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Lesbian Workout (Club 59) ____________________________________
Lesbian Workout (Club 59)
I.D. dvd_4560, Adult
2012, 166 min.
Club 59
Directed by Mason

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5-Star Film! 

Dani Daniels & Brett Rossi, Gracie Glam & Lily LaBeau, Lizz Tayler & Lily Carter, Sunny Leone & Daisy Marie.

Real sex with girls who love girls

Scene listing:

[0:09] Sunny Leone & Daisy Marie

[46:09] Lizz Tayler & Lily Carter

[1:23:51] Dani Daniels & Brett Rossi

[2:05:09] Gracie Glam & Lily LaBeau

[2:46:14] END CREDITS

DVD Features
chapter index, behind-the-scenes footage, photo gallery & trailers [all g/g].

My two favorite scenes here are the Lizz/Lili and the Dani/Brett. The scene with Lizz and Lili has the appearance of being a little hokey at first, what with their perfectly contrasting outfits. What I liked about it is that it truly devolved into an all-out sweaty sex fest, with each girl giving her all to get the other girl off. I enjoyed the scene with Dani and Brett because it was one of the few scenes with Brett Rossi where she actually toned it down and played a more sensual role. Granted, there wasnít a chance for her to ruin things as she normally does with dialogue here. Iím sure the fact that Brett and Dani are close friends off-camera helps things along as well.

1)Buildup/Seduction: To be honest, the "workout" aspect of this video is somewhat removed from the actual sex in most of the scenes. Two of the scenes start out pretty much like any other Club59 release, not that thatís a bad thing. No dialogue or story here, either.

2) Kissing: Nice, sensual kissing as weíve come to expect from Club59 by now.

3) Attractiveness of Women: Great looking cast of in-shape, younger girls.


I will summarize this, straight and to the point. Sunny Leone - what a discovery, what took so long? She is the embodiment of a goddess, of sensuality and incredible beauty. Her pairing with Daisy Marie is overwhelmingly gorgeous, it doesnít get any better than this. Incredible, breathtaking, electrical... I canít find all the proper adjectives.

Daniels & Rossi is an amazing second pairing in this title, it doesnít lag far behind. Again, overwhelming sexuality on display, I canít help but admire the display of so much beauty and chemistry all in one title.

Overall grade: 6 stars. 5 stars would be too harsh to give.

These are the kind of scenes Girlfriend Films and Sweetheart Video need to learn...Mason and Quasar are a few steps ahead.

The only thing this video needed was more kisses, like in KissMe Girl videos, although the kissing here was far hotter and more delicious than what you can see in GFF and Sweetheart scenes.

Mike V
Words cannot express how much I loved this film. All four scenes were great pairings and the girls had off the charts chemistry.

The highlight scene for me was between Sunny Leone and Daisy Marie. This is the first time in a while I have seen Sunny Leone in a girl-girl scene and she was great, a great connection between the two was clearly visible. I hope both of these girls work for Club 59 in the future.

Not to be outdone was Dani Daniels and Brett Rossi. These two girls are close friends and have done scenes before, but this was their best, each girl knows how to get the other off.

Gracie Glam and Lily Labeau have never worked together, so it was nice to seem them put on a great scene. Towards the end of the scene the girls use a vibrator. Lily has an orgasm so intense she squirts, this is definitely worth checking out.

The Lily Carter/Lizz Tayler scene is very intense and frantic. The girls are very aggressive at bringing each other to orgasm and it makes a for a very entertaining scene. The girls used to date a while ago, and during the behind-the-scenes feature they discuss their past together and the interview gets emotional.

All in all this a great DVD that deserves its five star rating, I suggest you see this film.

The Sunny Leone/Daisy Marie scene is too wonderful for words. Both women are beautiful, with Sunny reaching Goddess level. The sex, described by these two experienced pornstars as uninhibited by the camera in the behind-the-scenes footage, was a romantic, orgasmic funfest. Sunny and Daisy, who have frequently performed together in the past, are simply breathtaking.

The Brett Rossi/Dani Daniels scene would be a chart topper on any other video. Again, two absolutely stunning young women seem totally focused on giving each other pleasure. A great scene.

I would rate the other two scenes as good to very good. They suffer a bit by comparison to the two titanic scenes above. It was nice to see Lily Labeau and Gracie Glam paired-Iíd like to see it done again in a more romantic, less frantically driven sex scene.

Donít miss the Sunny/Daisy scene - one of the best scenes of this or any year! Overall, this video has all thumbs and big toes up - my favorite video so far in 2012!

What a DVD!! Pure perfection! This is the best Club 59 release yet, all of the pairings are top notch, but the two that stick out in my mind are Sunny Leone/Daisy Marie and Dani Daniels(love her)/Brett Rossi, they are clearly top of the list. But that does not take away from the Gracie Glam/Lily LaBeau or the Lizz Taylor/Lily Carter scenes, they are just as good. I would recommend this DVD to any All Girl video fan out there, pick this title up as soon as you can. 5 stars all the way!!

Usually when a vid starts out with crappy techno by a pool, itís not likely to go well. So I thought with this one for the first few minutes. I was ready to turn it off, but then the music stopped, and it turned into one of the most sensual and intimate scenes ever! The girls arenít just turned on and hot for each other, theyíre... appreciative of what theyíre receiving.

Sunny Leone is a-freakin-mazing, and Daisey seems to know what a lucky girl she is.

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