating.

Georgia Jones is always wonderful to watch with a partner who entices her and who appreciates Georgia’s attentions, and Sasha Heart clearly fits both qualifications. Early on, Sasha is sitting against the headboard of her bed, watching Georgia laying at her feet, licking Sasha’s pussy through her panties. Sasha leans forward and brushes some hair out of Georgia’s eyes, softly imploring, "I want to see your pretty eyes." Georgia stops licking and looks up at Sasha for a beat as Sasha warmly smiles down at her.

And such is how this scene goes: tender, solicitous, and extremely passionate. The most memorable moment is when Sasha stands on the bed, her arms stretched out across the headboard. Georgia lays underneath Sasha, between Sasha’s straddled legs. Sasha squats herself down so that her pussy is over Georgia, and Georgia can deliciously lick her out from below.

I thought that the Georgia Jones/Jenna Sativa scene had a wonderful set-up that led to some excellent pussy eating by both Georgia and Jenna. At the start of the scene, Georgia is lying on her stomach on a couch, typing on her laptop. Jenna comes spiritedly into the room and begins nuzzling Georgia’s butt. Georgia tries to keep working, but when Jenna pulls up Georgia’s red skirt and pulls down Georgia’s pale blue panties, Georgia can no longer ignore her roommate lover. Georgia turns her head and looks back at Jenna, "You can see I’m working, right?" Jenna pouts, pointing to Georgia’s body, "You said that this was mine, didn’t you?" Georgia blinks at Jenna, and quietly confirms, "Yes, I said that was yours." Jenna grins, "Okay then!" and buries her face between Georgia’s butt cheeks. We watch Georgia try to continue to work for a bit, but soon just closes the lid of her laptop and gives in to Jenna’s insistent tongue. Later, Georgia will spend a good 10 minutes eating out and fingering Jenna, mostly from behind, to constant and consecutive orgasms.

An enjoyably fun and sexy romp by Karlie Montana.

This is the first ever video I saw Georgia Jones in more than one scene and she was the highlight of this video.

1. Jenna Sativa/Georgia Jones: Georgia is alone on the couch when Jenna joins her and wants her naked. These two hot brunettes have alot of sex on this couch. Only a 22 minute scene but it is SO HOT! Grade: B+

2. Georgia Jones and Sasha Heart. Final scene! Sasha confesses that she believes Karlie is cheating on her. So she wants revenge! Sex with Georgia is the solution. A longer and hotter scene. Wish I could have joined them for sure! Grade: A

(Closest highlight would be two Sasha Heart scenes if you want to see them!)

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