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Lesbian Seductions - Older/Younger 23 ____________________________________
Lesbian Seductions - Older/Younger 23
I.D. dvd_5033, Adult
2008, 162 min.
Girlfriends Films

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Leah Livingston & Melissa Monet, Janet Mason & Ryan Hunter, June Summers & Leah Livingston, Cindy & Jessica Steele & Sarah.

Their only sin is unconventional love

Over 2 hours of passionate seduction and intense orgasms!

The revealing twisted road from desire to pursuit and surrender.

Simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video

DVD Features
chapter index.

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Even before I had my first kiss, I was a better kisser than Cindy. Please, Girlfriends Films, get rid of her, just let her go. Her ''kissing'' is so excruciatingly obnoxious, it's unbelievable. Cindy is so bad, I get nauseous watching her trying to kiss another woman. The way she stretches out her underlip and lower jaw, and then her tongue, while she's about to ''kiss'' a girl is the most unerotic thing I have ever had the ''pleasure'' to witness. I can honestly say this is the last time I’ll watch her and I don't want to see her ever again in another GFF movie, period!

All that being said, the three remaining scenes are superb. I know I'm repeating myself, but GFF brings in new people and bang, they've got another masterpiece on their hands.

June Summers. I can't believe they actually brought her to GFF, because I always thought about how I much I wanted to see her doing lez in a GFF movie, and she completely delivers. Admittedly she's paired with the next possible star of GFF, Leah Livingston.

Melissa Monet. Absolutely forgot about her since she has been out of business for a really long time, but she's back with a vengeance. Awesome scene, again with the lovely Leah Livingston.

Ryan Hunter is a little bit too boyish for me, but her scene with Janet Mason is still a good one, mostly because of Mrs. Mason.

It's a pity that the abominable Cindy overshadows my overall positive review of LS23, because this one's definitely worth a look.

Anon in 'Bama
As Lesbian Seductions go, I thought that these were all pretty awful. The people responsible for writing storylines at Girlfriends Films continue to be plagued by a definite lack of imaginative scripting. All four scenes on LS-23 had that same unrehearsed, "let's-make-it-up-as-we-go-along" feel about them, and the overall quality of this DVD suffered accordingly, at least in my opinion.

1) Leah Livingston & Melissa Monet - These are the two attractive DVD cover girls. Dark-haired Melissa leads the younger woman into her living room, where they both sit down and begin talking. Leah says she just picked up her new softball uniform, and Melissa asks her to try it on for her. Leah goes to change in a nearby bathroom. Melissa follows. The casting here was actually pretty good. It usually always is in these GFF videos. But let's get back to the storyline...

Melissa notices that Leah is wearing an underwire bra under her jersey, and immediately suggests she use a sports bra instead. To demonstrate the benefits, she cups the younger girl's breasts with her hands, and off we go! It's INSTANT LESBIANISM time!

In the dialogue that follows, Melissa asks Leah, "Do you play with yourself a lot?" followed by: "Stick your fingers in your pussy." I found this to be highly UN-EROTIC and overly porny. On the positive side, Leah belatedly acts reluctant, saying "I don't know about this," at which point Melissa responds: "Oh, don't worry. I'm going to take very good care of you." There was also some nice kissing and fondling. But that was about as good as it got.

The sex scene that follows is all I-do-you-then-you-do-me, with both women completely ignoring each other's beautiful butts. I thought that whomever was responsible for directing this scene did a very poor job. Grade: D+

2) Janet Mason & Ryan Hunter - Older red-haired Janet Mason arrives at the luxurious home where younger Ryan lives with her parents, who are currently out of town. Apparently, Janet's daughter Marie had a sleepover there the other night, at which time Ryan apparently told Marie about how she did some lezzie stuff with an older co-worker. Of course, Mrs. Mason now wants an explanation, which in the world of really crappy scriptwriting translates to mean that she now wants in on the action.

Ryan excuses herself and goes into the bathroom. Janet follows, and soon after she pulls the younger girl into a bedroom where she pushes her down head-first onto the bed and then yanks off her skirt. But this suddenly exciting sub/dom moment fizzles out all-too-quickly as both women end up mostly just fingering and going down on each other, with hardly any attention paid to each other's sexy derrieres. Grade: C

3) Jessica Steele, Cindy, and Sarah - Sarah and her mom (Cindy) are talking in the kitchen about Sarah's blonde friend Jessica. Apparently, Jessica's aunt is having an affair with another woman (yep, they're talking lezzie stuff, which always means that instant lesbianism will strike at any moment). Sarah thinks that Jessica may also be interested in girls, and wonders aloud: "I wouldn't be surprised if she (Jessica) tried to do me." Cindy's response: "Jessica tried to do you?"

Later that night, Jessica drops in for a visit and joins Sarah in her bedroom. Cindy then enters the room and orders the two girls to begin making out with each other. Cindy then exits the room, only to return shortly thereafter wearing a strap-on. She then orders her daughter to leave so that she can do Jessica with her strap-on (who wrote this?). Sarah leaves. Cindy does Jessica. Later those two also go down on each other with lots of fingering thrown in. Grade: C

4) June Summers & Leah Livingston - Pretty young Leah comes home wearing her blue cheerleader uniform. Her somewhat older roommate June is standing completely nude in the kitchen. "You're home early," she exclaims. June's got a smoking hot body, by the way! The camera then follows her as she slowly saunters up the stairs! Beautiful nude women slowly climbing stairs is always HOT!

Later, June, now in a white robe, enters Leah's bedroom. She asks the younger girl why her eyes are always drawn to her (June's) private parts? (GROAN!) There are a number of awkward pauses as the older woman then attempts to instigate a lesbian encounter. But it's not going anywhere, so finally she gives up and simply begins kissing and fondling Leah. The sex that follows is predictably I-do-you-then-you-do-me, complete with lots of fingering. There's some nice cuddling at the very end. Grade: C-

My guess is that Girlfriends Films assigned this video to one of their student interns who had probably never written or directed a lesbian DVD before, and didn't really know what to do. Yes, that would definitely explain it. Overall grade: C-

As the first two reviews are split, I’ll add my vote on the side of DUXbellorum. This is very, very good. Toss out the “Cindy” episode and you are left with three exceptionally erotic scenes.

Leah Livingston not only looks great, she plays the hesitant-but-eventually-willing-participant role to perfection, and here is paired with two very hot MILFs, particularly June Summers. The third non-Cindy scene was hot also with its opening dom-sub flavor.

As for the stories or set-ups, I appreciate that Anon in ‘Bama details what they are, but think he/she gets too hung up on them. As long as the women don’t just hop into bed naked in frame one, you can supply your own storyline and end up always watching your own very favorite fantasies.

Lesbian Seduction 23’s three great scenes make it well worth buying and one I will come back to several times.

The Leah Livingston and Melissa Monet scene was brilliant. The sex was simply outstanding. The older woman gives her younger partner some fantastic orgasms from oral sex. Real orgasms for sure. 10/10

Melissa Monet has been gracing the pages of the LezLove Forum with her smart, insightful, kind and generous commentary recently, so I’ve been eager to see her in action. That is, eager to see her naked and making passionate love to another sexy woman (might as well not beat around the bush, so to speak :grin: ).

I must say, her scene here with young Ms. Livingston is just brilliant, and 90 percent of the credit goes to Melissa. The seduction is perfect, its pacing and that of that of sex which follows could not possibly be better. The sex itself is intense, gorgeous and hugely enhanced by all the preceding.

I don’t recall seeing Melissa before, and she reminds me so much of Karina Lombard as Marina in the L Word. She exhibits that same fire-and-ice combination. In this scene, Melissa is at first slightly brusque with her young companion ("Don’t be shy!" she orders while pulling the girl’s covering-hands away from her exposed breasts), but beneath a seemingly cool exterior there is a smouldering heat ready to burst into flames.

It does, but not all at once: momentary flickers of flame appear when, after initial fondling and kissing, she instructs the girl to accompany her into the bedroom, telling her, "I’m going to make love to you." And again on the way there when Leah has second thoughts, they’re buried under a renewed barrage of sensual kisses and breast fondling.

These momentary flare-ups are quickly pushed below the cool surface, however, as Melissa finesses the nervous young girl along. Only when her trembling partner is laying in the bed, naked except for her panties, and moaning softly under the experienced older woman’s skilled hands and lips does Melissa let loose her full passion.

I love it when a mature performer expresses wondrous appreciation for just how sexy and gorgeous the young hottie she’s paired with is, as if the older woman wants to just drown herself in that beauty and the intense eroticism of "taking" its bearer. Melissa does so several times in the course of their lovemaking, one such passage ending in pulling the lovely young woman’s pussy up to her mouth, and another in directing the girl into some fantastic missionary and scissors trib. ( :fans self: - Just relating all this is getting me excited again!)

Credit also goes to Leah for a convincing performance as the nervous young ingénue. She is passive but not wooden, kindling gradually under her experienced partner’s ministrations. Her passion in the throes of sexual ecstasy is as exciting as one can hope from a beautiful, young, full-and-natural breasted woman.

In this performance Melissa Monet shows herself to be a maestra of eroticism, giving to a scene all that her native intelligence, artistry, and passion has to offer, plus the insights and sensual instincts that she has developed over a long career in the sex industry. It’s both a masterful performance from the professional, and a steaming hot fuck-session for the real woman. Thank you Melissa Monet for a scene that I won’t forget.

Addendum: Melissa’s bio on IMDB says she was born in 1964. The woman has obviously taken very good care of herself, apparently including the discipline of hours in the gym or other exercise. A woman of Melissa’s age does not retain such smooth and taut legs and butt without effort both that effort and the results are worthy of noting and applauding.

The other standout scene here is June Summers and Leah Livingston. Whereas Melissa Monet was fire-and-ice, Ms. Summers is all smoldering warmth and sensuality, bursting into hot flame at the appropriate moments. Melissa Monet played a mentor and her seduction of the young girl was “active” and mildly predatory.

In this scene the seduction is more “passive.” Leah has been experiencing “feelings” for the older woman. It’s a characteristically ambiguous GFF older-younger relationship – is June the girl’s mom? You don’t have to think so, but you can if you want.

Noticing the attention the young girl has been giving her, June comes to Leah while she’s studying in her bedroom. June wears only a sheer robe, and Leah still has on her cheerleading costume.

The older woman gently interrogates the smitten youngster, stroking her in a mostly-but-not-completely-chaste manner, at one point asking, “Do you want me to keep going?” That was nice. The answer is yes, of course. Gradually enough hints are elicited from the reluctant young woman that June feels it safe to give a brief kiss to the lips. Again, the question: “Did that feel good?”

What follows is another perfectly-paced seduction and sex-scene. Not one thing happens that seems rushed or forced. Leah Livingstone deserves more credit than I gave her in the previous scene, because once again she plays to perfection the shy ingénue, very passive without being at all wooden.

When the sex gets going in earnest both women are wonderfully passionate and aroused. There’s no holding back by either, in giving or taking. Both are similarly in the “medium” range in how long it takes them to get ramped-up to the brink of orgasm, and when the climaxes come they rock the screen.

In this scene I would say the pure sex part was more extensive and passionate than the Melissa/Leah scene, but I don’t want to take anything away from that one. Melissa’s fire-and-ice seduction cast a spell over the entire scene, so this particular comparison is not really appropriate – the scenes are apples-and-oranges, notwithstanding that they both involve a gorgeous older woman seducing the same luscious young hottie.

Observation: IAFD states that June Summers was born in 1970. She has perhaps the most beautiful 38-year-old body I’ve ever seen. Her legs and butt are perfect, and show no sign of aging. I assume her large breasts are enhanced because of their firmness, and if so it’s the best boob job I’ve ever seen because hard as I tried I could detect none of the usual unfortunate byproducts (scars and odd “physics”).

A quick word about the other two scenes on this DVD: Prior to the “golden age” of lez porn that I believe we’re in the midst of, either would have been worthy scenes. The goalposts have moved since then, and they are juxtaposed against two other scenes that are masterpieces of lesbian erotica, so they don’t fare so well in comparisons. But neither is as horrible as some reviewers have claimed.

Cindy has an unusual kissing style, but there’s nothing bad about it. Her scene is the weakest on this video. (Yes this is “older/younger,” but I was very disappointed when Cindy muscled the cute young girlfriend Jessica out of what was shaping up as a hot “two curious young girls experiment” scene.) The Janet Mason and Ryan Hunter scene is actually pretty good – just not a masterpiece.

Just wanted to make an observation about the scene with Janet and Ryan. It appears that the older women that had boob jobs now have tits looking like water sacks, which is not attractive. This is another scene that could have been great if Girlfriends Films had used just a little imagination. Why not spank Ryan’s big ass and fuck it with a strap-on while she was bent over the bed? Let’s try some creativity.

granny teen
Leah Livingston & Melissa Monet is the weakest on this video. I don’t like beautiful older women, I like old grannies! Cindy is a powerful and attractive mature woman! I‘d like to see Cindy more.

Not so much of a review as a clarification. The Leah/June scene was filmed as part of the Field of Schemes series continuity. I am guessing they burned the scene off here instead of a Field of Schemes film after realizing it no longer really fully matched the FoS storyline.

June is Leah’s stepmother and Leah wishes to become a member of the Thornhill cheerleading squad. In FoS One, Leah is interviewed and seduced by Thornhill staffer Victoria Valentino.

This is directly referenced here leading to June’s seduction of Leah.

Then in FoS Two, Leah and June are blackmailed into performing together for the entertainment of Thornhill athlete Dana DeArmond. The impression given in this later scene is this is the first time they are together as lovers and June heretofore had no knowledge of Leah’s lesbian interest in her.

Anyway, for what it’s worth.

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