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Secrets in the Suburbs (aka Mums and Daughters) (Viv Thomas) ____________________________________
Secrets in the Suburbs (aka Mums and Daughters) (Viv Thomas)
I.D. dvd_4807, Adult
2008, 131 min.
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Viv Thomas

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5-Star Film! 

Lucy Bell, Dorothy Black, Angelika Black, Alisson, Jodie, Carol Gold, CJ, Zara & Agnes Mirai.

A Lezlove World Exclusive!!

The Babysitters
Two sisters who are babysitting at a family home steal money, masturbate in the main bedroom, and then blackmail the mother of the house to fuck them both in the ass with her strap-on dildo!

The Family Friend
Young Zara has a school-girl crush over CJ, a troubled lesbian and friend of the family. Skipping school one day Zara's virginity is taken by CJ in the most uncompromising of ways.

The Hot Chocolate
Two young girls are checking out each other's bodies at a sleepover, comparing their budding breasts, smelling each other's pussies and seeing just how juicy they can make one another. The proceedings are dramatically changed with the entrance of one girl's older sister.

The Exchange Student
Agnes is a student from Singapore and is staying with the sister of the girl she exchanged with. Both girls find a connection through their mutual loneliness, and one romantic encounter blossoms into a tender love, with neither girl able to suppress her lust and desire to feel the other's warmth.

Please note: we cannot ship this title to countries where PAL is the standard video format. Please order PAL editions directly from Viv Thomas' online DVD store instead. If you are not sure what the standard is in your country, please refer to our help section.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, Dolby digital sound, chapter index, outtakes, trailers [all g/g]. NTSC.

Mums and daughters. As we say teachers and kids. Or masters and followers. And after this film, you realize once again who the leaders in lesbian erotica are. It's a further confirmation why this company is so different and mainly so developed as the years pass by. For instance, you can attempt to put "Young Lesbian Love" or "Forbidden Fruits" or even "Pink Velvet #1" to your DVD player and then "Mums & Daughters", so you automatically witness how far this bunch of producers have traveled.

From the beginning, this movie carries a special challenge. The need for something fresh, something dissimilar to what the Pink Velvet and Unfaithful saga portrayed. A new product, which had to include the same spirit, but through a modern approach of ideas. And what a risk: 10 (!) totally new models!

And what a result: not a single one of them fails to stand where a high class VT production demands! The selection of these ladies is too quite progressive, combining a wide variety of types for all tastes. CJ, Angelika Black, Lucy Bell, Carol Gold, Dorothy Black, Agnes Mirai, Cabiria... Each one of them has an exceptional style, some sort of special aura. Basically, they are not like the typical VT models', at least the way we have been used to that description.

They all deliver a different persona on the screen, with a kind of naturalism, and it is extremely needed to watch more of them in the VT future. Four separated stories, all with convincing plot, one the best ever threesomes in the entire porn history, a man during the set-up of a scene (!), new rooms and locations, a bald model, plenty of humor, plus a so cinematic atmosphere which pushes the whole outcome to a superior level.

The intensity and chemistry between the girls is so dynamic and pure, they really seem to enjoy the production so much, and in other words, they got perfectly the meaning of this movement.

Sometimes, during the film, you have the feeling you are a part of the scene, of the particular moment, you somehow think you are next to them, watching, playing, celebrating, enjoying this grand moment of love and beauty. It's another proof you do not always need extra hot, super perfect models for high-quality scenes. Above all, you want some cool girls, who like what they do, and they are ready to support their role in a creative way.

Every scene of the movie is unique for its different reasons. You can find tenderness, exploration, affection, dominance, innocence, playfulness, experimentation, authenticity, romance and everything that describes the VT stamp.

Lewis and the rest of the gang added some fantastic mainstream highlights during the scenes, creating a very detailed presentation for our viewing pleasure, from the beginning to the ending titles of the movie.

It's obvious a new era for lesbian erotica has begun. And, what a surprise, I can see the same, common suspect for that. Well done.


PS: 0.1 will be missing, as long as a kissing scene under the rain does not appear.

Once again I seem to completely miss the point here. I canít even begin to understand why such a movie is getting five stars. Why donít I understand that? Simply put, because in my opinion Mums & Daughters is crap, period. I think we all knew beforehand that there wouldnít be any mother/daughter story in the movie, so thatís not my point of criticism at all. Of course itís Viv Thomasís right to entitle his movies the way he wants to, and usually I couldnít care less, but come on! This title has absolutely nothing to do with what you get inside. I just donít understand it.

Next thing is, thereís way too much toys. Admittedly, Iím very relentless when it comes to toys and Iím still one of those who donít want to see any of them, so VT has always been some kind of a safe haven when it comes to that. But this is just ridiculous.

Next, whatís up with the bald chick? The only one who can pull that off is Max Mikita. Anyhow, the casting is quite good, but it has been better in recent VT productions.

I donít know, all in all this movie has an odd feeling about it and I havenít warmed to it at all. Maybe I have to watch it a second or third time to Ďget ití, but the chances of a repeat viewing are indeed very slim.

This is, in my view, one of Viv Thomasís very best movies, so superb is it. It has four stories, all of which were highly enjoyable, and it reminded me of "Tales of the Clit" with its three stories.

All the performers are little-known but are absolutely perfect for the roles they have. The camerawork, the sets and the script are brilliant, making this a film very hard to fault.

Story one concerns two teenage sisters who are babysitting and who find a pocket rocket and a strap-on in the motherís bedside table. When the young mother returns they blackmail her into eating them out, then fucking them with the strap-on. One sister has already used the pocket rocket so both are stimulated for sex when the mom returns. A super scene.

Scene two has a teenage schoolgirl frightened to walk to school, so she enlists a family friend, CJ, a super cool, head shaven, slim butch girl to walk with her. I have seen CJ before in a Lesbian Provocateur movie, I think, and she is hot hot hot. Well the schoolgirl never makes it out of the house, as CJ shows her all about girl-girl sex. Another really hot scene.

Scene three is just awesome. It starts with two teenage girls in one of the girlís rooms at home checking out their blossoming bodies, and one girl gets her pussy licked. When the other wants the favor returned she finds her friend has fallen asleep. What is a girl to do? Go downstairs and get the friendís older sister to have sex with her. The sleeping friend awakes a bit later and arrives just in time to stumble on her older sister making her friend cum. Again, highly erotic.

The last scene, ďThe Exchange StudentĒ, is just truly beautiful. A girl from Singapore is staying with a family in Europe as an exchange student and she falls in love with their teenage daughter. The lovemaking scene is just so beautiful and well-filmed, you will, I think, be left speechless. This scene is literally a masterpiece.

One thing should be said about this film, and that is it has some toy use. Normally I am not a toy fan, but in this they are produced and used at exactly the right moments and only add to the excitement. I would suggest that Viv Thomas hold classes for aspiring girl-girl directors on how toys should be used, as this film should be used as a role model.

The other thing I would say is that despite being about sex in family situations, ďMums and DaughtersĒ really has the right balance in the relationships between the characters.

The first reviewer is correct in their view that this is a landmark girl-girl movie. Lezlove Videoís five star rating seems inadequate for such a magnificent movie.

Watching Viv Thomasí "Mums and Daughters," I couldnít help but feel like this project is a response to something. And it is, a response to a few (but still sizable) minority who were getting tired of what Viv was putting out: too much of the same beautiful Eastern European pornbots performing together without as much spontaneity as the days of Pink Velvet and Butterfly. What "Mums and Daughters" is, whether Vivís team wanted it to be or not, is a loud and clear rejection of those complaints. The new models in the production are still beautiful, but more earthy, Abby Winters types (this is not an insult at all). There are scenes here that are written so beautifully, it once again proves that if he lets the girls speak in their native tongues, Viv gets that much better performances out of them. Take the third scene for instance, "The Hot Chocolates." In it, two young friends explore and discuss each otherís bodies, talk about masturbation, and take turns trying to pleasure each other. Not once did I feel artifice in their conversation and interaction, or even a script. It was oddly touching (in the mind, excuse you) to watch, as is a lot of this movie. One word to describe this movie: special.

The breakdown:
"The Babysitters" - Lucy Bell and Angelika Black are babysitters for a neighborhood couple. The setup is humorous - the first thing the girls do is look for booze in the cupboards when their employers leave - and pretty provocative, almost with incest undertones as Angelika curiously watches her fictional sister masturbate with a vibrator from the wifeís drawer. The wife comes home with her drunk, passed-out husband, and the girls confront her with their findings from her drawer. After a little resistance (come on, itís a porno after all), the three go upstairs and use the wifeís strap-on. Potent stuff. Score: 4.7 (out of 5)

"The Family Friend" - CJ allows Zara to skip school and come to her house. Zara is a virginal geek (nothing says virginal geek like a completely shaved pussy) and CJ vows to break her in with a strap-on. Thereís something about the cinematography in this movie that really gives the air of the viewer seeing something that we shouldnít. This scene endangers that a bit though. Some faults are here - the above-mentioned hair issues and Zaraís schoolgirl outfit border on a pornographerís idea of what a schoolgirl dress is like - each of which remove the voyeur feeling of the movie. Still, a good scene. Score: 4.25

"The Hot Chocolates" - I already discussed this one above, but it is my favorite scene of the movie. Score: 5

"The Exchange Student" - Carol (the only really porno-looking model in the movie) is Agnesís exchange host and they decide to act on their attraction to each other. This scene is good for highlighting exactly how far Viv and company have come technically since Pink Velvet. The music is perfect and the air is that of, as mentioned, seeing something intimate and special between two women. Iíll use Agnesís phrase to evaluate this scene: "That was spontaneous." Score 4.75

Viv Thomas has turned the corner with this video. I want to see more of these kinds of movies coming out of the Viv camp - these productions that feel almost indie-like from him. This is great stuff. Avg.: 4.7

UPDATE, 4/6/2009: Some months later, and I feel compelled to offer a newer, fresher take on how I feel about Mums and Daughters, which I previously raved about. After having watched bits and parts of the movie over the course of the past few months, this film just hasnít held up as well as I thought it would. Mums and Daughters just doesnít come together into a whole, but rather too much as a film comprised of dissonant scenes that donít truly connect in any truly erotic or meaningful way. Furthermore, just look at a scene like the last one with Cabiria and Agnes. What was beautiful and cinematic on first viewing feels utterly sterile and passionless now. This, and most of the pairings, feels like two girls going through the motions or doing simply what the director tells them to do. Nothing extra, and nothing special. This is a trend I noticed with Viv Thomasís other recent release "Summer Camp Secrets" and it carries on here.

Maybe I was so impressed by the technical elements of this film that I couldnít totally contemplate the quality of the individual scenes and pairings. Whatever the reason, I must reappraise my original score and rating for "Mums and Daughters."

*** out of *****
Rating: Rent it

But On The Other Hand
There may only be three reviews on this movie to date, but Iím sure many more will follow. It is very refreshing to see Viv Thomas try a different direction, he can do it and be unharmed if it does not go well. This flick could go either way as the three reviews suggest. I personally liked scene one (The Baby Sitters) and really liked scene three (The Hot Chocolate). I can see that scene playing out in neighborhoods everywhere! The young girls need to cum after making out, and seeing her friend climax puts one on the quest to get off. Her boldness to go to the older sister was very erotic (as the prior review suggests). The toy usage is done okay, so even those who hate it may not mind it appearing in the movie. This could be a 3.5 out of 5 stars. Surely a rental and many may buy, I am on the fence. Tonightís second viewing will determine if I will buy.

Secrets in the Suburbs somehow does not feel like a Viv flick to me. It is good, but certain things bother me. First, I noticed that the models gab through whole scenes! I donít know about others but to me this is annoying in English, let alone in subtitled Czech. While the girls do have a more relaxed feel while speaking their native language it is real annoying to constantly watch (green, yellow, white) subtitles telling us how good it feels.

Next, while this is a Viv Thomas production why isnít there a director listed? Iím not just going to assume that Viv directed this, it actually seems more suited as a Chucky Sleaze direction. Just look at names like Spunk L. Davis and Stern Bigot.

Anyway, the four scenes are pretty good and the models are very pretty, CJ excepted - while I donít mind short hair, no hair is a turnoff. Hot Chocolates and the Babysitters are really good scenes, and the Exchange Student is good but seems to be rushed at the end so Spunk could fit it on the DVD. The Family Friend is wasted because of CJ and extensive use of a strap-on (on a virgin no less, was this bad English translation or just ignorant story writing?). All in all Secrets plays more like a Seduced by a Real Lesbian film than a Viv Thomas feature. Real good but not even close to five star.

Truly exceptional. THIS kind of production is why Viv Thomas is still the best. Exceptional concept, exceptional casting, exceptional production design, exceptional videography and a talent for getting ridiculously attractive models to engage in what can only be called dream-like lesbian sex. Sorry, normal lesbians do not look like supermodels... but this is intended to be pure fantasy, directed as reality, so we will not fault it for that - especially as it gives his productions a level of quality that is nearly untouchable.

I loved all the scenes but "The Hot Chocolates" was my favorite and should be the model for anyone wishing to create a scene dealing with Ďfirst-time lesbian experimentationí. These two actually give a believable performance that they have never been with another girl before. Imagine that! The scene unfolds deliciously slow and builds up to a very satisfying ending.

All the action in this video is wonderful - long, languorous kisses, lusty breast licking and sucking, as well as passionate oral and juicy fingering. I was a bit disappointed that the two models playing sisters in The Babysitters didnít even kiss, and the anal strap-on was almost shocking in a VT production, but as has been mentioned already this title took a few risks, and managed to make them succeed. Oh, and personally I thought the Czech dialogue was adorable. It adds to the exotic flavor.

Grade: A+
Recommended? 100%. I canít imagine a Lezlove customer being unsatisfied with this title.

A quick note: you want the opinion of a woman who likes women? Yes, the skinny little butch with the buzzed head IS hot!

Sam H.
I liked the "Hot Chocolate" scene, a very naughty twist.

The idea behind the scene with Zara and C.J. is actually quite erotic. Basically, Zara has a crush on C.J. and wants C.J. to take her very physically, which she does. Itís a good portrayal of the sexually submissive mindset. But I just didnít like the casting of C.J. at all. I know that some women claim to like the butch type, but for the life of me I canít see why.

the babysitters was hot as hell! the other scenes, good too. just got a thing for babysitters i guess.

Anon in Bama
I completely missed this one when it was first released back in 2008, but "re-discovered" it upon reading a recent LLV review, where I recognized a really yowzers-scene that I had earlier stumbled across on one of those adult sites, and so I felt I HAD to purchase this DVD! Anyway, here is my own review.

First of all, this entire video is shot with subtitles, not that I was particularly bothered by that.

1) The Babysitters (Lucy Bell, Angelika Black, & Dorothy Black - Lucy and Angelika are babysitting for a young couple who return late from a party, with the husband drunk off his ass. The two girls confront his pretty blonde wife (Dorothy) with a dildo they found, at which point she angrily demands that they leave. Instead they somehow blackmail her with it, forcing her to strip for them, after which they strip for her and then all get into bed together. The sex that follows is pretty much a standard lesbian threesome.

set-up:C, casting: A, sex: C+

2) The Family Friend (CJ & Zara) - THIS was one incredibly hot scene, and the sole reason for my purchasing this DVD! Pretty-young-femme-teenaged schoolgirl Zara is being bothered by bullies, and so she goes to the home of her butchy, short-haired girlfriend (CJ) to pour out her woes. CJ is clearly a lesbian, and she also clearly desires pretty Zara for herself. Under the pretense of showing the girl how to fight back, she pins her against her couch and begins touching & fondling her body. When Zara ceases to resist, CJ begins undressing and kissing her. It is basically a butchy lez-girl claiming her captive-prize, and is nothing short of awesome! Zara completely surrenders her gorgeous body to CJ, with the butch girl stripping her and kissing her all over, including lots of attention to the luscious butt of the now naked Zara. At one point CJ dons a strap-on and takes the pretty schoolgirl doggy-style, long & luxuriously! This scene was AWESOME!

set-up: B+, casting: A, sex: A-

3) The Hot Chocolate (Alisson, Jodie, & Carol Gold) - Pretty young Alisson & Jodie are making out together on a bed, when they are interrupted by the big sister of Alisson (Carol Gold), who brings them each a hot chocolate to drink. After she leaves the room, the two girls return to their make-out session. Later, Jodie confronts Carol to admit that she was "licking" her sister, which leads to these two now going at it. I thought it was all kind of so-so at best.

set-up: C+, casting: A, sex: C+
sex: B-

4) The Exchange Student (Cabiria & Agnes Mirai) - Blonde Cabiria is hosting an Asian exchange student from Singapore named Agnes. At one point, Agnes goes into her bedroom and strips off her clothes, before then lying down and writing in her diary. She looks really hot. Cabiria then rushes in to announce that she found a spider in the bathroom sink. At the same time, she gets a nice look at the hot Asian girl. Later, we see them watching television together and holding hands. And, later still, Cabiria joins Agnes in the bathroom and begins softly caressing and kissing her, very sensually. They get naked and go into the bedroom where they have some very soft & slow lesbian sex. Cabiria is mostly in charge.

set-up: B-, casting: A-, sex: B-

This was an exceptionally good DVD. That scene pairing CJ & Zara was probably the best I have watched in the past couple of years! Really superb! My overall grade for this one: B+

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