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Unfaithful 03 (Viv Thomas) ____________________________________
Unfaithful 03 (Viv Thomas)
I.D. dvd_4802, Adult
2008, 94 min.
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Viv Thomas
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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Nella, Lisa, Trisha Brill, Esmeralda & Vera.

A Lezlove World Exclusive!!

When Nella discovers her lover is a serial cheater she loses herself in a subverted emotional frenzy. Having never been with another woman, she now wants to taste the mistress who caused her lover's infidelity.

Having breathed a fresh scent Nella suddenly finds a new inner-self, and a new hot-blooded sexuality as she becomes the adulterer. Lost in a succession of affairs the two women are driven apart by desires and passions neither can understand nor control.

Unfaithful 3 shows genuine and fully-explicit lesbian sex as it's never been seen before. Provocative and very graphic, this is true lesbian eroticism at the highest level.

Please note: we cannot ship this title to countries where PAL is the standard video format. Please order PAL editions directly from Viv Thomas' online DVD store instead. If you are not sure what the standard is in your country, please refer to our help section.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, filmed in HDV, Dolby digital sound, chapter index, trailers [all g/g]. NTSC.

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Viv's Unfaithful series is quickly growing into one of his best collections. I'm a bit biased, as Nelly, Peaches, and Lisa are some of my most favourite models, but these films are definitely worth watching, particularly if you're a fan of Viv's work.

The third installment doesn't seem as strong to me as Unfaithful (the first one) did, or even the trailer for Unfaithful IV (which looks like it could be the best one already, even though it hasn't been released yet). However, the acting in this series is great, particularly by Nella and Lisa.

If you're a fan of Vera, you will definitely enjoy this film. I'm not a huge fan of hers, but Unfaithful III was worth picking up because of the story and realistic sex scenes with women who look like they are enjoying themselves - another giveaway that this is a Viv Thomas film. This is the first time I really liked Esmerelda. Her scene with Lisa is probably my favourite from this movie.

So pick Unfaithful III up while you wait for Unfaithful IV to come out ;)

OK, things seem to get more interesting. Once again, this third episode is another step forward for the sequel itself and for VT Productions. If love was the most important factor in the earlier installments, this time passion is the key to what we see on our screen.

First of all, I feel lucky since a director like Viv still reads his forum, and he takes notes on what we suggest. I say that because you can effortlessly observe a bunch of forum ideas in this flick. I would say that this movie is a mixture of old and original ideas, of characteristic and revolutionary stuff at the same time. In addition, the Unfaithful series reminds me a bit of the technique The Matrix followed; while the first episode was the most severe and ďstrictĒ, the third one is where the great battle begins!

This is a lesbian fever, with pussies, hard nipples and tongues all over the place. And you can see them passing by your eyes in a very unusual and almost speedy rhythm. Yes, this is still porn cinematography, but porn. So, prepare yourselves for hot lesbian scenes, which happen in new and different (yes!) locations, even in the bathrooms of a small pub.

Nelly is not the shy victim any longer, she takes the situation in her own hands, so the word Unfaithful gains a meaning in every second of the film. Lies, lies, lies. Less plot, more sex, plethora of sex, with some new positions -like tribbing-, bits of pubic hair, and glorious analingus! New faces make their appearance, like Esmeralda and Trisha Bill, who are equally very hot - mainly Trisha, who offers us the epic sophiemoone/jo type of a so-fresh asshole! As I said, combination is what we have here.

So, the sex scenes develop in a different way every time, with some bits of music when it is needed, not following the standard VT routine, but changing continuously, without slow introductions, taking us directly to the sex part we want to see. Vera seems like she never retired, she is here, prettier and sweeter than ever, and she fucks the girls in her very unique way. We also have a solo masturbation scene with Nelly, which adds even more variety to the film.

Something more: please offer some type of award to the guy who is responsible for the music. Itís fucking breathtaking, just simple as that!

Obviously, you can find a few connections to Viv Thomas' past work, like when Nelly looks at Trisha straight into her eyes, like Dolores did with Jo in PV#1, as you can see Stella Stevens dancing inside a cage, as she did in Lust Fever (I think itís almost the same scene!). Overall, #3 is a very good lesbian movie, still following the tradition which says VT is a cut above the rest, so I am still happy to show my middle finger to those people who insist that VT keeps doing the same stuff over and over again. Maybe the ending is a little confusing, but all of the Unfaithful fans will find plenty of things to like. After watching the trailer of #4, I suppose we have to prepare ourselves for unendingly shown lesbianism.


PS: Yes, Lewis, it was very nice of you to show us how you really love Scarlet Johansson and ďLost in TranslationĒ.

Watch it!
Then try to breathe again!
Then you kneel down and pray to your god, because you just have witnessed true greatness and perfection!

I thought volume one truly great, and number two okay. Unfaithful 3 is happily truly superb, and in the class of volume one. Beautifully performed by Nelly and Lisa in the main roles and by the entire cast, with faultless direction. It is also good to see Vera back with such a good part, giving such a good performance. Finally, look for Eve Angel and Stella Stevens in two cameo roles.

The script was spot on, with Nelly acting out her anger on Lisa and her inability to be faithful by cheating on her herself. Nelly clearly takes a step up in this film with her performance, as she projects her character very well.

Then there is the superb sex which fits perfectly with the plot. The background of Budapest is excellent, as is the whole production. Viv Thomas and company have really excelled themselves here, making this a must-have, must-see movie.

Same O
The best lesbian movie ever! Lisa is so perfect in her scenes, itís almost like she cast the girls herself. Vera has a terrific performance that shouldnít be understated. Viv youíre the man.

Wow... just wow.

Iíve watched a lot of lesbian film and video (yes, there is a difference) and I like to think Iím a pretty tough critic, but this video is just exceptional. The pacing was the first thing I noticed. Most videos fall into the predictable pattern of introduction, weak conversation, followed by sex - wash, rinse and repeat. This video is different as the "action" is broken up by brief interludes which create a dynamic pace and anticipation I absolutely loved.

Take for example the scene(s) between Nella and Trisha. Initially, they meet each otherís gazes at the table and there is instant chemistry (which Lisa sees as well). Trisha gets up and Nella follows her to the bathroom. What follows is one of the most intense kissing sequences Iíve ever come across. Nella practically attacks Trisha with fevered kisses and fondling for several minutes. When they finally break apart, Trisha stops for a second and takes a breath, and you can see this expression of "wow, that was intense" on her face, and I believed her. Later, Nella sneaks out to meet her, and what follows is quite possibly the best scene Iíve watched in years. The passion in this pairing is palpable and evidenced when Nella pulls Trishaís panties off... NO... she rips them off with pure lust like she canít wait to get at Trishaís lovely body. Everything in this scene was spectacular - intense, close up kissing, luscious licking of breasts, anus and pussy, more kissing, fingering, more kissing, trib, and ending with a fully nude, body-on-body kissing sequence which left me breathless (you can see this in the screencaps). Incredible. If the breast licking had been longer and the trib more visible, this would be in my top 5 scenes ever.

All of the other scenes are fantastic too, making this video a real treasure.

Grade: A++
Recommended? No question. You are missing out if you donít own Unfaithful III.

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