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The Business of Women ____________________________________
The Business of Women
I.D. dvd_5275, Adult
2015, TBA
Directed by Director

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India Summer & Samanthat Rone, India Summer, Samantha Rone & Charlene Stokely, Vanessa Veracruz & Abigail Mac, Vanessa Veracruz Abigail Mac & Shyla Jennings, Shyla Jennings & Samantha Rone, India Summer, Samantha Rone Vanessa Veracruz & Shyla Jennings.


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From the minds of Directors Bree Mills and Stills by Alan, Girlsway presents it's highly anticipated feature debut, The Business of Women. Featuring a blockbuster cast, twisted storyline, beautiful cinematography, and intense girl-on-girl sex, this lesbian porn noir is truly a first for it's genre.

When a lonely escort (Samantha Rone) is recruited by a powerful business woman (India Summer) to leave the call girl life behind and join her empire, she quickly discovers the importance of loyalty and submission with her new boss. After a rival business woman (Vanessa Veracruz) discovers the one woman (Shyla Jennings) who can bring Miss Summer's empire crumbling down, it's up to Samantha to use all her training to save the business.

Also starring Abigail Mac and Charlotte Stokely, this tension-filled erotic film will leave you questioning til the very end: Who is the ultimate boss babe?

PART ONE: THE DATE India Summer & Samantha Rone
PART TWO: HOMECOMING India Summer Samantha Rone & Charle Stokely
PART THREE: THE SECRET Vanessa Veracruz & Abigail Mac

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Anon in Bama
The opening sequence of this video amazed me! It is one of the best I have witnessed in quite some time! Director Bree Mills is to be congratulated for showing a considerable amount of creativity and imagination in putting this one together. On the negative side, she was let down by her casting, as India Summer and Vanessa Veracruz are NOT all that great when playing predatory-dominant lesbians.

Our story opens with beautiful blonde Samantha Rone (playing a Las Vegas call-girl) summoned to the hotel suite of powerful lesbian CEO India Summer. India orders the girl to strip completely nude for her, and then attaches a leash & collar around the neck of the pretty blonde! So far, so good! The two women then bathe together. The older/younger sub/domme feel is excellent all-around.

1) India Summer & Samantha Rone - The problem begins when the two start having sex. Despite that awesome intro, India never seems particularly interested in exploring/playing-with the body of the beautiful blonde girl, and instead seems more interested in flaunting her own body while having the girl service her! Samantha is EXCELLENT playing a beautiful submissive slavegirl!

set-up: A casting: A sex: C+

India offers Samantha a job as her personal assistant. When the pretty blonde arrives at her mansion she is met by beautiful blonde Charlotte Stokely, who is immediately jealous of Samantha, telling her how India will discard her someday, as happened to herself. She says India once played with her body, and even spanked her, but now she only ignores her. India overhears what Charlotte is telling Samantha, and orders the two girls into her bedroom.

2) Charlotte Stokely & Samantha Rone - India then orders these two to begin having lesbian sex while she watches. Charlotte remains unhappy, but she plays along. After all, they are only obeying orders.

set-up: B- casting: A sex: C+

Charlotte decides to betray India by phoning her arch-rival, Vanessa, who once worked for India but who now has her own corporation, and wants to destroy the business of her former employer.

3) Vanessa Veracruz & Abigail Mac - We watch Vanessa gets a massage from her nude slavegirl, Abigail. Vanessa is a much WORSE dominant-lesbian than India, as she does not appear the slightest bit interested in playing with the body of her nude slave, and instead just wants to be serviced by her. At one point she says she will spank Abigail, but quits after only three slaps to her delicious behind. Later, she orders Abigail to touch herself. Yawn.

set-up: B- casting: B+ sex: C

Meanwhile, India gets Samantha to vow that she will forever be her loyal submissive, and the pretty blonde agrees. Meanwhile, Vanessa decides to turn the run-a-way stepdaughter of India (Shyla) into a pawn she can use against Ms. Summer. She picks-up Shyla off the streets and takes her back to her place for some everyday lesbian sex. Shyla is fine with it.

4) Vanessa Veracruz, Shyla Jennings, & Abigail Mac - These three basically have a threesome. Shyla is angry at her step-mother, and so she allows herself to be used by Vanessa. Again, Vanessa shows little interest in the girl, removing her own dress first before stripping Shyla.

set-up: C casting: B+ sex: C-

Shyla is now the nude slave of Vanessa, but Vanessa does not appear to be at all attracted to her. Vanessa then orders Charlotte to write a forged note luring Samantha over to her place so that she can steal her from India, as well.

5) Shyla Jennings & Samantha Rone - Shyla pretends to be a lesbian hiring Samantha for sex. They engage in some uninspired scissor-tribbing, but Samantha refuses to betray India, and instead forces Shyla to return with her to the mansion of her step-mom.

set-up: B casting: A sex: C+

India scolds Shyla for attempting to betray her, but then orders both girls to play along with the plot cooked up by Vanessa so that she will believe that her plan has succeeded. Ms. Veracruz arrives in triumph to where India lives, accompanied by what she believes are her two loyal slavegirls. Of course, they are not.

6) Shyla Jennings, Samantha Rone, Vanessa Veracruz, & India Summer - Vanessa orders Shyla & Samantha to have sex together to upset India. Of course, India knows that they both still belong to her, and eventually she orders them to begin having sex with Vanessa, which soon becomes an everyday foursome. It was all kind of stupid. Defeated, Vanessa returns to being a slavegirl owned by India for some unexplained reason.

set-up: F casting: A sex: C+

The sex scenes in this one were needlessly weak because the dominant-predatory-powerful lesbian women were both badly cast. Otherwise it was an EXCELLENT overall idea! My grade: B-

This is a most interesting and unique lesbian erotica movie which I think treads new ground. For something like two thirds of the movie it is successful but then starts falling apart with the ending. One thing that cannot be faulted are the settings and atmosphere of this film which is truly superb. I gather this meant to be a Sapphic erotica version of the dark films of the 1940’s and 50’s.

Basically the film is about a rivalry between two powerful women, India Summer and Vanessa Veracruz and the women who are the pawns in this battle, chief of which is Samantha Rone. For India Summer, this kind of role is almost second nature to her and she does it very well. Vanessa Veracruz in my view overplays the role and at the end become almost comical. However the main character, Samantha Rone is very good as the not too bright Las Vegas call girl who after a night with India becomes the central player in the struggle. Seeing this movie made me a fan of Samantha Rone as she is great in the sex scenes and when it comes to the acting does a very good job.

The best scene I think is the first when booked by India Samantha turns up and becomes the sex slave for the night. The sexual tension and atmosphere is truly superb. Charlotte Stokely as India’s current assistant and mole for Vanessa does not have much a role and is basically wasted as is Abigail Mac as India’s permanent sex slave.

Shyla Jennings is India’s disaffected step daughter who momentarily joins Vanessa only to be returned to India by Samantha Rone who decides the struggle. Shyla is pretty good in this and does both the acting and sex very well. All in all this film is a very good try, but in my view, comes up short in the last two scenes with Vanessa Veracruz overdoing her part completely. India Summer is as you would imagine is cool calm and collected and is just perfect.

Sorry Vanessa I really like you but next time don’t overdo your part. Thus, this is a film worth seeing even if it is not perfect. I certainly hope Girlsway keep on doing this kind of movie for they will learn from this as will I hope Vanessa.

All in all an interesting and quite gripping movie.

This is a very good porn film, both for lezlovers in general and for fans of the “Lesbian Taboo, Reluctance and Non-Consent” thread on the Lezlove forum. But I''m struggling to fit it into the taboo/reluctance/non-consent matrix, for reasons that also apply to other sub/dom themed g/g films. I think it comes down this:
For this thread's purposes it's all about the sexual role-playing, and the sexual role-playing here presses all the right buttons for this thread. In particular the first two scenes.

India Summer & Samantha Rone and same pair plus Charlene Stokely in a threesome
India has not received her due as the maestra of the cold, hard, no-nonsense "shut up and fuck me" lesbian dom bitch. She's a good age for it, has the right look ("handsome"), and appears to enjoy playing the role. Which she executes superbly here.
In the first scene her new playtoy Samantha roleplays "passive submission," which works as well for “lez taboo criteria” as it does for this film''s sub/dom theme.

Sam continues that passivity in the second scene, a threesome that adds Charlene Stokely, already a member of India's "harem." Charelene plays a submissive who is beginning to sass back, which gives India a chance to demonstrate who is in charge in fine "lick my cunt, bitch!" style.
At the very end of this scene, after India departs and the two younger blondes are wrapped in each other's arms, there is a role-playing twist that I can't get out of my mind, and which keeps bringing me back to the scene (along with the hot g/g sex and sexual role-playing that presses all the right buttons).

I bought the DVD for these two scenes - my highest praise. (I always rent before buying.)

BTW, the other three scenes on this disk are hot and fit the film's sub-dom theme, but for various reasons do not serve the fantasies celebrated by that lez taboo thread

All the above has me thinking me about the relationship between the criteria of the “lez taboo” thread on the lezlove forum and the more common "Sub/Dom" theme in porn, which seems to come in two flavors. The first involves partners who are self-consciously playing "lets pretend," using sexual role-play games for their mutual arousal and fun. The second are fictional representations of "the real thing" - a borderline sociopathic bitch using her money or power to victimize and exploit attractive young females for her own pyscho-sexual satisfaction.

This film is the latter, and Anon's review provides all the plot details for those who are interested (as usual he misses the sexual role-playing trees for the storyline forest he cares more about - a reviewer's perogative).

Neither type of sub/dom scene requires the submissive to meet that forum thread''s "lesbian taboo" definition: A girl experiencing psychological turmoil from participating in lesbian sex she feels is "wrong" or "not done" by good girls like herself. IOW, in lez taboo it's the homosexuality that freaks her out, not anything in the relationship dynamics.*

So why do these scenes work for lez taboo? My answer is, it''s all about the role-playing.
In this case, Samantha Rone plays a g/g virgin, and when India orders her new bitch to engage in homosexual acts Sam passively does so. And "passive" suffices to serve the lez taboo fantasies that are this review''s focus.

It suffices even though according to the plot Sam is call girl, for whom the concept of g/g can hardly be shocking.
"Ignore the setup" is advice I've shared many times in that LLV lez taboo thread, and this is a good example why. For purposes of lez taboo it would be better to not know that Sam is a call girl (versus a complete "innocent"). Indeed, porn scene plots are more likely to undermine the fantasies cherished by fans lesbian taboo, reluctance and non-consent, which is why I try to tune them out.
Which brings me back to "It''s all about the sexual role-playing" - not the plot - and the sexual role-playing here is superb for lez taboo purposes.

* For example, an already-lesbian boss forcing an already-lesbian new secretary to have sex is not "lez taboo." One test is, "Would the same plot would work just as well in a b/g scene?" In this example it would (already hetero boss forces already-hetero secretary). So it’s the role-playing that meets the lez taboo criteria, not the plot.

Wasn't overly impressed with this film. Great concept though, but badly executed. The usual things have gone wrong again casting, keeping the story simple, variety in locations and sex scenes.

Great scenes stand out because its kept simple, and details in casting, setup, storyline are looked after. I kept fast forwarding through this one because, for me, the sex scenes all looked boringly the same.

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