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Unfaithful 04 (Viv Thomas) ____________________________________
Unfaithful 04 (Viv Thomas)
I.D. dvd_4804, Adult
2008, 161 min.
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Viv Thomas

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5-Star Film! 

Lisa, Nella, Peaches, Aletta, Jane & Zara.

A Lezlove World Exclusive!!

Nella and Lisa have agreed to spend some time alone. Lisa needs to reassess her life, but can she stay faithful as she lays awake at night, her body aching for the warmth of her young lover, her soul craving the taste of her fresh scent, and her mind speculating as to who she is with.

Nella is still getting the years of monogamy out of her system, going from one short-lived affair to the next. But when she seeks help from a subverted doctor who likes cocaine and hard sex she falls deeper than she's ever been before.

Can these two lovers find a way to make it work, or is it now simply too late?

Once again the Unfaithful series delivers genuine but fully-explicit lesbian sex. Erotica at the highest level.

Please note: we cannot ship this title to countries where PAL is the standard video format. Please order PAL editions directly from Viv Thomas' online DVD store instead. If you are not sure what the standard is in your country, please refer to our help section.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, filmed in HDV, Dolby digital sound, chapter index, trailers [all g/g]. NTSC.

This beats anything Viv has ever done, period! In baseball, this would be a homerun! You will see what I mean, just watch.

So here comes the fourth episode of Unfaithful. What can we expect now, after three parts of incessant lesbian love? Is there something we have not seen so far? Oh, I am afraid there is. First of all we can see a couple of new models here, as well as a few new positions during the sex scenes, like missionary tribbing and strap-on sex. The main question though is where this delirium of lust is going to lead? I have the feeling that the main plot of the series is overwhelmed by the furious sex machines Nelly and Lisa have become. According to their sexual activities, I donít think they serve the terms of a relationship anymore, even an open one. They keep changing partners all the time, sometimes without even a single reasonable excuse, so I guess they just pretend to be together.

In this episode, love has gone almost entirely. Instead of that, you see perversion combined with doubt taking the leading role. The opening scene with Peaches playing with herself while Aletta is fucking Nelly with a strap-on introduces us to a more perverted atmosphere. A psychologist is ordering her patients to make out in front of her! And then, Peaches joins this game, so here we have the first threeway scene of the series.

I still struggle when a hottie new to Viv Thomas Productions appears. I donít know why. Maybe itís because I expect a lot more, maybe the great VT models (like Lisa and others) have offered us so much, or maybe itís the recent pussylicking phobia. Anyway, the fact is that I was not convinced by Aletta Alien, who, as her stage name says, was standing like an alien in that first scene. She was used as a toy though, so maybe I can face it in that way.

I gained the total opposite impression from the other new faces, Zara and Jade. These two fit flawlessly with the VT style and history. They stand proud, offering their poetic beauty to our rolling eyes. And most of all, they produce beautiful images. They energetically take part to the scenes, in other words, and seem to enjoy it a lot; theyíre not just pretending.

The scene between Zara and Nelly is nothing less than someone can expect, but it has no introduction, no explanation about whatís going on! We just see them making out and I think this was a gap in the film.

The last scene, which I think is the best of the movie, is between Jade and Lisa, and seems to last FOREVER. It is divided in two parts, and itís more than forty minutes! Itís like a recording of a coupleís sex scene without too much editing or cuts, and ďperfectĒ sex positions. They let it flow and it works smoothly! Jade is outstanding, with her tremendous ass winning all the credits.

As for Lisa, what can I add to what has already been said about this wonderful Lady? I think she is now the leading character far more than Nelly. Undoubtedly, she is a magnificent performer. She never seems to stop fucking the girls in her own authentic and original style.

The music is still very atmospheric and full of sweet melodies, although not so inspired this time. The ending is cinematic but not that intriguing. Nevertheless, it is very promising for the next episode, which will probably boost the series to a level we cannot expect. For the moment, this episode will keep you wet, but itís not as crazy as the previous ones.


I don't know what it was, but since viewing the trailer for the first time I had a feeling that number four couldn't compete with its predecessors. Unfortunately I was right that day. Unfaithful #4 is a solid Viv Thomas outing, but nothing more. While we may hope every new VT movie is a divine one, not even VT can keep up the standard he himself set. I wouldn't even call Unfaithful #4 mediocre, it's still way above most g/g movies, it just falls short of being a masterpiece like #3.

Of course, I'm looking forward to number five to see if it really can take it up a notch again, but if not, maybe it's time to lay this fine series to rest before its legacy is damaged.

This is a truly splendid movie and a worthy part of this extraordinary series. One thing I would say, however, is that you have to be in the right mood to enjoy this, as it is about love disintegrating and is thus at times a painful movie to watch. I received this for Christmas and on first viewing decided to wait for the right mood for me to enjoy it. Well, that day came, and this is a classic.

Nelly is burning up her frustrations with the help of Peaches and her friend, as well as with a girlfriend whose boyfriend has just left her. You have to feel for these people, for they are clearly people on whom Nelly is cleansing her emotions.

Lisa is on the same road, with drugs and a girlfriend with whom, as she makes love to her, she checks her mobile hoping that Nelly has called. As you can imagine, it is painful.

Lisa and Nelly turn in performances that are just superb, for this is more than lesbian erotica and in fact is a lifelike drama of two people falling out of love.

The photography is, to say the least, extraordinary, with the last scene, where Lisa and her drug selling friend make love in her apartment on the banks of the Danube, an amazing piece of cinematography and raw emotion.

As I said of the original Unfaithful, this is a masterpiece, albeit painful and emotionally tearing. However, it is a must-see must-have Viv Thomas classic.

On a lighter note, I have a trivia question on this movie for all watchers. Who are the two friends who take Lisa on holiday in the last scene? They arenít credited, but they are famous girl-girl stars :)

Chief Tek
This is a film that has restored a lot of my faith in Viv Thomas. Sometimes his movies come across to me as being little more than Ďskin-flicksí and not really what I would consider to be true Ďerotica.í They sometimes fall short despite their good intentions.

Unfaithful 4, I found, was very beautifully well-made. It was both artistic and arousing, making it fairly erotic. It was surely not an Ďeroticí masterpiece though. The truly erotic elements (as with most erotica it seems) passed by too quickly, making it a bit less erotic than it could have been.

An example would be when Nella (from the fifth vidcap, in a white skirt) was with a very beautiful, cute, girly-ish innocent-looking girl. Nella kissed her mouth, leaving her to kinda bite her lip, and in rapid order moved down the body with kisses- from the bare, perfect chest, to belly and pink cotton panty paradise, and the moment that was captured was to me so sexy-looking and everything erotica is supposed to be about. The bodies were so soft and supple, and at the same time bursting like ripe sweet fruits, seemingly blushing as they coveted each otherís moves... but it was one motion and overwith in a few seconds. Nella could have climbed back up the ladder, so to speak, and back down again, and repeat as necessary. THEN, it would have been truly erotic! Thatís how it goes.

Fortunately the film has many of these brilliant little moments of sheer feminine perfection. I found many of the forms captured to be just the best and most highly desirable feminine portraits! I also like the element of girls cheating on each other!

I donít know how else to put it, offhand. It was an excellent film while at the same time it left ME feeling a little cheated on! I would recommend this film -and seeing Jo at the end is causing me some anticipation for the next Unfaithful! Peace.

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