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Intimate Invitation 12 ____________________________________
Intimate Invitation 12
I.D. dvd_5022, Adult
2009, 114 min.
Triangle Films
Directed by Kathryn Annelle

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Sunny Leone & Justine Joli, Ariel X & Mina Meow, Adrianna Nicole & Kristina Rose, Charlie Laine & Anna Stevens.

Our ladies are sizzling hot and burning with desire.

Ariel's flight is delayed 12 hrs, what will she do? Mina offers a solution. Kristina asks her boss, Adrianna, for a cash advance. Will she get it? Sunny's assistant, Justine, decides it's time to give her boss what she needs. Charlie gets a workout from roomie Anna.

Scene listing:

[0:55] Ariel X & Mina Meow

[35:28] Adrianna Nicole & Kristina Rose

[1:10:00] Sunny Leone & Justine Joli

[1:34:22] Charlie Laine & Anna Stevens

[1:54:25] ----------

DVD Features
chapter index, photo gallery & trailers [all g/g].

My favorite two scenes here are the Justine/Sunny and Anna/Charlie scenes. I loved the tomboy-athlete (Anna) vs. delicate girl (Charlie) act, and the casting was perfect for this. The girls, as usual for each, seem to be genuinely enjoying themselves as well. They do a great job of staying in character and communicating throughout the scene, too. The Justine/Sunny scene is less consistent, but almost as enjoyable just for the sight of these two together, physically. They are a gorgeous pair, indeed.

1) Buildup/Seduction: The setups rate fair to decent, with all given a very respectable amount of attention

2) Kissing: Hot kissing in just about every scene.

3) Attractiveness of Women: This is a very attractive group of mostly very recognizable girls.


"Hot kissing in just about every scene." Well, thatís correct, but the emphasis lies on "just about every", meaning not in every scene. I still donít know what happened, and I would love to hear Triangleís thoughts about this issue, but kissing-wise that Sunny/Justine scene could be the fuck up of the year. On the other hand I found the scene in its entirety really hot and well worthy of a Triangle production, but the non-existent kissing just canít be ignored. The "funny" (as in sad) thing is that Sunny has kissed girls in all of her mainstream G/G work (e.g. Celeste Star in ĎThe Sunny Experimentí), but somehow she did her very best to avoid kissing Justine.

But the rest of the movie indeed has a lot of kissing, and really nice kissing, and overall the scenes are very good. My personal favorite would be the Kristina Rose/Adrianna Nicole pairing, because itís shot on a couch - always a nice change of setting - and it has some nice positions and shots and they both generate some serious heat together. But the Ariel X/Mina Meow scene was also really good, again a lot of kissing and heated sex. The last scene was a little bit too short I thought, but still a good scene, and Iím recently re-discovering Charlie Laine as a major G/G performer.

All in all the missing kissing in the Sunny/Leone scene may drop this one in popularity, but if you can get over that you will really enjoy II12.

This I thought was a truly wonderful movie, returning Kathryn Annelle to her very best. Lately I have thought her movies were only so-so, but this is up there with her very best efforts. It may be coincidence, but Ariel X was in the first scene of Kathrynís first movie. Well she is also in the first scene here, and she is divine.

Scene one has Ariel X stranded at an airport with no hotel and telling her troubles to lady bartender, Nina Meow. Mina invites Ariel home to share her flat, which includes a Jacuzzi. Ariel, to ease the stress of the day, hops in nude only to find, a few minutes later, an equally nude Mina with her. Well, after some kissing and fondling, it is off to the bedroom for some magnificent sex. Yes, a really great scene.

The second scene has Adrianna Nicole and Kristina Rose as an employee asking her employer for an advance in salary. Well itís ďsee me at my houseĒ and ďletís get to know each otherĒ. In the process the employee confesses she has a fantasy of being dominated by another woman, a fantasy which instantly comes true. Yes, another great scene.

Scene three has Sunny Leone suffering the stress of divorce, only to find that her secretary Justine Joli has lusted after her for two years. "Why do you think I kept on wearing tops like this?" remarks Justine as she bends over, leaving her breasts to flop forward over Sunnyís face. Needless to say Justine removes Sunnyís divorce stress in a really great scene.

Scene four has basketball-playing Anna Stevens receiving the admiration of her girlfriend Charlie Laine. Apparently Charlie forget to tell her she would be at the game and as such Anna says "If I knew you were there I would have shown off more". Well Anna shows off in bed in a really good sex scene, and Charlie scores a goal (three, actually).

This is the kind of movie you can watch over and over again, it is just magical. Thanks Kathryn for producing another of your special treats to savor and enjoy.

Due to less than enthusiastic early reviews, I was all ready to pass this one up. Luckily, my devotion to Triangle Films got the better of me and I picked up Intimate Invitation 12- even the most decent of Kathy Annelle productions are heaps better than the shit GFF has been pedaling off as of late. Iím glad I did as this is a very good Triangle release.

The best scenes are the Ariel X/Mina Meow and Charlie Laine/Anna Stevens pairings. Ariel and Mina go at it with such energy and frenzy, starting with a sexy hot tub setup and ending with hungry, passionate kissing, fingering, and oral on a twin-sized bed (my only complaint was that the women get an uncomfortable-looking, too-small bed to work on). As well, the mis-en-scene Kathy sets up for the Charlie/Anna scene is simply gorgeous. Shot on what looks like film and in a slightly blurred, soft focus, these innocent, fresh-looking girls have simply great, passionate sex. Every detail looks attended to- the pastel pink stripes on Annaís socks that she wears throughout the scene are echoed in the pastel pinks and greens of the bed comforter, and the lovemaking is appropriately sensual and tender. These girls really appear to have made a connection- what a great welcome-back for Charlie Laine and nice debut for Anna Stevens, whom Iíve never seen before. My only complaint is the twenty minute length of the scene.

The other two scenes are noteworthy themselves, but they just donít have the as-memorable punch of the aforementioned two. Sunny Leone is pretty disappointing in her scene with Justine as she consistently neglects to let her partner kiss her on the mouth. I will say, however, that these two make quite a lovely contrasting pair. Justine and her milky white skin and sleek body next to Sunnyís larger (though surgically enhanced) breasts and shorter, plumper build. Scene two with Adrianna Nicole and Kristina Rose is notable for Kristinaís excellent dom-role carried out throughout the scene.

This is quite a lovely DVD that could have been made just that much better if the Justine/Sunny pairing was dropped or severely edited in the case of Justineís rebuffed attempts to kiss Sunny Leone. Complaints are pretty slim-pickings here.

**** out of *****
Rating: Highly recommended

I have to admit I was a bit hesitant in buying this movie. Firstly, we have the pairing of Justine Joli and Sunny Leone. Given how badly some of the previous scenes with Justine turned out Ė i.e. the scene with Justine and Georgia Jones (another fave) from Bellezza 9, and Justine with Alexandra Ivy in another not-too-distant film - I didnít think this was going to work. That coupled with the extremely short length of the scene indicated that it was probably going to be a miss, rather than a hit. Intimate Invitation 11 was also a bit of a miss as well with the Jayme Langford scene being less than expected, so my hopes for II 12 were fairly low. Iím not sure whether itís bad casting or just bad pre-direction, but the Intimate Invitation series just hasnít been... well... intimate.

But anyway, back to the review. The first scene with Ariel & Mina was nice, but to be honest Iím not much of an Ariel fan. There was lots of grinding, but not enough kissing to get the movie off to a good start.

The second scene with Adrianna and Kristina was good - I hope we see more of Kristina soon. Iím not a big fan of Adrianna (one too many tattoos), but this was better than I had expected.

The third scene with Sunny and Justine unfortunately just plain sucked (well if only). It was way too short for any sort of intimacy, and the pairing with Justine unfortunately was less than even I had anticipated given my previous remarks. I donít want to discourage Sunny from performing in the semi-amateur G/G genre, i.e. Girlfriends Films or Triangle Films, but if she is going to perform in this field then she needs to put her back into it and expect to do some serious pashing. I hope we see her in more of this sort of market, but she canít expect to phone it in like some of her previous Vivid work. I was hoping she would have been paired with someone like Celeste Star or Sinn Sage Ė i.e. someone to show her the ropes and really steam up the screen - but Justine Joli... it was almost as if Sunny picked the person least likely to get down and dirty with her.

Charlie and Anna were nice, though again the scene was too short for anything seriously hot to develop. If the scene had been extended for another twenty minutes they could have turned this into something wonderful by slowing the pace a bit and adding in more kissing and fingering.

Final thoughts: If youíre thinking about buying this movie just because of the Sunny Leone scene (like I did) - donít. There are some nice scenes, but unfortunately they arenít developed to their full potential. Overall Iíd give this a 2.5 - 3 out of 5.

Three hot scenes and one with Charlie Laineís constant giggling, which got on my nerves, so I did not get past the foreplay. Itís the only scene I havenít liked in any Triangle film, so that is a decent batting average.

I bought this DVD because two of my faves are in the film: Justine Jolie and Charlie Laine. And they do not disappoint, though they do not fully live up to my expectations. This is due to their partners, who are below par.

Justine is paired with the silicon babe Sunny Leone (unfortunately not Sunny Lane!). 3.5/5 stars at best. The same goes for the scene with Charlie Laine, who is paired with a fairly nice girl named Anna Stevens. Not the best I have seen from Charlie - and too short as mentioned by others. 3.5/5 stars as well.

The biggest surprise is scene two with Adrianna Nicole (normally not one of my faves) and the superb youngster Kristina Rose. Wow! 5/5 stars. And also, Ariel X delivers as usual. Her scene with Mina Meow is smoking hot. 5/5 stars.

I can easily recommend this disc.

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