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Lesbian Guidance Counselor 01 ____________________________________
Lesbian Guidance Counselor 01
I.D. dvd_5045, Adult
2012, 109 min.
Girl Candy Films
Directed by Nica Noelle

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Sovereign Syre & Maddy O'Reilly, Magdalene St. Michaels & Alanna Anderson, Dana Vespoli & Lily Labeau, Sovereign Syre & Vanilla DeVille.

Beautiful, curvy brunette Sovereign Syre stars as the sexy but unethical guidance counselor Sophie Hobbs, who seduces young, vulnerable students at an elite all-girls' school. Redhead teen Maddy is insecure and smitten with Sophie, but after an intense tryst on Sophie's office couch, the gorgeous counselor goes home for more sex with clueless lover Vanilla. Meanwhile, Professor St. Michaels seduces young, terrified blonde Alanna, who's in danger of failing her class. Meanwhile, exotic beauty Dr. Vespoli meets up with lascivious student Lily at a sleazy motel. Episode one in a deliciously dark soap opera starring Girl Candy's exclusive superstar performer, Sovereign Syre. Written and directed by Nica Noelle.

DVD Features
chapter index, behind-the-scenes footage, trailers [all g/g].

Abbyfan #1
What you have here is a great idea executed with charm and passion. Girl Candy is becoming my favorite studio. This film has a set up that is perfect. The guidance counselor is so perfect it is hard to imagine no one had done this for a lesbian film yet. It is shot so well. The actresses look comfortable. The passion really comes across the screen. I am hoping for sequels. The plot works and makes these sex scenes hotter!

Anon in 'Bama
Another excellent release by Girl Candy Films! Combining aggressive, predatory lesbian guidance counselors with pretty submissive schoolgirls is an EXCELLENT idea! If I have a problem with this particular DVD it’s that only one of the four scenes in this one involves two women who haven’t already done something together before, but that’s a mostly minor criticism, as both the set-ups and the casting are for the most part exceptionally good!

1) Sovereign Syre & Maddy O’Reilly - These are the two DVD cover girls. Beautiful Sovereign is pretty younger Maddy’s guidance counselor, and the two have an appointment in Sovereign’s office. Maddy, wearing a short schoolgirl skirt, clearly has a crush on the older woman, and apparently they’ve already kissed each other once before, something Sovereign now regrets doing. She asks Maddy to leave her office, but then has second thoughts, and instead begins passionately kissing the girl before then pulling her over to the couch in front of her desk. I loved watching Sovereign’s hand running up Maddy’s beautiful leg. "You’re so pretty, Maddy. Why don’t you get up and take off your clothes for me?"

Maddy strips completely nude for her guidance counselor! I especially loved it when Sovereign squeezes, spanks, and then tenderly kisses the younger girl’s gorgeous derriere! Maddy kneels down and kisses Sovereign’s feet before then helping her to undress! They then go down on each other along with some kissing and tribbing! An excellent scene!

Set-up: B+, casting: A+, sex: B

2) Dana Vespoli & Lily Labeau - Dana is perfectly cast as an aggressive and dominant guidance counselor who approaches pretty blonde Lily as the girl closes her locker. Without so much as a word being spoken she looks into the pretty blonde’s eyes, summoning her to an illicit rendezvous somewhere off campus. Lily’s expression makes it clear that she is Dana’s property, and she knows it! Later, we see her entering Dana’s hotel room, asking if this might be the English Literature seminar, at which point Dana says yes and immediately begins kissing her. I especially loved it when she pulls up Lily’s dress and begins sensually slapping the beautiful blonde’s gorgeous butt! Dana is clearly the dominant partner in this relationship!

Dana goes down on Lily, followed by some fingering, 69-ing, and missionary tribbing. I kind of wish that the older woman had paid more loving attention to the pretty blonde’s gorgeous behind, but this was still an overall superlative scene!

Set-up: B+, casting: A, sex: C+

Back at the school, we then watch as Sovereign drops by Magdalene’s office to ask her if she’d like to join her for lunch, but Maggie says she has an appointment with a student and will have to take a rain-check. It would seem that Sovereign has a bit of a crush on the older Magdalene.

3) Magdalene St. Michaels & Alanna Anderson - Pretty blonde Alanna shows up for her appointment, clearly worried that she’s going to flunk out of school. Magdalene takes full advantage of the girl’s vulnerability by promising to help her, placing her hand possessively on Alanna’s leg, caressing the girl’s thigh before then gently kissing her. She hands the startled blonde a piece of paper: "Meet me at this address at seven o’clock. And don’t worry about your grades." What an excellent set-up idea!

Promptly at seven, Alanna arrives at Maggie’s place where she will provide tonight’s entertainment/pleasure for the older woman! The only bad thing about what follows is that Magdalene shows surprisingly little interest in Alanna’s beautiful body, removing her own clothing before stripping off any of Alanna’s! This kind of ruins the whole idea that Magdalene desires Alanna. Eventually she gets around to exploring the blonde’s pretty body, kissing her way up the girl’s leg before then engaging her in some I-do-you-then-you-do-me sex! I really expected so much better from Magdalene in this scene!

Set-up: A, casting: A, sex: C-

4) Sovereign Syre & Vanilla DeVille - Meanwhile Sovereign has gone home to the house/apartment she shares with her live-in lover, Vanilla, who is in the kitchen fixing dinner. They talk for a while about what’s going on at the school before then deciding to engage in their weekly Friday night sexual encounter. They head into the bedroom and have everyday "lesbian couples " sex. While it’s not exactly terrible, this is easily the weakest scene on this otherwise incredibly hot DVD!

Set-up: C, casting: B-, sex: C

What a great idea, and with some highly creative writing and sizzling performances! I especially loved the built-in older/younger and dom/sub elements in the first three scenes, and sincerely hope that this one is the first of many in this series! Overall grade: B+

I agree with the above reviewers that this is a very good release by Girl Candy Films, and each of the scenes, particularly the first three, have something to like. Only the Magdalene St. Michaels & Alanna Anderson scene, however, employs the predatory theme that the title suggests.

What I mainly want to add is that, while this is a good film, none of the scenes remotely threatens the standard for “school-official/student sex” set by Susan & Courtney in Lesbian Seductions - Older/Younger 5. There, Susan, as the principal, uses threat and the power of her position to initiate things, and then turns on her seductive prowess to unleash unbridled passion in both her and her student. Nothing quite like that happens in this film. Oh, Susan and Courtney, where are you?

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