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Never Ending Lesbians 01 (24 hr.) ____________________________________
Never Ending Lesbians 01 (24 hr.)
I.D. dvd_4036, Adult
2006, 24 hr.
Sin City
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5-Star Film! 

DVD Features
6-disc set, chapter index.

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If ever there was good value, this is it, for this is 24 hours of quality viewing. While this is a collection of the company's 4-hour DVDs, which by and large had a few good scenes with the rest rubbish, they have not just recycled them but only included the best scenes. One has to say that a really excellent job has been undertaken on the scene selection for this. 5 stars, certainly yes.

There is definitely some good stuff on here. Shay Sweet has some great scenes. Shay was the Jo of her time: sweet and innocent-looking, but a total Sapphic dynamo. My one complaint is that they cut the beginnings of a lot of these scenes. There's one really hot one of two Asian women that I have complete on another DVD, and the foreplay was good - they should have kept it. I did get this at a store near Times Square for $13, so I can't complain too much.

I must say that this is one of the best values available for those who wish to see a lot of lesbian sex scenes. There are six DVDs that last about four hours each. Each segment lasts about ten minutes, so you do not get any buildup, much kissing, or any plots.

What you do get is a lot of oral action. Much of it is close up, and I like that. Many of the ladies are attractive, and about 40% of the scenes are passionate. The other 60% are throwaways, in my opinion. Stupid stuff. So, you get a lot of action for your money. Also, there are no repeated scenes. A plus when it come to compilations.

Of course, if you want the real thing, buy a Girlfriends or Viv Thomas DVD. But, if you want to see a lot of pretty ladies making love to each other for a short period of time, put your money down on this one. Enjoy.

One of the BEST comp DVDs out there! Finally, a DVD that deserves its 5-star rating.

Humble Opinion
This compilation has its plusses and its minuses.

The minuses are that virtually none of the scenes appear to be complete; they all start in the middle of the action. Wicked Pictures lesbian compilations do not do that, for the most part. The other big minus is that Sin City does not give any information on the scenes - what video they are from, who the performers are in the scene. Sin City productions has always been the poor stepchild of mainstream porn, so they tend to use girls who are not that well-known. I think that it shows real disrespect for the girls that they are not identified anywhere on the DVD.

The plusses are the amount of scenes you get for about the same price as a regular compilation DVD. And there are several good scenes on each disc, with performers like Dee, Shay Sweet, Sydnee Steele, and, one of my personal favorites, Katja Kean. Each of these women can do scenes that overcome the short run time and the lack of buildup. It makes the mind reel at what they could be like if they were in the hands of producers who genuinely respected them, like Girlfriends Films, Triangle Films, or Viv Thomas Productions.

I am not sure that I would rate this DVD set 5 stars, but it definitely has its moments.

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