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Women Seeking Women 121 ____________________________________
Women Seeking Women 121
I.D. dvd_5348, Adult
2015, TBA
Girlfriends Films
Directed by Director

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5-Star Film! 



Ever since I saw this announced in Girlfriends Films monthly newsletter I have been full of expectation for this movie. Lisa, Samantha Ryan, Elexis Monroe and Sinn Sage are all favourites of mine and together in the same film. Well I was not disappointed as this is a simply superb edition of this great series. All four scenes are clearly from the archives given that most of the stars have retired from girl girl modelling. Why they were not released immediately one can only guess at but all four scenes are superb.

The first, shot for the Girls in White 2012 series, has Sinn Sage checking out a friend’s new girlfriend Lily Labeau to see if this recently divorced young woman is really a lesbian. Well Sinn puts her to the test in a simply superb sexual examination. The scene finishes with Sinn doing he trade mark trib on Lily leaving her a breathless wreck. Not for nothing is/was Sinn called “the Queen of the Trib” for she tribs like no other with those superb hips of hers.

Scene two has Samantha Ryan as a university professor working at home when she is interrupted by young Kara Price who needs help in enrolling at the University. “I am willing to do whatever it takes” Kara whispers to Samantha. Well you guessed it it is upstairs to the bedroom for a special bout of Samantha Ryan lovemaking. Kara has only had a boyfriend so sex with Samantha Ryan is quite an experience as she cums and cums collapsing exhausted in Samantha’s arms. A really great scene with Samantha Ryan at her very best.

Scene three has Elexis Monroe being asked by her younger sister to explain to their father that she is a lesbian. Called in to help Elexis is Hana Black from the local lesbian club. Anyhow it is upstairs for Elexis and Hana to talk the situation over. If you saw Women Seeking Women 117 you would have seen another Elexis Hana scene. If that was good this is truly great for it is clear these two have a real feeling for each other. Elexis Monroe yet again proves what a unique performer she is.

Scene four was clearly filmed for the Budapest Series. In fact this should have been included in Budapest 11 as it is connected to the Sophie Moone Lisa scene in this. Here Katalin has heard that Lisa is leaving Sophie Moone and wants Lisa herself. After couple of glasses of vodka, Lisa retires to read a book only to be seduced by Katalin in a very emotional scene of love lost and love desired. Lisa I have always admired for she plays the thirties lesbian woman so well. This is a really good scene.

I have criticised Girlfriends Films practice of taking scenes from their vault and putting them together. Here it works to perfection to make a really great film about Women Seeking Women. Just how many Samantha Ryan and Elexis Monroe scenes do Girlfriend Films have for I see in their new releases more are on the way.

In summary, this is a film not to miss -- with four great models, all legends of the Lesbian Erotica genre in it. All four scenes show them at their very best.

Humble Opinion
This is a very good edition of Women Seeking Women. All four scenes are clearly from the "Girlfriends Vault", and were produced at least a year or so ago, probably longer. Why they waited so long to release any of these marvelous scenes is a mystery that I am not sure even Dan O'Connell could adequately explain.

Early on, Sinn Sage has been attacking Lily LaBeau non-stop, with kisses and fondling, as she growls that she wants to be sure that Lily (a newly divorced straight girl) is the best thing for Riley (the girl that Lily has divorced for, and a former lover of Sinn's). Sinn's aggressiveness, has Lily a little scared, but becoming groaningly aroused. Sinn won't leave her alone, and she won't let her catch her breath. Lily weakly pleads, "Is this right?" but Sinn just ignores the question, kissing Lily harder each time she asks. The now topless Sinn, grapples with Lily, pulling off first her long sweater, and then the sleeveless tee shirt she wore underneath. Sinn lays a gasping Lily on the bed, and then lays beside her. Glaring at Lily, Sinn presses her hand down on Lily's pussy, first from on top of Lily's shorts, and then inside them. Sinn is not fingering Lily, she only presses her hand down hard and rhythmically on Lily's pussy and pelvic bone. An agonized Lily tries to twist her face away, but Sinn won't let her. Sinn pulls Lily's face back and mashes her mouth into Lily's. The hand pressure on Lily's pussy finally makes Lily LaBeau explode into a heaving orgasm, as Sinn wraps Lily in her arms. From there on out, the two make unbelievably ferocious love to each other.

Kara Price plays innocent and naive, knocking on professor Samantha Ryan's door, to ask her for help to get into the University of Thornhill. But maybe Kara is not quite so innocent as she appears as she is wearing a remarkably sexy halter-top red dress that hugs her tight, lithe body. Kara's grade point average is blah, and her extra-curricular activity is lacking. A dismissive Samantha suggests that they go up to her bedroom, where she has a camera. They can then take a picture of Kara to put with her application. A puzzled but unsuspecting Kara follows. In the bedroom though, Kara balks when Samantha suggests that Kara should take off her dress for some more revealing pictures.

Samantha shrugs, saying that Kara can just apply to Springfield then, and become an auto mechanic. Kara pleads that she will do anything just not "THAT". Samantha is unmoved, and Kara reluctantly removes that tight red dress, sitting on the bed wearing only her black panty-hose. A now "more pleased" Samantha Ryan suggests that Kara scoot up to the top of the bed. Samantha joins Kara there, herself only wearing only her bra and panties now. Samantha starts trying to kiss Kara. When Kara still proves resistant, Samantha leans in closer, and whispers heatedly, "Show me how much you want this!" and open-mouthed, forcefully kisses Kara. When Samantha breaks away to catch her breath, Kara whines. Angry, Samantha pushes in again and deep kisses Kara for even longer time. When Samantha breaks away this next time, Kara is open-mouthed and glassy-eyed. Samantha murmurs slyly, "There you go." and leans in again. This time, Kara's arms wrap around Samantha's waist, and Kara fiercely returns Samantha's deep, open-mouthed kissing.

Throughout, Samantha Ryan is fascinated by Kara Price's long sleek legs. Sitting at the foot of Kara, Samantha starts pulling off Kara's panty-hose. It takes such a remarkably long time, that an eager Samantha fairly dives into Kara's black panties, when she finally has them off. A little later, when Samantha wants Kara's bare pussy she doesn't even try to get the panties totally off, and they dangle on Kara's ankle until after her first ferocious orgasm.

The Elexis Monroe/Hana Black scene is another one of Elexis's natural scenes, where the role-playing is practically non-existent, but the sex is breathtaking. Hana Black, to my mind, is one of the most beautiful women to ever have graced a porn set. The sight of this gorgeously voluptuous brunette giving herself to Elexis to lick, lavish, and "lunge at" is spectacular viewing pleasure. Hana shows herself no "slouch" herself several times, making Elexis groan and cum. Near the end, Hana and Elexis are both kneeling on the bed. Hana is finger-fucking Elexis to the point that Elexis's deliciously thick thighs have trapped Hana's hand, and Elexis crumbles into Hana's body. Hana then lays Elexis down on the bed and climbs on top of her. Elexis reaches down to begin fingering Hana from below. Soon though, Elexis raises up. With both now again kneeling on the bed, it is Elexis who finger-fucks Hana to an orgasm. But the difference is that, once Hana has had her crushing orgasm, Elexis doesn't stop, she doesn't remove her fingers. Instead Elexis keeps pushing, fucking Hana soft at first, but then pushing harder and deeper, until Hana is gasping and groaning even more than the first time. A grinning Elexis looks at her hand, rubs it on Hana's still open mouth, and smears it across Hana's luscious breasts.

The Lisa/Katalin scene does not reach the same level of passion as the other three scenes. But it is a beautiful scene. Lisa is wonderful to watch, as the woman who knows that she is desired, and simply sits back and lets her pursuer take her. Throughout the scene, whenever it is Katalin who is the active lover, she is immersed in pleasuring Lisa, often with her mouth devouring Lisa's pussy. But when it is Lisa, she is cooler, more contained, but just as volatile as a lover.

Near the end of the scene, Lisa has deliberately gotten on all fours, pushing her butt into Katalin's face. Katalin eagerly "eats" Lisa from behind. After groaningly cumming, Lisa has Katalin assume the same position. But this time will be different groans will become cries. Lisa wets her hand and fingers, and begins rubbing them on Katalin's pussy from behind. Katalin will try to keep upright, but eventually, she will have to collapse onto her stomach, on the bed. Katalin's head will hang over the edge of the bed. Katalin's body will be heaving against Lisa's rubbing fingers. And Katlin will be crying out, her fingers will be desperately gripping the mattress, trying not to pull away from Lisa's insistent fingers, but also, equally trying not to fall off the bed.

A truly classic Girlfriends film

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