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Lesbian Paradise (Marc Dorcel) ____________________________________
Lesbian Paradise (Marc Dorcel)
I.D. dvd_3584, Adult
2005, 82 min.
Marc Dorcel (France)
Directed by Walter Ego

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Sharka Blue, Ellen, Veronika, Lucie, Zdenka, Elena, Hana & Denisa.

Katia has her ticket to Thailand. There she is greeted by a group of sexually charged women. From the first night to the last, they become enthralled in a state of euphoria. With every encounter being hotter than the next, will this Paradise prove to be too much?

Please note: based on customer feedback, this title is no longer 5-Star.

DVD Features
chapter index, behind-the-scenes footage, European live sex show footage [solo, g/g & hetero], multiple languages, trailers [hetero].

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NOTES: I know Jen loved this title, but I personally found nothing to like about it other than the locations. It just seemed typical of non-Viv Thomas European fare. They donít seem to have a clue (any more so than stateside major studios) as to what fans of this genre really want to see.

Given this title's five-star rating, it surprised me that no one else had reviewed it yet, but perhaps others knew something I wish I had. With the five stars, and Marc Dorcel's apparently great rep for producing high-quality European boy-girl porn, I thought this would be an easy win and made the purchase, but I was very disappointed.

The superior video quality, exotic locales, and attractive young ladies ultimately come to naught, because the music-supplemented sex is light on passion. The girls behave, but they do not act. There is little intimacy. They mug for the camera, perform oral without much commitment (no rimming), seldom kiss, and bring very little intensity, while seemingly always aware that this is all for show. (Of course, it *is* all for show, but the actresses' job is to convince us that it's for real.)

There is a storyline, and the choice of narration languages includes English, but it's written without the fire and intrigue necessary to engage the viewer. And why bother to go all the way to Thailand (one of the most sexually charged places on Earth) if these nubile Europeans are never once going to sample the local ladies?

So, these pretty yet rather bland white gals keep to themselves, and while the occasional moment shines (some trib here, some licking there), I kept waiting for the girls to lose themselves in the moment. They never do, and the sex comes off pretty flat. The toys don't help.

The bonus features are somewhat telling: A behind the scenes featurette and a European sex industry show documentary remind us that it's all about product, not heart. Some knowledge of French is helpful for these, but it's not required. There are also two amusing AIDS awareness commercials (subtitled) included among the extras.

Ultimately, this resembles any number of decently budgeted girl-girl vids cranked out by California's flesh factories ó an okay, but not great, installment of, say, Hot Showers, or Sorority Spy without the charm. It's not terrible, just not terribly memorable. Neither here nor there, this is more like "Lesbian Limbo" than lesbian paradise. 6.5/10.

5 stars?! Is this a joke? This is the worst g/g movie EVER. The girls are extremely good looking, especially Ellen Saint, but thereís not a second of real sex. The oral sex is ridiculous, there are no kisses to talk about - the movie is about a few models posing for camera. Thatís all. Laughable.

Very disappointing. The makers have obviously gone to a great deal of trouble to make this video. The narration alone comes in seven [?] languages as well as subtitles in four languages! The girls themselves are all attractive enough, and you would be hard-pressed to beat the location.

Unfortunately, what they have ended up with is an overly stylized, passionless video. You never at any stage feel the women wish to be together, and in lesbian erotica that should be the point, shouldn't it? I wish also that they had given the makeup guy the day off at some point. The girls are all heavily made up at all times. Do you really want to see girls in full makeup, high heels, the latest sunglasses, and bikinis going to get a suntan?

I guess the five-star rating is to assure a new producer some sales. But really it made me yearn for the better scenes of the Cockless videos, just two girls who are into each other. I'd love to see what Girlfriends Films would have made with a comparable budget and location. What about it? Girlfriends Films goes to Thailand!

This movie just goes to show that a beautiful cast and location do not a good movie make. One would think two gorgeous women naked together in a stone hot tub with flower petals floating in it would be unbearably erotic, but director Walter Ego manages to screw up this scene as badly as every other scene in this movie.

And how does he screw it up? The same way as every other director who has no idea whatís erotic about lesbianism. He isnít even creative at making a mess. The action is very posed, thereís little kissing or other foreplay, there are endless close-ups of dildos going in and out, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

ďLesbian ParadiseĒ proves that despite their reputation for love, sex, and romance, the French are just as good at making dreary soulless crap as anyone else. It barely merits a FAIR, and thatís only for the beauty of the women and locations.


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