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Blondes, Birds & Bees ____________________________________
Blondes, Birds & Bees
I.D. dvd_5368, Adult
2015, TBA
Directed by Director

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If you do not like Cherie Deville do not watch for she is in four scenes and also directs. Yes it is wall to wall Cherie Deville in her celebrated “Mommy” role. If you like Cherie as I do -- this is one long movie of delight with Cherie having four really good scenes.

Scene one has step daughter Allie Rae lying by the pool dreaming of the girl at school she would like for girlfriend but is too afraid to ask. Out steps “Mommy” and gives Allie sexual confidence with a superb poolside seduction by Cherie of step daughter Allie. A simply superb scene. Part two of this is scene four where Cherie finds Allie in tears as yet yes the girl of her erotic dreams wants to be her girlfriend but Allie has blabbed out that she has had sex with “Mommy” and her would be girlfriend thinks she is strange.

What is a good “Mommy” to do? Yes renew the sexual confidence and this time in bed. This is an equally good scene with Cherie telling Allie “there are plenty of fish in the sea” as she seduces step daughter.

Scene two has Alina West being teased by sister and losing confidence. Yes you have it as “Mommy” steps in to renew confidence with another superb seduction of step daughter who after cuming proclaims Cherie “the best step mom a girl ever had”.

Scene three has step daughter Kennedy Kressler worried about her small breasts and envious of Cherie’s superb breasts “Mine are not real as I only got them to please your father” proclaims Cherie as another step daughter bites the dust in another excellent seduction.

Scene five is the one non Cherie scene with step mom Nina Elle watching a scary movie with Goldie then calming her nerves by seducing her. Ok but anything after the glories of Cherie Deville would seem tame.

In a movie for Cherie Deville this is superb for Cherie gets to show off all her “Mommy” talents. I imagine Cherie gets paid by the number of times she is called “Mommy”. If so she would be a rich woman.

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