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The Turning - A Lesbian Horror Story ____________________________________
The Turning - A Lesbian Horror Story
I.D. dvd_5360, Adult
2015, TBA
Directed by Director

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Please Note: Orders containing this title will begin shipping Tuesday 9/22/15. A Lesbian Horror Story.

From Directors Bree Mills and Stills By Alan comes a deliciously evil fantasy about the days leading up to the lesbian apocalypse. Challenging social stigmas, drawing inspiration from film classics, and featuring an award-winning cast, THE TURNING is a lesbian horror story filled with powerful performances and some of the most intense girl-on-girl sex ever filmed.

Halle White (Adriana Chechik) has never fit in, especially not with her religious foster family. After being pressured to organize a bachelorette for her ungrateful foster sister (Anikka Albrite), she is pushed to the edge of an emotional breakdown and turns to an unusual support counselor (Mercedes Carrera) for guidance. What happens next will take Halle on a journey of transformation that will ultimately bring her the one thing she has always desired: a family that truly loves and accepts her.

Also starring Carter Cruise, Tara Morgan, Dana Vespoli, and Jelena Jensen.

Anon in Bama
In some ways this 'Girlsway' production house is amazing, as on occasion their scenes are incredibly hot. But then it almost feels like the director took a lunch break and the second-string director came in and slapped together a piece of crap.

This one opens with pretty, dark-haired "goth girl" Adriana Chechik coming home to the house she shares with her foster-sister Anikka and their overly-religious stepmom Dana Vespoli. Anikka is getting married next month, and Dana insists that she allow Adriana to plan her bachelorette party.

Anikka is excessively cruel to Adriana, causing the girl to phone the suicide hotline, where she reaches Mercedes, who invites the distraught girl over to her place.

1) Mercedes Carrera & Adriana Chechik - This scene was AWESOME! Instead of counseling the girl, "witchy-woman" Mercedes seemingly desires her lovely body instead, and has the girl strip off her clothing and lie down on her couch so that she can place "healing rocks" on her body. Mercedes was EXCELLENT as a dominant lesbian woman wanting to surreptitiously enjoy the gorgeous body of a lovely young girl! It was a highly enjoyable super-slow seduction! Whoever directed/wrote this scene did an outstanding job!

set-up: A-, casting: A-, sex: B+

2) Dana Vespoli & Adriana Chechik - After Adriana returns home, her step-mom puts her to bed. Next we watch as Adriana clumsily sleep-walks into the bedroom of her stepmom where she then somewhat demonically attacks the older woman. Dana quickly gives in, however, and the two have an overly silly-looking lesbian encounter that I did not find at all erotic. Later, Adriana awakens in her own bed. Was it just a dream? Who knows?

set-up: F, casting: B+, sex: C+

The next day Anikka and Adriana pick up two friends of the bride (Carter & Tara) and then drive over to the wellness retreat recommended by "witchy-woman" Mercedes as their bachelorette party location.

The retreat location is actually just a front for an organization headed by Dr. Elixir (Jelena) that turns young women into lesbians by giving them a potion to drink.

3) Jelena Jensen & Adriana Chechik - After separating the women into three different rooms, the woman in charge (Jelena) has porny-looking mechanical lesbian sex with Adriana. There is a lot of fingering and squirting. This scene was just awful.

set-up: F, casting: B, sex: C

4) Carter Cruise, Tara Morgan, & Adriana Chechik - Carter and Tara have been put in a room to do yoga exercises together. Suddenly Adriana joins them, and gives them each a glass of elixir. They all then begin engaging one another in a three-way orgy. Everybody does everybody.

set-up: C+, casting: B+, sex: B-

5) Adriana Chechik, Tara Morgan, Carter Cruise, & Jelena Jensen - The three naked young girls from scene four are then ushered in to meet Jelena, who removes her jacket so that they can all begin servicing her. A very long and mechanical foursome follows complete with lots of squirting and fingering.

set-up: F, casting: B+, sex: C-

Meanwhile, Anikka has been locked all alone in the "Bridal Meditation Zone" this entire time, unaware that everybody around her is now a lesbian. When Carter and Tara break-in like zombies and begin trying to have sex with her, she escapes and flees back to her home, where her zombie-like mother awaits.

6) Anikka Albrite, Dana Vespoli, & Adriana Chechik - Yes, Dana begins trying to have sex with Anikka, and so does Adriana. There is clumsy groping, kissing, and undressing, with Anikka quickly giving in for yet another lame threesome.

set-up: D, casting: B+, sex: C+

That opening scene was incredibly erotic, but after that it went quickly downhill and became everyday, unexciting porn. An elixir that turns women into lesbians is not really all that great of an idea. My overall grade for this one: C+

T Hawk
It is extremely hard to follow a review from Anon in Bama because his/hers are among the absolute best!! But here is mine in short form. I have 4 favorite types of films, Western, Crime/Drama, Horror and of course Lesbian. Here we have a mix of Horror and Lesbian to well mixed effects. I won't go into the scenes in any detail because Anon in Bama always does a superb job -- but I will say that I enjoyed the sex scenes very much, Girlsway is an up and comer for sure, scenes 1 and 4 are definitely the best by the way, the rest is passable. I once said in a review for Lesbian Fight Club that it is the sex itself and not the content that we watch these movies for, well my extreme apoligies to bpop!!!, I now understand where he was coming from here, HORROR this is not!! Maybe a thriller, but not Horror. I just love the horror genre Halloween, Jaws (yes it qualifies), and The Exorcist are among my favorite movies, so should I have expected more? Well no:(. It is extremely hard to be scared with a boner, well come on is it?! While The Turning has some HOT lesbian sex, the Horror aspect well. Girlsway has some excellent content so far, as for The Turning, the sex is great the horror is not, and cum on (pun intended) is there really such thing as an X-Rated horror movie? If anyone knows of one please enlighten us. The Turning is a good lesbian flick :) but not a scary lesbian flick.

Humble Opinion
The Turning is, above all an adult movie parody of horror films. If you don''t get that, then this might appear to be a piece of crap, as some folks so quaintly put it. But, as writer/co-director Bree Mills, points out in the BTS, this movie is all about fluids, specifically bodily fluids, and even more specifically female pussy cum and squirt.

There are basically two things that folks should know before watching this.

First, ALL of the sex scenes feature frenzied sex there is no intimacy here or soft girl-on-girl sex. In EVERY scene, the girls are in a sort of "Zombie" state. They are either announcing that they are "thirsty" (as with Adriana Chechik, Carter Cruise, and Tara Morgan) and pussy juice turns out to be the only thing that will quench their thirst. Or the girls/women have been "force-fed" "infected" pussy juice (like Dana Vespoli and Anikka Albrite) and now crave only pussy, and more pussy.

Second, Adriana Chechik is in EVERY scene of this movie. Adriana is a beautiful girl and a good actress. But it is hard not to reach the conclusion, that Adriana is in every scene, and that this movie has been built around Adriana Chechik, because she has learned from Veronica Avluv I believe how to squirt. Not only how to squirt, but how to squirt VOLUMES, and how to squirt repeatedly.

If frenzied sex, and volumes of fluids pussy juice, squirt, and some spit don't "do much for you", then you should probably avoid this release. If however, you want to watch girls cumming "over and over again", like fireworks on the Fourth of July, then you might want to check this out.

There is a somewhat "staged" quality to much of the sex (a feature of all of Girlsway's full length girl/girl movies, I believe). There is a story being told here, and the sex, how it is positioned, how it is displayed, is at the service of the story. Just like with Viv Thomas, I don''t believe that this means that the orgasms are necessarily "performed" or "fake" although some probably are, but it does give the sex scenes a different feel from some other studios that look to the performers to build their own dynamic.

As far as reality goes, the 3-girl scene between Adriana Chechik, Carter Cruise and Tara Morgan and the four girl scene with those three plus Jelena Jensen, feature what are almost certainly a lot of genuine orgasms we watch these sweaty girls constantly attacking one single girl from the group until she "gives-up" her orgasm, and then they switch up to attack the another one.

On a sex basis, my favorite scenes were the Mercedes Carrera/Adriana Chechik scene, and the Jelena Jensen/Adriana Chechik scene. While both scenes were frenzied, "zombie-like sex" on Adriana''s part, Mercedes and Jelena were both able to project a certain "dominance quality" that added to the sexual quality and arousal of the scene. But really, there wasn't a dud sex scene in the bunch.

As I said at the beginning, this was a parody of horror films, and, I thought, clever and very funny at times, particularly in off-hand ways like the way that Carter Cruise looks askance at Tara Morgan as Tara appears so enthusiastic about Jelena's video Yoga instruction. Or how, when Tara goes to retrieve Adriana from the back seat of the car, once they have arrived at the suspicious looking Yoga Retreat. Tara sweetly asks Adriana if she is okay, and we see the thirst driven Adriana curled up in a ball, with a dozen or so empty quart size plastic water bottles crushed on the seat next to her and spilling onto the floor.

I enjoyed The Turning very much. It was hot, sexy, and fun.

First of all, let me say that I''m new here, so bear with me please. Next I''m truly pissed because I am a subscriber to the Girlsway network and the complete set(as of 11-19-15 all six episodes) is not available on the site as of yet (Ep.6 is due 11-26-15) WTF!!! OK my rant is over, now to my review.

The Turning I thought was a great idea. The whole SCI-FI/Horror thing I thought was cool. Scene 1 was my favorite. It is so hot, I thought my monitor was going to melt. Hell they should have left it alone after that but oh well.

Scene 2: now I have some issues, Adriana comes home and attacks Dana(Mom). Now as the scene unfolds Adriana appears to be dripping wet (pussy juice?) and sticks her hand into mom''s mouth. Mom''s starts to jerk and the eyes start to glw and the next thing mom and step-daughter are getting it on. Pretty hot in my opinion.

Now for Scene 3: now the step-sisters and their friends go to a retreat where we are treated to a wanna-be "EYEGOR" (yes,I spelled it wrong..think Young Frankenstein!) Again the sex is hot! (Now please let me interject something here. There are a few thing sexually that make me uncomfortable, golden showers are one of these things. They are pissing and licking it up. If that is the method of viral/bacterial transmission, them they may not be as successful as they would have hoped!) Onward!

Scene 4: Now we have the two best friends in a room taking yoga lessons. Adriana and "EYEGOR" come in and give them something to drink. "EYEGOR" leaves, and Adriana sits down. Next thing the friends and Adriana are fucking all over the place. More pissing and now we have reached my limit as far as group sex goes. Damn,I''m really upset.

Finally Scene 5: 4 women grunting,groaning, (and not very convincingly at this point) and pissing. This movie went from hero to zero in my opinion.

Now one final observation, the adult film industry is a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR A YEAR business. You knuckleheads couldn't spend a few more dollars and come up with a way to get some better special effects as far as the body fluids went? Hell you could have gotten some of those strapless dildos and figured out something better than what you have now. Anyway this has been my 2 cents.

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