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Sirens (Viv Thomas) ____________________________________
Sirens (Viv Thomas)
I.D. dvd_3095, Adult
2007, 112 min.
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Viv Thomas
VOD *Analog* Source    
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5-Star Film! 

Nelly, Zafira, Lola, Vanesa, Charlie & Zoe.

A Lezlove World Exclusive!!

Lola, the virgin estate agent must make a sale on her first house, a house that no one can sell for the tales of playful nymphs seducing all women who venture there. In a highly anticipated and stylized movie from sapphic masters vivthomas.com, Lola becomes caught in a whirlwind of lust and debauchery as she tries to rid the house of the sirens, who feed on the juices from a woman's pussy and strengthen to the cries of her orgasm...

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DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, filmed in HDV, chapter index, bonus scenes [solo], outtakes, trailers [all g/g]. NTSC.

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I haven’t reviewed a Viv Thomas title in a while, so I figured I’d get caught up. I love the concept of this video. A house is “haunted” by lesbian nymphs, complete with glittery makeup and fantasy costumes. The nymphs seduce whatever woman they appear before - or is it all a dream?

First, let’s be clear: Viv is the ONLY one who could pull this concept off without it looking REALLY cheap and hokey. The women indeed look like goddesses, the makeup jobs and costumes are superb, and even the music is a perfect, trance-like fit. I also forgot, in my Viv Thomas break, how much better his videos are for amazing footage of women kissing. These truly are the end-all be-all pinnacle of kissing.

This is the direction Viv needs to continue pushing himself in. He’s done so much in lesbian erotica, but there remains so much more in the setup/fantasy deptartment to explore!

1) Buildup/Seduction: A very cute and unique premise, indeed.

2) Kissing: Should be required viewing for anyone making lesbian videos today.

3) Attractiveness of Women: The typical high standards you’ve come to expect from a Viv Thomas production.


Dux Bellorum
Well, well, a long-awaited and anticipated movie from Viv Thomas, and... it's as good as it looks. The story is good, there are also some funny moments, the sex is great, camerawork is outstanding; what more can you say? And, let's be honest, you know all the positives and you know what you get with Viv Thomas.

In Greek mythology, sirens are deities of the sea who live on an island, so there is one flaw. When I think about sirens, I'm definitely not thinking about a real estate agent. I'm thinking about the sea, a ship, and beautiful women (= sirens) who come out of the water and who inhabit an island. But the only water you'll get here is a pool. Admittedly, the house is great, and I wish I could afford such a property, but at least it could have been near a beach so that the Sirens could come out of the water.

In one scene, a siren crawls out of the sheets, and that really looks fantastic, but it reminds of a scene in "Dracula," and again I'm not thinking about sirens. Of course, that's a minor flaw, but still, for me it would have added more to the title and a story about sirens.

It's kinda funny, because usually I like such scenes - at home, in bed, tender seduction - but with this title I really would have wished for another setting: on a beach, in the sand, in the water. That would have made "Sirens" perfect. So, it's almost perfect, and, of course, a keeper for everybody who likes all the other Viv Thomas titles.

Duggal / Vercingetorix
This movie is a success on its own terms, but the premise of the story is really the opposite of the kind of stuff I like to see. The sirens in the movie are these supernatural creatures who seduce women. So, basically, we get a bunch of sex scenes with almost no context.

As for the sex, it's pretty good, but Viv's movies sometimes have a hard time finding a middle ground between “slow and dreamy” and “spontaneous and frenzied.” In Sirens, the sex tends to be a bit too slow and dreamy for my tastes.

Lola is a real find, and I really wish her character had been given more personality. The scene between her and Nelly is really hot, and I couldn't help thinking how much hotter it would have been with a more realistic and mundane story. I envisioned Lola as a repressed, supposedly straight, career-driven woman and Nelly as the free-spirited bad girl who seduces her.

Anyway, this movie is great for what is. Just be warned: if you like plots, this won't be your cup of tea.

Well, it's here and it's quite the production. It's slick, the models are hotter than hot, and the locations are about as professional as you can get. But I guess it's a case of, if it's too pretty to look at, maybe there's not much going on. I think that VT has fallen into a bit of a trap with their recent productions. Sure, the women are hot, and who can get enough Nelly? But when you compare them to PV 1 to 3, or anything from the Vera series of videos, and even Stella and Sophie's video, these charming productions cannot rise that much further than video eye candy. Maybe it's time for VT to rethink their approach. Who knows? Maybe Office Girls 2 will give them a new lease on life.

This is a film I have been looking forward to, and by and large I was not disappointed. Oh, to have a house with such spirits as Nelly, Zafira, and Zoe to waylay you in the garden or bedroom. Well-photographed with just the right atmosphere, this is a luscious piece of entertainment with truly beautiful women and really indolent, leisurely girl-girl sex.

Sirens has some of the most succulent pussy-licking, and the scene where Lola, the novice real estate agent, is seduced in her sleep is certainly something to behold. The house is magnificent and the sun-drenched erotic smell that seems to float through the air sets off Lola's attempts to sell a house with lesbian spirits. Charlie is just the right buyer, and she enters into the leisurely indolent sex with real pleasure.

And yet, despite all this perfection, there is something that this film lacks. What, it is hard to say. So it is not as good as the publicity for this makes it out to be. Still, a real pleasure to watch. I guess one might say Sirens is a Viv Thomas near-masterpiece.

Phil O'Gynist
As it says in the introduction to the movie on the LLV web site, this is a "stylized movie from sapphic masters vivthomas.com." And all hail and welcome back to form the master Viv.

This one is beautifully filmed and produced, with a captivating cast and a neat story line that has enough variety to hold the attention.

It is so well done I started to type "flawless" at one point, but I must agree with Clion - it is not so interesting in terms of the action as the PV or Vera series. But still most enjoyable. Now, if we could just get Unfaithful 2...

Anon in 'Bama
Viv Thomas's videos are some of the most professionally produced all-girl productions available, built more around erotic softcore imagery than anything else. The storyline here involves a house for sale inhabited by several mysterious lesbian "ghost girls" who engage in sex with those women entering therein.

In the opening scene, Lela is the real estate agent trying to sell the house. She decides to spend the night in order to get a "feel" for the place, and, sure enough, during the night we see female hands gliding up her legs and exploring her body, ravishing her as she sleeps. B+

The next day, Lela welcomes a potential buyer: a beautiful blonde named Vanessa. As Vanessa begins roaming the house on her own, she discovers a "ghost girl" on the stairs, who pulls her into a nearby bedroom and proceeds to have sex with her. When Lela walks into the room, she finds Vanessa by herself, nude. The pretty blonde then hastily leaves the house. B-

That night, two of the "ghost girls” have sex out by the swimming pool. B-

The next day, Lela, now aware that the house she's trying to sell is infested by sexy "ghost girls," shows up with a gun, which she then aims at one of the phantom beauties. The girl pushes the weapon aside and begins making out with Lela. She then takes her upstairs and does her with a strap-on. So much for defeating them with modern weaponry. B

Finally, an attractive girl shows up at the house who doesn't seem bothered by the beautiful "ghost girls." She spots two of them together out by the pool, and when they beckon her to join them she does so. I especially loved the attention they gave her gorgeous ass! The next day a "sold" sign appears on the outside of the house. B+

All of the women in this video look like flawless fashion models. This video is not so much scripted as it is orchestrated. What little dialogue there is is Hungarian, subtitled in English. Overall grade: B

Let Me Drive
OK, at the risk of getting flamed out of the VT fan club, here goes nuttin honey. I thought this movie was bland and somewhat lifeless. Beautiful women having sex without much drama or passion or daring. I didn’t even find it all that sensual. I thought the women were gorgeous and the sex good, but the scenes just did not turn me on. Viv seems to throw out movies that are far from his better stuff, such as the Pink Velvet series and Butterfly and more recently the excellent Unfaithful 2, and gets very formulaic. Beautiful locales, beautiful women, but little lust, deep passion or twist. I've started passing over these movies for L Factor, most GFF and my favorite (next to the other-worldly Japanese), Abby Winters. Let me know when the creative Viv is around. He is the best!

J Fitz
Sometimes I have to watch a movie two times before I make my mind up whether or not I liked it, or how much. Sirens is one of those movies. On my first viewing, I was completely transfixed by the long, drawn-out seduction of the opening sex scene. I wasn’t sure about the rest of it and even found myself a little bored by the slow and soft pacing of the scenes.

After a second viewing, I decided that Sirens is an exceptionally erotic movie. It is very successful at setting a soft and sensuous mood ripe with the potential for woman on woman loving. All elements of the movie come together to contribute to this mood. Particularly effective is the music. Many people don’t like music in their porn, and I am generally in agreement, but Viv Thomas handles it so well, I like it in his movies. The music is done better in Sirens than perhaps any other VT production. Plus, the music generally goes away after the first few minutes of the sex scenes.

As mentioned in some of the reviews, the story is pretty spare, but what story exists also contributes to the atmosphere. I would like to thank Mr. Thomas for letting the women speak in their native language and let us read along with subtitles. It sounds so much better than having them struggle to speak in English. My only gripe is the subtitles were so small, I could barely read them.

The sex is very soft and sensuous in every scene. It is even softer than most VT scenes, due to fewer explicit camera angles. I like the more explicit style used by VT but the softer feel works for Sirens. There is plenty of nice kissing and that is always a plus and to be expected in a VT production.

I must talk about the cast. I usually identify my euro babe performers by whether or not they have shot for sapphicerotica.com. In Sirens, all but Lola have, and the entire cast is ridiculously good looking with pretty much flawless bodies. I’m glad to see Viv Thomas branching out to some new girls and the casting here is excellent.

I would recommend Sirens for any fan of Viv Thomas. It is a little different than many of his movies, but he has really put together a nice piece of “work” here. As always, I look forward to the next Viv Thomas title.

Very nice disc. An implausibly beautiful cast, a framing idea that allows some good jokes, and lots of photogenic, relaxed, touchy sex where everybody seems to be enjoying themselves. What more could you want?

Lola in particular is just unbelievable - if her occasional career in pornography doesn't work out, she can always find work as a model for Armani. It is a mystery to me how Viv manages not just (a) to find women like this, but also (b) to persuade them to take off all their clothes and have, and apparently enjoy, sex with each other in front of his camera.

My only quibble is that the picture quality of my copy was not that great. Not bad, but not the sort of pin-sharp reproduction that high-end eye candy like this really deserves. Maybe it was the NTSC conversion, but I would be happy if Viv traded off some of the extras for a few more bits per frame.

Addendum: Now I see the reason for the poor pic quality: the NTSC conversion letterboxed the original 16:9. Oh well.

Humble Opinion
I really liked this film. I hesitated buying it for a while mainly because of the criticism here, that the movie had no plot and was just a lot of pretty women having sex. That criticism has rung true for me on several of Viv's movies, but I didn't find that to be the case this time.

Each of the sirens' sex scenes had a specific "feel" to it, it seemed to me, and that helped make the scenes work for me. Nelly's siren was aggressive and pushy. Zoe's siren was playful. Zafira's was seductive and alluring.

The sex scenes do have a slow and seductive quality to them - each of the human female partners is, basically, hypnotized by their siren - but I thought that "feel" gave each of the scenes a definite sub/dom feel to it, which I enjoyed a lot.

The sirens are in complete control of their subjects, which means that sometimes their human prey is submissive, giving in to the siren - such as in Nelly's scene with Lola. At other times, the siren wants her female partner to let out her own repressed lust - such as in the scene between Zoe and Vanesa.

Others have mentioned this, but Lola really needs to be highlighted. She is one of the most stunning-looking adult performers that I have seen in some time, with or without clothes on. Holding that gun on Zafira, Lola was the equal of any "Bond girl" I ever watched - sexy and believably dangerous

All of the other girls are gorgeous as well. I especially liked Zafira, and look forward to more of her in the future.

Despite all the smoke everyone is giving this production, all I saw was fog.

I'm not much on stories, but as far as the sex, I was disappointed with this one. There was only one 69 and very little butt licking which is almost traditional with Viv Thomas's work. Also, the 69 pictured on the back cover never happened at all during the scene. Scenes 1 and 3 are in the dark and both scenes are only 15 minutes long. I don't know what you people are thinking, but that's a waste of time if you ask me. Sorry, but while I enjoyed many of his previous works, I feel like I just got robbed with this one.

Furthermore, with the exception of Eve and Peaches, I'm also getting tired of Viv using the same girls over and over and over again. Enough already! Are there no other attractive girls in Europe/England?? If Nelly was any thinner, she'd probably be see-through. How about some meat and potatoes. Somebody feed these girls!

Is Sirens a 5 star film? Not in my opinion.

Sirens is an enjoyable/hang-out movie best enjoyed as such. Very pretty girls acting in a well scripted and specially filmed way. Quite mesmerizing.

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