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In The Family (Viv Thomas) ____________________________________
In The Family (Viv Thomas)
I.D. dvd_3090, Adult
2006, 155 min.
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Viv Thomas
VOD *Analog* Source    
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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Penny Flame, Angela Stone, Emilianna, Kinzie Kenner, Michelle Lay, Melisande & Delilah Jones.

A Lezlove World Exclusive!!

Set in Los Angeles, In The Family tells the tale of a single mother and her two bi-curious, young daughters.

Emilianna and her 40-something lover, Michelle, have been hiding their sexual relationship from Penny and Angela for some time. But when Emilianna begins to suspect her two daughters are both fooling around with girls, she sets in motion a series of events which will change their relationships forever.

This film contains fully explicit, hardcore sex, and scenes of an adult nature including older women seducing younger girls.

In true VivThomas.com fashion it shows both the innocence of young girls experimenting with each other, and experienced lesbians showing us how it's really done.

For further information, screencaps and video clips, please visit this title's mini-site!

Please note: we cannot ship this title to countries where PAL is the standard video format. Please order PAL editions directly from Viv Thomas' online DVD store instead. If you are not sure what the standard is in your country, please refer to our help section.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, outtakes & trailers. NTSC.

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XES haereticum
I was eagerly awaiting "Unnatural Daughter" and "In The Family," and I can honestly say that this one is by far the better outing. In the end, there's absolutely no comparison between these movies.

There are six scenes: Angela Stone and Delilah Jones, Angela Stone and Melisande, Emilianna and Melisande, Emilianna and Michelle Lay, Kinzie Kenner and Penny Flame, and Penny Flame and Michelle Lay. Unlike VT's "Sisters," there's no sexual interaction between family members, so some may say the title is a little bit deceptive.

Nevertheless, ITF is one of the best VT movies because of the excellent casting; all the pairings seem to fit in such perfect manner that it's almost unbelievable (My personal favorite has to be Emilianna and Melisande). But not only the pairings are perfect, it's the camerawork, the lighting, the sound, cutting, almost everything I can think of.

The kisses in every single scene are breathtaking; also oral action and breast play are outstanding, and, as indicated, there are no toys involved. But not only do the pairings fit so well, it's also because of the American starlets who obviously do not have problems with their mother tongue, English, and that's definitely a major plus as opposed to all the Eastern European girls VT is using for his movies.

I really hope that VT is keeping his overseas work going and that there's more to come with different girls and women. All in all, everybody knows what he gets from VT, and ITF definitely will exceed your expectations and won't leave you dissatisfied after watching it. GF, your days are over, the king has retaken his throne!


The story consists of six scenes with the following scenarios: older daughter with friend, younger daughter with older daughter’s friend, mother and her girlfriend, younger daughter and friend, older daughter and mom’s girlfriend, and finally mom and younger daughter’s friend. Luckily, each scene flows quite smoothly from one to another, and they got just the right ratio of build-up and sex, with enough character acting, chemistry, and dialogue to easily identify who’s who, their relationship to each other, and the dominant role in each scene, all without hindering the sex itself.



I particularly enjoyed the first scene; despite Kinzie claiming she had never experienced another girl, neither Penny nor Kinzie hold back. They both seem comfortable with each other, and it shows, as both get stuck in with lots of juicy deep kissing, breast sucking, and oral sex. This standard is kept up throughout the whole production, until the last scene where Melisande is a little too hesitant for my tastes and Emilianna does virtually all the work.



I liked the different range of models used here: younger/older, blondes/brunettes, tall/small, etc. The girls also dress casually, sometimes seductively, each one basically stunning. In terms of scenes, the most captivating one was with Penny and Michelle by the fireplace; they got the lighting just right so could you see every skin detail and oral interaction perfectly, even though it was shot in a dark environment.


Overall, I didn’t enjoy the last scene as much as the others; and couldn’t say this is one of Viv’s best productions either, but is a great performance nonetheless.


I am a big fan of Viv Thomas Productions, and, I have to say, this is a great piece of art. The plot is very hot, the setups are very intelligent and sensual, and the actresses are very hot as well. This movie really fulfills my lesbian fantasies. A real treasure. And, like the movie critics use to say: Two thumbs up!

Greetings from Santiago, Chile, South America.

A great title! All the scenes were nicely played out, and Penny Flame was as erotic as I've ever seen her. Her last scene is the one I play the most (because she is so hot in it, and because she just doesn't hold back). But the others look natural, too.

For a girl who likes to watch girls, I found this video great as a montage of stories, but I would have liked to have seen a little more story interaction (if not real interaction) between the “sisters” and the “mom.” The incest friction is palpable throughout, so I don't know why Viv didn't make more of it. The only time the “sisters” interact is to shout abuse at each other! They could have been a lot more fun and inventive than that.

All in all, though, a very good film; right up there at the top of my collection, and a significant improvement on “Sisters” (also by Viv).


karl hungus
Three words can sum this movie up: VIV IS GOD!

I had been awaiting this release for a while, and I was not disappointed in the least. The cast, the story, the filming all top-notch. If any movie ever deserved a sequel, this one does. And if they do it, please keep the same cast; no new people, just keep the same group with the same hot interweaving pairings going. This movie has wall-to-wall long kissing and hot foreplay buildups for EACH AND EVERY scene.

Scene 1: Kinzie and Penny (about 26 mins.) – White-hot “experimental” kissing that leads to making out, that leads to foreplay, that finishes with sex. Sexy saliva strands can be found throughout between the two. Two things I thought would be a problem but ended up being a plus were the sunlight and Kinzie’s recent boob job. First, the sunlight did not take away from anything, and it added a more realistic sense to the scene. And Kinzie’s boobs were obviously not as small as in the past, but they were perfect in size and looked amazing.

Scene 2: Angela and Delilah (23 mins.) – Again, more “experimental” action that both girls had been "thinking about," and, as soon as they attempt it, it was like releasing the hounds. Again, tons of kissing and foreplay. Angela was being the dominate girl and did some great panty-on-panty grinding.

Scene 3: Emilianna and Michelle (34 mins.) – Great sexy chatting between two mature lovers. Can’t say enough about how great all the kissing and foreplay was. Some sexy earlobe play and Michelle delivering with some light anal play to Emilianna.

Scene 4: Angela and Melisande (18 mins.) – The shortest scene, but still great, and it sets up a later scene. College friends sneaking around for an after-midnight tryst; need I say any more? Angela rubs off Mel, which Mel will discover runs in the family.

Scene 5: Michelle and Penny (53, yes, that’s right, 53 mins.) – Michelle seduces her lover's daughter. The chemistry in the seduction is a 10, including making sure to keep this encounter a secret from Emilianna. Fireplace adds to the seductiveness and realism. Penny gives Michelle some foot play. And the student shows the teacher some pointers, which do get returned.

Scene 6: Emilianna and Melisande – Mom confronts and seduces her daughter Angela's lover. Her intrigue from the sounds heard in scene four put her over the edge. The contrasting bodies of Emilianna's thicker body and huge boobs to Mel's lil’ titties and skinny frame is amazing. The highlight is Emilianna riding and grinding on Mel's thigh.

Overall: If lezlove.com could give out a 6th star, this film would deserve it. Like I said earlier, the girls, the story, the filming, the everything is the best I've ever seen. And again, if any film deserves a sequel, **hint, hint** , this one does. WELL, WELL worth it, and good luck trying to make it from start to finish without having to take a break. ;-)

Well, it's great to know that Viv can come over to our side of the pond to shoot, and he put together a pretty good one here. The highlight scene for me was easily the first one, with Kinzie and Penny. I know from conversing with Miss Kenner recently that she very much enjoyed her experience shooting with Penny and for Viv! You'll see why when you watch the scene. Angela Stone has a couple good scenes here, the best being the first one where a girl not so sure about g/g sex makes a pass and Angela responds and the two go at it.

You have a couple older, more experienced performers in this one, and they hook up in one scene, then in the remaining scenes they each hook up with a younger girl in the cast. Those scenes were fine, though the final one only has oral one way, on the younger girl, and it would have been so hot for her to eat out the mom!

Not sure if there'll be another trip over here, but I sure would hope Viv would make it. There are some really pretty girls over here I think he could do some amazing things with. If you're a fan of Viv's work with the hot Euro girls, you'll see some similarities in this one, most notably that first scene with Kinzie and Penny had awesome kissing and oral from both.

This is a great Viv Thomas production. However, I do have one major problem and one minor problem with it.

The major problem is that, unlike XES haereticum and karl hungus, I felt that the sunlight was a MAJOR distraction. I only shoot family-type videos (trips, birthdays, etc.), but even I know that you never shoot in direct sunlight (with the exception of being outdoors). The contrast with the background is way too much.

Since the window is never seen, it is irrelevant if it is there (i.e. it’s not part of the story line). Since it’s not in the story, why not just put a sheet over the window to diffuse the light? Then it wouldn’t have been so harsh on the actresses and on the ccd sensor in the camera. Viv Thomas KNOWS how to shoot videos, and never in any of his other productions does he shoot any indoor scene in direct sunlight that is streaming through a window. So why this time?

That being said, the minor problem is that I would have liked a little bit more seduction in the last scene.

Other than that, the video is a masterpiece!

If you liked the reaction shots of Chloe Sevigny in "Boys Don't Cry," you will LOVE Kinzie in the first scene with Penny. Her facial expressions say it all.

When Michelle Lay winks at Penny Flame and tells her that older women know how to do it better, she is not joking, as the fortunate Penny finds out by a roaring fire as one of the all-time great performers of Sapphic movies makes earth-shaking, mind-blowing love with her. It clearly must be one of Viv Thomas' most memorable scenes. Michelle's teasing arousal of Penny Flame has to be seen to believed. By the time it is over, Penny is a quivering, shaking wreck engulfed in waves of pleasure. There is only one word for this scene: Wow.

This is, of course, another epic girl-girl movie from the incomparable Viv Thomas. I don’t think he knows how to make a bad movie. Basically, the film is about Emilianna, who finds out that her daughter, Penny Flame, and her girl friends are all bi-curious and have just started experimenting. Totally turned on by this, mother and her long-time girlfriend Michelle Lay decide to show the young girls how it really should be done. It is sort of “on the job training.”

This is one of those beg, borrow, or steal-type movies, as you simply have to have it. Buy it and you can watch it over and over, as it is sheer magic.

The Beavercreek Kid
I truly love Viv's work, but I was mildly disappointed with "In the Family." Simply put, the girls are not up to Viv's usual standards. Where he normally works with models in the 8, 9, and 10 range, the cast of this film ranges from 6 to 8. The heavy hitters (Sandy, Sophie Moone, Sandra Shine, Eve Angel) are noticeably absent from "In the Family." 3 stars, maybe. Buy "Butterfly" or "The Office Girls" before this one.

WOW, what a great movie. Great kissing scenes. Very HOT.

Humble Opinion
I thought that this was a very good Viv Thomas production. I still prefer his European cast - girls like Peaches, Stella Stevens, and Vera are awfully hard to top. But the setups and a lot of little touches make this an excellent lesbian movie.

For instance, one of the nice touches is when Delilah moodily stands in front of older sister Angela's bedroom doorway. Angela asks Delilah where her sister Penny and Penny's friend Kinzie are. Delilah replies that the girls "are being complete bitches." Angela, who is lying on her bed doing homework, looks back at her homework and nonchalantly says, "Oh, I knew that."

That exchange leads to my favorite scene in the movie. Delilah, who has had urges stirred by the teasing she got from Penny and Kinzie, shyly asks Angela if she would kiss her. Angela pounces on Delilah like she was shot out of a cannon. Delilah is momentarily stunned, but Delilah is soon in heaven, having dreams come true that she never even knew that she had. Angela Stone is amazing as an intense, aggressive, eager, and yet attentive young lover. Angela also has another good scene with her girlfriend/lover Melisande.

I would agree with some of the other criticism about the lighting for some of the scenes. I think, in particular, that the bright natural sunlight in the bedroom for Penny and Kinzie's scene does detract a bit from the action. On the other hand, though, we are talking about Penny Flame and Kinzie Kenner making very natural and passionate love to each other - it would be pretty close to impossible to ruin that scene with lighting. The talking alone between the two girls makes this a hot scene. Which leads me to my last comment.

The women and girls were all beautiful and they played their roles to perfection. But what I appreciated almost as much as the sex was the talking between the women during the scenes. In the Angela/Delilah scene, every time before Angela goes further with any of her moves on Delilah, she always tenderly asks Delilah if it is okay. Early on in the scene, Delilah shyly answers back, "yes." Later on, Delilah is panting the word "yes."

This kind of talking between the women while the action is going on happens in all of the scenes. It adds immeasurably to the reality and the intimacy of the scenes. Other lesbian directors should to learn from the Master, Viv Thomas.

I was very disappointed in this production. The women and scenes were not quite up to Viv's standards. I kept waiting for the next scene, hoping it would be the one. 2 out of 5 stars, IMHO.

This is my first movie review. This is a good movie. Two scenes I liked better than the rest, and they are scenes one and five.

Scene one has Penny and Kinzie, and they did a great scene. When Kinzie asked Penny was she really gonna kiss her, Penny didn't say anything, she just went right to her and gave her a little kiss and then waited for Kinzie's reaction. Then they went into some deep, passionate kissing, touching, and pussy eating until each one came. The kissing is what made this scene, and it had perfect lighting and both girls are beautiful and they seemed to enjoy it.

Scene five is my favorite because it's got everything I want. Penny and Michelle really go all out in this scene. It's got Michelle talking to Penny about having sex with girls and Michelle telling her that older women know how to do it very well and know the right buttons to push. Then they kiss and then go inside in front of the fireplace and Michelle teaches Penny how to make love to a woman.

Michelle teases Penny for a long time. The kissing was hot between these two. Michelle let Penny make her cum first, then Michelle made Penny cum. They both were sweating and shaking at the end of it. Penny really seemed to enjoy being with an older woman. The pussy eating was very good. The fire from the fireplace made their bodies glow. Michelle is still a beautiful woman; being older, she still has a nice body.

The other scenes were ok. They should have Kinzie in another scene. Her and Delilah should have done a scene together, since Delilah got mad at Kinzie and Penny and walked out in the first scene. They should have had Penny and Angela do a scene together.

I hope this turns into a series like Pink Velvet and The Art of Kissing. I hope they use the same girls but bring a new girl into the story, and have Penny and Michelle do another scene, and Penny and Kinzie. Keep up the good work, Viv.

As far as I am concerned, Viv Thomas set the standard with Pink Velvet 3, and I must have watched a different movie, but, to me, In The Family was a major disappointment. All the scenes were the same. Heavy kissing, heavy close-ups, some trib with clothes on, and then standard “I do you, you do me” sex. Not much imagination. And, as usual in an American film, it wouldn't be complete without some porno-ese “Yes, right there, do it, do it” in there. If I were Viv, I would stay in Europe.

Jenny is a Lil Devil
No, no, no, no, no, no. This movie is fantastic. Easily one of my favorites from Viv. The only complaint I have about it is that there is nothing to compare it to except other Viv Thomas releases. Nobody else can duplicate his aesthetic: the girls, the sets, the pace, and the kind of action we love here at LLV.

The kissing is mind-blowing. Everything I could ask for, and the rest of the action is not lacking in any way. The girls are amazing. I'm so glad to see Penny here. I love to see girls experimenting, so the first two scenes were my favorites, but the entire film is worth watching again and again.

Grade: A+
Recommended? Absolutely.

I enjoyed this one, particularly the first scene. I won't rehash what others wrote, but I'll tell you what I didn't like. Melisande is REALLY skinny. Too skinny for me. In one scene, she's lying on her back being fingered and you can see her bony pelvis moving around. She has less meat on her than Paris Hilton.

Phil O'Gynist
Better than the average porn movie, but not one of Viv's best. I totally agree with the reviewers who made negative comments on the lighting (in scenes 1 and 2). Harsh, distracting, high-contrast light did nothing for the poor actors and not much for the poor viewer. A bad start, and Viv's pro team should know better.

The storyline was excellent, as were some of the performances. It was hard to identify exactly what was not quite right (for example, Penny was just great, and Melisande a treat), but I kept longing for Jo or Vera or Peaches to come and stir things up.

Probably a "must-see" for those new to Viv, particularly because of the English-speaking cast, but there are a lot of Viv movies in my cupboard that will get a re-run before this one. Ah well, back to The Art of Kissing...

JJ from MA
I've seen a lot of Viv's movies, and this was ok, but not great. I'm a huge fan (and critic) of deep, sensual kissing between two women. This movie had two such scenes: Penny and Kinzie, and Angela and Delilah. Both were erotic, sensual, and hot.

Note to other reviewers: Notice I didn't mention the scene between Penny and Michelle? The scene overall was good, but I don't understand why it's gotten such hype. No offense to Michelle Lay or her followers, but her kissing technique is weird. She loves to bite lower lips a lot, and when she goes to kiss her partner, she frequently misses her mouth. Sorry, but that's not sensual or erotic to me. Just my two cents!

Kinzie and Penny is the best girl-girl scene I have ever seen. Both girls are sexy and beautiful, and the chemistry was wonderful. Lots of delicate kissing on the mouth, neck, and body, and one girl lying on top of the other. For me, there is never enough talking in girl-girl flicks, but the chatting here is a real turn-on.

The only fault I could give it was that the camera was elsewhere when it came to the climax. Why is a woman's orgasm so taboo? It's great to see the face and the body writhing in ecstasy, but please let us see the actual orgasm.

This is easily one of the most anticipated and disappointing offerings I've seen in a while. This vid had the ingredients to be smoking hot: it had the older-younger theme abound, it had the seduction factor aplenty, it had the hinted incest factor over the top. Basically, this could have melted the cameras. BUT, as with the other obsessive directors today, substance goes by the window for a great-looking, safe vid.

The pairings are average, the sex does NOT sizzle, there is no real seduction factor. Very, very disappointing. But the nice-looking stuff sells. Frankly, for me, this industry is all about fantasy - nice-looking girls are a dime per hundred in this business. I want hot sex and fetish-type setups. Please do better with the sex next time; I'll forego the quality. BUT very much worth a look. Be your own judge.

Senor Don
There are many reviews, so I'll be brief. Moments of brilliance surrounded by periods of ho-hum. If you are going to have a story, make it somewhat realistic and believeable.

J Fitz
In The Family is a solid movie in Viv Thomas style. What puts it over the top, in my opinion, is the story element performed well by English-speaking performers. I have nothing against the Euro hotties that Viv normally uses; in fact, I can’t wait to see many of his upcoming titles. But this DVD exposes weaknesses in Viv’s story-based titles, such as the Pink Velvet series.

I loved all three Pink Velvets, but think they all suffered (as do all Viv’s story-based titles) from the stilted English spoken by the performers. It is difficult for them to convey the emotional meaning of what they are saying in a foreign langue (to them). So the scenes are hot, but could be hotter, in my opinion, if the women spoke in their native tongues and subtitles were used, a la Confessions of the Makeup Artist. As long as there is not too much talking during the sex, the subtitles don’t become too intrusive.

In The Family shows the potential of story-based girl/girl porn in America. For those who like setups, even simple stories like this can add a lot to the action. The scenes are loaded with very sexy talk that adds so much to the scene, including realism. The amount of talking seems just right and does not dominate the scenes (I can’t stand constant, inane chatter). As another reviewer noted, the scene with Angela and Delilah was so much hotter with Angela asking permission to take things to the next step. Every scene had little touches like this that added something.

I’m very pleased that Viv continues to make his girl/girl flicks with the European beauties that he shoots so well. But here’s hoping that he comes to America once or twice a year and treats us to some great stories and hot sex with American performers.

Very average! And I normally like Viv Thomas videos. So what's wrong here? Is it the lack of Hungarian accents? No. The lighting? Yes, that's part of it. Not enough close-up shots? Mostly the problem. The women? Sad to say, yes!

I bought this video on the strength of the Lezlove name and all the glowing reviews. Boy, was I fooled! This is at best an average video.

The first scene was the best of the whole story. It would have been a lot hotter if the mother did the same girl the same way as the daughter did, no rushing as she did in the last scene, with a lot more teasing with her body.

T Hawk
Viv comes to L.A.? Now, I like this movie quite a bit - the kissing and lack of toys make this watchable, but the oral is a little on the sparse side. All the girls are beauties, and Viv shows his mastery throughout the flick, but where is L.A.? Los Angeles isn't as exotic as some of the European spots Viv shoots in Pussy in Paradise. And he does show some of Budapest ( I think) in the Pink Velvet series. But I live in L.A, and the city has more to it than oversized, overpriced mansions. That said, this is still a decent lesbian video. Not one of Viv's best, but a good addition to any lesbian collection.

Again, the best part of the whole movie was between Penny and Kinzie. Would love to see the mother with Kinzie. Will there be a part two?

Velvet Lover
I have just caught up with this film and have to say, I'm impressed. A great example of the no toys genre. An excellent cast make for a hot and tantalizing film.

I liked the full-length movie approach and, unlike Sisters, the plot was believable. Each scene is great in its own right and has a good balance of sensual kissing, breast kissing, and nice moist pussy licking. A film that's hard to fault.

Have to disagree with previous reviews. If you want to see Penny truly wrung out and truly limp and spent from orgasm after orgasm, go see Lesbian Seductions 7 from Girlfriends Films. I know Michelle A. is not to everyone's tastes and Michelle Lay is pretty, but what A. does to Penny in LS7 has to be seen to be believed and what Lay does to Penny here seems to pale in comparison. I also felt a little let down by Michelle herself; she seems to be working awful hard and getting awful close but where is the payoff?

The Penny/Kinzie scene is a real keeper though. Spectacular chemistry, mind-blowing teasing, and both girls come strongly. Is there more to ask for? I couldn't believe that with a coupling this hot people were actually quibbling about the lighting!

The rest of the movie was uninspiring as far as I was concerned. Expected a lot better based on the reviews, and only one scene delivered for me.

Added 3/10/2008: I have never done this before but I overlooked something in my earlier review and I feel it must be corrected. I am still not sure how I failed to notice it in my earlier viewings. I should have more carefully read the review of Humble Opinion, who hit this one right on the nose. Maybe I was still slightly punch drunk after watching Penny and Kinzie in what I still think is the highlight of the film.

Whatever the reason, I failed to notice an absolutely beautiful performance by Delilah. A young woman being seduced by another woman for the first time makes a lovely fantasy, but usually a scene with credibility problems. These women are professionals, and are most assuredly not making love for the first time. Delilah sold it to me absolutely and completely. Her reactions when Angela asks her permission to proceed further with increasing levels of stimulation are heartbreakingly real and beautiful, and when she actually gets the additional stimulation she clearly shows her enjoyment and increasing pleasure.

Delilah, I done you wrong. My original review said the other scenes in this movie did nothing for me, but I didn't watch you closely enough. You were stunning.

I would just like to say, this is a great DVD. I hope Viv makes a sequel.

Buster Fugly
After stumbling across this marvelous site and Viv Thomas, I read a bunch of reviews and decided on this film as my first purchase. Once the shock of a g-g movie without toys wore off and I bought Butterfly and Office Girls, I began to think critically of In The Family, mostly because Penny isn't on screen the entire time.

Penny is at her best in this one, shining in multiple scenes. The other scenes have moments of excellence, but it is Penny who steals the show. If you're a fan of hers, this one will fit nicely in your collection. If not, you may still enjoy.

Chief Tek
I have to disagree with Peter, and I am shocked since that almost never happens. This movie sucked big time.

First of all... Melisande is, no doubt about it, one of the most beautiful cutie-pies EVER in the whole industry. I’ve only seen her maybe twice before and so I was excited to see her name here. All I can say is, what a sad, sad waste of a cuter-than-hell cutie-doll. She should be hanging out at the SapphicErotica site and getting with some cuties for a pajama party! (I wish!)

I am also generally not at all fond of older/younger pairings, or movies with MILF in the title. With so many girly-girls-hunting-girls types of movies in the mainstream now, perhaps VT just wanted a different style like girls-hunting-veteran-barmaids-from-local-dives? What’s next? “Girls of Oz hunting for Auntie Em”? I wonder if Viv would do that one for us. Maybe they can pick up a few witches along the way.

Sorry, I must sound terrible driveling on like this. I got nothing more to add except I give this movie one star. Peace.

Great movie, Viv doesn’t let us down. Hope he does some more movies here in the U.S . Angela was my fave, the way she just took over Dahlia. I liked all scenes. I’d love a sequel but I know Penny quit acting in porn and is undergoing sex addiction therapy. But who knows in the world of porn? I’d love to see this cast again, good acting too. Give these ladies a few months of acting classes and they’d be great.

Melisande/Sophie Strauss
I was a bit disappointed with this movie too! A few of the models were very last-minute replacements Viv had to get because his original models backed out or couldn’t make it, so don’t blame him for that! As far as my scene with Emelianna went, I was supposed to be the shy girl and let Emelianna take over! My other scene I know wasn’t as great, me and Angela really didn’t have any chemistry, but sometimes that can’t be helped! Just because two girls who do g/g are put together doesn’t mean that both of them will genuinely love girls (I do, I don’t know if Angela does or not) or if they’ll even be into each other. Viv I think did a fantastic job with the situation he had with the models not showing, etc., as well as all the other trouble he had from agents and such, and I have to say, job well done!

Um... this film was not good. It’s rare that I would get a film without Jo, but I heard this was American, and I wanted to see how it would go down. Ugh... not well.

First... I dig the whole older-woman/younger-woman thing, but the older women in this film lacked. And they had the whole American Porn Star thing going. The thing that the hot Hungarians lack (well some)... the whole "fake" thing... the giggly, twirl-my-hair, I-can’t-have-a-three-digit-IQ-and-like-sex thing. From what I saw anyway.. I did a lot of skipping.

Second... I read the comments, and if the one above is referring to the blonde daughter and skinny brunette scene, then yeah, totally lacked chemistry. It was almost awkward to watch. The blonde might be better suited for dudes. I could see her counting the minutes to her paycheck in her head. But maybe her lack of arousal had to do with the fact she’s living in 1999 with her Destiny’s Child poster.

Finally... the lighting was awful. The movie had bad acting, straight chicks, and some very mediocre-looking ones, but the lighting was definitely the worst thing about this movie. It made it look very amateur.

The good things about this movie... Penny Flame can act, and so can the blonde one with the heart tattoo. And the teasing of Penny Flame was kinda hot.

But mostly I’m sad this is what came of using American girls. We have much hotter girls... and ones that actually seem into it. The blonde and the older ones really did this movie in for me. Oh... and I watch Viv Thomas to get away from the fake implants of America.

Sam H.
I liked the scenes with just the young girls. The scene with Melisande and Emilianna may have had contrast, but when you just go for contrast, don’t expect the chemistry to be there. Realistically, I believe that young women generally prefer to have sex with partners close to their own ages. If directors want to increase the odds of chemistry, they should keep this in mind. Or at least, ask the younger girls which older women they might actually be attracted to.

Michelle Lay is one of the sexiest woman! Both scenes made me forget who else in is this! Penny Flame and her was so amazing. To me the best scene in this movie! Watched it over 30 times and Still Sexy!

I mentioned one scene (Michelle and Penny). But Angela Stone's two scenes were even Better! I enjoyed watching Angela kiss and it was beautiful. I am so jealous of the two.

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