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Karlie Montana's Finding the L in Love ____________________________________
Karlie Montana's Finding the L in Love
I.D. dvd_4570, Adult
2012, 133 min.
Filly Films
Directed by Karlie Montana
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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Karlie Montana & Zoey Holloway, Karlie Montana & Samantha Ryan & Annabelle Lee, Georgia Jones & Shyla Jennings, Jessica Bangkok & Alyssa Reece.

Scene listing:

[2:44] Karlie Montana & Zoey Holloway

[37:50] Karlie Montana & Samantha Ryan & Annabelle Lee

[1:10:22] Jessica Bangkok & Alyssa Reece

[1:44:22] Georgia Jones & Shyla Jennings

[2:14:58] ----------

DVD Features
chapter index, extra footage [stripteases & orgasms], behind-the-scenes footage, photo gallery & trailers [g/g].

I’m happy to say this is the first release from Filly that I can heartily recommend purchasing. Three of the four scenes are a real pleasure to behold and have all of the characteristics I look for in a scene. Not only are there unique, engaging setups and an actual attempt at a believable story, but they’re executed and edited well too. Great variety of pairing types, too.

The only scene I didn’t care for was the threesome, which seems to buck the trending of the other scenes in realism, especially in the setting department.

1)Buildup/Seduction: I loved the setups and foreplay for their uniqueness and believability. I also very much liked that the girls stayed in character throughout their scenes, with plenty of talking even after the kissing’s already begun. Minus points for the threesome.

2) Kissing: Awesome kissing in all of the scenes.

3) Attractiveness of Women: Older/younger, younger/younger, interracial... this is a great cross section of top notch lesbian scenes.


I enjoyed this as it really reflected all the things I like about Karlie Montana. Based around a radio program hosted by Karlie, it is has four very good scenes.

Scene one has Karlie talking on air about her first MILF experience. Here she is buying a second bed off Zoey Holloway, and with both having just come off broken relationships it was chance to experience love again. This is a tremendous scene, with Zoey being as good as I have ever seen her.

Scene two is a three way, with Karlie and her one-time girlfriend Samantha Ryan sharing Annabelle Lee as a first anniversary present. When Annabelle eats them both out one after the other, you know you have seen a champion in action.

Scene three has Alyssa Reece and Jessica Bangkok indulging in a hot tub together while Alyssa is housesitting, only to be caught in the act when the owner comes home. Alyssa looks as good as I have ever seen her, and with Jessica they are very good.

Scene four is the scene I liked best, with Georgia Jones proposing to Shyla Jennings and then going home to celebrate. Both girls were excellent and there was a real magic about this scene.

All in all Karlie Montana has made a pretty good film. As is the case with Karlie this is a bit girly-girly as it really reflects the director. I liked it.

Humble Opinion
I have been pretty critical of Filly Films in the past, especially for their helter-skelter camera movement and their extreme close-ups. I found Karlie Montana’s Finding the L in Love to be a welcome departure from that style of filmmaking, and a very enjoyable film to watch both sex and story-wise.

There are still intense close-ups here, but they appear to be filmed with a filter that deepens the colors and gives the pussies a lush look, and appear especially juicy. This look gives an intimacy to the close-ups that I have rarely seen before, and makes them much more erotic, in my opinion. I was particularly struck by the intense close-ups of Shyla Jennings licking and lapping lavishly on Georgia Jones’ pussy, as Georgia moans in the background.

All of the scenes have a fun and playful feeling to them, which no doubt reflects Karlie Montana’s input and personality. I really enjoyed the three scenes which featured couples.

Karlie’s scene with Zoey Holloway is about Karlie’s first experience with an older woman. Zoey is trying to sell her bed frame and Karlie has come over one evening to check it out, and ends up checking out Zoey as well. Both ladies have just ended long term relationships, so the bed frame represents a release of something cherished for one, and a new beginning for another. A little wine and a little confessional conversation bring Zoey and Karlie closer together.

I particularly enjoyed how Zoey’s character was very nervous about appearing predatory, or even gross, as she broached the subject of her attraction for Karlie. And I especially loved how, once Zoey became convinced that Karlie was sincerely attracted and interested in her, Zoey let herself go and basically took over young Karlie.

My favorite part may be a sequence that started after Zoey has shown Karlie how she can get herself off just rubbing her pussy on Zoey’s thigh. After cumming, Karlie bends down between Zoey’s legs and splendidly eats out Zoey. They then both lay next to each other, cuddling. Soon though, they begin mutually masturbating each other, but Zoey again takes charge and has Karlie raise up on one knee, exposing herself more fully to Zoey. Zoey then rapidly and constantly rubs Karlie until we watch Karlie shake, and then buckle, under Zoey’s intense pressure.

Georgia Jones has proposed to Shyla Jennings, and Shyla has gleefully accepted. They go back to their apartment and begin making-out on the couch. Georgia and Shyla feel like real girlfriends in this scene. Georgia is soft and intense with beautiful Shyla, and we watch Shyla have several wonderful orgasms from Georgia’s soft attention. But I was especially impressed with Shyla’s making love to Georgia’s pussy. Shyla simply never lets her mouth leave Georgia’s pussy, and she slowly eats Georgia out until - and even after - she has made Georgia shiver and cum. It was a beautiful display of lovemaking on both girls’ parts.

Alyssa Reece and Jessica Bangkok also feel like real girlfriends, but more like playmates than seriously committed partners, like Georgia and Shyla. But this doesn’t detract from their scene at all. Where Georgia and Shyla have a slow, intense intimacy that flows through their scene, Alyssa and Jessica have a playful quality in their encounter.

Alyssa is house-sitting for her boss who will be home later in the evening. Alyssa has invited Jessica over to "play with" her at her boss’s beautiful house. Watching these two gorgeous girls making-out on the boss’s couch, and then living room rug, gives the scene a naughty quality that already had serious sparks flying with these two gorgeous and extremely sexy girls.

Alyssa Reece is truly one of the queens of tribbing. Alyssa and Jessica have a marathon session that lasts around ten minutes, and involves first Jessica on top, and then later Alyssa gaining dominance. Alyssa then assumes a number of different positions, before settling on grinding Jessica with Alyssa’s back to the camera, gripping the couch seat for support. This seems particularly satisfying to both girls as they go at it for quite some time before, eventually, both appear to cum.

This is a very delightful film, and I hope that Karlie Montana is given the chance to write and direct more films.

Abbyfan #1
Carly is really, really good looking. This film is filled with some of the best looking bodies ever assembled for a lesbian movie. I love the story set ups. They really enhance the scenes. Best of all the girls stay in character after the kissing has begun! Even the threesome is hot!

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