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FANtasy, A ____________________________________
FANtasy, A
I.D. dvd_5254, Adult
2015, TBA
Girlfriends Films

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Dana DeArmond & Veruca James, Cindy Craves & Trinity St. Claire, Jessi Palmer & Nyomi Banxxx, Jen Doe & Magdalene St. Michaels.

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Movie Conception and Sexual Performance by a Girlfriends Films FAN!

Inspired by her porn-star heartthrob Magdalene St. Michaels, Girlfriends Films fan Jen Doe conceived this movie and personally performs with Maggie in the final scene.

Over 2 Hours

DVD Features

Anon in Bama
This was a clever idea by the folks at Girlfriends Films to allow a female fan to write and star in a GFF production. Jen Doe had some pretty good ideas, but I would hardly call the finished product a glowing success.

1) Dana DeArmond & Veruca James - This opening scene had a long & convoluted intro. Dana is a porn star who is chatting in the living room with two of her friends. Suddenly they are joined by dark-haired Veruca, who is already known to be a lesbian. Veruca also dislikes porn. "It just seems so unrealistic." Dana argues that porn can be both creative and artistic. The two other girls both urge Veruca to have lesbian sex with Dana to settle the argument. And so, eventually that is what happens. Veruca and Dana go into the bedroom and engage in standard, everyday lesbian sex, complete with fingering and analingus. Yawn.

set-up: D+, casting: B+, sex: C+

2) Cindy Craves & Trinity St. Clair - Pretty younger-girl Trinity shows up at the house where Cindy lives. She has just broken-up with her girlfriend, and she needs a place to stay. Cindy suggests that she move in with her, and Trinity agrees to do exactly that. And then they go into the bedroom to have lesbian sex. On the positive side, Cindy is delightfully dominant. I loved it when she ties the wrists of the younger girl together to the bedpost, and later when she takes her doggy-style with her strap-on! That was NICE!

set-up: C+, casting: A, sex: B+

3) Nyomi Banxxx & Jessi Palmer - Black woman Nyomi shows up at a house where pretty-young-Jessi apparently resides with her older female lover. "She will be back in a couple of hours!" These two are apparently having an illicit sexual-tryst! I loved the interracial casting here, along with the older/younger contrast, the size-contrast, and even the potential sub/domme element! My favorite part comes when Nyomi drapes the pretty white girl over her lap as if to spank her, but instead sensually caresses & kisses her lovely petite-nude-body, including that gorgeous little butt! I LOVED it!

set-up: C-, casting: A, sex: A-

4) Jen Doe & Magdalene St. Michaels - This was a LONG scene! Jen Doe is apparently the older woman that Jessi is cheating on with Nyomi in scene #3 (see above). Jen catches the two women in the act, and then abruptly leaves, escaping to the home of friends who live in a beautiful house somewhere on the coast. There, a pretty maid shows her to her room. Does she have sex with the pretty maid? No, she does not. Later, we see her sitting at a table in a nice restaurant, doing some paperwork. There must have been at least a dozen other people cast as extras for this scene! Anyway, at one point Magdalene arrives and sits at the bar, ordering a glass of wine.

When Magdalene finally gets up to leave, Jen stops her. "Do I know you?" Apparently, Magdalene is an adult-film-actress and Jen readily admits to watching lesbian videos. They then leave together at closing time in the chauffeur-driven limo that brought Jen here. (That guy must have been waiting in the parking lot for several hours!) They then return to the house where Jen is staying and have lesbian sex. I think it might have been FAR HOTTER had older woman Jen picked-up a much YOUNGER porn-star (Chastity Lynn comes to mind), but apparently that was not what was scripted. It is obvious that Jen Doe is NOT a real adult film star, as I thought that the lesbian sex was somewhat one-dimensional at best.

set-up: C+, casting: C, sex: C-

The two older/younger scenes pairing Cindy with Trinity and Nyomi with Jessi were the best things about this video, at least in my opinion! My overall grade: B-

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