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Filthy Fashion Models ____________________________________
Filthy Fashion Models
I.D. dvd_5189, Adult
2015, TBA
Filly Films
Directed by Director

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Ana Foxxx & Lotus Lain, Kra Noir & Ana Foxxx, Jenna Sativa, Yasmine De Leon & Ana Foxxx, Shyla Jennings, Lotus Lain & Ana Foxxx.


Don Juan DeMarko
You have to give the beautiful Ana Foxxx her due. She cast herself in every scene in this amazing picture and it pays off so. Though I will not say that Filthy Fashion Models is by any means a terrific story with a great plot. What I will say is that each scene features some amazing sex from an awesome cast. There are very few moments where the viewer is not fully engaged in what is going on in the scene. The first and last scenes feature zero setup but the middle two have this amazing buildup to some incredible sex. Jenna Sativa, as always, steals the show. She has this knack for always pulling the other girls into a scene with her and it just makes for the hottest of pornography, that will make you horny as hell and just chomping at the bit to not only see her clothes get taken off but her co-stars as well.

The first scene featuring Ana Foxx & Lotus Lain, starts as a pair of lovers waking up to indulge in a scrumptious bath. Lotus Lain is one hell of a dirty talker when it comes to her scenes and Ana Foxxx plays well into her hands. The camera angles and lighting make for some very low points in the scene and distract the viewer from fully enjoying the action a bit. Both woman engage in some amazing sexual positions in the tub and as always with any Ana Foxxx scene, you are just begging to see her get her asshole licked from behind. In this scene, that moment takes on a rather shark like buildup when Lotus goes in for the kill and just devours Ana‘s pussy. This scene is the worst of the four but it is still great when compared to others out there in the market now and is not a “bad” scene by any means.

Part two of this crème de la crème is a very nasty, yummy, unexpected threesome featuring Jenna Sativa, Yasmine de Leon and Ana Foxxx. We find out in this scene Ana is a photographer and she is working on a desert shoot with two unhappy models… and of coarse, how to we get two woman feuding to make up in the porn world? By kissing of coarse…. and Jenna’s line of: “You mean literally?!?” when told that exact phrase, takes the scene into some very, very scrumptious lesbian play. The setup of this scene is amazing. Great angles showing the woman’s features. Incredible outfits that have you itching to get see them go at it. All three woman do a wonderful job of acting their roles. As Jenna and Yasmine begin to kiss, Ana interjects, “I want some too.” and watching these three get naked in the back seat of a jeep is wonderful. For the first five minutes of sex, they actually lick, kiss and play with their clothes on. It is a very hot start. The camera angles and natural light are a nuisance sometimes but in my opinion the originality of the scene makes up for it. There are some wonderful face sitting shots and watching all three girls bounce around this jeep to fuck each other is amazing. I say this is a tie for best scene of the bunch. You will love it I guarantee!

The third act begins by displaying the amazing Kira Noir getting her hard body oiled up for a shoot with the sexiest photographer ever, Ana Foxxx. The diamond bikini Kira is wearing leaves nothing to the imagination and watching Ana apply oil will just get you hot instantly, drooling for the action to begin. As both woman settle into the background to dress down for the shoot, the setup of Kira not getting any action at home from her lazy boyfriend leads Ana to tell her to try a woman’s touch. She whole heartily agrees and the build up is so sexy. The kissing begins soft, gentle and small, just gaining ground as they get each other naked. Ana’s shorts in every scene just look amazing on her. This scene features her gorgeous derriere getting tongue lashed in some yummy positions and off the hook camera work. They both just take turns spinning each other on a make-up table and chair, which I think always has the best spread eagle looks and angles, especially when it is two hard bodied hotties like this. This scene is the most elegant and gentle of the three but you will still be itching to cum the entire way through this incredible ride.

In the final escapade and tie for first place as far as top tidings go will well, before we get into that I must say that anyone who follows porn already knows that every scene Shyla Jennings touches turns to gold and this one is is no exception. This little bedroom romp leads lovers Lotus Lain and Ana Foxxx do just eat of every square inch of the lovely Shyla, for she is a present from Lotus to Ana to do what she may. This scene does not fuck around with small talk. It is right there, wham, bam, thank you maam, literally! As all three get each other completely naked, you see Shyla “eager to please” and from the start, her kissing, pussy licking, ass tonguing and reception of all three is just heavenly. Ana & Lotus do a far better job in this scene playing with each other than the first and the one thing I enjoyed the most and what may help edge out the second scene for best sex in this film, is that all three girls take turns just tearing each other apart from every angle. It is the longest of the four scenes and every second of it is pure ecstasy. You will love the camera work and each woman interjects the thing that makes them their own unique person when it comes to adult cinema. Dirty talk, moaning, sexy ass play, breast worship, deep, wet, sexy kissing, this scene has it all. This is one of those great scenes you can just watch over and over again. This is definitely a hell of a buy and Filly Films continues to allows these amazing porn stars to just create some awesome works that I guarantee you, that you have not only never seen but will get you hotter than hot in a millisecond.

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