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Lesbian Bridal Stories 05 ____________________________________
Lesbian Bridal Stories 05
I.D. dvd_4430, Adult
2011, 194 min.
Girlfriends Films

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Shyla Jennings & Bree Daniels, Jelena Jensen & Malena Morgan, Lily Carter & Jessie Rogers, Syren De Mer & Amber Chase.

Every Girls Dream

Passionate Love Stories

DVD Features
chapter index, trailers [all g/g].

Three of the four scenes here I found to be highly enjoyable, despite an overall concern regarding the title and content within. Despite this video’s title, NONE of the scenes involve two women that are actually marrying each other, or planning to marry each other, or wanting to marry each other. Sure, weddings are a tangential catalyst for the hookups, but still. Call me an old-fashioned romantic. I would have preferred to see at least ONE of these couples in a honeymoon suite, or consummate after one of them pops the question.

That being said, there’s plenty to like. I really like newcomer Malena Morgan. She is so smoking hot, and she pulls off her role very convincingly. The Amber/Syren scene is the other scene worthy of mention. I don’t know if credit is due to Amber’s consistency as a strong, lust-filled performer, or if these two just had that much real chemistry together. Whatever the reason, their scene together is highly recommended. There’s a softness and comfort that Amber conveys in her lesbian scenes. The buildup in this scene is Girlfriends Films at their finest.

The lone disappointment is sadly the Lily/Jessie scene. Just like her stinker in “Lush 2”, Jessie Rogers phones in another uninspired performance, and drags down Lily with her. Memo to Jessie: it takes more than looking hot on camera!

1)Buildup/Seduction: There is an honest story to be told that sets up each sexual encounter. I would have preferred wedding bells be more directly involved, but some of them are equally tantalizing. I especially liked the foreplay in the Amber/Syren scene.

2) Kissing: Awesome kissing in almost every scene, as you’ve come to expect from GFF.

3) Attractiveness of Women: This is a great looking cast of some GFF veterans and newcomers alike. I only wish Bree had decided against so many tattoos. They really work against her youthful, wholesome appearance otherwise.


This is a movie which has two very good scenes, and two that are just so-so. The best are the first two, which are really well filmed and definitely erotic. The first has Shyla Jennings admiring the dresses from Bree Daniels’s sister’s wedding. Shyla dresses as the bride while Bree dresses as one of the maids. They look at each other and what follows is a really lovely scene of lovemaking between these two friends.

Scene two has Jelena Jensen as the bride-to-be and Marlena Morgan as the maid of honor trying on their dresses the day before the wedding. It is then that Marlena asks Jelena how she is going to cope with marriage when she is lesbian.

It seems Jelena is having second thoughts, but fearful of the family backlash cannot bring herself to cancel the wedding. Soon both the bride and her maid of honor are making love, both feeling for each other. I really loved this beautiful scene.

Scene three was confusing, with Zoey Holloway having her daughter Lily Carter seduce Jessie Rodgers, whose mother is about to marry another woman. Confusing script and with far too much screaming. Sorry, I thought this was a terrible scene with a waste of good talent.

The last scene has Syren De Mer, a divorcee, considering women and talking to two woman friends who are getting married. This scene sounded more like a platform for detailing the reasons for same-sex marriage rather than a scene where a woman takes her first step in trying girl-girl sex. Good cast, confusing script.

The first two scenes however make this worthwhile, while the other two I could have safely missed.

The reanimation of this series (volume 4 was published back in 2009) is obviously a good idea. At least as far as this edition is concerned, which IMO is better than any of its predecessors. And they were all quite okay.

First class cast and nice pairings in all scenes. Cozy set-ups with comfortable lighting. No craptitudes here and - important for me - no anal stuff.

I found all four scenes very enjoyable and exciting. Yes, other than Peter and Phathead I also liked scene three with the beauties Lily Carter and Jessie Rogers. What should be wrong with Jessie? She roleplays the more reluctant and shy newbie. A cold fish, maybe, but only in the beginning. Things develop, the heat turns on. Explosive orgasms.

In summary, yet another outlet in the region of five stars. Highly recommended!

Humble Opinion
This movie has two excellent scenes and one very good scene.

There is something about Bree Daniels, and girls in wedding dresses, that brings out the naughty seductress in Bree. First it was shy Lily Carter in Please Make Me Lesbian 4, and now it is sweet Shyla Jennings here.

This time though, Bree has coaxed Shyla into trying on Bree’s sister’s wedding dress, while Bree shows off the bridesmaid dress that she wore at the wedding. Bree’s sister is on her honeymoon, so, along with having Shyla try on her sister’s dress, Bree has also opened one of the bottles of wedding champagne. Bree announces, "I’ve got to get rid of that bottle, so we’ll have to drink up!" Shyla responds somewhat tipsily, "I’m a slow drinker!" After Shyla has finished her glass, Bree hands Shyla her own half-full glass, and Shyla protests, "You want me to drink this too?"

With both girls in their dresses, Bree suggests that they lay on the bed and take pictures. Shyla is giggly as she lays next to Bree. Bree suggests, as she holds up the camera, "Let’s pretend to kiss!" Shyla turns and stares startled at Bree, "How do you pretend to kiss?" Bree shrugs, "You just get real close."

Shyla acquiesces, and Bree leans in close, pretending to kiss Shyla, and takes the picture. But then, Bree leans in more and softly kisses Shyla, and keeps on kissing her, before Shyla eventually pulls away, "Wait!" Shyla giggles nervously. Bree leans closer over Shyla and murmers, "I know you want to!"

Shyla watches as Bree raises the camera to take another picture. Shyla, almost trancelike, turns her head slowly and meets Bree’s kiss as Bree takes another picture. Bree lays the camera behind her, and the two girls hungrily begin making out.

The sex is slow, almost hazy. There are many highlights to this wonderfully erotic scene. One is the sight of the bare breasted, pale Bree Daniels kneeling behind the tanned Shyla Jennings, helping her out of the wedding dress. Shyla, sitting on the bed, leans her head forward sleepily so that Bree can undo her collar. Bree kisses and sucks on Shyla’s neck and shoulders, while we watch the dress slowly slip off of Shyla, exposing Shyla’s gorgeous body. We watch as Bree continues to nuzzle Shyla’s neck, while squeezing and kneading Shyla’s breasts from behind.

Later, Bree has passionately kissed, sucked, and fingered Shyla non-stop for about six minutes. Shyla finally groans and cums from Bree’s attack of fingers and mouth. Bree pets Shyla’s pussy briefly, but then Bree leans down to taste Shyla’s juices and begins sucking relentlessly on Shyla. Shyla is fiercely rubbing herself against Bree’s tongue, panting and moaning. Eventually, Shyla just collapses on the bed, raises her arms over her head and whines that Bree is going to make her cum again. When Shyla finally gets her turn, Shyla buries herself into Bree’s pussy, twisting and licking and fingering until Bree has her own quivering orgasm.

Malena Morgan is a newbie to adult films. Malena is slim and sleek, a nice contrast to Jelena Jensen’s full and voluptuous body.

Malena, here, plays a lesbian who is taking the plunge into marriage with a man. Jelena is Malena’s maid of honor. Jelena is Malena’s straight girlfriend who has been a lifelong friend. Jelena is concerned that Malena is being pressured to make a big mistake. After talking softly to each other, while trying on their respective dresses, Jelena says concernedly, "I just want you to know that I am always here for you. If, you know, if you just want to talk about things. Or if, you know, I...." and Jelena’s voice just trails off. Malena looks at her friend intently, and teasingly says, "I feel that you mean that...in a sexual way." Jelena blushes and looks down. Malena laughs sweetly, and reaches out to touch her friend reassuringly, "You’re so cute. Oh my God!"

Jelena and Malena stare at each other for a moment, and then the moment passes. Jelena breaks the silence by telling Malena that she should take off the dress. But as Jelena sits behind Malena on the bed unzipping the dress, her hand trails down Malena’s back and arms. Malena quietly looks over her shoulder at Jelena. The feelings have returned. This time, though, the two friends don’t hold themselves back anymore.

As they kiss and begin to make love, they love-talk. At one point Malena almost gasps while saying, "I’ve wanted this for so long!" And at another point, Jelena confesses pleadingly while burying herself into Malena, "In high school, I always turned you down. Not because I wanted to, but because I always had a boyfriend!"

The sex is slow and very passionate. Malena Morgan is especially amazing to watch, as she buries her mouth and fingers into Jelena, making Jelena writhe on the bed. Malena has Jelena (who is considerably larger and stronger than Malena) twisting violently on the bed, trying to get away from Malena, but Malena hangs on fiercely. Malena forces Jelena to buck and groan to a second, even more explosive orgasm. And when it is Jelena Jensen who takes control over Malena, Jelena makes Malena cry and whine. At one point, Jelena is kneeling over Malena, rubbing fiercely on Malena’s clit with one hand while finger fucking Malena with her other hand.

We see a different side of Syren De Mer in her scene here with Amber Chase. Syren is playing the older woman who has never tried lesbian sex. And Amber is the experienced girl who wants to be Syren’s first. The scene is soft and slow, with natural and beautiful lovemaking on display. One of the highlights is when Amber is kneeling in front of Syren. Both of them have only their panties on. Amber teases Syren by nudging her panties down just a little bit, and instructs Syren to "Put your hand here!" Syren does so and begins rubbing Amber’s pussy. Amber scoots forward so that it is easier for Syren to feel her. Amber then tells Syren to put her other hand inside of her own panties, "So it feels as if I were pleasuring myself." This heated moment leads gradually to Amber taking complete control of Syren, and bringing the luscious MILF to a very glorious orgasm.

This is a good edition of Lesbian Bridal Stories.

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