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Lesbian Confessions 02 ____________________________________
Lesbian Confessions 02
I.D. dvd_5152, Adult
2008, 161 min.
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Nica Noelle
* $22.99 *

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Michelle Lay & Ariel X, Gianna Michaels & Aubrey Addams, Kylie Ireland & Monique, Elexis Monroe & January Seraph.

It feels good to confess one's sins but it feels even better to commit them. In this continuing popular series, beautiful lesbians confess their secret passions and shameful indiscretions while you watch them play out. Gianna knows what she wants from young houseguest Aubrey Addams, while Michelle Lay sees more than her own reflection when she looks at the gorgeous Ariel X. Kylie Ireland finds that being a trophy wife has some unexpected fringe benefits with cat burglar Monique, and January Seraph takes a forbidden chance with Elexis Monroe. Written and Directed by Nica Noelle.

Scene listing:

[1:38] Kylie Ireland & Monique

[38:23] Michelle Lay & Ariel X

[1:20:50] Elexis Monroe & January Seraph

[2:03:46] Gianna Michaels & Aubrey Addams


DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, photo gallery.

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Another super-strong release from Sweetheart here. More than enough to like about all four of the scenes... so much so that as I sit here, I’m having a hard time choosing one to call my favorite, as I typically like to do. The trouble is, I liked different scenes most for different things. For instance, the “seducing” in the Michelle/Ariel X scene wasn’t 100% convincing, but who cares when the kissing (and everything else) is that hot? I even liked the pairings chosen from a purely physical dynamic standpoint - interesting contrasts or similarities.

1) Buildup/Seduction: I like the last two setups most, but the overall premise, confessions, is enjoyable too.

2) Kissing: Nothing to complain about here... just the opposite, actually.

3) Attractiveness of Women: As previously stated, this is a great collection of a variety of women.


At first I was puzzled by the scene between Elexis and January. The setup was simple: January is the sister of Elexis' boyfriend. She seduces Elexis in what is supposingly Elexsis' first lesbian experience. Yet, Elexis quickly takes over the lovemaking and displays an expertise that is out of character.

Nica is a director who always does something for a reason, and it wasn't until I put the Elexis/January scene in context with the other scenes that I began to understand what was happening. What we have is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma in which nothing is as it appears.

In the Kylie/Monique scene, the victim becomes the criminal and the criminal becomes the victim.

In the Ariel/Michelle scene, two strangers meet who look alike and have similar interests, and both were adopted. Could it be...? The unanswered question gives an erotic bite to an otherwise excellent scene.

The Gianna/Aubrey scene is supposingly between two girls of the same age, yet the contrast between the two makes it play like a younger/older scene. Aubrey claims she's never been with a girl, and halfway through the scene admits she "fabricated" a bit. This scene also illustrates the rare quality that can lift a scene out of the ordinary, and that is the chemistry between the girls. The scene roars with passion as each girl drives the other higher and higher.

This is a film that stays with you because you're never sure of what you're really seeing. And on top of that, the sex is great!

This could have been a great movie, given the superb cast, but again Sweetheart Video and Nica somehow manage to screw it up completely.

There's not nearly enough kissing and the sex is way too hectic, meaning that the girls change positions ten times during a scene. What's the point in that? Because some people complained about the good ole ''I-do-you-and-you-do-me'' style, now one position can't be held for at least a few minutes? I'm not saying that the aforementioned style is the thing to do, but just mix it up a little. You need not take everything to the extreme.

And by the way, you've got the adorable Gianna Michaels, and you don't let Aubrey Addams suck on her breasts for at least five minutes? Come on, that's just bad.

All scenes were good, but Michelle and Ariel were fantastic. The best long trib I have seen in a long time. Keep up the good work on trib, the best sport going! Outstanding filming and camera direction. Good Show!

This is an okay effort despite the poor first scene. Sorry Nica, but Kylie Ireland should be retired and the jewel thief in this scene should never have been cast. Talk about ugly.

However, after the misfortunes of the first scene, this film picks up. Scene two has a pairing too long in the making, Ariel X and Michelle Lay. Both are singles, recently separated, who get to share a room at a singles resort. Ariel X is... well, the word ‘spellbinding’ comes to mind, but that is inadequate for this great performer. Michelle, unfortunately, is so glad to work with Ariel X that I think she tries too hard. Still, a scene not to be missed by two of the greatest performers in lesbian erotica.

In this scene, Ariel X, when Michelle initially suggests some girl-girl sex fun, protests strongly that she doesn’t do that sort of thing. Yes, ARIEL X gets that as dialogue to say!

Scene three has the superb Elexis Monroe as the girlfriend of January’s brother. January has a crush on Elexis (who doesn’t?) and is keen to have sex with her. Amazingly, Elexis also initially protests that she doesn’t do that sort of thing (lesbian sex), but after a while succumbs to show January what years of Sapphic loving have taught her. Elexis is, well, a champion, and this again is a great scene.

The last scene has an amazingly-breasted (and I mean big breasts) Gianna Michaels trying to seduce cute teen Aubrey Addams, who, like Elexis, protests that she does not do that sort of thing. However, after being almost smothered to death by Gianna’s titanic breasts, she shows Gianna her lesbian sex skills, leaving big-breasted Gianna stunned and amazed.

Shame about scene one. Still, a must-see for the pairings in scenes two, three and four.

Another quality outing from Sweetheart! Michele Lay and Ariel X are very convincing and passionate together. Elexis and January Seraph (who is gorgeous sans tattoos) deliver an inspired performance as well. I agree with an earlier reviewer about Gianna Michaels’s tits being wasted!

Don’t get this video because it promotes stereotypes. The only black character is portrayed as a thief. From a company that purports to be different than "mainstream" porn outlets this is truly disappointing.

The porn industry in general would make more money if they would avoid stereotypes, and cease using slur words the meanest male chauvinists employ, and stop using other negative words like "nasty" and "filthy" in the descriptions of their movies.

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