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Lesbian Seductions - Older/Younger 01 ____________________________________
Lesbian Seductions - Older/Younger 01
I.D. g0391 & dvd_2931, Adult
2005, 168 min.
Girlfriends Films


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Holly & Karin & Lola, Autumn & Brianna, Diane & Kyla.

Their only sin is unconventional love.

The revealing twisted road from desire to pursuit and surrender.

DVD Features
chapter index, trailers [all g/g].

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I am SO glad that Girlfriends Films has decided to really focus on the older/younger genre, something they've dabbled with in previous releases of the "Women Seeking Women" series. That being said, I have to say I'm not completely thrilled with a story being mother/daughter. It's too hard for me to wrap my head around and sexualize that relationship. It's not hard for me to search past any offending dialogue to the action and make up my own back-story, though.

For all my glee, only one scene in this video truly pleases. The others suffer from poor casting, in my opinion. The woman paired with Kyla has gargantuan breasts and just seems like an odd character. It's a shame because Kyla normally smolders in older/younger scenes. The three-way, though a great idea, has two older women that are just too old for me to find arousing. I watched it briefly more out of curiosity to see how convincing the young girl could be having sex with them.

The only good scene is the first scene in. This shows a lot of what I like to see in an "older woman showing a younger girl how it's done" kind of setting. Pleasant, casual setting, natural pacing, and great kissing are all in full effect.

1) Buildup/Seduction: Each of the three vignettes has a little story to lead in to the sex. I just wasn't happy with all of them.
Score: 7

2) Kissing: Girlfriends Films rarely disappoints in this dept., and they stay on track here. I really like the slow, deep, and meaningful kisses in the first scene.
Score: 10

3) Attractiveness of Women: As I stated before, this was my biggest rub- the poor casting decision made with some of the older women.
Score: 6


Acouplein love!!!
This video in one word is AWESOME!!!!! The gamut of lesbian inspired love is complete in this video!! The Girlfriends Films crew deserves major props for a job well done.

The first scene starts off with a slightly nervous young lady who confides to an older female on how a girlfriend of hers hit on her. The older lady begins to take over the conversation and the scene with great compassion, which leads to passion as she takes the young lass into the bedroom to make her move. Great scene!!! Great build up!!! Two very attractive ladies!!!! A classic seduction scene!!!

Scene two starts off with two older ladies who wake up in bed from a little afternoon/night delight. They talk about the day’s plans and how they must shower and prepare for work. The video then shifts from the floods (which I believe hit in Texas) and transitions from work with a younger co-worker who enters the scene.

The film goes back to the hotel room where one of the older ladies sits on the bed next to the young gal and begins to make her move by first telling her the weather outside is to bad for her to go home. Of course it is not too long before the other older lady puts her two cents by climbing onto the bed, which results in the three-way getting started!!! Great scene!!! Great build up!!! For their age, very attractive ladies!!!! Great Seduction techniques!!!

Scene three starts with Girlfriends Films veteran Kylie as she attempts to seduce an older lady in the bedroom!! Very attractive ladies!! Great scene!! Nice, very realistic clothing, especially the panties!!

I agree with the above review only in part: scene one is one of the best I have ever seen. I must add the word “powerful!!!” It will blow your mind.

However, the second and third scenes are somewhat run of the mill. That scene one is worth the price of the DVD alone and then some. And I am sure that more than one person will like 2+3 more than I did. I must admit that the younger in #2 is quite cute!!!

Buy this video, that scene one is so good I am sure that it will set a new standard in lesbian erotica.

Hopefully Girlfriends Films will continue this series - this DVD was awesome. It just blows away the other weak attempts by other lines of "Mature Women With Younger Girls" and "Older and Younger… whatever that series is!"

Scene one features a very attractive, voluptuous older woman playing the mom who willingly discusses and then introduces her young daughter to lesbian love. What is great here is the sweet and tender words and manner of the older woman - her warm, deep kissing, and her loving gaze at her daughter. Not to mention the older girl really gets into orally pleasing her daughter - the soft wet sounds are out of sight!!! And then great trib with the older lady laying back and caressing her daughter all over. My only beef was the mom's tattoo on her right hip, but that's just me.

Scene two is a mind-blower! Two mid-50s to 60ish women - still not unattractive - in a threesome with a 20-year-old hard body! OMG! What was great is that the two older women, who are lovers, are amazed by the younger girl's body and comment to each other several times about her breasts and ass! At one point, one of the older women remarks about how gorgeous the young girl's breasts are, and then proceeds to ravish them by sucking with abandon. At another point, the older women talk about how fine the girl's ass is, and one of the women then strokes and bends down and kisses the girl's butt cheeks all over! This scene brought me over the edge a number of times before I could get through it!

Scene three I thought was the weakest - just didn't do it for me, although it started off with great potential with Kyla seducing her mother(?), who has huge breasts. Kyla was cute with her thing showing above her pants as she put the moves on the older lady, but Kyla to me seems to avoid deep kisses and other body worship that would make the scene much better.

Please Girlfriends Films, hear us cry “More, more, more!!!” You should pair up Lena with an older lady and maybe Penny - that would be awesome! How about a massage scenario - older lady does massage on Penny's perfect body, and then it goes from there!!

Lez is Grand
I also agree this is a good movie. Unfortunately, the first scene was ruined for me because the DVD was defective and didn't have any sound after the first 5 minutes.

The other scenes were very good. I liked the two older women seducing the young girl in the second scene. I don't believe I have seen that done before. It was unique and erotic.

The younger girl in the third scene was absolutely beautiful. I liked her being the aggressor over the older woman. But I agree with the above review that the older woman should have been more passionate after her initial reluctance.

Again, to reflect the above reviews: this DVD is AWESOME!!! Lezstudent had this review spot on. Part 2 was my favorite. Girlfriends made a winner with Karin & Lola seducing Holly. I still cannot get through this part! 5 Stars!

Anon in 'Bama
As older/younger videos go, this series shows a tremendous amount of promise. Girlfriends Films has a reputation for at least attempting to develop plotlines as well as giving their scenes plenty of time to unfold. All that is good, but I still noticed several flaws in this one.

The opening scene has a younger woman being instructed by an older woman in the art of physical intimacy between women. It appeared very much like a mother/daughter encounter to me, and while the casting was certainly excellent, I didn't care much for the strained logic involved in the plot. The younger girl confesses that a girlfriend of hers tried to kiss her, so the older female decides to explain it all to her by taking her to bed? It was as if the older woman wasn't particularly attracted to the younger girl, but felt obligated to have sex with her anyway by way of instruction? I just didn't find that at all erotic.

The second scene was much better. Two older female lesbian women invite a much younger girl to stay with them, and then one of them slowly seduces the girl while the other watches. I found a much higher level of eroticism in this scene than in the previous one. The younger girl was beautiful, both older women were reasonably fit, and I liked their conspiratorial glances at each other as they slowly took possession of their shy, pretty, much younger visitor. I think some of the actual sex scene could have been more varied and creative, but for Girlfriends Films this wasn't bad.

The third and final scene was the weakest of the three, partly because they tried to show the younger woman doing the seducing, and that was too much for this company's limited writing. I thought it was forced and lacking without any sort of a sub/dom fantasy element that might have salvaged it.

I certainly hope Girlfriends Films tries again, as this remains one of the better efforts in this genre despite my above complaints. For those of us who particularly enjoy older/younger girl/girl encounters this is a welcome addition.

Bravo! Girlfriends has done it again. This series just seems to get better and better. The first vignette is one of the best yet. These two ladies are into each other like nobody's business, and I loved the way they spontaneously locked hands during oral sex. When these two would intertwine hands, there was an sexy contrast in hand size, with the older woman's considerably larger but both very feminine and pretty. That’s one of the great things about Girlfriends, a lot of sensual hand touching. Trib was awesome too!

The second threesome vignette with the two older and one younger I almost took a pass on - it just looked a little weird on the box, but I gave it a chance and I'm glad. These two older gals are basically seniors, but they steam up the screen. Once again, a lot of the handholding I enjoy, especially when the second older gal and the young one are fingering each other. The older one takes the young girl's sexy hands in hers, and slides their palms together, intertwines fingers - once she gets a hold of that hand she doesn't want to let go, and can't seem to come without their soft hands interlocking. What a threesome!

The third one had my favorite, Kylie, with an older attractive blonde. She does her seduction theme, which I always adore, with her little girl voice and sweet demeanor. Kylie manages to bed the older one, and does it with style. Kylie likes hand-to-hand contact as well (gorgeous hands) and once she locks hands a few times the older gal gets into it and reciprocates with some really sensual hand and finger intertwining, at one point almost devouring Kyle’s hand. And Kylie can come so many times it's amazing; I think she is the sexiest one of the whole series and hope to see much more of her. It would be great if GF would shoot a scene with Kylie giving (perhaps Tara) a really long, intense hand massage.

Why is it that Girlfriends Films seems to be one of the very few that "get it,” while we are subjected to heavily tattooed freakazoids sticking every object they can find into each other while techno music drowns out any other sound?

I enjoyed the first scene the most on this tape, and while the second one was good, I would have preferred the two seductresses to look a little younger – just a little.

For the record, the girl’s name in the third scene is KYLA, not Kylie, and yes she is also one of my favorites with Girlfriends Films. I had wanted to see a scene with her as the seducer and that was provided here. However, I would like to see her seduce Tara to satisfy my kissing fetish. At least Kyla did use her tongue more in this scene than I have seen before.

This is really a spectacular DVD. To me, scene two was the best. Seemed to be a very realistic seduction. The two gals are MUCH older than what appears to be about a 19-20 year-old beautiful gal. Kudos to the makers of this line, I look forward to the additional DVDs from this title.

Hope Girlfriends continues with this format. Scene one is my favorite on this DVD, an excellent example of seduction leading to eventual passion, which is what this series should be all about.

Scene two, while the premise was great - two older ladies taking advantage of an inexperience younger girl, something that should have been tremendous - didn't come off as well as intended. The younger girl didn't seem to show reluctance to the advances initially, then never seemed to actually show the buildup of passion, at least to the point of returning the oral attention being lavished on her by the two older ladies. But overall the effort was worthy of applause, and appreciated.

Scene three: while I love Kyla, this scene didn't seem to wind my clock. Can't really explain why, so I'll let others define this one.

I have not posted in quite some time, but Lesbian Seductions #1 is hot! Girlfriends Films, congrats to you for coming out with this series. I’m not going to go into detail with the scenes because all of the other posters tell like it is, but I will add that the tribadism in scene one was so sweet. I’m glad to see more trib being used in Girlfriends Films. Your company has put out some really hot movies.

All three scenes were dynamic, but the first scene was the best. All I’m going to say is, the scene with Autumn and Brianna was without a doubt one of the best that I have ever seen! Girlfriends Films, if you are looking at my review then I’m asking you to come out with an interracial series. Everything that you have come out with thus far has been very good, so an interracial series I know would be hot. Keep the trib and the kissing going! Congrats once again!

The first scene in this movie (vidcaps 1-5) has too weird a premise: that a young girl’s mother takes her to bed to teach her about lesbian sex. At least I think she was her mother; it was never quite spelled out. The sex was fairly good, but I could never get into it due to the mother-daughter implication. “Gosh Mom, your pussy tastes great.” “Thank you dear, did you finish your homework?” Creepy.

The second scene featured a couple of women in their early 60s. They were surprisingly attractive, despite some wrinkles and general droopiness. They seemed to really like each other and displayed a lot of affection towards one another, but the lovemaking was lukewarm. They later get a pretty young blonde to join them (vidcap 6). She doesn’t seem very into the sex - and why would she, these women are both old enough to be her grandma. I’d rather have seen only the two older women together; the young girl just seemed out of place.

The third scene (vidcaps 7&8) has the ever-present Kyla, who I believe has been in every scene in every Girlfriends Films movie ever made. She’s very attractive, but enough already. She is paired with a blonde 60ish woman with two of the most massive mammos I’ve ever seen. I doubt her lesbian inclination because she seems quite disinterested in lovely Kyla. The kissing is tepid and the sex is varied but unenthusiastic, especially on the part of Goldie McOldie.

The production values are up to the usual good Girlfriends Films standards. The camera work is good and there is no music to annoy or distract. Unfortunately in this case I wouldn’t have minded being distracted. This is a BAD movie. Not for the reasons most movies are bad, e.g. crass, gross sex with dildos being jammed in and out, spitting, shrieking etc. No, this movie is BAD simply because it’s not sexy or erotic. Other than seeing some attractive (and not so attractive) women without their clothes on, there was nothing in it that was a turn on. Mostly it’s boring and when it’s not boring it’s creepy.


lesbian 4 life
I was very disappointed and VERY bored with this film. All the scene setups are interesting; the age difference between the actresses is quite noticeable at times, which is the best part about films like this. If you aren't looking to see much-older women naked, or just to see much-older women at all, then you should simply not be watching this genre.

Overall, I felt that all the scenes were incredibly weak. This was a very tame, almost softcore offering from Girlfriends. There are virtually no close-up on the oral at all. I like to see my oral sex close-up, not from far away or obscured by the giver's hair or the eatee's leg. The setups were good but sometimes DREADFULLY long - we're talking up to 15 minutes of anticipation for an ultimately weak 35 minute scene.

The first scene was the most arousing, simply because of the mother and daughter set-up. In fact, that was probably the only thing on the DVD that sent a chill of pleasure down my body. Other than the incest setup, the other scenes were rather stiff. The second scene, in which two much older women take advantage of a young girl, was hot, but the terrible angles just ruined it. The third scene was merely okay.

Overall the film's worst feature is that the scenes were all filmed from one angle. The entire scene is basically from one point of view, leaving far too much to imagination.

After seeing some of their “Women Seeking Women” offerings in the past, I was EXTREMELY disappointed with this video. Too bland, too much obscured action.

This film is highly recommended by me - especially the second scene, where the two older lesbians seduce the young girl. Wow. I love the "normal," yet very attractive, older women, rather than impossibly beautiful "Barbie Doll" looking actors. This is great erotica.

I don't know what the big deal is all about? Girlfriends Films have the right idea, but the wrong way of doing it. Why do I have to see more than five minutes of cuddling at the end of a scene? I think most of the scenes are too long. I understand you want to build tension, but things sometimes take so much time, I find myself falling asleep! The first scene on this tape is almost all in medium shot. You don't see any close-ups of the oral, which to me is the whole reason I watch!

Having said that, Girlfriend Films is doing a great job. They aren’t the usual run-of-the-mill production company. I understand that they want to take their time, and pay attention to detail, but if they used an editor and tightened it up a bit, they would get better results. At least with me.

I've never been a big fan of the Older/Younger Women genre of video. I have seen a few scenes from movies from the 70s that have used that scene idea, but the whole execution of the scene was usually hit or miss, in my opinion. What exactly gets a young woman and an older woman together? Apart from one (the younger woman) wanting to learn from a more experienced woman (who is more interested in getting her rocks off and little else), not much; the whole notion strikes me as being a no-brainer as far as scenes go. (Hell, I could do one; it's that easy!)

In this offering from Girlfriends Films, it is clear that the producers try to come up with a new angle to this simple premise by playing to the obvious taboos in younger/older sex. In the "Holly & Karin & Lola" scene, it's pretty much by the numbers: two women decide get it on with a younger woman. The beginning of the video works well, with the two older women in bed, waking after a night of lesbian bliss. (Actually, the notion of older women together is not a bad idea. Funny you don't see more of it.)

At some point, they seduce a curious younger woman into the joys of lesbian sex. The scene has a creepy beginning (as well as creepy music to go along with the scene). What results is a frantic threesome, featuring every position known. I think the scene would have been more interesting had the two older women pleasured the younger one together, and let her enjoy all their attention and bliss.

The next scene, "Diane & Kyla" begins with an older woman describing her first encounter with another woman, which only encourages the younger woman. Okay, this one looks like it is going to be more of what I had in mind, as far as a good scene is concerned. And the younger woman's aggressiveness, and hots for the notion of a May/December romance, makes the scene that much more interesting.

The problem I had was that the older woman took quite a while to get interested in this dream encounter. You would have thought she would not have been so reticent about getting in on with someone as hot as Kyla. And why are they talking during sex? Why say anything? (However, I didn't mind the creaking bed.) And introduction of the double-headed dildo did heat up the action considerably. This is one of the best sex toy scenes I've ever seen! Still, the scene moves along at a good pace. It's no crazy hump-fest like the last one. All in all, it's a good scene.

The scene with "Autumn & Brianna" was the best of all three, and the most controversial. Are they mother and daughter? Are they mother and stepdaughter? Are they friends who act like mother and daughter? The notion of veiled incest took the whole taboo aspect of their scene to (and over) the limit. What would have been just another scene about an older woman communicating her first lesbian experience to a younger woman (and how normal and pleasurable it is for two women to be sexual with each other) took on a whole other dimension. "Exactly where is this conversation going," I asked myself as the scene unfolded. The younger woman admits to being "scared,” but the older woman reassures her that this is all natural and healthy. There is considerable sexual tension, but the younger woman gives in and falls into the pleasure of her lesbian experience. It's a great scene, but the innuendo of it all is kind of freaky.

One word review here: BORING!!

I have a number of their "films" and have been mostly disappointed!!

Michigan Mike
This is one of the very best DVDs that Girlfriends Films has made. The older/younger concept is great, with some of the hottest “young” girls in porn. I have said it before, but Kyla is a superstar and she is again awesome. She pretty much controls the scene with Diane, but the best scene is the first with Brianna and Autumn. The action is hot and the performances are first rate. A great DVD!

Boed in Ohio
Buy this for the first couple. The best I have ever seen, period! A+. This is a great series!

The first scene’s a winner, though I agree with others that there could have been more attention paid to oral close ups and the younger girl’s backside. I see how it’s possible to make a mommy-daughter connection, but it’s only implied.

I didn’t get the second or third scenes at all. In the second scene, the “older” women are over the hill. The plot was kind of silly and sex all over the place. As for the third scene, here again we have the “older” woman looking too old, not to mention having freakishly large breasts. The setup, dialogue and sex in the second and third scenes were all subpar.

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