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Gambling ____________________________________
I.D. dvd_5200, Adult
2015, TBA
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Guy Ranieri Sblattero

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Episode 1 - Bouillotte
Adorable Amber Nevada and her cute friend Taylor Sands (making her VT debut) are playing blackjack, Amber taking the role of croupier and doing her best to win all Taylor’s chips. Taylor goes all in and loses everything to her lucky opponent, who suggests she bets her clothes on the next hand. Taylor literally loses her shirt, followed by her shorts, her bra – revealing her incredible breasts – and finally her panties. Is Amber cheating? We’ll never know, but Taylor is happy with the suggestion that they play another game, one that involves a lot more touching and kissing. Amber sucks Taylor’s nipples, and then goes down to lick her lightly-furred pussy, strumming her clit with tongue and fingers until Taylor is gasping with pleasure. After a powerful climax, Taylor strips Amber and laps at her pussy enthusiastically, before her friend bends her over the card table to eat her from behind. They finish by rubbing each other to a simultaneous climax, leaving them both flushed, breathless and giggling delightedly.

Episode 2 - Indulge
Cute little Lady Dee makes her Viv Thomas debut as the next gorgeous player to try her luck at Amber Nevada’s casino. Amber proves to be lucky in cards and also in love, as she rapidly bankrupts Dee and then persuades her to bet her clothes on the next few hands. Cardshark Amber keeps on winning, and when petite Dee is naked, Amber kisses and caresses her seductively. The game forgotten, Dee gets on her knees and Amber eats and fingers her from behind. Dee straddles Amber and rides her fingers energetically, then turns into reverse cowgirl and frigs herself before Amber makes her cum explosively. Now Dee eats Amber skilfully, rubbing her clit, licking and fingering until her girlfriend is moaning with delight. Amber turns into doggy position, Dee spanking her ass cheeks and then spreading them apart to lick her succulent pussy until she gasps her way to an orgasm. It seems that in Amber’s case, the winner really does take it all…

Episode 3 - Stakes
Adorable Taylor Sands has a blast as she assumes the position of cute croupier, taking on sexy Bailey Ryder at blackjack. It’s clear the girls are just role playing – they are on the bed, after all – but they enter into the spirit of the game, as Taylor steadily wins all Bailey’s chips, and then her clothes too! Bailey looks so delectable as she undresses that Taylor can’t resist leaning in for a kiss. Bailey’s mood visibly lifts as Taylor pushes her down on the bed, kissing her passionately and sucking her nipples, then spreading her legs and beginning to lick her pussy. Bailey rocks her hips with pleasure as Taylor’s probing tongue and fingers drive her wild. When Bailey’s on the verge of climaxing, Taylor breaks off to strip for her, then straddles her face so she can get her share of the licking. She rides until she’s also at fever pitch, then moves Bailey into doggy position, fingering and eating her ravenously. Bailey takes her turn to lick Taylor’s pussy again, this time driving her to a powerful orgasm, then grinding on her until they enjoy an incredible simultaneous climax.

Episode 4 - Kismet
Lady Dee hasn’t learned her lesson. Having been thoroughly trounced by cardshark Amber Nevada, she now goes back for another round with cute-but-naughty Taylor Sands. And it appears Taylor is lucky at cards, as well as in love! Although she quickly wins all Dee’s chips, when Dee wins a hand she chooses Taylor’s clothes, rather than her cash, as her reward. By the time both girls are naked, they have a different type of game in mind… Tender kisses rapidly grow more passionate, and Taylor mounts Dee in a sexy sixty-nine position, breaking off from her voracious sucking and fingering to gasp with delight as Dee laps at her tempting pink folds. Taylor goes down to give Dee a more focused and intense licking, and then they move into a delicious scissors position, grinding their pussies together. Taylor goes face down, ass up to enjoy a powerful orgasm, and finally the girls rub themselves to a noisy mutual climax.

As readers of my reviews will have realised I have become a huge fan of Guy Ranieri Sblattero and his films. This is an entertainment but one that is most enjoyable. It is about young women gambling at a private casino with an equally beautiful dealer. As the girls gamble their panties away it is time for sex between the dealer and gambler. The sex in this is very good with all four models both really beautiful and into each other.

Amber Nevada a favourite model of Mr Sblattero’s is the dealer in two scenes and her ability to get her client nude then seduce her has to be admired. My only complaint is that Bailey Ryder only has one scene. I like Bailey and her scene is really great. Still I see she is in forthcoming Sblattero movies.

The thing that really makes this such fun is the models that are all really excellent and show that loosing even your panties can be fun. The main model in this is Taylor Sands a young woman I have not seen before but certainly she appears in more scenes for she is really excellent and loses her panties with such style.

In summary I really enjoyed this piece of fun. Beautifully film and really well performed Guy Sblattero shows that Lesbian Erotica porn can also be a work of art.

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