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Sports Spa ____________________________________
Sports Spa
I.D. dvd_5118, Adult
2015, 3 hours 5 minutes
Fantasy Massage
Directed by Director

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Celeste Star, Erica Fontes, Kendall Kayden, Lexi Belle, Natalia Starr

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Humble Opinion
Sports Spa is a good movie with some hot sex. But it also has some long set-ups that can become distracting, since there are no chapter stops within the scenes. Usually the complaint is that studios pay scant attention to set-ups, and hop right into the sex. With this DVD, the pre-sex set-ups sometimes last longer than need be. This is especially the case with the Siri/Jelena Jensen scene. The set-up is a volley ball game instruction session, with Jelena being the instructor, and Siri being the student. The lesson lasted for a full 12 minutes, but frankly felt longer than that. Late in the set-up, Siri pulls off her tee shirt top, and Jelena soon follows suit but they are still basically playing volley ball. As with all the scenes, once the massage starts up, the heat level begins to rise significantly. And once the sex begins in earnest, the performers are genuinely aroused, and we witness some divine passion.

Abigail Mac has two scenes in Sports Spa. Both are very good. But Abigail''s scene with European beauty Erica Fontes is the best, and my favorite scene on the DVD. Abigail spots Erica stretching, before her work-out in the gym. Abigail can't keep her eyes off of Erica's sleek, thin body, and has to leave the gym, before she embarrasses herself. As she is leaving though, Abigail slips a piece of paper into Erica's gym bag.

We next see Abigail straightening out the sheets on a massage table, awaiting her next customer. In walks Erica, holding out a ticket for a free massage that someone has left in her gym bag. Abigail acts delighted and surprised, welcoming Erica to lay down on the massage table for her massage. Both girls play their roles beautifully. Abigail is sly and horny, but careful, especially early on, to appear professional, so as not to scare off Erica. Erica, meanwhile is hesitant and unsure about what is going to take place. When Abigail asks Erica to strip down for the massage, Erica sweetly asks if she can keep her underwear on (which means her panties, since Erica is not wearing a bra). Abigail assures Erica that that is fine, even though most of her clients are totally nude. Erica Fontes legitimately does not speak English very well (several times she asks Abigail to repeat what she has just said, since she did not catch it). Erica''s lack of comfort with the English language plays beautifully into Erica's character as a girl who is shy, a little leery, but totally aware of the effect she has on others and who later, she has a sexual appetite that is the equal of Abigail's.

Watching Abigail slowly, and progressively, seduce Erica with her hands and fingers is definitely one of the highlights of this massage scene. But watching a sexually satisfied, panting Erica, who is unsure of what to do, is equally arousing. Erica is trying to return the favor, but she is a straight woman. So she finger fucks Abigail, and Abigail encourages and urges Erica on. But when Erica feels Abigail's pussy gripping her fingers, she gasps. No longer able to control herself, Erica groans and dives her face down into Abigail's pussy, and simply begins devouring Abigail. We watch Abigail stiffen her gloriously fit body and cum.

Abigail''s scene with Celeste Star was also good. With Celeste as the Yoga instructor, Abigail has to be more submissive in her attraction. Abigail slyly maneuvers Celeste to the point where they are both nude, practicing the Yoga poses - a breathtaking sight to behold. Abigail fakes pulling a muscle, and an innocent Celeste remarks that she is also a licensed massage therapist. The scene then becomes a massage scene. Both Celeste and Abigail are their usual superior selves, with the sex being both delicious and varied. Both women look incredibly fit and firm, and are photographed beautifully.

Lexi Belle is a personal trainer who works out of her home. Kendall Kayden, a pretty young blond, is her new client. Kendall stands behind Lexi on her mat, trying to keep up with the stretching and exercising. But it is soon too much for sweet Kendall, as she shrieks in pain. Unlike Abigail with Celeste, Kendall is genuinely hurting, with a leg cramp. Lexi immediately stops the exercise and hovers over Kendall. Lexi announces that she is also a licensed massage therapist. But Kendall is not sure, maybe she should just go home. Lexi pleads with Kendall to let her try to help, with a massage. Like Celeste, Lexi is attempting to be "professional", but Kendall is so sweet and firm, that she can't help feeling aroused as she kneads Kendall's calf and thigh. But unlike Abigail, Kendall has no secret agenda. So the scene has a feel of two girls simply falling in love with each other, as one softly and sweetly tends to the other. Slowly, and luxuriously, Lexi and Kendall both fall under each other''s spell. Lexi''s fingers tentatively become more invasive, and Kendall willingly opens herself up, and accepts Lexi.

Jelena Jensen has two scenes in Sports Spa. I already mentioned the scene with Siri. Jelena's other scene is with Natalia Star who is a swim instructor and masseuse that Jelena has signed up for. The scene with Siri was good once the massage/sex began. But I enjoyed the Natalia/Jelena scene more.

Jelena is immediately aroused by Natalia and flirts a bit with her in the pool. But the scene really takes off once Natalia is giving Jelena the agreed upon massage. Jelena is suggestive to Natalia early on in the massage. But it is when Natalia has Jelena turn over onto her back, and Jelena urges Natalia to massage her "pec" muscles which translates into Jelena Jensen''s gorgeous breaststhat Natalia begins to catch on to Jelena's hints. Natalia squeezes and kneads Jelena's "globes", obviously aroused as she squeezes the breasts and pinches and pulls on the erect nipples. Natalia still tries to maintain some professionalism though. But when Jelena keeps urging Natalia to "go lower" as she is rubs Jelena's stomach muscles, that Natalia finally gives up trying to appear "clueless". Natalia softly exhales and looks up at Jelena. Natalia softly remarks, "Oh, it is THAT kind of massage that you want." Jelena purrs back, and Natalia stares at Jelena as she begins rubbing her fingers between Jelena's pussy lips.

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