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Girls in White 2007 01 ____________________________________
Girls in White 2007 01
I.D. dvd_3493, Adult
2007, 152 min.
Girlfriends Films
Directed by Sydni Ellis

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5-Star Film! 

Nina Hartley, Kylie Ireland, Elexis, Heather, Samantha, Sasha, Satine, Sydni, Trinity & Veronica.

Episode 5 of the Thornhill Diaries

For the second year, Girlfriends Films follows the community of Thornhill's annual Girls in White party, a formal debutante ball and coming-out celebration for young lesbians. This year, the party is held at the Nina Hartley mansion and there is no shortage of older girls who treat the event as their own personal meat market, competing like vultures to take advantage of the young, virginal debutantes.

Simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video.

DVD Features
chapter index, trailers [all g/g].

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More than any other, this is the title I’ve been looking forward to most this year. It got to the point that right before I watched it, I was worried that it’d never be as good as I was hoping it to be. This review is a little more in-depth than most for that reason.

After the first scene of this release, I was pretty much speechless. The story was great, the performances were great, the pairing, from a physical standpoint, great. I just totally got the feeling that I was watching two women doing everything they could with each other - completely living in the moment, not wanting it to end because they didn't know for sure if they'd ever see each other again. Neither girl seemed anxious to just “get on with it,” so to speak. If I had frustrations, and here I'm really nitpicking, it was straining to hear their affectionate whispers to each other during the love scene. But even that, as an added ingredient, I LOVED, and wish I'd see more of it in general.

The second scene, with Elexis and Samantha, also never disappoints. Samantha Ryan is a great performer, and I hope they cast her more. I can't believe she's only been in two scenes so far. Again, I love the setup here, even the first shots of Elexis holding her dress up in the mirror. It's such a great anticipation builder.

For me, the big wild card was the orgy scene. They usually just do not work for me, so I was interested in how they’d approach it. I liked that, while it was a group scene, the girls were paired off. I think that's the only way I can truly enjoy orgy scenes. I always need that one-on-one connection. I liked the idea of the younger girls being subservient to Nina in general, but, for my tastes, the sub/dom thing went a bit too far (collar, whip, etc.). It just seemed to conflict with the romance/classiness aspect that I associate with and enjoy about Girls in White.

Like scene three, I like the idea of Nina “rewarding” Satine, but again the sub/dom permeates a bit too much for my tastes. Of course, the whole strap-on segment could have been 86'ed, in my book, too. That said, I still found plenty of moments to enjoy.

Overall, I'd call this a great success. It has all of the romance, plot, interesting pairings, and action I love, wrapped up in one video. Of course, I much preferred the first two scenes to the last two, but THAT'S OKAY! I very much appreciate the obvious time/effort that went into this production, and GFF totally deserve all of the accolades coming their way. The work and attention to detail has paid off tremendously.

1) Buildup/Seduction: They’ll lose just one point here for the sub/dom and strap-on stuff I didn’t prefer, but they hit the mark spot on everywhere else.

2) Kissing: All over, and all of it is great.

3) Attractiveness of Women: Kylie and Sasha? Nina and Satine? I couldn’t ask for anything more!


flying dutchman
"Girls In White 2007, Part 1" is a total disappointment from GF Films. I sense that they're taking the attitude of "path of least resistance" in some of their work these days, allowing so-so actresses and performances to pass for what once was first-rate material. A re-inspiration and rededication to their craft would be nice.

I don't know what a Thornhill Diary is, but whatever it is, it ain't working. Not for me, anyway. OK, I admit that I'm not into Nina Hartley and the things she does on video, and this could be a factor for me to dislike this video, but still I think that this Girls in White 2007 is not even close to previous volumes from this very same video company.

This one is pretty boring and does not offer much to comment about it. I hope GF goes back to their original style that has captivated so many fans in the last two years or so. I don't recommend this one, sorry.

Humble Opinion
The first scene, with Kylie Ireland and Sasha Knox, is an excellent and memorable scene. The setup is that Kylie used to supervise Sasha, and Sasha has had a crush on Kylie from the first time she met her. Now, some time later, Sasha has an opportunity to act on her feelings, and she does so hesitantly but passionately. Kylie, who is reluctant to give in at first, eventually lets herself go and enjoys Sasha's adoration. Later, Kylie becomes more aggressive, showing herself to be an experienced lesbian lover. I thought that the scene was really well acted out by both women.

The next scene is with Elexis and Samantha Ryan. The girls are beautiful, and Samantha especially is intense in her lovemaking, but Elexis, who is supposed to be depressed because of a lover's betrayal, is nonetheless too detached, I thought, in the scene. Maybe the scene needed some more dialogue as things progressed, to develop the passion between the girls more. It is not a bad scene, it just could have been better, I thought.

The scene with Nina Hartley as a dominatrix and three of her girl slaves did not really work for me. There were certainly moments of arousal, such as when Nina is fingering Trinity while they watch Heather and Satine go at it, but, in general, this four girl scene suffers from the same problem that other four girl scenes suffer from - so much action going on that it is distracting and ultimately hinders the intimacy of the moment.

The last scene is with Nina Hartley and Satine Phoenix, right after the four girl scene. Satine has a beautiful body and is clearly passionate and a joy to watch. But Nina Hartley, inexplicably, wore glasses throughout the whole scene, which detracted from the dominatrix image she was trying to portray. Again, this scene definitely had moments, particularly when Nina puts on a strap-on and dominates Satine, but I thought that this scene also could have been better.

Brigata Ultra
Well, well, the user JamesKennedy asked in the forum who this Kylie Ireland chick was. Man, must I have gotten old. And you don't have to be a die-hard porn fan to know her. Anyhow, I was really excited and looking forward to seeing her in a GF movie, because that's a really good thing, bringing porn stars from the older days to GF and shooting them with new girls.

The first scene is great, because Kylie and Sasha fit perfectly together: the young, cute girl and the mature lady with a full body. And you know you'll get a great amount of kissing and all of the good things we want to see. Sasha is really great, too. She's not your porn starlet beauty, but very cute.

Unfortunately, scene two was very average, just another g/g scene for the books. There was no real chemistry between those girls, and some real lack of climax; it just goes on and on without any point you'll remember.

Well, the third scene definitely has its moments. Usually I'm not into slave fetish or SM, for that matter, but this theme is just "fetish light" here. But mistress Nina Hartley getting her pussy sucked by a young redhead in the chair at the dining room table with her black glasses on, you can't beat that, it's awesome.

As soon as someone sucks on a rubber penis during a scene, this scene is ruined. So scene four was a big disappointment. Satine Pheonix and Nina getting it on in bed.

All in all, one has to be honest that this installment isn't a big improvement, though it's a very good movie. But you can get the impression that GF has reached its peak a year ago and now there's no improvement possible.

P.S.: Kylie Ireland and Puma Swede together, that would be THE scene.

Anon in 'Bama
I'd have to disagree with flying dutchman's negative review (see above) on this one. No, it's not perfect, but it's got some fairly decent scenes in it! This is the first "Girls in White" video I've purchased, and while the overall idea of a lesbian finishing school isn't that bad, I'd much rather it was just a regular girls school that just so happened to be ruled by a clique of dominant lesbian administrators! Anyway, here's my take on the four scenes therein:

1) Kylie and Sasha - I liked the excellent older/younger chemistry here. What I DIDN'T care so much for was that it was younger blonde Sasha in the aggressive role instead of older redhead Kylie. It just messes up the whole sub/dom fantasy element, at least in my opinion. They kiss and undress each other before retreating together into the bedroom. There's lots of cunnilingus, fingering, and tribbing, and I particularly liked those brief moments when Kylie tenderly kissed Sasha's pretty behind. Grade: B-

2) Elexis and Samantha - Elexis is trying on a gown when pretty blonde Samantha enters the room. They discuss the upcoming girl/girl party they'll soon be attending, and also how Elexis's mom is pushing her toward lesbianism(?) Their mutual admiration leads to compliments, caressing, and an eventual sexual encounter. Neither girl takes charge of the situation, but their moment together is soft and sensuous nonetheless. My favorite part was when Elexis was on her hands and knees with Samantha kissing her way down her back. Grade: B-

3) Nina Hartley and the Slaves --- The slave girls in this scene are Heather, Trinity, and Satine, and they join Miss Nina in the dining room where she teaches them sexual etiquette. This scene comes dangerously close to “instructional lesbianism,” which I hate. Nina has Trinity go down on her while ordering Heather and Satine to do each other. While I kind of liked the way Nina attempted to be dominant, her behavior came across as more mechanical than anything else. Satine and Heather just went though the motions in doing each other. Grade: C

4) Nina Hartley and Satine - Nina wants Satine all by herself, so she takes her into the bedroom. The sub/dom feel of this scene was really good. I especially liked it when Nina spanked the younger girl, and later took her from behind with a strap-on. Nina needs to caress her slave girls more. There were times when this one came across as a little too formulaic, with Nina in too much of a hurry to get it over with. Still, this was my favorite overall scene on this DVD. Grade: B+

Good direction, solid production values, and some very nice older/younger chemistry gives this series an excellent overall feel! I'd rate it a solid “B” overall.

Having seen all but one of the "Thornhill Diaries," the story of a lesbian community, this really added to this really excellent series. I thought it greatly added to the obvious Renaissance of Girlfriends Films, as evidenced by Women Seeking Women 30, Lesbian Psychotherapists, and this truly excellent film.

Best scene was Elexis and Samantha, which, I thought, is among the most passionate and memorable lesbian lovemaking sessions ever filmed. Elexis was perfection itself, as she usually is, as was Samantha. All the other scenes were high class, and this is a must-have movie.

Girlfriends Films had a problem about 18 months ago, but having seen most of their films, this film convinces me they have never been so good.

WOW, this movie is very, very hot. The women in the first three scenes are very passionate, and the kissing is great. You must buy this one. I love it when the women are kissing and have their arms around each other. I wish there were more scenes that showed women holding each other in their arms and French kissing. This is a great movie.

There are only two good scenes in the movie that I enjoyed.

The first one is the scene with Kylie and Sasha. This is my favorite scene, and one of the best lovemaking scenes I have ever seen. The girls are really into each other. There is great kissing and caressing, and the oral sex and tribbing are mind blowing.

Like most girl/girl films, there are always “you do me and I do you” scenes, which is boring sometimes. You won't get that when looking at Kylie and Sasha. They keep it going and keep pleasuring each other until they are finally exhausted. The most beautiful scene I have ever seen.

I would like to see these two again, especially Sasha; she is really sensitive when Kylie touches her. It is hard to find girls who is really sensitive to another girl's touch like Sasha is.

The next scene that I like is with Samantha and Elexis. It is not great like Kylie and Sasha, but it is okay, especially if you like Samantha. Even though Samantha has appeared in only two scenes for Girlfriends Films, she has amazed me. She is really pretty, and it looks like she loves having sex with girls and she is enjoyable to watch. I would like to see more of her too. The kissing in this scene is good also and the lovemaking scene is sensual.

I'm a dedicated renter of adult films, but as soon as I saw that Kylie Ireland filmed a scene for GFF, I knew that renting would not be good enough, so I bought it... and I was not disappointed. I must have watched the scene with Kylie and Sasha 50 times over the past few days. I even sent an e-mail to Kylie and she answered back saying that this was the first of three scenes she has done so far for GFF. I am eagerly awaiting the other two.

The first two scenes were awesome - I've also been an Elexis fan ever since the famous "skating wrist injury" scene. That girl really knows how to kiss. The Nina Hartley scenes I didn't really care for. I would have preferred someone along the lines of Keisha for scenes like that (sorry, Nina). And, for the record, Kylie and Keisha together, or in a three-way with Tara Wilde (where is she?), that would be my dream scene.

Phil O'Gynist
Girlfriends Films movies are always an adventure - you never know what you're going to get! This one is certainly in the keeper category.

It is worth it just for the two opening scenes. Scene one, with Kylie Ireland as the older professor and Sasha as the young student seeking a farewell sexual encounter, was right up there with the best of the younger/older genre.

Scene two was just stunning in every way. Elexis and Samantha are beautiful and so obviously enjoyed each other (a key factor to a good g-g movie). Some of the other amateur outfits (and some pros too) should watch this to see how to do it, starting with a good-looking cast who interact well with each other.

The last two scenes were not quite my thing, but it was a nice performance from Nina, and Heather is very watchable any time. And as I said, you never know what is coming with GF - what a contrast to the first two scenes.

By the way, one of my all-time favorite GF scenes, and a superb example of seduction of the new and timid by the experienced (but not old), is Anna and Cameron in WSW 12. Does anyone know anything about Cameron? And why doesn't GF do a follow up? The closing lines were made for it.

Just wanted to throw my $.02 in really quick. I'm not sure what movie some of the reviewers were watching, but it certainly wasn't the same one I was watching. How anyone cannot find the Kylie/Sasha scene to be one of the best lesbian scenes in recent history is beyond me. That scene completely blew my mind... words simply cannot describe how perfect it was.

Everything simply fell together: the affection the two showed each other, the sweet whisperings, the continued kissing and lovemaking, everything. I would easily rank it the top three, rivaling even the movies of the mighty Viv Thomas himself, which I pretty much view exclusively. That scene alone is worth the movie, IMO. Everything else is a bonus.

The scenes featuring Kylie and Sasha (vidcaps 1 - 3) and Elexis and Samantha (vidcaps 4 - 7) are both very good. Standard Girlfriends Films fare, with two attractive women in a big bed engaging lots of slow, deep kissing and foreplay before getting down to some trib and oral.

The four girl orgy scene at the dining room table with Nina, Trinity, Satine, and Heather was fairly hot. It kind of reminded me of a big-budget (for porn) movie from the 70’s. The scene didn’t have the sweet sensuality that GF is known for, but it had its moments. There’s just something about watching four attractive women having hot sex on the dining room table. Delicious.

Lovely Satine and long time favorite Nina were sexy together (last vidcap). There was a strong bondage element, but it was playful rather than mean or scary. It was a fun and sexy scene, but it’s not one I’ll watch repeatedly.

It’s good that GF is trying something different, but it’s not the kind of different I personally want to see. I’d like to see them stick with the sensuous lovemaking they’re known for and change their visual style a bit rather than get into things like bondage and orgies and so on. Well... maybe a little bit of bondage and orgies wouldn’t hurt. They’re kinda hot.

This was a GOOD movie for a GF film. The first two scenes were pretty erotic, but they’ve done pretty much the same thing dozens of times before. The last two scenes were both fun and sexy but forgettable.


Was this the best in lesbian or girl-girl video or even of the Girlfriends Films offerings? Perhaps not. But, I enjoyed it. Nina Hartley is still hot, glasses and all, and I particularly like the fact they attempt a story line. I've seen a lot of all-girl video, and this is quality stuff. I found myself looking forward to Part 2, which is no disappointment either. GF is as good as it gets these days, I appreciate that they try new situations, whether they are to my particular taste or not.

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