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Lesbian Seductions - Older/Younger 29 ____________________________________
Lesbian Seductions - Older/Younger 29
I.D. dvd_5039, Adult
2010, 171 min.
Girlfriends Films

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June Summers & Chloe Dash, Hayden Night & Persia Monir, Kita Zen & Katrina Kelley, Rebeca Linares & Ariella Ferrera.

Their only sin is unconventional love

The revealing twisted road from desire to pursuit and surrender.

Scene listing:

[0:41] Rebeca Linares & Ariella Ferrera

[37:21] Hayden Night & Persia Monir

[1:17:36] Kita Zen & Katrina Kelley

[2:01:23] June Summers & Chloe Dash

[2:51:11] ----------

DVD Features
chapter index, photo gallery & trailers [all g/g].

Anon in 'Bama
I thought that the casting for this one was really good. The older/younger pairings were awesome! But I also thought that the storyline/intros mostly sucked, and sucked to the point of dragging down the overall quality of this one. No, not everybody here cares about the writing/intros of Girlfriends Films videos, but I most certainly do, and so it will reflect on my overall review of the four scenes in this one, which follows thusly:

1) Ariella Ferrera & Rebeca Linares - Ariella is the tall and leggy lady of the house, while Rebeca is the pretty younger woman she’s considering hiring as a maid/assistant. (These are the two DVD covergirls!) As is typical for so many GFF scenes, much of the beginning is the older woman showing Rebeca around her beautiful house. I did like the way that Ariella appeared to be checking out the younger girl’s pretty body as they did so.

At the laundry room, Rebeca begins fingering the older woman’s lingerie fresh out of the dryer. Ariella notices this, and once in her bedroom asks Rebeca to try some on. Of course, Rebeca agrees to do so, which is pretty much all it’s going to take to trigger Ariella into blindfolding and then kissing the younger girl, with the brief sub/dom element sadly dissolving all too quickly into an everyday sexual encounter with neither woman really taking charge.

They go down on each other, followed by some mechanical analingus and fingering, with some tribbing, kissing, and 69-ing added for good measure.

Set-up: C, casting: B+, sex: C

2) Persia Monir & Hayden Night - Pretty blonde Hayden shows up unexpectedly at Persia’s house, apparently following shortly after the funeral of her mother. Persia is apparently her father’s new wife. They talk about nothing for a while. Hayden’s new boyfriend, Chuck, is apparently selling cars now. Hayden asks if she can go swimming, and then goes upstairs to supposedly change into her swimsuit.

Persia soon follows, removing her shoes so that she can sneak up on Hayden. Sure enough, she discovers that the pretty blonde is actually trying to steal a ring that Hayden claims her mother wanted her to have. OK, up to now I’m fine with this storyline, but it’s quickly going to get all porny.

Persia takes the ring from her and sticks it into her own panties, asking the younger woman, "how bad do you want it?" Then she begins forcibly fondling the girl. This was really klutzy and not erotic! The sub/dom set-up is ruined by the fact that Persia shows basically no interest in the pretty blonde’s gorgeous body, opting instead to remove her own clothes as she pushes the girl onto her bed.

What follows quickly becomes 100% consensual with both women kissing each other’s breasts, going down on each other and fingering each other’s pussies. Persia completely ignores Hayden’s beautiful behind.

Set-up: C+, casting: B+, sex: C-

3) Katrina Kelly & Kita Zen - Katrina’s son Brian has been shipped off to Iraq, and she’s now at home with Brian’s girlfriend (or is she his wife?), pretty younger Kita. Both women miss Brian. The older blonde woman then brings out a box of letters that Brian wrote to Kita while they were both in high school, letters he never mailed. Both women get all teary-eyed and hug each other tight.

Hugging leads to kissing which leads to fondling which leads to sex. Kita becomes the aggressor, although neither woman really takes charge. They’re both hot, but the sex that follows is of the I-do-you-then-you-do-me variety. At one point Katrina performs instant analingus on Kita.

Set-up: B-, casting: A, sex: C

4) June Summers & Chloe Dash - Chloe comes home from school carrying her new cheerleading uniform. June tells her to try it on, and so that’s what Chloe does. June follows the younger girl into the bathroom while she’s in the process of changing and indicates that she likes the sight of the younger woman’s body.

Chloe then says she’s going to go lie out in the sun for a while, and we next see her walking outside in a skimpy orange bikini. June is shown ogling the girl’s gorgeous figure from the window.

Later that night, Chloe’s now in pajamas. (Why couldn’t she be in a skimpy nightie?) June enters her bedroom dressed in a robe, and says: "I noticed your boobs have gotten bigger. Can I see them?"

And with this incredibly lame and porny line, they begin showing each other their breasts, fondling and kissing each other, followed by sex. There’s tribbing, some foot-kissing, and they basically ignore each other’s sexy derrieres.

Set-up: D-, casting: B+, sex: D+

Did the actresses have to write their own intros for this one? If so, that would explain the weak storylines which continue to plague GFF’s overall quality. The writing for this one was godawful. Overall grade: C+

Humble Opinion
I would say that this was an extraordinarily good edition of Lesbian Seductions.

Probably the weakest scene would be the one between Persia Monir and Hayden Night, but it is still one really hot scene. Hayden Night generally plays a sexy, snotty, straight girl who finds herself preyed upon by an older, more dominant female. That is the setup here as well. Hayden Night is very exciting to watch, here and elsewhere, starting out being resistant and then gradually giving in to her lustful urges that the more dominant woman is bringing out in her.

The contrast between the voluptuous, tanned Persia and the firm-bodied, pale-skinned Hayden makes for an eye-popping visual. Persia uses her deep, sexy voice to comment beautifully on what she is seeing: "Look at that, Hayden is coming to me!", as Persia’s mouth hovers over Hayden’s pussy.

While being dominating, Persia is nonetheless a slow, patient, but relentless lover of Hayden, eventually making Hayden give in to her completely. Watching Persia making Hayden squirm over and over again is the highlight, for me, of this scene.

The Kita Zen/Katrina Kelley scene had a very interesting setup, I thought. Kita’s longtime boyfriend (and Katrina’s son) is serving in Iraq. A good ten minutes or so is spent establishing both women’s anxiousness and vulnerability at that moment. Kita breaks down a bit and leans into Katrina’s chest. Katrina raises up Kita’s face up with her hands and gently kisses Kita. Kita stares briefly at Katrina, and then offers Katrina her mouth again. Katrina shouldn’t, but she can’t help kissing Kita again, this time with more passion.

After a while of soft, passionate kissing, Kita becomes more excited, and pulls at Katrina’s blouse, kissing Katrina more forcefully. Katrina pulls back then, and tries to stop things from escalating, "Sweetheart, we shouldn’t be doing this." Kita stares at Katrina again, briefly, before letting out a low growl/murmur as she lunges and pushes herself into Katrina, hungrily kissing her.

The amazing thing about this scene is the setup coupled with Kita’s sexuality. Kita uses her small frame beautifully. She is a very animated and excitable lover. When Kita is being pleasured, she twists and pushes herself in response to her lover’s touch. When Kita is being the lover, she uses her whole body to bring her partner to orgasm. Katrina is much more reserved, which fits the setup. She has unleashed the passion in her own son’s girlfriend.

The June Summers/Chloe Dash scene is almost shocking to watch, they could clearly pass for mother and daughter in real life. So when June begins her slow, steady arousal of Chloe, it is truly powerful to watch.

The setup begins to pick up when June looks at Chloe sunning herself by the pool. But it really picks up when June enters Chloe’s bedroom, wearing a thin, almost sheer robe naked underneath. Chloe is wearing pajamas and reading a book.

June lays next to Chloe and remarks on how she couldn’t help but notice how Chloe’s breasts have grown. What makes this "line" work, I believe, is that June is so voluptuous herself, and clearly proud of her own endowments, so when June asks Chloe to show her her breasts, it feels like it could be a mother proud of what she has been able to bestow on her daughter.

This is, far and away, the best June Summers scene that I have ever watched. June is soft, confident, even loving, as she reaches inside of Chloe’s pajama bottom and slowly, relentlessly, and for a very long time, tends to Chloe’s pussy, occasionally trying to kiss the reluctant Chloe. Chloe pulls away from June’s kisses or only half-heartedly returns them, but slowly, surely, June wears Chloe down, so that as Chloe begins to become more aroused she passionately responds to June’s kisses.

Chloe Dash, for her part, is excellent playing a girl repelled by what is being done to her. "This feels weird". But Chloe feels incapable of stopping it, and after a long while gives in to June’s touch.

After June has finally made Chloe cum, the two then sit facing each other, and June instructs Chloe on how she likes to be touched. After a while, when June suggests to Chloe that she lick her, Chloe unhesitatingly shifts position and begins feasting on June’s pussy, bringing June to an immensely pleasurable orgasm.

The highlight for me is when June lays herself on top of Chloe and missionary tribs the young lady. It feels so much like lovemaking, Chloe wrapping her arms around June’s back as June humps her, that it is hard not to be affected by it.

My favorite scene is between Rebeca Linares and Ariella Ferrera, as I suspected that it would be. These two, while totally different in body frame and temperament, are equally exciting to watch. Ariella is voluptuous, deeply tanned, and naturally soft and attentive as a lover. Rebeca is pale, small in frame, and incredibly fierce as a lover. Both are amazingly orgasmic performers.

The joy of this scene is that Ariella is supposed to be the dominant one. Rebeca has just been hired by Ariella, but as the scene plays out, especially when both are trying to please the other at the same time, small Rebeca continually makes Ariella cum first, crying and shuddering uncontrollably.

The scene is truly one of Rebeca and Ariella constantly trying to gain dominance over the other, then succumbing to the other’s "attentions", and then trying once again to regain dominance over the other. The scene is exhausting as we are privy to watching these two beautiful women give each other one glorious orgasm after another. Rebeca and Ariella play very well together.

I really enjoyed this edition of Lesbian Seductions.

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