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19th Birthday 01 ____________________________________
19th Birthday 01
I.D. dvd_5326, Adult
2009, 160 min.
Girlfriends Films

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Faye Reagan & Juliana Jolene, Faye Reagan & Anita Dark, Juliana Jolene & Anita Dark, Faye Reagan & Samantha Ryan.

She just needed a little lovin' on her birthday

Simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video.

DVD Features
chapter index, trailers [all g/g].

I thought this was a pretty good release which is obviously part of a series to come. While I liked it, it did have a few problems.

This is about Faye Reagan being caught having sex with her volleyball coach, Juliana Jolene, and being sent by her parents to live with aunt Anita Dark in Los Angeles. As imagined, Faye meets the wrong person in Samantha Ryan and is seduced by her aunt.

Problem one with this movie is the plot, which is overwhelming in the first thirty minutes. Still, once it gets started, Faye’s seduction by Anita, Anita’s seduction of the volleyball coach, and ultimately Faye’s scene with Samantha Ryan, make this a pretty good film. The Faye/Samantha scene is really great.

The other problem with this film is Faye Reagan. This film requires more than just a beautiful body, it also requires acting via the creation of characters. While Faye is beautiful she is no actress, which is the drawback to this otherwise excellent movie.

Might I suggest that Girlfriends Films hire a coach for Faye, for if this is a series and she is the star... well, she needs the ability to carry it. Her performance in this is numb to say the least.

However, by and large a clearly watchable movie, with Samantha Ryan and Anita Dark very good as is Ms. Jolene.

Anon in 'Bama
This is another one of those Girlfriends Films series that includes a rather lengthy (and all too often needlessly complicated) storyline. On the positive side, a lot of work went into the soap-opera style plot, and the casting was extraordinarily good.

Here’s my review/synopsis of the four scenes and other plot details:

1) Faye Reagan & Julianna Jolene - Faye and Julianna walk hand-in-hand across a footbridge into Julianna’s house, somewhere in South Dakota. Apparently, tall blonde Julianna was 18-year old Faye’s high school volleyball coach. She looks like a coach!

Once inside, Julianna asks Faye: "So you want to know about girls?" (Groan!) Faye, who looks incredibly cute, explains in reply that she already "knows what two tomboys do together," at which point Julianna then asks: "Haven’t you ever touched a pussy before?" (Double-Groan!) This is really bad, un-erotic porn writing! Faye is expressing interest in learning about lesbian activity, and Julianna is apparently going to teach her. It’s a classic case of really lame instructional lesbianism. I hate instructional lesbianism!

They go into the older woman’s bedroom. Julianna goes down on Faye and fingers her. Faye then returns the favor. There’s some missionary tribbing soon after. Both women mostly ignore the other’s gorgeous derriere.

Set-up: F, casting: A, sex: C+

There’s a whole lot of storyline following this opening scene:

First, the next day Faye’s father and mother discover their daughter in bed with Julianna. Faye’s father goes somewhat understandably ballistic. He decides to send his daughter out to Los Angeles where I guess he thinks she’ll be safe from lesbians and/or just Julianna. (He’ll be wrong on both counts.)

Faye arrives in L.A. and takes a clerical job at a trucking firm run by the beautiful and slightly older Anita Dark, along with her employees, Persia and RayVeness. When the women discover that Faye is staying at a motel in a dangerous neighborhood, they urge Anita to allow Faye to sleep at her place, on the sofa. Anita agrees.

The next day Faye is tired because she didn’t get very much sleep on Anita’s sofa. Julianna then calls Faye on her cell phone to say that she’s coming out to L.A. in a day or two to look for a coaching job there. Faye asks Anita if Julianna can stay at their place.

That night, Faye and Anita sleep together in Anita’s bed. Faye offers to massage Anita’s shoulders, but then when her hand begins touching Anita’s breasts, the older woman says no way. Faye apologizes and they both go to sleep.

The next day at work Anita orders Faye not to discuss what happened, adding: "It’s not going to happen again." Soon after, Faye helps beautiful blonde client Samantha Ryan save a lot of money on a trucking deal, and a grateful Samantha then invites the girl to dinner at her place tomorrow night. Samantha looks both very professional and very hot!

2) Faye Reagan & Anita Dark - (Note: There are two different sex scenes with these two women!) That night, Anita has apparently had a change of heart about having lesbian sex with Faye. She climbs into bed with the girl wearing red lingerie, and begins pulling off Faye’s pajamas. Then both women simultaneously masturbate, and that’s about it.

Set-up: C, casting: A+, sex: D

Anita decides that she wants Faye all for herself, and offers to take the girl to a luxury hotel to celebrate Faye’s 19th birthday, which she then does. The scene that immediately follows between the two in their luxurious hotel room includes mostly I-do-you-then-you-do-me sex with neither woman paying hardly any attention to the other’s gorgeous behind.

Set-up: B+, casting: A+, sex: C

Soon after, Julianna arrives in L.A. and Faye introduces her to her boss, Anita. Anita is immediately suspicious. She pulls Faye aside and threatens her not to have sex with the woman or she’ll fire her and kick her out of her house. Then she orders Faye to go to the office while she spends some quality time with Julianna.

3) Anita Dark & Julianna Jolene - Despite her suspicions, Anita is immediately flirty with Julianna. She tells the blonde coach that she believes most female coaches to be lesbians. Julianna then asks her: "How many times have you been with a girl?" (Groan!) Off comes the clothing as they begin having sex. Porny writing isn’t sexy.

At one point Julianna gets behind Anita and fingers her, along with some brief analingus. Neither woman is in charge as they basically take turns going down on each other.

Set-up: B-, casting: A-, sex: B-

4) Faye Reagan & Samantha Ryan - Faye goes over to Samantha’s place for their dinner date. The two discuss work. Faye says she wants out of the trucking business, and Samantha offers to set her up for an interview working for a video production house. Faye is immediately interested. Samantha warns her, however, that the woman she’ll be working for there has a "thing" for pretty young women like herself.

I enjoyed hearing Samantha describe what Faye might have to put up with to get the job! It was sexy! Samantha suggests she take a few photos of her pretty friend to get her in the door, and Faye agrees. The ensuing photo-shoot predictably leads to both girls going at it.

On the negative side, once again neither girl shows hardly any interest in the other’s incredibly hot, curvy rump! The sex between them is also distressingly bland and unimaginative.

Set-up: B, casting: A+, sex: C-

Like I said, a lot of work went into writing this one, but the set-ups were too often hastily slapped-together and not particularly erotic! And why cast two incredibly beautiful women together and then have them both completely ignore each other’s gorgeous behinds? I really don’t get it. But the casting for this one is awesome! Some of the best I’ve ever seen from GFF! Overall grade: C+

Anon did an excellent breakdown of the scenes, so I will not repeat that, but let me offer a different perspective.

It is not so much that Faye needs an acting coach as it is that this needs less dialogue. This is about seduction, and a huge percentage of that is carried out through body language. There is an old rule in film - show us, don’t tell us - and given the cast, there is plenty to see here. However, Girlfriends Films has their tried-and-true methods, and even minus the points for too much talking this is a very good DVD for GFF. The Ryan-Reagan scene is fantastic, but all the scenes are pretty solid and it is definitely worth owning.

Grade: B+
Recommended? Yes. If you like the seduction genre (and I’m guessing you do if you are here), then you will enjoy 19th birthday #1.

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