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Alex Chance: Family Therapist
Alex Chance: Family Therapist
I.D. dvd_5194, Adult
2015, TBA
Filly Films
Directed by Director

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Keisha Grey, Karlee Grey & Alex Chance, Kimberly Brix & Dani Jensen, Xandra Sixx & Hollie Mack, Alison Rey & Alex Chance.


Fairway Drive
Older sister Dani likes Alex’s recommendation and rushes home to seduce Kimberly. It’s not difficult because this is what Kimberly has been waiting for this since she became a young woman. After some cute foreplay the first kiss is had and it is beautiful and tender. One of the best first kisses of the year. Then wondrous lesbian love. The family theme helps the actresses be caring and tender. Caring, tender soft licks on the pussy – I love it. A great scene like this only happens once in a while and leads me to wonder why the editing is so poor and why the director feels he must open his big-fat-mouth in the middle of the scene. It is just inexcusable.

The camera man know his angles. Both faces and the orgasming pussy as tight as possible is hottest. The use of one camera, instead of two, helps the scene flow. I hope to see Dani and Kimberly together again. Great scene, girls. Thank you Dani. Kimberly you are beautiful.

Don Juan DeMarko
Alex Chance does indeed take a chance behind the camera in this erotic interpretation of “family” psychotherapy from Filly Films. I for one love the fact this company gives adult actresses the chance to see what lies beneath and change roles so to speak for them. This is a soft film. This is not your standard lesbian aggressive romp where the women are shredding their clothes off to fuck. Through out the first hour there is truly a sense of these gals being shy, hesitant and looking to discover each others kisses and bodies. I think some folk may not enjoy seeing their favorite starlet tone down her performance as she plays a role but that is what this film is at its core. If the gentle approach to a girl/girl story turns you off, then this is not the right movie for you to be viewing.

Alison Rey and Alex Chance begin the movie as sisters off away at college in a flash back from Alex’s intro into the movies plot. She explains how and why she became a psychologist and away we go into the past to learn that Alex’s “little” step sister has dreamed of licking her sweet pussy since she was a kid. Alison Rey has the “teen” look and aura flowing through out this scene. Alex Chance fans know more than anything what makes this beauty appealing. Alex to me, looks like a real woman in the most astonishing way. From Alex’s real tits, to her non-enhanced ass and yes, her cute, real tummy, you get the sense you are watching the real woman next door and not the industries interpretation. I for one love Alex’s look and I hope she does not change it, for it is unique in this industry and it is sexy as fuck when it comes to the true beauty of a woman. As we watch Alison ploy her sister into sex after confessing her life long crush, so begins some soft kissing, touching, breast play and pussy eating. I will not lie and say the editing mistakes do not take away from the scene, because they do. The direction is a little all over the place here and there. Unfortunately you do hear a mail voice giving direction and that severely takes away from a very gentle scene. Due to those mistakes, that makes this scene the lowest ranked of the four.

Xandra Sixx, a gorgeous new addition to the adult entertainment world, starts off the next chapter of the story. We return from the flashback to see Xandra sharing tales of sisterly fantasy with Dr. Chance. I think Alex did a great job with two rather new, young actresses to the business in this scene. She does not speed things up too quick, which can be a bit disastrous with new talent. The sexy tattooed girl next door, Hollie Mack, looks amazing in another fantasy sequence. A kitchen scene is always the most sexy spot for lust to take place and both woman take it slow after their clothes come off fast. The action moves from a bar stool, were Xandra gets dominated a bit by Holly and transitions onto the kitchen counter for some soft pussy licking that gets faster as the scene goes along. The speed of the scene will get to some viewers but once again, this is a film showing a more delicate, sexy style of lesbian love. Xandra’s ass looks amazing through out and it is hot as fuck just watching Hollie Mack do her thing. I think this is by far the second best scene in the DVD.

The third scene features what could have been the gem of the film. Kimberly Brix and Dani Jensen are just amazing as far as the intro goes. This scene features one of the better set-ups in girl/girl porn I‘ve seen in a while. We once again find one of Dr. Chance’s patients eager to make up lost family ties. Dr. Chance suggests a sexual encounter to cure what ails the sexy Dani Jensen and she goes to it post haste. The ladies play this sexy game of truth or dare as they ease into each others arms. As they dare one another to tell of past sexual tales and dares of nakedness, the story just sucks you into the fantasy. The set-up is long but you are enjoying these gals kissing and caressing, discovering each others bodies. As the camera angles display each girl’s sexy body perfectly, you just get hotter as they work down each others neck to their breasts. Watching Dani take her sweet time getting to Kimberly’s pussy is just divine. I did enjoy the oral sex very much in this scene. Dani is absolutely fun to watch in moments where she cums with pleasure, as the buildup has her foot shaking as she gets her pussy licked, having to pull away from the amazing oral sex because the pleasure is too much to handle. Very steamy. The inexperience of the girls starts to show though about three quarters through the scene. It is not helped by two more editing mistakes where the crew is giving direction and it is heard in the film. Such a major killer to this scene because the action & allure are flowing when it happens. The girls bodies are immaculate and the end does have some salvageable moments of asshole licking. Dani does display some future promise when she defies the directors nod and goes out of the sixty nine position to just chow down, ever so amazingly on Kim’s pussy to end the scene. I can’t help but imagine what could have been without the editing stumbles in this one. The girls make a valiant effort to save the scene once again, just like the first with their amazing bodies and soft sensual interaction with each other but it only makes the scene break even at best.

……..Then, (drum roll)…..There is Keisha Grey, Karlee Gray and Dr. Chance to close out the ninth inning to pull off a huge win! This is the crème de la crème of the film. If you have not seen either of the Grays, get your fucking ass on the internet or your local porno shop and download anything of these sex goddesses, ….I mean anything! You will not be disappointed. I really enjoyed everything from the acting to the ever so spectacular sex. Not many know outside the biz, that threesomes are difficult to act in at times. Fans unknowingly do not see what it is like to film one. It takes amazing performers to do so and in this flick, the girls not only blow the roof off Dr. Chance’s “office”, they save the film. Karlee & Keisha are bratty sisters who just can’t get along no matter what. Alex steps in to prescribe a “rare treatment” that she dares only resorting to in the most dire situations of life and death. The medicine: A nasty, yummy threesome that will have you cumming multiple times. Alex starts the sex off so seductively with your routine of “kiss her, now kiss me” yumminess that comes standard with a scene like this but these woman sell it so very well. They stay in character and keep the sex flowing with those characters. Watching Keisha and Karlee get stripped naked is staggering & beyond candy to the eyes. Alex stands in between, directing traffic ever so anticipatory. Karlee’s body is amazing! Her ass & tits just bring about eagerness in this scene as you beg to watch them get pleasured. The dirty talk is heaven in this scene and Keisha and Karlee’s chemistry is beyond visible throughout. The camera angles are

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