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French Kiss (MetArt/Viv Thomas) ____________________________________
French Kiss (MetArt/Viv Thomas)
I.D. dvd_3840, Adult
2015, 102 min.
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Guy Ranieri Sblattero

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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Tiffany Doll & Leila Smith, Tiffany Doll & Jimena Lago, Leila Smith & Samia Duarte, Tiffany Doll & Samia Duarte.

Long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses shared by beautiful women provide the theme and the title of director Guy Ranieri Sblattero's latest creation for Viv Thomas, French Kiss. And each of the four luxuriously lengthy vignettes featured here all begin, end, and are punctuated by hot, passionate kisses that convey love, lust, desire, romance, and passion with an eloquence no words could possibly match.

As the film begins Tiffany Doll and Leila Smith are making out tenderly. Kissing is soon followed by stripping, and then the lovemaking grows steadily more intense, with ample amounts of pussy-eating, fingering, ass-play, face-sitting, sixty-nining, and numerous orgasms.

Jimena Lago joins Tiffany Doll in the next scene, and they warm up with a lengthy bout of kissing prior pulling out the stops for a fevered session of heated lesbian sex that leaves them both dazed with erotic delight and orgasmic satisfaction.

Leila Smith is next joined by Samia Duarte, and after savoring a kiss-enhanced embrace they proceed to pleasure one another, tonguing and fingering each other to several stunning orgasms.

In the fourth and final encounter Samia Duarte and Tiffany Doll start off by sharing a lollipop, but the sweet candy can't compete with the mouthwatering temptations offered by their beautiful nude bodies and they're soon going at it, hot and heavy, with exquisitely orgasmic results.

Lovers of romantic and passionate lesbianism won't want to miss French Kiss.

Scene listing:

[0:29] Unity - Tiffany Doll & Leila Smith

[26:08] Companion - Tiffany Doll & Jimena Lago

[50:12] Harmony - Leila Smith & Samia Duarte

[1:18:12] Intimacy - Tiffany Doll & Samia Duarte

[1:42:31] END CREDITS

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, Dolby digital sound, trailer [g/g]. NTSC

As my admiration of Guy Sblaterro’s films has increased I decided to obtain the titles of his that I had missed. One of these is this film “French Kiss”. This is the kind of movie that turns Lesbian Erotica into an art form so good is it with superb photography and the performance of four of Mr Sblattero’s favorite models.

In particular Tiffany Doll is just superb. I was a fan before I saw this but now she is up there with the very best. She has three of the four scenes in this and injects both sensuality, desire and a certain shyness which makes these scenes irresistible. Of the other models, Leila Smith and Samia Duarte are both in two scenes with Jimena Largo in one. All are just so superb words fail me.

While this film has no plot the dynamics of the love making are really gripping and each scene is a sheer masterpiece in itself. First there is kissing then desire overwhelms the girls and it is onto the lovemaking where the sex is just all consuming. No fake moans for each of the girls clearly are into their partner. That is the other thing that makes this film, the connection between the girls as they make love. Happily there are no toys for they would totally ruin the naturalness of the desire and feeling this film has.

In summary this is for me a really great Lesbian Erotica movie. That it carries the name of the greatest maker of lesbian Erotica movies is no accident and it convinces me that Mr Sblattero is rapidly becoming the heir to the Viv Thomas crown of greatest maker of girl girl films.

I don''t know anything about Guy Ranieri Sblattero other than what he produced for VivThomas.com after it was taken over by MetArt. On the basis of what he did there, he is obviously a _much_ better photographer than the average pornographer - better image texture, better styling, etc. Unfortunately he is a better photographer than a pornographer, which is why he left again pretty soon.

However sometimes his style did click with his project perfectly, and this is one of those times. This is a set of relaxed sensual scenes of girls making out, which fits perfectly with his style, and it is an easy five stars.

There are two scenes that I enjoyed the most:
1. Leila Smith and Tiffany Doll: Leila is a very hot redhead and Tiffany does most of the seducing. But best scene in this video Grade A-
2. Tiffany Doll and Samia Durante: They are in the kitchen sucking on lollipops when these two hot brunettes find time for sex! Grade: B

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