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Lesbian Bridal Stories 04 ____________________________________
Lesbian Bridal Stories 04
I.D. dvd_4429, Adult
2009, 135 min.
Girlfriends Films

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Faye Reagan & Georgia Jones, Zoe Britton & Nikki Rhodes, Prinzzess & Renee Perez, Dana DeArmond & Bobbi Starr.

Every Girls Dream

Over 2 hours of passionate love stories

India Summer interviews two of the real-life couples

Simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video

Scene listing:

[0:30] Prinzzess & Renee Perez

[29:58] Faye Reagan & Georgia Jones

[1:04:28] Zoe Britton & Nikki Rhodes

[1:28:54] Dana DeArmond & Bobbi Starr

[2:14:55] ----------

DVD Features
chapter index, photo gallery & trailers [all g/g].

My favorite scene here is the Prinzzess/Renee Perez scene. The girls perform a kind of self-wedding ceremony, before heading off to consummate. I loved their outfits, with a nod to traditional gender roles. The foreplay and kissing are great, too. I have one complaint, and it’s such a cliché at this point it really just sticks in my craw that it was allowed to happen- the girls keep their friggin’ high heel shoes on throughout the scene. Ugh. Why would two women sharing the deepest of intimate moments elect to do this?

Two other scenes have a somewhat odd setup where the girls are interviewed before being married off for the day by India Summer. The Georgia/Faye scene is even weirder in that the girls explain to the camera that they’re going to use toys before the sex starts. To me, the only thing worse than girls using toys in a scene is girls breaking character to explain to the camera that they’re going to use toys in a scene. All in all, these two scenes just seemed too staged.

1) Buildup/Seduction: I love the general premise, and the execution in the Prinzzess/Renee and Bobbi/Dana scenes is great.

2) Kissing: Girlfriends Films is always way above average here.

3) Attractiveness of Women: Mostly GFF regulars, a very attractive group.


Anon in 'Bama
One of the things I like about the concept of Lesbian Bridal Stories is that it allows the girls to do some "role-playing" with one girl as the "bride" and the other playing her more masculine "groom," so to speak. Since they’re already a couple, I don’t expect a seduction, but some effort has to be made in giving each woman a separate identity of sorts to make it work. But that’s not what happens here.

1) Prinzzess & Renee Perez - These are those two beautiful DVD covergirls. I really liked the way Renee was dressed as the groom, with Prinzzess as her really hot bride! It opens with them reading their vows to one another. Then they kiss, and head off to the bedroom together.

What follows is more kissing, and then Renee gently lowers Prinzzess onto the bed. I would have liked seeing her immediately undress Prinzzess’s gorgeous body, but instead they continue kissing while basically undressing each other. And by doing so, they cease to be a "bride and groom" and instead morph into two young women simply taking turns with each other. At one point Prinzzess tentatively kisses Renee’s ass, while Renee mostly ignores Prinzzess’s curvy derriere. What follows is analingus and fingering, followed by some 69-ing and lots of extreme close-up shots.

I was disappointed, but thought this was nevertheless the best scene on this DVD.

Set-up: B-, casting: A-, sex: C

2) Faye Reagan & Georgia Jones - This one opens with India Summers interviewing "real-life girlfriends" Faye and Georgia. She asks them questions about their "relationship" and how they met. They both admit to regularly using sex toys on each other, and say they don’t mind the other having sex with other girls in Girlfriends Films videos.

Then India conducts a very brief wedding ceremony, declaring them "wifey & wifey." Both girls are wearing everyday, normal dresses. I thought it looked hokey and completely unrehearsed (and by "unrehearsed" I mean thrown together haphazardly).

After the "ceremony," India escorts them both into the bedroom so that they can get intimate together. Both girls look into the camera and explain how they’re going to use dildos on each other. They then start with some breast-kissing, and then go down on each other. Georgia fingers Faye and kisses her feet. They both look awesome together, but this was still a weak scene all around!

Set-up: D, casting: A+, sex: C-

3) Zoe Britton & Nikki Rhodes - Again, it opens with India Summer interviewing these two about their supposed "off-camera relationship." At least in this one Zoe is dressed in a dark suit as the "groom" while Nikki looks very feminine in a white dress. There’s another brief wedding ceremony officiated by India, and then both girls exchange rings. Then it’s off to the bedroom for some sex.

They remove each other’s clothing and then take turns doing each other. Zoe missionary-tribs Nikki after kissing her breasts, and then goes down on her and fingers her. Nikki then decides that she wants to be the dom and so she spanks Zoe some. So much for Zoe’s being in charge. What follows is some 69-ing and even more fingering.

Set-up: D, casting: A, sex: C

4) Dana DeArmond & Bobbi Starr - This scene opens with both girls sitting together on a couch with Bobbi’s legs over Dana’s lap. Both women are reading different parts of the newspaper, and Bobbi keeps asking for Dana’s help with the crossword puzzle she’s working on. To make a long story short, the puzzle answers spell out the words: "Will Yew Merry Mi?" Dana laughs and joyfully responds "yes!"

Then it’s off to the bedroom to celebrate. They drink champagne and begin making out. Now, while I really love Dana DeArmond in either the dominant or submissive role, here she’s neither. Both women basically engage in I-do-you-then-you-do-me everyday sex, complete with an ample amount of fingering.

Set-up: B-, casting: B+, sex: C-

The best part of this DVD in my opinion was that hot box cover pic! The most disappointing part is that none of the "grooms" expressed all that much interest in enjoying the bodies of their beautiful "brides." Overall grade: C+

This is a truly delightful film with four charming and humorous scenes. Scene one has Prinzzess marrying Renee Perez. Prinzzess is a beautiful bride and the wedding night is wonderful lovemaking. Having a bride such as Prinzzesss: lucky Renee! Scenes two and three have India Summer as a celebrant, first marrying Faye Reagan and Georgia Jones, and then Zoe Britton and Nikki Rhodes. These are portrayed as off-screen real life couples, and both couples look very much in love with each other. Zoe Britton in particular is very good.

The best scene is the last, with Bobbi Starr and Dana Dearmond agreeing to marriage over a newspaper crossword. This is a really hot couple with some really good lovemaking once the ring has been found in the champagne glass. A super scene which will have you believing in love and commitment. I have seen both these girls many times before but this is their best scene.

All in all just over two hours of really good girl-girl lovemaking between couples that look like couples. In line with no. 2 in this series, this is an excellent volume.

Another good recent Girlfriends release, if we push to one side the slightly creepy and completely unnecessary framing device (a typical Girlfriends script makes a daytime soap look like Leo Tolstoy). Even in the case of Faye and Georgia, who are, as far as I know, a real item (at least part time), you don’t know what to believe, or what any of the participants think. In cases other than Faye and Georgia, I have no reason to think that these women have anything going (well maybe Dana and Bobbi), so why not just show them enjoying each other?

Anyway, quibbles aside, three good scenes and one that’s OK.

Rene Perez & Prinzzess presents us with Prinzzess in white thigh-highs and suspenders, which is even nicer than Prinzzess without white thigh-highs and suspenders. What’s to complain about?

Faye and Georgia is probably the weakest scene, even though these two are apparently a real item. They roll about on a bed, but never really develop a lot of energy.

Zoe Britton and Nikki Rhodes- again, was maybe nothing special, but very nice in its unremarkable way. They connect and they are relaxed. I really like both Zoe and Nikki and am quite happy to watch the two of them together. It occurs to me that it would be nice to see Nikki in a scene with Faye.

Dana DeArmond and Bobbi Starr- Ms. Starr had not really previously registered with me, and I was a bit surprised - given her butter-would-not-melt-in-my-mouth, virginal-nice-girl looks - when Google told me that she has a whole lot of Belladonna productions on her resume that are anything but ‘butter-would-not-melt-in-my-mouth’-like. Anyway, the girls are pretty, especially Bobbi, and clearly connect.

Not as good as the really good House Hunters, but typical of the improved recent Girlfriends: i.e. attractive women comfortable enjoying each other in front of a camera, with a little seasoning of role-play. You couldn’t ask for much more.

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