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Inside Peaches (Viv Thomas) ____________________________________
Inside Peaches (Viv Thomas)
I.D. dvd_3093, Adult
2006, 130 mins.
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Viv Thomas

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5-Star Film! 

Peaches, Silvia Saint, Stella Stevens, Jo, Eve Angel, Lisa & Sonia Red.

A Lezlove World Exclusive!! A film dedicated to the most seductive, sensuous, indecent lady of porn: Peaches.

This film is one of the most anticipated features to be released from the masters of lesbian erotica. Created for a new era of lesbian sex.

Six stories written by our forum members and hand picked by Peaches herself. The deepest of fantasies and tempting situations with Silvia Saint, Stella Stevens, Jo and many more of the sexiest stars of now and the future.

How would you like to see inside peaches?

For further information and screencaps on the scenes in this title, please visit the ELMS Viv Thomas section, and the movie's mini-site!

Please note: we cannot ship this title to countries where PAL is the standard video format. Please order PAL editions directly from Viv Thomas' online DVD store instead. If you are not sure what the standard is in your country, please refer to our help section.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, trailers [all g/g]. NTSC.

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The Wolfen King
If you want a detailed insight on this movie - WATCH IT! This one's definitely worth every single buck you've got to spend. Peaches never looked so good, the pairings are superb, the scenes are perfectly scripted… this could go on forever, so let's cut it short: "Inside Peaches" is a masterpiece. Porno for the people at its best.

First of all, "Inside Peaches" stands as a very special production, mainly because it's a movie inspired and written by the fans. I still can't recall any other movie out there which was made “by the people, for the people,” as the production titles cleverly advertise. Most of our kinky favourite sex tips appear from scene to scene, so this film has the standards to satisfy mixed and different tastes. That's why it can be described as the epitome of Viv Thomas lesbian producing.

You can also notice a bunch of similarities in the main philosophy among all scenes, e.g. dialogues - introduction before every scene, as well as deep kissing, intense oral loving, and especially cuddling while every scene is fading out. There is a similar effort (as with Viv's one) to throw some kind of mainstream filter inside the porn stuff. Furthermore, Peaches accepts this continuous hymn to her, exploring all of her talents, all of her beauty aspects in every possible way, receiving or offering.

Study Time Is Over - (Peaches and Sonja Red) At first, when I watched this one, I thought it would probably be the weakest scene of the film for two basic reasons. First, as has already been posted on Viv's forum, this scene is a lot different in comparison to the original story written by Tads, so you know from before that the script you've read has a lot of differences with the final result, creating an almost new scene in general.

The second reason was Sonja's presence (maybe because I keep recalling all these recent facts with her boyfriend here, don't know if that is it), who sometimes seems not to be fully devoted during the scene. However, watching it for a second time, I still believe it's the most predictable scene, with typical girl-on-girl setup, but it certainly stands as a good one. Sonja's effort is not so bad, finally, especially when she licks Peaches. It's a hot scene, but OK, it's not the one I would die for.

Desire Fulfilled - (Peaches and Lisa) Here we are. After a short intro (maybe it could be a little bit longer), you get a high-quality, classy Viv Thomas scene. Lisa is a L-A-D-Y with all the meaning of the word, while she guides Peaches to the secret paths of making love. Special cinema angles add more to this; you feel like you're watching mainstream porn again - oh yeah.

Maybe it's like the extension of the previous scene between these ladies in Unfaithful, but, let me say, this is much hotter and deeper. It's much more passionate and erotic, while these girls share a great chemistry. Finger-sucking, sensual and deep oral loving, detailed analingus, and a nice 69 form this scene, sending us to the skies of intensity and quality. The best part was when Peaches showed us her nude pussy skin, under her fabulous white dress, wearing no panties at all!

Also, don't know why, but after this scene I got the feeling that Peaches REALLY loves receiving analingus; you should listen to her moans at every touch of Lisa's tongue on her smooth area. :o The pussy-licking scene on the sofa, with Peaches spreading her LONG, LONG LEGS is outstanding! In general, if you wanna show to a friend how a cool a VivThomas scene looks like, try this one.

Bewitching Evil - (Peaches and Silvia Saint) This is a very unique scene. It's like when you go to the cinema, being prepared to watch a science fiction movie, so realism is not the needed part here. All you have to do is to let your imagination flow, while your mind is creating images/icons of love, passion, dominance, and lust. Someone could support that this scene is in Woodman's style, but, fortunately, not in the Woodman's way.

A fantastic setup, with candles everywhere, shaping a pentagram on the floor, seeing Peaches as she is praying for lust and punishment. Purity is lost, ladies and gentlemen! Adore the demonic Silvia, who FUCKS Peaches with a black strap-on, wearing high heels, through a surrealistic portrait of desire. I was very happy to see Silvia enjoying a lot this scene, while the kissing is nice and long here as well. This scene maybe can be seen as funny, but most of all it's a sign of great intelligence. That's why it's unique.

Satisfaction Guaranteed - (Peaches and Jo) Another special scene, with these two ladies making out after a while in VT productions. The best part here is the dirty-talking, as if Peaches was transformed into a Penny Flame figure. It's the first time I have seen her as a naughty lesbo; she acts very successfully, for sure, using phrases like "and now I am going to fuck you with this," or, "and now show me what you can do."

On the other side, Jo, in her usual innocent, “please lick my ass, Miss”-style, leaves her body to Peaches' lusty needs. Oh, god, seeing Peaches on top fucking Jo with a dicky strap-on (those ones that look exactly like a normal dick), it's something to be remembered and mentioned from now on. Analingus love is here again; Jo's anus looks like a juicy, fresh fruit, so I can fully understand why Peaches loves licking, fingering, and playing with it.

The Decision - (Peaches and Stella Stevens) Oh my, oh my. This scene follows the style of "Unfaithful," but it offers even more. I have been waiting for a long time to watch something so emotional, deep, and beautiful. Where should I start from? Sweet, sentimental dialogue covers the place, with two women falling in LOVE. This is the female view for a lesbian hardcore scene, full of girly thoughts everywhere, full of emotions and feelings.

As it seems, Stella is “cursed” to take part in exceptional scenes once again (like she did in "Butterfly"), and she fits so perfectly well with Peaches as a couple of real, pure love and affection. These ladies do not just have filthy sex, they do CARE for each other, and this makes the main difference here. Poetic images of Peaches having a bath, while depression and fear reflect on her breaking eyes, melodic musical carpets travel us to her thoughts, with long dialogues creating a very emotional atmosphere.

Some bits of clever contrasts here, like when Stella visits Peaches in her house, with Stella wearing a dinner dress and Peaches only her teeny pajamas. Sensual kissing and licking, great nipple playing, deep oral loving (you should see Stella's orgasm), analingus, and an excellent ending is what this fine scene offers to the viewer. Absolutely recommended.

(ed. - continued from above)

Ibolya: A Female Flower - (Peaches and Eve) Thank you. Thank you so much. I cannot find the courage or the words to express exactly how I felt after watching this scene, which represents perfectly my personal view on lesbian love. I have no single complaint on how you guys gave life to my script; actually, I was prepared to see a lot of my little details missing. I was SO wrong! I gave you the words, you added the right rhythm, and now so wonderful a poet is being expanded in front of my staggering eyes. I can see myself inside this scene, all of my fantasies, my thoughts about girls making love and discovering their feelings for each other.

The video camera tip worked very nicely, and, GOD of GODS, you even found the particular flower I used as a cover for the story. You guys really amazed me! I'm so speechless! Eve's smile at the end, while she is playing with the little flower, watching the camera, SENDS ME TO HEAVEN, making me feel like a little point of stardust throughout the galaxies of love. I will certainly let others judge it, but, generally speaking, I think it's one of the most emotional VT scenes ever! I hope this could be a good reason for the people to watch it.

"Inside Peaches" is, after Pink Velvet, the main reason to get the point of who Viv Thomas is. Not only as a TOP director, but as a person. His great communication with his fans is the main reason this masterpiece is now born. Our gratitude for this unbelievable chance he offered us is obvious and certain. A fine lesbian production, showing how porn and quality can be merged to one. Just open your arms to this storm of beauty.


After finishing this amazing movie, I thought of what I might say. Words, however, seem inadequate to describe the superbness of this wonderful film. As people will realize, Viv Thomas has made other films centering on one of his superb models. This, however, is quite unique, so imaginative has Viv Thomas been.

The film starts off with Peaches wandering around her lounge room, remembering all her previous lovers, eventually opening a battered cardboard box containing photos and a video. The video is of Peaches and Eve Angel at university and their passionate affair. This scene is done with such tenderness and emotion, it is hard not to be moved, especially during the moments when Peaches is captured looking at the video with longing.

Scenes two, three, and four are superb, and in most films would be the outstanding moment. The encounter between Peaches and Lisa is akin to the one in Unfaithful.

Scene five raises the bar even higher in terms of erotic scenes. It starts with Jo complaining to an escort agency on the phone that the last escort failed to satisfy her. The escort agency promises to rectify this and sends around, you guessed it, Peaches. By the times Peaches leaves, Jo has had an oral, an anal, a strap-on, and a 69 that just by themselves would have driven most women over the edge in Sapphic lust. This is a truly amazing scene, and it is no wonder as Jo watches Peaches depart she has a happy smile on her face. You will, too.

However, all of this is nothing compared to the last scene, which surely must go down in the Viv Thomas Hall of Fame as the most passionate and erotic scene ever filmed. The only scene comparable is the last one in Butterfly, with Stella Stevens and Sandra Shine.

Stella Stevens is again in this scene. It starts with Peaches wandering around her house, wondering how she can tell Stella she loves her. In the midst of this there is a phone call from Stella telling Peaches she has had a job offer out of town, which sends Peaches into a state of depression, causing her to miss her dinner date with Stella.

When Stella appears, worried about Peaches, they coyly hedge a bit until, gathering courage, they both declare their love for each other. For a minute or two there is silence as they both comprehend what has been said, softly kissing each other.

Then, it is like some violent explosion as they suddenly desperately need to demonstrate their feelings for each other, and, for the next 25 minutes, there is a scene like no other as orgasm after orgasm rips through each of their bodies as they slake their desire for each other. It is a truly amazing and unique scene, seemingly shot in one take without interruption. At the end I was totally exhausted by the rawness and desperation of both girls’ sexual desire.

Inside Peaches is a truly unique movie, one that easily compares to Pink Velvet, Butterfly, and Unfaithful. It really is a must-see film.

Last, but not least, is in the extras: an interview with Peaches about her life, the impact on her of making girl-girl movies, and her hopes for the future. It rounds off this remarkable movie perfectly.

A great Sapphic movie. A lot of positive response to this title, and no wonder - it is a very good film that has some truly amazing moments. I got it recently, and it is in my DVD player quite regularly!

However, I can't help but feel it could have been a little better. For example, the Sonia/Peaches scene. Despite the fact that both women look very hot and the scene is good, I thought the editing was too commonplace, and the start of it, even though it was meant to be lighthearted, it seemed a little too hammed-up. Also, with the stories being written by forum members, I felt the actual stories had no bearing on the actual sex and didn't seem to have as much congruence as, say, Pink Velvet 3 (where, for example, Lisa, being much older, seduced inexperienced Lolita, and the sex was gentle and kind). Also, at times the stories were a little silly/cheesy.

Back to compliments! The scenes are all good, and the camerawork is well done, probably my favourite being either Peaches/Sonia or Peaches/Jo, and I really like the way the cast is well-spread with young, older, blonde, brunette women. In short, anyone who likes passionate girl/girl porn will really like it. However, I don't believe this is VT's best. That title is still PV3, in my opinion, but Inside Peaches is a great movie if you're a fan. 4/5.

Okay, time now for an OBJECTIVE review. The cardinal sin of this film is that it is simply the vehicle for the personal fantasies of six Viv Thomas forum members, each one involving Peaches. Producing a film in this way has two unhappy consequences. First, when one watches the film it feels like trespassing on someone else’s dream – just horrible. A previous review has explained the lengths to which the production team went in order to complete the most minor detail. I hated it. It felt really staged and contrived.

The second consequence is that the film clearly has no unity of conception and is therefore thoroughly disjointed and uneven. The various scenes do not seem to be part of the same movie at all. Typically for VT, the girls are super-hot, but I can think of better scenes, in terms of heat AND camerawork, that all of them have done in other VT movies (even Sonia Red – see my review of Hot Slots 1). The camerawork was not up to the usual high standards, and the brevity of close-ups, or, on occasion, the lack of them, was frustrating and disappointing.

Overall, and for the reasons I’ve given, I thought this movie was thoroughly lame – so much so I’m getting rid of my copy. I wish VT had made more during their period of spontaneous films (Return of Sandy, Our Movie); the girls were really into it then, and at least every viewer could feel included watching those. By pandering to a clique of forum members, VT has surrounded itself with fawning yes-men. And, for a company that once led the field, the absence of high definition in 2007 is inexcusable! The future belongs to Bellezza Video.

Nice, if not the best in the Viv canon. Cruising at a pretty high level, if you like (and very pretty, too).

Most memorable bits were Lisa's dress (not to mention Lisa herself, and the way her hand goes up Peaches' skirt), Eve in a black bikini, and the _very nice_ last scene with Stella Stevens (who looks, in a pink thong, good enough to eat - as Peaches does). I also liked the contrast in their scene between the slim Jo and the voluptuous Peaches, though the scenario was clunky. In fact, I thought the framing plots were a bit clunky in general, and could have been disposed with. There is some silliness with Silvia Saint which, I thought, wasted her.

I also notice that the production values in Viv's operation continue to go up. Fewer stripped pine beds, and bigger, more expensive-looking rooms.

This is as strong a release from VT as any can be. Excellent production values, stunning women, thrilling performances, it's all very top-shelf. Yet it seems as though the lads at VT are caught in a bit of a loop. Surely, there is a strong effort to reinvent (redo) all that made Butterfly such a standout release, even to the point of casting Stella as Peaches' love interest. However, this effort come up somewhat flat.

The bewitching Eve is in there, as well as the stunning Jo, the goddess Silvia Saint, the coquettish Sonia Red, and a scene with Stella and Peaches... how can this fail? Well, it manages to: in spite of all the best efforts, this release does come up flat. It's worth owning for the fans, but it's still not Butterfly.

I did not care for this at all. Just not what I was hoping for. I think I am getting bored with Viv movies.

Long Time Aficinado of Pornogr
The sets were very good, the women beautiful, the photography very good, the writing adequate, but that is no longer enough. Maybe I am becoming more discriminating or Viv Thomas is starting to lose their touch, but I am tired of "scenario" or "fantasy" movies. The only thing missing in these movies is a pizza girl knocking on the door.

I want a believable plot that has a beginning, a middle, and an end. I want believable multi-scene seductions, not two women that meet and five minutes later they are in bed together. I want passion. Finally I am willing to pay more for a REAL Movie.

Just Marie
I think everything has been said - those who adored the video wrote long and lyrically, those who didn't dismissed it in a few lines. I can't add much...

If you are debating whether to buy it, then I would say buy it rather than miss it. It's not an utter classic, but you do get some good things. Not least of all Peaches, who is really cute with a lovely body. It is well-filmed, nobody's foot is caught on camera, no shadows from the boom-mic, and so on. That's only to be expected in a Viv Thomas film.

What works for me? The scene with Sonja Red (who is also cute), because it is a bit giggly, a bit clumsy, and reminds me of when I was young. The final scene, for the simple reason that the characters say "I love you", and then make love like two people who realize they should have done it a long time ago. Note to video-makers, "I love you" is something people DO say! Peaches' dirty talking in the scene with Jo...

What doesn't work for me? Funnily enough - Lisa. She is such a lady, and hurrah for her being both mature and beautiful, but she doesn't sparkle in her scene. The black magic scene doesn't work at all, except for seeing Peaches ride that you-know-what. The idea that Jo needs a call-girl... I mean... really... what red-blooded lesbian wouldn't rush to help her out free-of-charge? I know I would, but then she wouldn't be looking for a pear-shaped, plain, middle-aged...

If you are still undecided, flip a coin.

"Rhonda tha Grinda"
A while back I purchased and watched "In the Family" and thought at the time that it was the best flick I'd ever seen. Then I saw "Butterfly" and WOW!, it was even better. The last scene between Sandra and Stella blew the top off the Heat Meter. And now this. Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed this film.

I am now completely in love/lust with Peaches. I have seen her in other works but she was never utilized like she is here. The production team has captured her essence and sexuality to perfection.

The schoolgirl scene was incredibly hot and brought back a memory or two for me, but the last scene between Peaches and Stella is beyond belief. I watched it with a friend several years younger than me and it drove her absolutely out of her mind! What a night!

Anyway, kudos to everyone involved - especially the lovely star - and please keep it up. Do not listen to the naysayers who obviously have no sensibility to appreciate what you are accomplishing: Lesbian erotica at its very finest.

I did not like. The girls are all wonderful and the scripts seem promising, but … I don’t know. Lacked detail. It was a brave attempt but, in my humble opinion, failed.

Peaches in this film showed no vocation as an actress. Do not get me wrong, I love Peaches. I think she’s incredibly beautiful, and I loved her in "Sex Tapes." In fact, much better in that. I do not know if it was better directed, or if the lack of a script made her loosen up. I found "Inside Peaches" very artificial. Maybe Peaches has taken acting classes, since the difference between the films is two years.

And the songs, the transitions between scenes, those noises … ridiculous. Especially in the second scene with Sonia Red. It broke the atmosphere.

The sex scenes are good, but did not achieve what I’d hoped for the film. It’s a shame.

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