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Butterfly (Viv Thomas) ____________________________________
Butterfly (Viv Thomas)
I.D. dvd_3073, Adult
2005, 135 min.
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Viv Thomas
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5-Star Film! 

Sandra Shine, Stella Stevens, Sophie Moone, Liz Honey, Bridgett, Britney, Lolita & May.

A Lezlove World Exclusive!!

Sandra Shine and Stella Stevens lead an all-star cast in this unforgettable tale of lesbian desire. When the beautiful Stella delves into the emotional recesses of Sandra's uninhibited past, little does she realise what she will uncover! As carnal pleasures are revealed in detailed flashbacks, Stella's passion for her promiscuous friend burns ever brighter. This film combines hardcore sex and highly-charged cinematic eroticism to great effect.

For further information and screencaps on the scenes in this title, please visit the ELMS Viv Thomas section.

Please note: we cannot ship this title to countries where PAL is the standard video format. Please order PAL editions directly from Viv Thomas' online DVD store instead. If you are not sure what the standard is in your country, please refer to our help section.

This title is temporarily out of print and expected to be available again in June, 2011.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, trailers [all g/g]. NTSC.

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Fan In The UK
So, what happens after Pink Velvet? Lewis, Viv Thomas' wunderkind director, said that he wanted to take future DVD projects in an entirely new direction, creating focused, character-driven stories. Obviously, Lewis is getting bored with the genre of lesbian videos he mastered like no one else; Butterfly is his first effort in this new direction.

To me, Butterfly pays homage to every lesbian-oriented movie of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, among them "Am I Frigid?," "The Story of O," "Emmanuelle: Joys of a Woman," and "When Night Is Falling," to name a few. I've seen all these movies and wondered what would happen in the scenes in all these movies were updated, improved upon, made more explicit, etc. Lewis must have wondered the same thing, because he did, as I see it, exactly that: drew inspiration from these scenes and made them better.

The beautiful Sandra Shine is falling in love with stunning Stella Stevens, but she must reveal herself to her. Completely. Sandra takes us on a journey to "how she began." Her fantasies of Bridgette echoes of Max Pecas' "I Am A Nymphomaniac," except the scene is longer and far more passionate. From that moment, Stella becomes more interested in Sandra's erotic past.

Sandra describes her fantasies of seeing Bridgette with a woman and wonders if this is her sexual path. Sandra describes her experience with Sophie Moone, leading to a first passionate lesbian kiss. Sandra describes her first sex another woman as she is seduced by Bridgette. Bridgette teases Sandra, masturbating before her, before she invites Sandra to enjoy her first taste of a woman and her sex. The scene is patient and slowly builds to its wonderful climax. Later, Bridgette invites Sandra into a threesome.

Sandra moves to her own seductions, first with Sophie, in a brilliant, slow, and lusty scene. Sandra becomes teacher in the next scene, leading two women into each other’s embrace and the thrill of an experience that can only be shared by women. Again, the scene is slow, patient, and beautifully done. Sandra desires to be dominated by a woman and explores the darker side of her lust. The scene seems straight out of Story of O; it is aggressive in its sex and extravagant in its style.

At last, Stella knows all and she and Sandra finally make love. And what a scene it is! I will say this is not only the greatest scene in a Viv Thomas production ever, it is also the greatest lesbian scene ever! Playing out like much more explicit version of the scene from “When Night Is Falling,” Sandra throws Stella onto her bed and takes her. They kiss feverishly and masturbate furiously, their bodies merging into a heaving mass of excited flesh. Sandra's mouth literally explores every part of Stella's body, firing her passions with every kiss, lick, and thrust. Sandra eats Stella with masterful skill, driving Stella to a wrenching orgasm.

Stella strips herself naked, strips Sandra naked, and mounts her. Their bodies rub in a scene of tribadism that is not only passionate and strong, but lyrical as well. The women stare into each other’s eyes and they move together as one. I swear they must truly be in love! Marrying their sexes together, Stella and Sandra thrust into each other, their wet pussies clearly opening and embracing the other, united in their desires. At last, Stella pins Sandra in a tight 69 and drives her to an energetic climax that is worthy of this excellent scene.

Everything about this movie is perfect, from the cinematography to the performances; it cannot be challenged on any level. What does the world look like after PV3? It is getting better and better in every way. Butterfly is more than ample proof that Viv Thomas Productions will not rest on their laurels. And here's to Sandra and Stella: long may their passions inspire.

After watching this DVD, I can say this is easily Viv's best work, and it is without doubt the best lesbian DVD I have bought. 10 stars!

Improbable though it sounds, Butterfly is *even* better, and by a ways, than other VT releases in the last year. Viv, Lewis and co. are competing against nobody much but themselves these days.

This movie was pretty much just one big disappointment. Most of the sex was one way. This meaning one girl would have sex with the other, but the favor was not returned. I understand the desire to have a slow buildup and finish strong, but this was just too slow.

Kissing was good throughout the video. The sexual situations mostly put me to sleep. There was a story here, but not a very good one. Having said all this, for as bad as this video was, it is still better then any other lesbian movie not made by Viv. So when I rate this video I am rating it against other Viv products.

What makes this video worth buying? The end scene with Stella and Sandra. It was incredible, and is quite honestly the best lesbian scene I have ever seen. I’m not overly fond of Stella’s looks, but she does have a nice body. There was actual believable chemistry in this scene. This scene is why you buy this movie. Why you pay $50 dollars for it? That I don’t know. The rest of the movie is just filler to get to this scene.

The other people that have given this movie such a high rating I think must be smoking something. My rating is 3 for every scene besides the last one. The last scene is a 6 out of 5. Because it is Viv, it automatically gets a overall 5 when compared to other Studios, but when compared to other Viv movies I can’t give this more then a 3.

I’m not going to go into detail about the scenes, but I really would have liked to see some actual sex between Sophie and Sandra. I might have been able to give this movie a 4 if for nothing but that. Viv can do better and has done better. I just don’t know why the ball was dropped and dropped hard with this movie. So to end… 3 out of 5 for this movie.

Well, the first thing I have to say is, if you're a fan of Sandra Shine, then you will want to add this to your collection. She is just stunning to watch progress in this DVD from a "lesbian novice" to a full-on lesbian by film’s end. There is some lighting issues, I think, in a few of the scenes, but really it didn't bother me at all as the flow of the DVD was just so good as you watch Sandra move along her road to lesbian bliss.

You have her first voyeur watching as another woman caresses over her body, then her first kiss, the first time her pussy is eaten out and finally you see Sandra taste pussy for the first time. Each scene builds upon the last as Sandra describes her journey to Stella Stevens, who will be the last scene partner for Sandra, but first she wants to know how Sandra got to this point, so you get the wonderful visual tour through Sandra's eyes and also through her voice.

I can't recommend this one enough as the kissing, oral, and even the rimming is top notch. One scene had some toy usage and that actually interrupted the flow of the movie for me somewhat - the hot young girl from the Pink Velvet 3 hot tub scene is in this, and this time we see her eat pussy, which she didn't in the other scene. Also, one scene had some light bondage in it, with Sandra being blindfolded and also handcuffed and that too didn't do to much for me, but it certainly aided in Sandra's development as she describes to Stella.

The final scene has the girls returning from dinner, I presume, and they can barely make it to the front door before they are kissing passionately (and I mean passionately). They finally make it to the bedroom, and there's more tremendous g/g lovemaking as we conclude this newest masterwork by Viv Thomas. I can't say loud enough if you enjoy Sandra and Viv's work this is a must-have.

I hate to disagree with the above reviews, but I don't think this movie is among the best of Viv Thomas’ movies. It has two threesome scenes, which I thought was one too many. It also had toy usage in one of the threesome scenes. The lighting was not that good in some of the scenes.

The two scenes that were standouts were the Sandra / Bridgette scene and the Stella / Sandra scene that ends the movie. These scenes were very hot!

I thought the idea for the movie was excellent, but the execution could have been better. The dialogue is in English, but I wonder if it would have been better in Hungarian a la Pink Velvet 3. I think that this movie was very good, but not up to the standards of PV3.

I really don't know how Viv Thomas does it, producing better and better lesbian videos. I thought the three Pink Velvets and Viv's Dream Team were the best possible, but I was wrong. Mr. Thomas' video Butterfly is his finest DVD so far.

He constantly finds the most beautiful and sensual women for his productions, and Butterfly is no exception. All the women are exceptionally lovely, with special attention to Sandra Shine and Stella Stevens. The interplay between the two during the DVD and their eventual lovemaking at the end was nothing short of magic.

Sandra Shine has become my favorite Viv Thomas performer; she is beautiful beyond belief, gives the impression of innocence, and makes love to women with complete believability. Her "girl next door" looks adds to her charm and make Ms. Shine a visual masterpiece. Stella Stevens fits this mold also; she too exudes pure sensuality and pairs nicely with Ms. Shine.

The storyline and pacing in Butterfly is extremely good; each chapter of the DVD adds to the whole, producing Viv Thomas' finest video. It certainly rates 5 STARS and I highly recommend the DVD for purchase. You'll not see a more stunning presentation of woman-to-woman love anywhere!

A pretty good DVD - the first half was better than the second half. I have never been much of a fan of three women in a girl/girl scene, but VT knows how to film them. There is really good buildup to the climax (no pun), but it doesn't come off very well. At the end they just jump on each other like dogs in heat. The women are very nice to look at (Pink Velvet grown up). I give it 4 stars.

The Kommander
restle and smat have said it: "...Viv's best work" and "...Butterfly is *even* better."

When I first read this, I couldn't believe it, and asked myself how in the world is this possible? Even better than other VT releases? But it is true, and maybe it's THE movie, the best of all. For sure all forthcoming releases, whether Viv's own movies or other companies, have to compete against "Butterfly."

My advice to you who haven't seen it: go and buy this movie, watch it over and over again, and enjoy the most beautiful g/g action you have ever seen.

Kudos to Mr Thomas for making dreams come true. He is the perfect director and his team and stuff at VT productions is the best. But you also have to give him credit for interacting with us fans, listening to people's opinions and wishes. And this definitely has paid off.

I won't bother to go into great detail about this film, but I will say that it may very well be the most erotic lesbian production I have ever seen. I could find absolutely nothing to fault in the appearance of the girls, or in their performance. The price is steep, but this film is worth every penny and then some.

What can I say, Viv Thomas is king. This is the best girl/girl video I have ever seen. Sandra Shine is outstanding in her scene with Bridgett; it was oh so hot. I only wish she had gone down on Bridgett. I wish we could see more of Bridgett; she is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. When she removes her robe, she moves in a way that makes me quiver.

You’re nuts if you don’t buy Butterfly. All the girls are lovely, worth the price of the film. Viv Thomas is an artist. The scene with Sandra and Sophie Moone was great. I thought the passion was great when Sandra went down on Sophie. It was a very intense scene. I don’t have anything bad to say about this film.

Let Me Drive
An ab fab movie. I liked it even more than the PV series. Viv is exploring sensual dom/fem and even hotter pairings with outrageously beautiful women. Does it get any better? I know not who Bridgette is, but I am now searching for anything else she has done. So hot, her masturbation scene, which I don't normally care for, changes complexion entirely in front of the innocent. Then sharing her with her lover, wow. Followed by the incredible Stella Stevens... Viv, please do a second and keep Bridgette as the more experienced woman, teaching a novice the “ropes”…

Lil Devil
Hmmm... a lot of mixed reviews here. This is obviously one of those videos which people either hate or love. That is usually a sign of greatness.

Lewis takes on new directions in character development, but is indebted to his mentor for many things - actresses, set design, lighting, costumes, cinematography and locations. The real difference is in the interaction before the sex. There is more buildup and introduction to what is happening. In other words, some semblance of a coherent plot. But, it is not long before action commences.

The opening kiss between Sophie and Sandra is by far one of the most wondrously beautiful lesbian kisses I have ever witnessed, and that is saying a great deal. Slow and sensual, then deep and passionate. They stare deep into each other’s eyes, beautiful, full lips joined in an erotic embrace that lasts a very, very long time. I would probably pay $50 for this scene alone, but there is much, much more which has already been described in great detail.

Lewis tends to focus more on the seductive element than Viv did, and this adds a slight advantage in realism to the video; however, it also slows the pace down some, but that will probably not be noticeable by many. This video may mark a transition into a more romantic atmosphere combined with all the remarkable stylistic trademarks that Viv Thomas has pioneered.

Girlfriends Films has all but mastered the seductive element that Lewis is trying to achieve. However, I'm not sure VT productions can crack that shell. The stunning beauty of his lavish productions takes away from the sense of realism achieved by simpler design. I don't know if the flawless fantasy of perfection can be combined with the simplicity of real life scenarios. However, if ever that happens, I will be the first to jump on the bandwagon.

At any rate, Butterfly is an amazing lesbian video; delicate and beautiful, and perhaps also a transformation into something new. It is also some really hot girl on girl sex - make no mistake about that despite my flowery descriptions. You will not be disappointed by its explicitness.

Grade: A+

Recommended: I have recommended every VT production I have seen, but perhaps this one deserves it more than others because it does try to be different. Without a doubt, go to the checkout and buy this video right now. You will either love it or hate it. I'm betting you will love it.

My two cents? For the price, not particularly a great video. Certainly pretty girls. Plot was ridiculous and a waste of time (especially given their accents). Most of the girls are pretty, a few too stripper-ish.

I have searched and searched for my perfect lesbian videos, and with Viv Thomas I have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Lovely ladies, great kissing scenes, very little body artwork, and long scenes. GOOD WORK, VIV!

This movie has something for everyone. There's solo scenes, there's toys, there's kissing, there's everything. The beauty of this movie is that it doesn't focus solely on the sex scenes. I love Viv's movies because they offer more than sex; they allow you to get to know the characters and emotionally connect with them so the sex is sensual.

Sandra Shine and Stella Stevens do an excellent job. The anticipation to the end scene was not disappointing at all. Viv did an amazing job of building up to the scene. My favorites were Sandra and Sophie kissing, and the final scene of Sandra and Stella kissing. There's just so much passion in the moment, which was a great way to lead into the sex scenes.

With each successive film, Viv moves just a little bit closer to the kind of lesbian movie I want to see. This movie takes a baby step forward; there were things I really liked, but also a lot of mainstream porn conventions are unfortunately still there.

I really loved the attempt to get inside of Sandra's head and the way she was portrayed as being initially innocent. I liked the voiceover. The sex was mostly great, particularly the Sandra/Stella scene. I’m not big on three-ways, so I think I would have turned these into one-on-one scenes with Sandra watching, maybe.

My main complaint is that there was still not enough realism and context for each coupling. For instance, we don't really learn anything about Stella's character at all. I would have liked it if she had been a divorcee questioning her sexual orientation. The same is true of Bridgette’s character; she’s just like this mystical goddess summoned to fulfill Sandra’s needs. I would have also loved more dialogue, both during the exposition and the sex scenes themselves.

I’m really looking forward to seeing Viv’s American lesbian movies, because I like scenarios which involve repression, guilt, fear of getting caught etc. European scenarios are just not as exciting for me.

Anyway, this movie succeeds quite well on its own terms, but I want to see Viv make movies that ditch the mainstream porn conventions completely. He seems to be slowly moving toward this. Maybe in a couple of years I’ll get my wish?

Seize Magazine
This is my first Viv Thomas film. His cast of actresses are all "high fashion runway models.” They have that drop-dead gorgeous beauty you see in the ads for Hermes, Gucci, Armani, Chanel etc. Casting them all together takes the edge out of the scenes, as they become cookie-cutter mirror reflections of each other. And when you do that, you lose that key sexual spark known as "contrasts." Oh, they ARE beautiful, they just all look the same and have the same persona. By casting this way, you lose that special mystic chemistry found by casting women who are opposites.

If Viv would've cast several of his crew with, say, several L.A. porn divas such as Teanna Kai, Devon Michaels, etc, then you'd have major lust brewing in the works! Even casting a mousy, plain-Jane soft butch in the mix would've created contrasts. Or, why not cast a 50'ish mature beauty like the kind you see every day on the bus to work? The ones that have the wonderful, sensual crows-feet around the eyes that promise pleasures you can only dream of!

The opening scene with the young babe peeping on her neighbor’s silhouette on the windowpane was nothing short of BRILLIANT! Seeing that busty blonde arch her breasts in the window frame, as if to tease the little bitch even more was REMARKABLE! Later, seeing her spy from her balcony the blonde tease, tanned and topless poolside, giving her all her money’s worth and then some!

At this point Viv missed a great storyline opportunity - a "lesbian triangle," as the blonde’s girlfriend enters the scene, and at that point the babe knows she has a rival/enemy she must get out of the picture, pronto! That is how I would've run with this story - two women locked in a bitter fight over this tanned, busty blonde diva!

When she does bed the blonde, there is a nice tease, flirting that I really enjoy seeing! But how I wish it were Teanna or Devon stripping down for this blonde tease! The music and dim lighting all add greatly to the whole scene. Viv also knows when NOT to have music; my kudos. Also, the women did NOT speak in "L.A. porn-speak," such as "Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.” Thank you for that.

Next scene: blondie on bed with another woman as the "peeping" babe watches. Now, if had the "lesbian triangle" storyline, well, blondie could've been playing both women off each other. Tormenting them both, taking turns with each, having the other only watch! Again, have an LA porn diva like Tabitha Stevens or Sharon Kane making it with blondie, and you've heated up this little "lez triangle" party 1000 percent!

Next scene: two women on the sofa. It did nothing for me, as both women are dressed/made up to look like they are 17 years old. Sorry, too "school girlish" for my tastes. Now, if Viv had cast a mature beauty, 55+, with the blonde on the sofa? My review would be a big, fat YES. Again, problem is casting.

A three-way starts on the bed; the prettiest is the cutie with dark hair, but same problem - they all look the same. Same age, same persona. How about it, Viv? Cast a FEMALE BODYBUILDER. Actually, two: one is white, over 25, and the other is black, over 40! Throw those two crazed muscle dykes on these three femmes and, well, now it's my kind of party!

Next scene is shades of Ernest Greene. The blonde is NOT a DOM, thus lacking the dom/femme chemistry needed in a fetish scene. The last scene is the “money shot,” and man, oh man, here is where the lust EXPLODES! Talk about wet, passionate kisses... outdoors with the crickets loud in the background, but the two women's panting, gasping for breath is even louder! Oh, they can't stop kissing! Their lips are still glued together as they fall onto the bed! MAN! Great scene! Now, if it were female bodybuilder Denise Masino on top of the blonde, well, THAT would surely melt anyone’s DVD player quickly!

No doubt Viv Thomas is a GREAT director. His camerawork, lighting, locations, and music are perfect. What I'd like to see him do is shake up his casting. Mix it up. Cast three of his posse with three of either LA porn divas/female bodybuilders/over 50 goddesses (Deauxma? Sharon Kane?), or even mousy, plain-Jane soft-butch types. Then he'd have the right mix to go to the next level.

It's the most amazing movie since I started watching lesbian movies; Sandra and Stella's performing is extraordinary.

Like one of the reviewers said, “something for everyone.” I was wrong in Sophie Moon getting her ass licked in All About Eve. It was this movie where Sandra Shine does a nice rim job on Sophie Moon. The only thing that pissed me off was the scene with Lolita not getting her pussy eaten; instead a toy was used on her pussy. To me, that was stupid.

Such a nice video, plus the girls are also wonderful and the camerawork also nice.

Its an amazing video, still I didn't see this type of lesbian movie ever. Sandra and Stella' s performances were very thrilling.

This is a very good film that has several scenes that differ in quality, the best being Sandra and Stella. It's just incredible, and I wish it could have lasted a lot longer than 30 minutes. The kissing at the start is amazing, and the way Stella launches herself at Sandra is scorching hot. The other good scenes are the two with Sophie Moone - the gentle kissing one is nice, soft, and erotic, and the second one is great.

If the film has a weakness, it is that the other scenes are very forgettable in comparison to the last one and the story isn't very realistic (Sandra is meant to be 19 in it!). But I have yet to see a scene to top the passionate, frantic nature in the Sandra and Stella one (probably my favorite scene ever) and for this reason the film is worth getting. Yep, a 5 star.

What a wonderful, beautiful video that shows the beauty of the Viv Thomas girls and shows the talent and incredible body of Sandra Shine. The kissing is passionate and authentic, the oral is wonderful, and it shows what can be accomplished when women love other women and get paid for it rather then getting paid to "act" like they’re enjoying it. Know what I mean?

Sandra Shine has just great legs, ass, breasts, wonderful, natural, organic-fed body, not the hideous breast-implanted, spiked-heel, sex-on-a-kitchen counter garbage I got stuck with in my last purchase from another production company. THANKS, VIV and GIRLS, IT was mmm, yummy!

Omega 3
I have owned several VT films and have sampled many of the others offered here at LezLove, some worthy of their 5 stars and some not. Butterfly was a disappointment from the beginning. It was difficult to watch and I ended up skimming through to the end.

What a shame I thought, the girls looked like well-oiled mannequins and were shot mostly in very low light. I couldn't watch it for more than 30 seconds at a time without FastForwarding and finally ejected it so I could watch far superior pussy pile-ups like 'Lesbian Training 5' and 'Intimate Invitation 8.'

I hate to give a negative review to VT, this one has its good moments for sure, but the overall style kinda sucked if you ask me. It was like a dark, euro-chic, failed attempt at hypnosis.

Sorry to say it, as a solid fan of VT, but that's my view.

FOLLOW UP, 3/1/2008: At first I didn't give this film a good review. It seemed dark a lot of times and slow and uninteresting. I think I temporarily lost my sense of idealism as a victim of some recent crimes.

I am a huge fan of VT, and 'Butterfly' is really better than my initial thoughts. There is a lot here really to sing praises about and I just wanted to set the record straight. It's difficult to not like something that's coming from the VT crew. There are truly elements of greatness here - very sexy, very erotic and excellent lovemaking by very goddess-like figures.

Is it possible not to love Sandra Shine? She is more than merely beautiful. Clearly a porn goddess, she also manages at the same time to look like the camp counselor you had a crush on and wanted to take home to your mother. Her body is hot enough to contribute to global warming. While there are better actresses out there she is more than adequate, and what she conveys exquisitely and beautifully is a sweetness and naïveté that fits this movie perfectly.

A movie devoted entirely to Sandra is therefore a bounty of blessings. I thought there were a few too many threesomes, and the bondage scene was a little too garish for my taste, but there are many wonderful moments.

The movie opens with a solo scene, and I know many out there don't like solo, but not only do I like solo but I think Sandra does it as well as anyone ever. This scene is no exception.

The scene with Bridgett was extraordinarily hot. I love when Bridgett runs her fingers through Sandra's pussy, and before they have even done anything Bridgett's fingers come away glistening with cream! Later in the scene watching Sandra respond to Bridgett's oral ministrations was like a religious experience.

The final scene with Stella was intense and beautiful, although I personally don't usually care for 69 (it blocks everything I want to see!)

A movie with Sandra in every scene. I think I see what heaven might be like.

Anne Sophie
Butterfly is one of my all-time favorite Viv Thomas films. I know many women will agree with me! My two favorite scenes are with Sandra Shine & Sophie Moone. They were both so deliciously cute together kissing on the couch, then when Sandra licked Sophie's anus, that was too hot for any real lesbian to watch! The other lustful scene I adored was the finale with Sandra Shine & Stella Stevens. The kissing on the doorway could inspire any girlfriend, and the tribbing they do after finally taking off all their clothes definitely makes lesbian pussies get nice and wet! French Kiss!

Erotic. Sexy. Beautiful.

The scenes with Bridgett are my favorites, though they are all fantastic. Sophie is a goddess. Sandra has never been more sexy.

Loved it. Definitely the stuff fantasies are made of.

Butterfly expresses inner beauty in young lesbians and has very attractive erotic taste!

I like Viv Thomas’s choice of plot for this DVD :-)

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