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Mother Daughter Thing, A 01 ____________________________________
Mother Daughter Thing, A 01
I.D. dvd_5160, Adult
2014, 108 min.
Digital Sin Tabu Tales
Directed by Jacky St. James

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Julia Ann & Dakota Skye, Adriana Chechik & Dana DeArmond, Elexis Monroe & Dani Daniels, Sara Luvv & Ariella Ferrera.

Sex is Better When It's A Mother Daughter Thing

A woman supports her spoiled stepdaughter's lavish lifestyle in the hopes of keeping their lesbian affair a secret. Angry about her father remarrying, a young woman sets out to enact revenge on her stepmother, but soon finds herself swept up in a web of seduction. A Columbian woman's sexual frustration reaches a breaking point when language barriers prevent her stepdaughter from understanding her verbal advances. Hidden passions ignite when a mother asks her stepdaughter to undress and model a new outfit for her.

Scene listing:

[2:59] Elexis Monroe & Dani Daniels

[29:53] Sara Luvv & Ariella Ferrera

[58:16] Adriana Chechik & Dana DeArmond

[1:28:01] Julia Ann & Dakota Skye

[1:50:25] END CREDITS

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, behind-the-scenes footage, photo gallery & trailers [all g/g].

Thereís really only one reason to get this video- the Elexis/Dani scene. Despite the higher than average production values, the other scenes miss their targets for a myriad of reasons. That Elexis/Dani scene though is worth the cost of the whole video. Itís just as passionate and raw as youíve heard. Both girls look like theyíve spent an hour in a sauna when itís done...just awesome.

For me there are only two favorite scenes in this feature: 1, Elexis Monroe & Dani Daniels, and 2, Sara Luvv & Ariella Ferrara. Both scenes had passionate sex and there seemed to be real good chemistry between the girls. Passion wasnít lacking in the other two scenes, but itís just that I am not a fan of Dana DeArmond, Adriana Chechik, Julia Ann and Dakota Skye.

Just finished watching this. First scene was the only scene worth watching. Depressing when these movies go the Ďstep-í route.

Humble Opinion
This was a terrific first effort at a girl/girl Tabu Tales from Jacky St. James. The Elexis Monroe/Dani Daniels scene and the Ariella Ferrera/Sara Luvv scene were both amazing in my book. The Julia Ann/Dakota Skye scene was very good, and the Dana DeArmond/Adriana Chechik scene was hot at times, but flawed.

Elexis Monroe is married to Dani Danielsí father. It is pretty clear that Elexis is closer in age to Dani than she is to the father. Elexis reminisces about the time that she and Dani first had illicit sex (we see flashes of the actual sex). Elexis and Dani were lounging by the pool, chatting. A pause occurred, and Dani gave Elexis "a look" that disturbed Elexis, causing her to smile awkwardly and turn away. Before Elexis knew what was happening, Daniís hand was on her thigh, and the two of them are going after each other like "two teenage girls".

Itís that "look" now that keeps haunting Elexis. It makes her lean against the bathroom wall in her bra and panties, believing that she is alone in the house, and masturbating hard and loudly. Dani suddenly startles her, "Youíre so fucking sexy when you masturbate!" Elexis has a worried look on her face as Dani approaches her. Daniís fingers pull on Elexisís bra straps as she stares into Elexisís eyes, "Were you thinking about me?" With pleading eyes, Elexis answers, "Please donít do this, Dani. This is dangerous!" Dani murmurs back hauntingly, "Dangerous just makes it more fun!" Dani leans in and Elexis helplessly closes her eyes, and opens her mouth, for Dani.

A moaning, full-on passionate love tryst commences on the bed. There is a serious feeling of explosive lust here. Dani and Elexisí bodies rarely separate throughout this entire scene. Their mouths engulf each other when they kiss, and they eat the otherís pussy like nothing else on earth ever tasted so good.

Visually, the highlight for me may be when Dani, kneeling on the bed, takes hold of Elexis from behind. Dani begins diddling with Elexisí pussy as she sucks on her neck. A gasping Elexis bends backwards to kiss and suck on Daniís mouth as she constantly keeps diddling her. When Dani finally makes Elexis cum, Elexis collapses on all fours in front of her. Dani crawls over and keeps fingering Elexis from behind, eventually climbing onto Elexisí back to rub herself on Elexis as she makes her cum once more.

Sara Luvvís father has recently married a gorgeous, voluptuous woman, Ariella Ferrera, who does not speak a word of English. Evidently this does not cause a problem for the father (presumably he speaks Spanish), but it does cause difficulties for Sara, since she does not speak a word of Spanish. Along with voluptuous, Ariella is vivacious, blissfully chatting away at Sara as if a language barrier is simply an inconvenience, nothing more. Ariella tells Sara how pretty she is, seeming to assume that Sara is getting the meaning of what she is saying, even if Sara does not understand the words. Sara, of course, is totally clueless that her new stepmother is infatuated with and "coming-on" to her.

Later, Sara is stripped down to her panties, getting ready to take a shower. Ariella comes into her bedroom, without knocking, carrying an armful of clothes. Sara, embarrassed, covers her breasts as Ariella staringly admires her. Ariella compliments in Spanish, "Your breasts are marvelous." As Sara pulls on her robe, her stepmother admonishes, "Donít cover up!" Sara frowns at her stepmotherís tone, and replies, "I....donít speak Spanish" as she turns away. Ariella stares at Sara as she heads for the shower, shaking her head, "Girl, donít punish me!"

The shower is running and Ariella lingers outside, listening. Ariella then peels off her clothes and pulls open the bathroom door. Sara cries, "Wha.....What are you doing?!!" Sara tries to cover herself as Ariella silently climbs into the shower. Ariella reaches out and pushes Sara back up against the shower wall. A shocked Sara babbles, "What! Iím serious...I" While Ariella whispers in Spanish to Sara, it is her naked body pressed up against Saraís that Sara truly understands.

When Ariella picks up the body wash sponge and finds the spot between Saraís legs to wash, Sara weakens a bit before making one last attempt to push the stronger Ariella off of her. But Ariella forcefully grips Saraís shoulders, and twists Sara around so that she is facing, and her breasts are pressed against, the wall. Ariella holds Saraís shoulder in place with one hand, while with her other hand she slowly glides the body sponge down Saraís back, along with her kisses. When Ariella senses no more resistance from Sara, she slides her other hand down and cups both hands on Saraís butt cheeks, kissing and squeezing while sliding the sponge between Saraís pussy lips. Later, the two gleaming wet ladies will make delicious love to each other on a large couch.

Dakota Skye hates her beautiful new step-mom, Julia Ann, the "money-grubbing" bitch who seduced her dad and destroyed the happy family that she knew. Dakota tries to do little things that might "rattle" Julia Ann, such as rubbing her bare pussy on Julia Annís pillow so that it will "smell funny" when Julia Ann is trying to go to sleep. This dubious plot fails miserably when Julia Ann catches Dakota rubbing herself on her pillow. Listening incredulously to Dakotaís explanation, while holding and displaying Dakotaís panties in her hands, Julia Ann laughs, "Other than my favorite perfume, my second favorite scent is the smell of a womanís pussy." Julia Ann then suggests that Dakota may have other reasons for rubbing herself on Julia Annís pillow.

Dakota barks back, "Youíre the gay one!" Julia Ann shrugs, "Bi." Dakota answers, "Liar!" Julia Ann scoffs, "Why do you think I married your father?" Dakota snarls back, "His money, why else!" Julia Ann smiles, "Oh no, it was a two-for-one deal. See, I got his dick, and now your vagina!"

Julia Ann climbs onto the bed. Dakota scoots backwards. "Get away from me, youíre crazy!" Julia Ann stops, "I may be crazy, but youíre wet, arenít you?" Julia Ann commands Dakota to sit on her face, she wants to taste that slippery pussy. But Dakota balks, "I donít do girls!" Julia Ann grips Dakotaís hair as she pulls Dakota toward her mouth, murmuring , "Thatís okay, Iím a woman." When they break apart, Julia Ann pulls the panting Dakotaís legs out from under her, growling, "If youíre not going to sit on my face, Dakota, then Iím going to sit on yours!"

(Dakota Skye is a very sexy young girl who has done some explosive hetero scenes. But Dakota has seemingly done very few girl/girl scenes. That works in some ways for this scene, and Dakota certainly shows enthusiasm for Julia Ann. But it does dissipate some of the passion, I believe.)

Dana DeArmond is more Adriana Chechikís friend than a step-mom. They are about to go out clubbing together, as Dad is out of town. Dana has bought Adriana a new dress for the night, but as Adriana puts it on and lets Dana a

Given that Digital Sin make so few Girl-Girl movies I wanted this to be good. Then there was the promise of Elexis Monroe and Dani Daniels together for the first time.

However, apart from the first scene with Dani and Elexis, which is very good, the rest was an anti-climax. I did not mind Sara Lovv and Ariella Ferrara as the daughter with the new mother who speaks only Spanish, but the rest was nothing.

Dani is the manipulative step-daughter to newly married Elexis, and the scene is very much worthy of their talents. Having it as the first scene was clearly a mistake, as they made everyone else look so poor.

Still, I agree with the first two reviewers in their brief reviews. This is pretty much a one scene movie.

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