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Dani ____________________________________
I.D. dvd_4744, Adult
2012, 177 min.
Club 59
Directed by Mason

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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Dani Daniels, Georgia Jones, Holly Michaels, Skin Diamond & Veronica Avluv.

Real sex with girls who love girls

Scene listing:

[0:15] Dani Daniels & Georgia Jones - scene

[39:11] Dani Daniels - interview

[41:30] Dani Daniels & Holly Michaels - scene

[1:22:06] Dani Daniels - interview

[1:24:07] Dani Daniels & Skin Diamond - scene

[2:06:29] Dani Daniels - interview

[2:10:00] Dani Daniels & Veronica Avluv - interview
[2:12:15] Dani Daniels & Veronica Avluv - scene

[2:54:01] Dani Daniels - interview

[2:56:57] end credits

DVD Features
chapter index, behind-the-scenes footage, photo gallery & trailers [all g/g].

This is another very strong release from Club59 featuring Dani Daniels paired up with numerous partners. The brief vignettes between each scene are highly stylized, ala Andrew Blake. Some of the scenes start off in a slightly sterile and mechanized manner, but pretty soon those girls are smiling at each other and acting more natural. Fans of Club59ís glossy productions know what to expect by now and will no-doubt be pleased. I would say the only scene I DIDNíT really enjoy was the Skin Diamond scene, due to the fetish elements that donít appeal to me.

1)Buildup/Seduction: There isnít so much buildup here as there is setting variety and Daniís pre-scene interviews.

2) Kissing: Itís hard to top the kissing here, in every single scene.

3) Attractiveness of Women: The production values are top notch, and a good variety of girls are paired with Dani.


This is incredible. The bar has been raised to the highest level. Dani really enjoys herself, and her partners are the lucky recipients of her adoration. We can only hope Dani stays around for many years.

An excellent gonzo video by Mason, the second in her line that focuses on one performer, this time Dani Daniels. It is far superior to her first effort, Celeste!

Two outstanding scenes, the ones with Skin Diamond and Veronica Avluv. Both had that raw sexual heat for which Mason is justly praised. The Georgia Jones and Holly Michaels scenes were very good, but not really anything that we havenít seem from Elegant Angel/Club 59 in many other videos.

The video has all the great production values that we now expect from this filmmaker, and a solid if short behind-the-scenes segment.

Five stars seems frankly a little overblown, but definitely a fine product, very well-made.

EDIT, 5/30/2012:
Let me correct an error in my review above. Mason directed only one scene in Celeste, so this is her first girl/girl video focusing on one performer. She's done a great job here - an excellent video.

I regret the error.

This has to be the girl-girl movie of the year. Dani demonstrates that Dani Daniels has to be just one of the best girl-girl performers of all time after this magnificent movie.

If there were a contest for the hottest girl-girl scene ever made, the third scene here with Dani Daniels and Skin Diamond would have to be a nomination. These two women really show lesbian sex at its very best, with pleasure, communication and affection pouring out of both as they bring orgasms to each other so beautifully. What a great scene.

Mind you, the three others are truly great. In the first, Dani and Georgia Jones make magic in a superb looking apartment block. I thought this was Georgiaís very best scene, with her and Dani combining so superbly.

Then comes a very good scene with Holly Michaels, who with Dani who also gave what I thought was her best scene. In the interviews that run between each scene it is clear that Dani really loves women in a really beautiful way, and it really shows. As such her partners really rise to the occasion of performing with this super star who is clearly enjoying the experience and pleasure of being with each of her partners.

Finally there is the Veronica Avluv scene where, as an older woman, Veronica tells Dani she hopes she can teach her a thing or two. My guess, by sceneís end Veronica learned a thing or two too.

Finally, I must compliment the director Mason who shot this film so superbly. This is a true masterwork, and five stars is an indication of what a brilliant film this is.

Daniís love of women is best summed up, I think, by her saying that if she had a choice for life on a desert island it would be three beautiful women. Such lucky three women having Dani.

Finally, not a toy in sight, for toys here would ruin this movie.

Humble Opinion
I am late to the Praise Party, but I would like to join in anyway. All four scenes were very good, with wonderful chemistry between Dani Daniels and all of her partners. And Masonís camera often feels as if it is moving in sync with the rhythm of the girls. It is very intoxicating.

My favorite scene was with Holly Michaels. I thought that their scene, and Daniís scene with Georgia Jones, had a particular "girlfriend" feel to it that felt natural. But whereas Daniís scene with Georgia had a slower, almost intimate feel to it, Daniís scene with Holly felt raucous and delightful. In the Behind the Scenes segment, Dani says about Holly, "I knew she liked girls. But I didnít know that she LIKED girls!" I thought that that remark brilliantly captured the feel of this scene.

One of my favorite moments is when Dani has Holly kneeling and leaning herself over the back of the couch. Dani positions herself under Holly. Holly begins grinding herself on Daniís mouth, and Dani hugs Hollyís thighs to her so that Holly wonít be able to squirm away. Watching Holly Michaels undulating her pussy on Daniís tongue was one of the best shots of this whole DVD. Eventually, Holly is shaking uncontrollably and collapses on top of Dani. With Holly laying on top of her, and both girls hugging and kissing each other passionately, Dani gradually starts pushing Hollyís body into her. Holly is rubbing herself on Daniís thigh. Dani intends to make Holly cum again. But when Hollyís rubbing becomes ferocious rocking, and Holly is banging herself into Daniís pussy, the sensations become too much for Dani. Dani starts crying out and it is Dani who cums hard, not Holly.

Immediately after that, Dani is so turned-on that she positions Holly onto her back. Dani then leans herself over the back of the couch so that Holly can eat her out. Holly stares up at Daniís pussy, in awe. Cum is literally hanging from Daniís pussy. Holly, almost hypnotically, reaches up and twirls strings of cum onto her fingers. And all this before Holly has even had a chance to begin licking on Daniís pussy.

The opening of the Dani Daniels/Georgia Jones scene is probably one of the most elaborate that Mason has done so far for Club 59. It appears to be Dani Daniels as a call girl arriving at her appointed hour. When Dani Daniels opens her trench coat and poses stark naked in front of Georgia Jones, the image of Daniís body is not one that I am going to soon forget.

But the scene then immediately takes on the feel of a lazy Sunday afternoon lovefest between two girlfriends. Georgia Jones is never better, in my opinion, than when she is soft, and relaxed, and persistent in making her partner feel special and tended to. And Georgia does that wonderfully here, with an appreciative Dani Daniels.

Georgia has an amazing ability to arouse her partners to distraction (as she does here with Dani) by using the tips of her fingers to lightly touch and tease her partnerís pussy lips. After "touching" for a while, Georgia then begins slowly and insistently lapping and burying her tongue into Daniís pussy. Gradually, Dani begins to rock herself on Georgia, and Georgia brings more pressure to bear. But then, brilliantly, Georgia suddenly pauses and just stares at what she has wrought. She touches Daniís pussy briefly, but this time almost clinically- not teasing at all. After a short while, Georgia slowly leans down and begins again softly lapping and tonguing Daniís pussy. And Georgiaís "erotic dance" begins again- only this time, Georgia wonít pause, and sheíll make Dani shake, cry, and cum.

The Dani Daniels/Veronica Avluv scene has a hungry feel to it, with Veronica, especially, sucking on and devouring Daniís body. Through most of the scene, Veronica is sweaty and disheveled as she feasts on and continually rubs herself against Daniís amazing body.

But it isnít only Veronica who is wanton and demanding. At one point, Dani and Veronica are both kneeling on the bed. Dani leans in from behind and bends Veronicaís head down onto the pillow. Dani continually kisses Veronicaís neck and back while fiercely rubbing Veronicaís pussy. Eventually Veronicaís knees buckle as she squirts and collapses on the bed. Dani is then on top of Veronica, still rubbing on her- Dani wonít stop rubbing Veronica. She has Veronica gasping and groaning equally, and all this frenzy soon makes Veronica squirt even more.

Skin Diamond is sleek, but considerably more petite than Daniís other partners on this DVD. So Dani Daniels can toss Skin Diamond around on the bed, and make Skin cum endlessly. But if Skin is sleek, she is also slick. Her eyes reveal that, theyíre devious and mischievous. Whatever you do to Skin, she will give back to you in double dose. So this is a terrific and hot sex scene, with lots of deep kissing before each new round of debauchery.

At one point, a beautiful overhead shot captures Skin laying between Daniís legs, rubbing and then eating Daniís pussy with abandon. Dani Danielsís arms and hands appear to have a mind of their own, they are everywhere. Daniís arms are over her head one moment. Then the next moment Dani is hugging herself and then squeezing her breasts with her hands. And then another moment, Daniís hands are gripping the rug hard as she pushes herself into Skinís ferocious mouth. And then Daniís arms are flailing over her head again. When Dani finally canít take it any more, she twists away, gasping, "I canít feel my feet!"

Dani Daniels is truly a genuine star, in all senses of the word "genuine". And this DVD is an instant classic of girl/girl erotica.

Joylene Hairmouth
Congrats to those responsible for featuring Dani Daniels. Sheís terrific. She really gets the best out of her partners. My favourite scene of Daniís was with Georgia. They have great chemistry [more please!]. Also Skinís scene was very good.

Pros- the sex is allowed time and the performers obviously feel comfortable.

Cons- these are quite numerous, actually. The posing is awful. There is little attempt to show the girls have a personality [except for the interview to camera]. Music is everything youíve come to expect from porn music - you wouldnít wish it on your worst enemy. Heavy porn make-up. Their obsession with white...

Despite its numerous flaws, this is worth a look.

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