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Lesbian Hitchhiker 01 ____________________________________
Lesbian Hitchhiker 01
I.D. dvd_3938, Adult
2009, 101 min.
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Nica Noelle
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Lexi Belle & Nicole Ray, Melissa Monet & Lexi Belle, Debi Diamond & Melissa Monet, Nicole Ray & Debi Diamond.

Mature couple Debi Diamond and Melissa Monet have a secret they like young, innocent blondes. But in their rural conservative town there's only one way to meet these young hotties: on the side of the road. When Debi picks up young blonde hitchhiker Nicole Ray, the horny older woman drives past the young girl's destination and they have passionate sex in the car. But one young blonde is not enough, so Debi convinces girlfriend Melissa to find them another plaything. Melissa then picks up hitchhiker Lexi Belle, and shows the curious young blonde the pleasure of sapphic love. But when Lexi and Nicole finally meet, sparks fly between the two lusty dopplegangers and even more hot sex ensues! With sex in cars, older/younger pairings, and intense psychological tension, this Sweetheart Video has it all. Written and directed by Nica Noelle.

DVD Features

The previous video Sweetheart Video made that I saw was Lesbian Office Seductions 2. It was about as sexy as watching grass grow. You canít have sensual/erotic sex on an office desk, and the same is true of having sex in a car. There is not enough room and the camera angles are very limited. Seems like theyíre just spitting out naked women and calling them lesbian movies nowadays.

Anon in 'Bama
I kind of liked this one. Well, most of it, anyway. Itís basically got a kind of watered-down sexual-slavery theme, with these two older women picking up pretty younger girls off the street (or should I say "off the highway?"). But in typical Sweetheart Video style, everybody pretty much already likes girls to begin with, so no laws are broken or feathers ruffled. Anyway, hereís my synopsis/review:

1) Lexi Belle & Melissa Monet - Melissa is cruising down the highway in her red car. Sheís looking for a particular girl. No, not Sinn Sage, whom she drives right past (and gets flipped off as a result!). Melissa and her roommate apparently know about a certain little hot blonde who hitchhikes along this very road every Wednesday to visit her sick aunt. Finally, Melissa spots her, and pulls her car over.

The cute little blonde is Lexi Belle, and she quickly hops in. Melissa tells the girl that she really shouldnít be hitchhiking, and so Lexi explains to her how sheís newly-married and her husband takes the car every day, leaving her no choice but to thumb for rides. At this point, Melissa pulls over and makes it clear to the girl that she wants to have sex with her. Lexi is hesitant, but Melissa insists. "Pretend Iím whoever you want me to be." And with that she partially pulls down the pretty blondeís top and begins kissing her breasts. Melissa is in complete control!

The older woman feels Lexi up before going down on her. I liked it when she turns the girl around and very briefly kisses her beautiful butt before doing the analingus thing. Once theyíre both nude itís Lexiís turn to do Melissa.

Set-up: B, casting: B, sex: C+

2) Debi Diamond & Nicole Ray - Back at their house, Melissaís roommate Debi is serving up lunch to a different pretty young blonde girl, Nicole. Nicole doesnít like what Debi has cooked, and so she orders the older woman to make her something different, which Debi proceeds to do. Debi says: "I thought you were supposed to be my captive?" Apparently not, at least not anymore.

Melissa then arrives at the house with Lexi, leaving the two younger girls alone together. Nicole then explains to Lexi how Debi picked her up one day when she needed a ride to the beach... (itís flashback time)...

Nicole hops into Debiís car and the two women talk. Nicole admits to having a crush on one of her girlfriends, which is exactly what Debi wants to hear. She pulls over with the idea of seducing the pretty blonde right then and there. But Nicole decides that she wants to seduce Debi instead, and so itís immediately 100% consensual, with both women going at it right there in the front seat.

Again, I loved the attention that Debi gives Nicoleís gorgeous ass, although it once again becomes analingus all too quickly. Thereís also some toe-sucking, tribbing, 69-ing, and they end up going down on each other.

Set-up: B+, casting: A-, sex: B-

3) Nicole Ray & Lexi Belle - (end flashback) Nicole explains to Lexi how she was then invited to remain as Debi and Melissaís sex slave, and so she agreed. The truth is, she really isnít being held prisoner at all! Lexi rests her head on Nicoleís lap, saying she intends to keep herself safe until her hubby notices sheís missing and calls the cops.

Nicole then tells Lexi that she believes the girl to be a lezzie and passionately kisses her. Nicole is in charge of what follows. She removes Lexiís clothing, and the two little blonde hotties take turns doing each other. It includes fingering, 69-ing, and tribbing. Afterward, Lexi tells Nicole that she thinks she loves her, and Nicole suggests they both run away together.

Set-up: B+, casting: A-, sex: B-

4) Debi Diamond & Melissa Monet - Melissa is having second thoughts about keeping pretty younger girls around as sex slaves, and tells this to Debi as they get ready for bed that night. Debi says: "Youíre never any fun," at which Melissa responds: "No, I am fun. Maybe the problem is that we donít need to pick up girls from the side of the road to get our thrills." And so with that, these two begin going at it like nobodyís business.

Their scene together is pretty good, but predictable. Melissa is the one in charge. Thereís lots of breast-kissing, with Melissa sort of riding Debi, kissing and even spanking her lovely butt some. Melissa is a much better dom with Debi than she was earlier with Lexi.

Set-up: C-, casting: B, sex: B

There were some clever ideas here, but it wasnít anywhere near as edgy as it might have been. I never really understood why Nicole stayed at the house as long as she did. Her "sex slave" experience in particular seemed almost boring. A good effort by SV, but not one that Iíd label great. Overall grade: B

Overall, I do recommend this title. The cast of four - Melissa, Debi, Nicole and Lexi - are fabulous. I especially celebrate the arrival of the legendary Debi Diamond to Sweetheart. As I commonly refer to her, she is a statuesque Goddess. Melissa is as beautiful as always, and Nicole and Lexi round out the incredibly sexy cast.

I will not give away the entire plot of this movie, but I will say that I appreciate the fact that given that the subject matter is hitchhiking and that there could have been an extreme sub/dom relationship between the hitchhikers Lexi and Nicole and the roommates Debi and Melissa, the film did not go in that direction. I never got the impression that the scenes were anything but erotically intense, loving, and consensual. I am glad that there were no forced sex scenes, and that the Debi and Melissa characters were not portrayed in a cruel, sadistic manner, as they could have conceivably been. It would have been very uncomfortable viewing for me if that had been the case. Beyond an occasional light bondage scene or some playful g/g wrestling or catfighting, I generally am uncomfortable with any scenes that depict women in a painful or powerless position. Thankfully, this movie did not do this.

Insofar as the scenes in question, I much preferred the two bedroom scenes over the two automobile ones. I was surprised at this reaction because the car scenes are not something that you generally see in lesbian erotica, and I credit Nica for attempting it. However, for me the car scenes just seemed to lack the romantic ambiance and luxurious eroticism of a bedroom locale. Perhaps it was the confined space, which lent itself to a claustrophobic kind of feeling, but overall the car scenes were just not my cup of tea. I think if it were just the two women in question, whether it be Melissa & Lexi or Debi & Nicole making out in the car without there being full blown sex, I would have enjoyed it much better.

In the bedroom we not only have a more glamorous and romantic backdrop, but we also get to fully appreciate the beauty of the female form from head to toe since we are dealing with a much larger quantity of space where these beautiful, gorgeous women could just stretch out comfortably and let it all go with each other. The bedroom is so much more of a relaxed setting than a car, and for this viewer so much more erotic. The film definitely played out that way for me in the scenes because I thought that Lexi & Nicole and Debi & Melissa had better chemistry with each other than when it was Melissa & Lexi and Debi & Nicole. I base this judgment not only on the basis of the locales of the scenes, but also the way the women interacted with each other, at least from my perspective. Let me emphasize that the last two scenes of Lexi & Nicole and Debi & Melissa were just off the charts awesome.

So I give this movie a rating of 3.5-4 stars out of a possible 5. This will definitely not be everyoneís opinion, but for me this movie got better and better as it went along, which is more preferable than the contrary scenario of a strong beginning and a weak ending. After all, with many things in life it is not always how you start, but how you finish.

Well thatís my .02 worth.

I thought this was one of the better DVDs I have purchased. The cast nailed their parts down and the sex, while nothing new, was decent. I enjoyed this production. Lexi Belle and Nichole Ray are true beauties to adore.

Nica gets an ĎAí for this effort!

Lesbian Hitchhiker is as profoundly bad as anything that Sweetheart Video, or anyone else for that matter, has produced in a long time.

The "pick up pretty hitchhiker on the road and have implied forced sex" plot device is well established in porn, usually poorly executed. But this really poorly done lesbian version surely only adds to that weak reputation. The suspension of belief required to buy into this plot, even on a fantasy level, is beyond me. Címon, pick up a newlywed on the side of the road and kidnap her to make her your sex slave?

The older/younger sex in the two car-sex scenes suffers from the venue and the lack of any even pretend level of fear or non-consensuality. The younger/younger scene, even if Nicole and Lexi are really cute, lacked much passion, and Melissa and Debi were not much better.

A definite disappointment. For shame, SHV. You can be much better than this.

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