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Dani Daniels' The Yoga Instructor ____________________________________
Dani Daniels' The Yoga Instructor
I.D. dvd_3114, Adult
2011, 101 min.
Filly Films
Directed by Dani Daniels
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Dani Daniels, Lily Carter, Elle Alexandria, Heather Starlet & Brett Rossi.

Scene listing:

[2:06] Dani Daniels & Lily Carter

[30:52] Dani Daniels & Brett Rossi

[56:19] Dani Daniels & Elle Alexandria

[1:15:32] Dani Daniels & Heather Starlet

[1:43:01] END CREDITS

DVD Features
chapter index, cast interviews, bonus footage [foreplay, orgasms], photo gallery & trailers [g/g].

I enjoyed this one only slightly more than the disappointing "MILF Masseuse" release also from Filly Films. It benefits from the great-looking cast that look even better in their form-fitting yoga attire. Sadly, this point is driven along like a hammer to a nail by a cameraman who thinks he or she is David Fincher- zooming in at awkward times and speeds on various body parts. The setups still need a little work, but the story and performances in the Lily Carter scene are decent.

1)Buildup/Seduction: There still seems to be a bit of a struggle for defining an actual setup to these scenarios. I’d also prefer it if the foreplay went on a bit longer once the action starts in earnest.

2) Kissing: The girls start off with the kissing, and come back to it here and there, but I was still left wanting more when compared to other titles in the top tier of today’s lesbian releases.

3) Attractiveness of Women: The young girls here are all fantastic looking. Seeing them stretch in their yoga attire is great eye candy for what follows. It’s also a welcome break from the over the top outfits we’re forced to endure in most adult videos. More healthy-looking girls like this, please!


I enjoyed this tremendously. Dani Daniels was really superb as the impish serial seducer of her yoga clients. For me she really makes this film as she injects a considerable sense of fun. That she is also the director speaks volumes for her talents, as I thought this was a really well shot movie.

The scene I adored was scene three, when Elle Alexandra storms into Dani’s bedroom really upset at Dani for seducing her sister in scene one, after she’d warned Dani not to. Elle literally throws herself at Dani screaming "if you want a girl, take me!" This Dani does obligingly after a wrestling match, as Elle tries to teach Dani a lesson.

If Mike Quasar’s My First Girlfriend 2 is good this is truly superb. Please, more Dani Daniels both as a performer and director.

As for the cast they were excellent, with Lily Carter as the warned sister who cannot refuse Dani’s overtures, Heather Starlet, and Brett Rossi who gets rejected by Dani for having no Yoga skills. Brett however has other skills which Dani appreciates.

Yes, really enjoyed this beautifully produced movie.

Apart from the slightly enhanced Brett Rossi, all girls are great looking naturals. And almost everything else makes for a great movie- the set, lighting, performances and so on are just top notch. I did notice a few camera acknowledgements in the Dani Daniels/Elle Alexandra scene though. The sex is very convincing and enjoyable in all four scenes, but a little uniform in the long run.

The cover claims that the film is directed by Dani Daniels. This I doubt very much. How can she direct, when she is onscreen from start to end? Okay, I’m no filming expert. Never mind, whoever might be responsible, I would like to congratulate him/her for a really nice outlet. Easily recommendable!

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