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Lesbian Tutors 09 ____________________________________
Lesbian Tutors 09
I.D. dvd_4709, Adult
2009, 135 min.
Triangle Films
Directed by Kathryn Annelle
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Avy Scott & Melissa Monet, Nautica Thorn & Jandi Lin, Sasha Grey & Elexis Monroe, Daisy Layne & Diane DeLuna.

Every Woman Needs A Tutor

Avy buys a pink teddy, will it please Melissa? Daisy coaches Diane both on and off the basketball court. Sasha tutors Elexis on the joys of anal sex. Jandi visits Nautica and finds out what she's been missing.

Scene listing:

[0:39] Avy Scott & Melissa Monet

[35:49] Daisy Layne & Diane DeLuna

[1:17:07] Sasha Grey & Elexis Monroe

[1:43:06] Nautica Thorn & Jandi Lin

[2:14:58] ----------

DVD Features
chapter index, photo gallery & trailers [all g/g]. Shot in HD.

For me, Triangle Films has been just humming along for the past five or six titles, releasing good to very good movies but still avoiding greatness. Iím pleased to say that Lesbian Tutors 9 is Kathy Annelleís return to greatness. This is a superb DVD with two scenes that are stone classics, and two others that are more workmanlike but very good nonetheless. Much lesser Triangle movies have received the 5-star stamp of approval, so why hasnít this one?

First, the two scenes that achieve perfection: Melissa Monet and Avy Scottís pairing, and Diane DeLuna and Daisy Layneís scene. Melissa and Avy are a live-in lesbian couple who have a bit of a loverís quarrel one afternoon. When Melissa comes home from work she finds Avy waiting for her on their bed in sexy lingerie. The ensuing makeup sex is wonderfully frantic, needy, and loving. Avy and Melissa seem to know exactly which buttons to push on the other for maximum impact. There is also a nice contrast between the two- Melissa has her hair up in a tight ponytail and wears a business suit while Avy is a softer, more feminine partner in her lingerie. These respective roles remain for the entirety of the scene as Avy gets Melissa off again and again, relieving the stress of her workday. I loved it when Melissa pushes Avyís hand and mouth away after she gets off as sheís so sensitive. It adds just that right touch of authenticity.

Now onto the Diane/Daisy pairing that is easily just as great as the first scene, if not better. I mentioned in my review of Intimate Invitation 12 that the scene with Charlie Laine and Anna Stevens features a perfect composition of pastel colors, soft-focus camerawork and young, fresh girls. This new scene takes the same dreamy palette- the walls of the room are painted in pastels, the sheets of the bed are pastel green, there are echoes of pastel pinks in Dianeís nail polish and her perfectly pink nipples and pussy lips, the girlish pigtails and braids the girls sport, and the pink stripes of Dianeís socks and Daisyís athletic suit. The whole scene is just a cotton-candy-colored dream. Besides the great attention to detail, the sex is wonderful. Daisy plays the more dominant partner, tossing Diane around like a rag doll as she gets her off over and over again. Diane is a perfect femme in her girlish underwear and pigtails. When Daisy holds Diane in her arms as they endlessly devour each otherís mouths it feels just right. A wonderful, wonderful scene. Diane DeLuna is a true rising star.

The other scenes with Sasha and Elexis and Nautica and Jandi are not as stellar and are more workmanlike, but successful nonetheless. All four scenes together make up a nice variety of sex scenes. Melissa and Avyís sex is frantic and electric, Diane and Daisy are slow and sensual, Sasha and Elexis are more leisurely and experimental, and Nautica and Jandi just seem like two girls having giggly fun continually playing with each otherís pussies and getting each other off. All in all, this may be my favorite Triangle title in a LONG time.

***** out of *****
Rating: Buy it
+ for no toys
+ for no implants
- for Jandiís many, many tattoos, though Iíve seen tats much worse in other movies.

I thought this was an excellent Triangle Films release, with four good scenes. I liked the first two best of all because they were really fun.

In scene one a wealthy businesswoman in her thirties, Melissa Monet, over breakfast instructs her live-in younger girlfriend, Avy Scott, on all the tasks needed to be done that day while she is at work. Coming home, Melissa finds her girlfriend has gone shopping instead, so she is sent upstairs for "punishment". Well a tremendous bout of sex is hardly that, for Avy, just after cumming, tells Melissa "I will never do the washing again".

Scene two had Diane Deluna seducing her basketball coach, Daisy Lane, and it is beautifully done. The to-and-fro between both girls is brilliant.

Scene three has Sasha Grey giving Elexis Monroe her first anal sex while scene four has two old friends, Jandi and Nautica, catching up on time passed. Both of these are well done, filmed with Kathryn Annelleís own unique, charming style.

A really enjoyable movie.

Thereís not much I can add that the first two reviews havenít covered. This DVD is great! I havenít quite figured out what qualifies as 5-star material here on Lezlove but, if I were handing out the stars, this one would be a no-brainer! My only complaint, and this is purely personal, is Iím beginning to become really tired of seeing Elexis every time I turn around. At least sheís in only one scene this time.

Donít waste your money unless itís on sale. The first scene is okay but needs more pussy exploring. The rest is just so-so. You do me and Iíll do you. They are making the movie because theyíre getting paid, NOT because they love making love to each other, and it shows.

The video of the year in 2009.

Avy Scott and Melissa Monet give a demonstration of what a sub/domme scene is supposed to look like. Avyís sultry portrayal of a lazy, self-centered but sensual sex toy and Melissaís hard charging no-nonsense mistress who canít resist Avyís amazing body are classics. The sceneís highlight is when an angry Melissa enters the bedroom to find a chagrined Avy ass up, head down, in the middle of the bed waiting for whatever Melissa has in mind for her. Amazing!

Diane Deluna and Daisy Layne have a scene so full of heat and mutual chemistry that it defies description, other than to say that all the raves that this scene has elicited are well deserved. Maybe Daisyís finest scene, and Diane is luminous.

Nautica Thorn and Jandi Lin are breathtakingly beautiful and deliver a fun, lighthearted, very sensual scene. The weakest of the four scenes, but a visual delight nonetheless.

Finally, superstars Sasha Grey and Elexis Monroe share Elexisí introduction to anal sex with us. Very few people wield a strapon as well as Sasha does and Elexis quickly finds the heat and sensational orgasms she experiences offsetting her initial fears. This is a nice scene in which the two performers play themselves, in what was actually Elexisí introduction to on-screen anal. This was an extremely hot scene.

If anything still qualifies for 5 stars from Lezlove, this should be it. An outstanding offering from Triangle.

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