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Tanya Tate's Runaways ____________________________________
Tanya Tate's Runaways
I.D. dvd_5094, Adult
2012, 117 min.
Filly Films
Directed by Tanya Tate
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Tanya Tate & Nina James, Heather Starlet & Tanya Tate & Brooklyn Lee, Cindy Starfall & Heather Starlet, Monica Rise & Sasha Heart.

Scene listing:

[2:08] Monica Rise & Sasha Heart

[32:55] Nina James & Tanya Tate

[1:06:04] Heather Starlet & Tanya Tate & Brooklyn Lee

[1:32:03] Cindy Starfall & Heather Starlet

[1:59:06] END CREDITS

DVD Features
chapter index, extra footage [foreplay & orgasms], behind-the-scenes footage, photo gallery & trailers [all g/g].

Tanya Tate is a perverted operator of a shelter for abused girls. She turns a traumatized, scared eighteen-year-old victim of child rape (Monica Rise) over to one of her favorites, Sasha Heart (a stripper and prostitute), for use as a sex toy; has incest with her daughter, Heather Starlet; along with Heather, rapes a dazed Brooklyn Lee; and in general is a disgusting person.

There is a nice older/younger seduction scene with Nina James and Tanya, and a pretty standard g/g sex scene with Heather and her friend Cindy Starfall, but the undercurrent of nastiness and sexual perversion pervades all of the scenes.

A really sick, twisted little film that sexually healthy people will want to avoid.

Bpop is correct, the Heather Starlet, Tanya Tate & Brooklyn Lee scene is purely a rape, just as much as the opening scene of Poor Little Shyla. Any arousal this sequence generates in a healthy individual will automatically be accompanied by shame.

Part of what separates a rape/coercion scenario from a “non-consent” one is that the “do me or else” threat in the latter involves the withdrawal of some privilege, rather than the infliction of pain, injury or death. This means the "victim" can always just get up and walk away. One could argue that the “do me or go back to jail” threat here is no different, but the thinness of that is overwhelmed by the fact that the victim (no quotes this time) is sobbing as one of the aggressors pulls off her underwear and begins to lick her cunt.

Another possible defense is that less than two minutes later the victim is "enjoying" her rape, and becoming an eager girl-lover. However, that just makes this another scene in which the sexual roleplaying does not follow through on the roles assigned by the setup. Mercifully so in this case, but that does not redeem the offense of offering a realistic rape depiction as a valid source of sexual arousal.

Had the producers been more fluent in the ethical distinctions involved, this could easily have been an edgy but not-immoral “non-consent” fantasy rather than an invitation for viewers to become aroused by rape.

This verdict comes from the loudest advocate on the Lezlove Video forum of edgy "lez taboo, reluctance and non-consent" scenarios and sexual roleplaying. Bpop and I are usually on opposite sides in those discussions, but we’re together in condemning this scene.

I’m hoping this is a one-off exception, with the producers realizing they made a mistake and getting back between the ethical guardrails in future productions.

This scene also takes mother-daughter incest fantasy to its logical conclusion, which for some will be an "ick" and for others a "yum." But in contrast to the real evil of rape, the taboo against adult female incest is merely a "social construct," not something inherently immoral. In other words, there’s no inherent shame in finding this fantasy a "yum." (Real-life incest is much more problematic.)

The Nina James & Tanya Tate scene is a nervous-and-reluctant seduction that has an illicit, "molesty" feel to it, but nothing out-of-bounds like the rape of Brooklyn Lee. I enjoyed the scene.

Monica Rise & Sasha Heart is kitchen-counter sex, which for me means a scene to skip, whatever virtues it may otherwise contain.

The Heather Starlet & Cindy Starfall scene is a cute-young-girls-having-playful-sex scene, with Heather calling the shots at the start, but quickly becoming a mutual fuck-fest. Nothing controversial, and most viewers will enjoy the scene.

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