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Gia: Lesbian Supermodel ____________________________________
Gia: Lesbian Supermodel
I.D. dvd_4063, Adult
2013, 139 min.
Girl Candy Films
Directed by Nica Noelle

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Raven Rockette & Sinn Sage, Raven Rockette & Maddy O'Reilly, Veronica Snow & Alyssa Branch, Raven Rockette & Samantha Ryan.

She was young and untamable, with a rare, dangerous beauty the fashion world wanted to exploit. But beneath the wild-child veneer was a vulnerable lesbian, seduced by a dark world and the broken women who inhabited it. She was Gia, the unforgettable lesbian supermodel who burned too brightly and was gone too soon.

Written and Directed by Nica Noelle

DVD Features
chapter index, behind-the-scenes footage, blooper reel, trailers [all g/g].

The only scene I REALLY liked here was the Alyssa/Veronica scene. I liked the idea of Veronica preying on up-and-coming models. The other scenes just didnít seem to have enough chemistry there to appeal to me. Iím a HUGE Samantha Ryan fan, so thatís saying something. Once the action started moving in the other scenes, it pretty much stayed at the same predictable pace from start to finish.

I will give Girl Candy credit for really stretching themselves to make something close to a bona fide movie. There is a genuine effort to create something special- something bigger and better than what weíve been groomed to expect. I just didnít think the sex scenes really benefited much from all of the backstory. The production quality, when compared to work from Eddie Powell, Mike Quasar, and even recent releases from Sweetheart and Girlfriendsí B. Skow, leave much to be desired. This is more evident due to the movie-styled plot.

1)Buildup/Seduction: If this score was based solely on effort, itíd be a 10. In actuality, itís closer to above average.

2) Kissing: Not too much to complain about here, especially in the Veronica scene. I could have used some more in the other scenes, though. The opening lap dance sequence definitely called for it.

3) Attractiveness of Women: Even the newer faces are familiar by now. Raven makes a good Gia, but I could have used more contrast between partners if sheís going to be in three out of the four scenes.


Humble Opinion
I have watched most Girl Candy productions, and I would say that this is the most polished movie they have made, in terms of being looked at and judged as a movie with sex scenes in it, as opposed to a sex movie with some non-sex setups. There are long periods of plot development. There is a very well done montage of Gia having pictures taken as she begins her modeling career, with happy, pulsating background music to propel the poses and still shots.

Raven Rockette is definitely a unique personality in adult film, and a true star in the making if she wants it. Raven has a punky, rough edge about her look and her voice that is extremely sexy and appealing. Raven is also hauntingly beautiful and filmed gorgeously here in this movie. She certainly gives the impression of having had some acting experience, and truly inhabits the character of Gia.

Early on, for instance, we see Gia being statuesque and "out there" in her poses, "imposing" in the way that a beautiful model can sometimes come across. But later with Samantha Ryan, when Raven has been snidely ridiculed by Samantha while both of them are sitting in their makeup chairs, Raven rises up and walks over to Samantha. Ravenís body language - the slouch of her shoulders, the slight bend of her head, the deadness in her eyes at that moment - reveals both Ravenís sense of insecurity, and her feral hostility toward Samantha.

Rather than focus on the story, I am going to focus on the sex scenes, because this is what most of us are here to read about and discuss.

The Sinn/Raven scene was long by most girl/girl scene standards, clocking in at close to 45 minutes. There was an interesting dynamic between the two. Sinn starts out being the aggressor, as the experienced stripper taking on this hot chick, Raven, first with a lap dance and then later in Ravenís bed. At first Sinn is all over Raven, kissing and licking Ravenís body, licking parts that rarely get attended to on film, such as the inside of Ravenís knees and elbows, which believably makes Raven gasp and giggle. Later, Sinn settles down and sweetly makes love to Ravenís pussy, and Raven looks awesome stretching and twisting in "agony".

Raven seems a little more "stand-offish" at first, using fingers and rubbing but never "going down" on Sinn. But toward the end of the scene, Raven kisses and travels down Sinnís body, and deliciously licks and fingers Sinn to her own intense orgasm.

The Raven/Samantha scene starts out basically with the two sitting in their makeup chairs. Samantha is a runway model superstar who has been in the business for a number of years. After Samantha has insulted Raven, Samantha haughtily and dismissively watches Raven approach. But Samantha is shocked and scared when this "girl from the streets" comes behind her and grabs her hair, yanking it back, and bending Samanthaís head in the process.

At first Raven is snarling, and Samanthaís eyes are wide with fear. But whether by design or by impulse, Ravenís anger begins to turn to lust. "You know, Iíve been looking at this beautiful face since I was a little girl. Iíve been looking at these fucking lips and these eyes, and thinking to myself, ĎGod, I want to touch that bitch!í..... And here I am, TOUCHING you." Raven bends down and full-mouth kisses Samantha. Samanthaís arms flail for a moment, but then wrap around Ravenís head, her fingers kneading Ravenís hair and neck.

As the heated sex begins, first standing and then on a couch, Ravenís eyes are a mixture of lust and fiery anger. Samantha is also angry in her lust, but she canít quite match the fury that Ravenís years of "not having" have brought to this encounter. Gradually though, Ravenís ferocity turns to rapture as she murmurs about Samanthaís perfect body, as she worships it with her mouth. Samantha, for her part, is no longer afraid and finds herself on more "familiar ground": worshipful adoration. But Samantha is also aroused by Raven, and twists and ravishes Raven as well.

Alyssa Branch is an aspiring runway model in Veronica Snowís office (Veronica is the owner of the successful modeling agency). As Alyssa talks, practically pleading for a chance to try out, she stands up and leans over the desk. Alyssa lets her barely covered breasts "beckon" Veronica. Veronica looks, and then stares at Alyssaís face, with a mixture of surprise and temptation.

We next see Veronica lead Alyssa into a bedroom, where Alyssa plops herself on the bed. At first, the sex is tender but heated. Veronica kisses Alyssa endlessly while hugging Alyssa close, her hands traveling gloriously around Alyssaís young, lithe body, Alyssa submitting herself to Veronica to "prove herself". Later, Alyssa makes Veronica cum achingly several times. But Veronica closes "the deal" by making love to Alyssaís pussy with her mouth and fingers until Alyssa is helplessly shaking and silently cumming.

The last sex scene is between Raven Rockette and Maddy OíReilly, who is playing Ravenís strung-out-on-heroin ex-girlfriend. Raven feels hurt and dejected, and visits Maddy at the strip club where she works. When they go back to Maddyís place, the sex is tender and comfortable, but also very subdued. Maddy is a fairly passive lover, letting Raven do most of the work. The heroin lifestyle has clearly taken its toll on Maddy.

There was no interview with Raven Rockette in the behind-the-scenes, which was disappointing. But there was a wonderful "after sex" BTS between Alyssa Branch and Veronica Snow. It begins with Alyssa buried in Veronicaís arms, having just said something off-camera like: "This may be my first lesbian romance." Now with the cameras rolling, Alyssa says, "This may be the first time I have done a scene where I loved every fucking minute of it! Not even joking!" Veronica smacks Alyssa on the butt, "I bet you say that to all the girls!"

Alyssa pushes herself away from Veronica, grinning, "No. No! None of them can make me nuts. This bitch actually made me fucking CUM!" Alyssa shakes her head as she climbs off the bed. Alyssa interrupts Veronicaís response, announcing, "I hate to kill all the girls that I lied to, but THAT NEVER FUCKING HAPPENS!" Alyssa waves her arms, and walks out of view. Veronica is laughing and saying that she could feel it, when Alyssa storms back into camera view, "God! Guys canít even make me cum like THAT!" Veronica laughs, "Thatís what you call 20 years experience, baby!" and blows a kiss to Alyssa. Alyssa growls softly, "Mother fucking amazing 20 years experience!" as she crawls back onto the bed to kiss Veronica.

Anon in 'Bama
As a "fantasy" video about a somewhat diamond-in-the-rough baby dyke becoming a fashion supermodel, this idea is certainly interesting and well worth exploring! The casting is especially good!

It all begins with Gia (played by beautiful dark-haired newcomer Raven Rockette) singing and playing guitar at a local bar. One of the customers there on this particular night is high-powered fashion model agency CEO Irene London (Veronica Snow), who is immediately smitten by the pretty girl: "Who needs to HEAR her when you can LOOK at her?" She soon offers Gia one of her cards, saying: "Call me!" Gia, meanwhile, excuses herself to go pick up her girlfriend at the strip club where she dances!

At the club, Giaís girlfriend (Maddy OíReilly) is sitting with an older MALE customer, so Gia opts to sit and watch another stripper, Modesty (Sinn Sage), performing on stage. Itís a slow night, so Gia begins putting dollar bills into Sinnís G-string, not so much because sheís turned-on watching the girl, but more so because sheís annoyed at Maddy for canoodling with an older male customer. Anyway, at one point Sinn offers Gia a free lap dance and Gia accepts.

Normally, I LOVE watching a woman getting a lap dance from a pretty stripper, but in this instance itís the STRIPPER making the request, so itís not really all that hot, at least I didnít think so. Also, itís over really quickly!

1) Raven Rockette & Sinn Sage - Sinn returns with Gia to the apartment Gia shares with Maddy and these two begin making out. Gia kisses Sinnís breasts and slaps her ass several times! Sinn then goes down on Gia, with Gia then fingering Sinn. Probably my favorite moment of this encounter happens when Sinn slowly kisses her way down Giaís back, including smooching the dark-haired girlís gorgeous curvy rump! On the negative side, it all too quickly transforms into mechanical analingus followed by some more fingering. Again, while Iíd normally LOVE watching a "tough" girl like Raven Rockette engaging in lesbian sex with a beautiful stripper, this wasnít it. The proper "chemistry" simply wasnít there, at least I didnít think so!

Set-up: C, casting: B, sex: C

Maddy arrives home just in time to catch Gia and Sinn lying nude in bed together, and angrily orders both women to leave immediately and never return! Gia decides that maybe she needs to call Veronica Snowís modeling agency and apply for a job.

Veronica is happily the kind of dominant female boss who enjoys playing with the pretty bodies of her younger female employees, and she makes it clear right from the start that she WANTS Gia! But just as she begins running her hands along Giaís lovely body, an angry Samantha Ryan (the agencyís resident supermodel) bursts into the office complaining about her upcoming flight to Milan! She complains that Veronica has booked her on coach, and she insists on flying first-class! Samantha is good in the snobby, prima-donna role!

Gia quickly becomes very popular in the modeling world. After watching video from a couple of her sexy photo spreads, she once again runs into Samantha, who labels her a "one-hit-wonder," and NOT a classic beauty like Samantha sees herself. Of course, none of this sits well with Gia, who has finally had enough of the older girlís condescending attitude!

2) Raven Rockette & Samantha Ryan - Gia reveals that, while growing up, she had always admired and adored Samantha whenever she saw her beautiful face on magazine covers, but NOW she thinks sheís just a bitch! She forcibly grabs Samantha and passionately kisses her! Unfortunately, this bit of "angry sex" turns mutual all too quickly, with Samantha even taking control at one point! I would have much rather seen Gia pulling off Samanthaís clothing over the older girlís protests, stripping her completely nude, and perhaps spanking Samanthaís beautiful ass several times, only this oneís going to go the fully-consensual route instead. Itís Gia going down on Samantha, and then Samantha going down on Gia, along with analingus and fingering.

Set-up: B, casting: A-, sex: B-

3) Veronica Snow & Alyssa Branch - Back at the agency, the dominant and predatory older boss lady is interviewing yet another new girl: pretty blonde Alyssa! Veronica likes what she sees, and the pretty young blonde is prepared to do "whatever it takes" to become a model! If thereís a NEGATIVE to this intro, itís that Veronica doesnít even have to SEDUCE the girl - Alyssa throws herself at the older woman! I mean, whatís the point of a lesbian "casting couch" at the modeling agency if the girls are going to arrive there "pre-seduced?" Anyway, Veronica pushes the girl down onto her bed and the two proceed to have 100% consensual sex, which includes scissor tribbing, with both women also going down on one another. Veronica mostly IGNORES Alyssaís beautiful butt!

Set-up: A-, casting: A-, sex: C

Meanwhile, Gia, still hot on the beautiful Samantha Ryan, sends flowers to her, only to be informed that their sexual escapade together was a one-time ONLY deal, as Samantha insists that sheís NOT a lesbian! Meanwhile, back home at the strip club, a deeply depressed Maddy OíReilly is now doing heroin. Fellow stripper Sinn describes the girl as "fucked up." Gia then unexpectedly arrives at the club as Maddy begins dancing on stage wearing a very sexy short white dress, totally zonked out! Gia somewhat charitably pays her ex-girlfriend for a private dance!

4) Maddy OíReilly & Raven Rockette - Sadly, instead of then witnessing Maddy giving Gia a private lap dance, we instead watch as these two return to Maddyís place, with Maddy now in bluejeans. WHY couldnít she have still been wearing that tiny white dress? They immediately begin going at it, with Maddy even taking charge! She goes down on Gia, followed by Gia fingering Maddy, followed by some 69-ing and tribbing. Neither girl pays hardly ANY attention to the other girlís incredibly nice derriere!

Set-up: B+, casting: A+, sex: C-

Later in the night Gia awakens alone. She gets up to look for Maddy, only to find her sprawled on the bathroom floor injecting heroin. When the zonked out girl offers Gia a hit of the stuff, Gia accepts. This video is apparently going to end with a tragic turn for the worse!

Not a bad little flick. The casting was OUTSTANDING, as were the setups in most of the scenes. The biggest problem I had with this video was the lackadaisical sex scenes, NONE of which I felt lived up to their potential! Is there such a thing as "too much consensuality?" That scene where older-woman Veronica has younger-model Alyssa all to herself was especially vexing! It should/could have been SO MUCH HOTTER than it was! My overall grade for this one: B

I had not planned to review this film as I knew various other people would. However after reading the first two reviews, I have decided to. This is neither as bad as one would have you believe nor as good as the other would. Basically it is a pretty good film that just misses being great.

The plot concerns Raven Rockette who lives with her drug-taking girlfriend, Maddy OíReilly, and one day gets discovered as a model by Veronica Snow, then after some period goes back to the girlfriend and drugs. Her period of fame is only covered by her relationship with the companyís legendary model, Samantha Ryan. Basically it is a story of a girl who chooses love over fame. That she does so centers on the superb scene with Samantha Ryan, who literally steals the film as the cold-hearted supermodel who loves fame. Raven conversely does not understand it.

If you have seen Girlfriends Filmsí ďLesbian Make-Up SexĒ you would realize what a great performer Raven is. Here, none of her scenes give her that opportunity, which a real shame for it would have set the film alight. That is left to Samantha Ryan.

The best scene in the movie, which shows Giaís lack of understanding of fame, is the Veronica Snow/Alyssa Branch one. Veronica is hiring a new model, one to eventually replace Gia. Alyssa Branch does this new model part to perfection, for it is clear she will do anything for fame, including having sex with Veronica. The other is the Sinn Sage/Gia scene at the start, where Gia is pissed off at her girlfriend Maddy and has sex with a rival pole dancer.

While I liked this film, Raven should have been given one really great scene to show off her undeniable talents. That is my disappointment, for it never came. However, Samantha Ryan demonstrated yet again what a superb performer she is. She gets my Oscar for her performance.

Just so there is no confusion that this film is a biopic of Gia Carangi, there is a disclaimer that appears prior to the start of the movie that says:

ĎAll characters and events in this work are fictitious. Any likeness to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental. No similarities are intended or inferred.í

Having stated the above, there is a whole lot to like about "Gia: Lesbian Supermodel."

We have the excellent casting of emerging starlet Raven Rockette in the title role, who delivers an excellent performance as the struggling musician turned supermodel.

Veronica Snow (long a favorite of mine from the early Girlfriends Films days) sizzles as the powerful modeling agency executive with Samantha Ryan as the already established supermodel, and Alyssa Branch as the ambitious, aspiring young model.

Sinn Sage and Maddy OíReilly round out the cast playing exotic dancers, with Maddy playing the part of Giaís drug-addicted roommate, whereas Sinn portrays Modesty (great and unlikely stripper name), who has a very steamy hookup with Raven.

Now on to the four scenes:

Raven & Sinn- Gia (Raven) encounters Modesty (Sinn) at the club where Tuesday (Maddy) works and is immediately attracted to her. The feeling is quite mutual as Modesty gives Gia a lapdance, which I wish would have lasted longer, but I sure liked it.

Following the lapdance, the two hot brunettes have a very sexy Sapphic scene. At first, Sinn is the more dominant of the two and subsequently Raven reciprocates. Great kissing, oral, and trib throughout the near 45 minutes of this delicious scene. It was a great coupling between a well established star in Sinn and a rising one in Raven. From a purely visual/aesthetic standpoint, I feel that this was the standout scene of the film. The only thing I would have wished here is that the Modesty (Sinn) character could have been developed further.

Raven & Samantha- While working at the same shoot, Gia (Raven) gets to meet Samantha, who is a model she has long idolized. Samantha is a model with attitude, as she explains to the younger Raven how models come and go in the industry. Undeterred, Raven takes charge in which she pulls Samanthaís head back and begins kissing her. Their passion is strong and intense. While not being quite as erotic as the previous scene, there are some rather scorching moments here with some great breastplay, as well as oral. I would have liked to have seen more kissing, as Samantha has always been one of the great kissers in g/g movies. But she and Raven made for a scorching scene.

Veronica & Alyssa- Another very nice tryst with Veronica as the high powered modeling executive, and Alyssa as the young model who wishes to aspire to supermodel status as Gia has. In terms of sexual interaction/chemistry between the two partners, I rate this one very highly. There is excellent kissing, trib, and oral. My favorite moment came when Veronica was orally pleasuring Alyssa in the facesitting position bringing her to intense orgasms. Very mutually satisfying for both and very pleasurable to behold.

Raven & Maddy- The final Sapphic encounter occurs in the backdrop of the strip club, where the film began. Tuesday (Maddy) is Giaís (Raven) drug-addicted roommate, who Raven returns to following her painful realization that her encounter with Samantha was nothing more than a one-time fling. Anyway, the two enjoy a very passionate encounter, which was made more intense by the fact that the two had felt alienated from each other. I liked the way they removed each otherís clothing in anticipation for the mutual ecstasy that was to follow. While I will rate it not quite as high as the first and third scenes, it was still an enjoyable scene to watch.

Overall, "Lesbian Supermodel Gia" delivers some fine acting/erotic performances. While the ending (which I will not divulge here) is not amongst the happiest ones I have ever seen, this film is still worth watching.

Again, for those who are expecting a movie along the lines of the Angelina Jolie "Gia" 1998 biopic, or a story reminiscent of the 1993 biography "Thing of Beauty" by Stephen Fried, this is not at all like those works. But what we do have here is a very well done g/g erotic fantasy movie. Excellent writing/direction by Nica Noelle and Girl Candy Films. And most of all, a superb performance/starring vehicle by Raven Rockette, who should definitely warrant an AVN nomination as Best New Starlet of 2013.

This isnít really a review but just a pro and con on two Girl Candy films: Gia and Lesbian Masseuse 4. The pro is that they seem to be finding actresses with full, or partially full, bushes instead of the normally prevalent clean shaves. This is especially true with Gia where I think all but one of the actresses was bushy. As an old timer who remembers them this way, I can just say Bravo and hope for more in the future.

The con on the two films is a technical issue with the scene selection. For some reason when you use that function it doesnít take you to the start of the scene, but in the middle somewhere. Scene one started at the 8:47 mark in Gia and at the 11:16 mark for Masseuse when using the scene selector (of course, you can back up and get to the beginning). I told customer service about this, and they checked some of their copies and had the same problem, so apparently itís a production glitch of some kind at Girl Candy. But even with this glitch I am keeping these films as I thought they were terrific.

Johnny B.
A very good movie with very good sex scenes (I enjoyed the third one a little less, because Iím not into MILFs), but most of all, a dramatic atmosphere that makes it above simple erotica movies. Giaís story is touching and hard. Even with the hot scenes, there is still a hard mood, with a climax at the very end.

The performers are good, and not only in sex, particularly Raven Rockette, nominated for her performance by the AVN Awards. However, I regret it was nominated for Best Parody, because even though itís based off of "Gia", this movie is an entirely real movie. Maybe "Gia: Lesbian Super Model" is for lesbian erotica what "Wasteland" is to straight porn: not an adult movie, but a movie with adult scenes.

Congrats to Nica Noelle and her performers.

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