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Sisterly Love 01 ____________________________________
Sisterly Love 01
I.D. dvd_5455, Adult
2014, 106 min.
Digital Sin Tabu Tales
Directed by Jacky St. James

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5-Star Film! 

Abigail Mac & Allie Haze, Sasha Heart & Aubrey Star, Staci Carr & Jessa Rhodes, Bree Daniels & Ashlyn Molloy.

Life is That Much Sweeter When You've Got Sisterly Love...

Convinced that her stepsister, Aubrey is a closeted lesbian, Sasha challenges her to a make-out session in the hopes of proving her suspicions correct. After Jessica teaches her stepsister the art of hand-to-hand combat, things get a little too physical between them. With Ashlyn away at college, Bree worries that their forbidden affair might not be the only thing on her stepsister's mind. Abigail realizes that a hidden attraction for her stepsister, Allie may be the reason why none of her relationships with men have worked out.

Scene listing:

[3:03] Bree Daniels & Ashlyn Molloy

[31:33] Abigail Mac & Allie Haze

[57:51] Staci Carr & Jessa Rhodes

[1:19:04] Sasha Heart & Aubrey Star

[1:48:42] END CREDITS

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, behind-the-scenes footage, photo gallery & trailers [all g/g].

The credits say this has the same director as "A Mother Daughter Thing", but I found this release to be MUCH better! If only the thought and approach to story here was followed in AMDT...hopefully that one will do well enough to warrant a sequel!

Back to the title at hand. What I thoroughly enjoyed about each of these scenes was the softness and genuine affection demonstrated between the girls playing step-sisters. Yes, theyíre step-sisters- no faux incest here for those hoping for that. The pairings are great, itís shot beautifully- great camerawork. Thereís plenty of great kissing, too. The only slight ding is the strap-on use in the Staci/Jessa scene.

1)Buildup/Seduction: A unique story is given for each pair of step-sisters, usually pivoting off of an unusually close bond the girls share.

2) Kissing: Beautiful and deep kissing is had in each scene.

3) Attractiveness of Women: This is a strong cast of younger, attractive performers who will be familiar to most.


Yet another wonderful premise shot to hell. Can someone please explain whatís so erotic about step- relations?! Utterly pointless.

When a studio feels daring enough, Dillion Harper and Hayden Winters would make an insane sister-on-sister scene. No need to thank me.

Humble Opinion
Jacky St. Jamesís Sisterly Love was another great Tabu Tales DVD, revolving around stepsisters. Two of the scenes were outstanding, and the other two were very good. What makes this work so well is the casting. There is great chemistry between the performers, and they really feel like the characters that they are playing.

Ashlyn Molloy and Bree Daniels have lived together as step-siblings since childhood. At some point during that time, they began to "explore each other" and curiosity grew into lust, and lust into love. Bree narrates, "We fought like sisters, but always made love like lovers".

Older Ashlyn is in college now, and only comes home on most weekends. Bree is lonely and heartsick and a little peevish. When Ashlyn shows up in their shared bedroom, she sees Bree laying on the bed wearing only a slip and naked underneath, her head turned away from Ashlyn. Ashlyn sits beside Bree and pets her. Bree murmurs, barely audible, "Do you take naps like this with your roommate?" Shocked, Ashlyn responds, "Why would I do that?" Bree persists, "Do you?" Ashlyn bends down, whispering into Breeís ear, "These things are for you and I alone."

Ashlyn implores, "Going away to college doesnít change a thing. If anything it makes me miss you more!" Pouting, Bree turns toward her sister, "How much?" Ashlyn leans back, miffed, "You always do this to me!" Bree looks Ďinnocentí, "Do what?" Ashlyn glares, "Lure me in like this.....make me want to FUCK YOU!" Bree asks, "Whatís wrong with wanting to fuck me?" Ashlyn blurts out what she knows that Bree wants to hear, "Because itís all I think about when Iím at school! And when I come back home, itís the first thing that is on my mind. I......" Young Bree doesnít let her sister finish. Breeís mouth is engulfing Ashlynís.

Ashlyn will be soft and protective to her younger smaller sister, eating her pussy softly and worshipfully, as Breeís thighs shiveringly squeeze her face. Young Bree, on the other hand, will be ferocious, attacking Ashlyn with her mouth, her fingers, and her body. Ashlyn buries herself in Breeís neck, whispering, "Iíll never get over you." Bree wistfully asks, "Promise?" Ashlyn groans softly, "Promise.... I miss you." Bree hugs Ashlyn fiercely with her whole body, "I miss you like CRAZY!"

Allie Haze, the older stepsister, has pretty much grown up with Abigail Mac. While Allie is comfortable with her sexuality, she is clearly "bi", she has watched Abby struggle with boys. Nothing ever seems to last. Sitting at the dining room table, Abby confides that she has been seeing her new boyfriend for 3 months, and they still have never had sex. Allie is stunned, but supportive. For instance, when Abby suggests that maybe she is not pretty enough, Allie scoffs, "Thatís not it, youíre totally gorgeous!"

Allie will have to instruct her sister on how to seduce her boyfriend. Abby stares blankly, she has never had to take the initiative like that, "How do I do that?" Allie gawks and then grins as she rolls her eyes. "Okay, Iíll show you!" Allie stands up and sits on Abbyís lap, "Now, you be your boyfriend, and Iíll be you, okay?" They goofily role play for a bit, before Allie gets serious and stares at her sister, "The key is: never break eye contact." Abby looks intently at Allie and repeats, "Never.....break....eye contact". Allie grins back, "Exactly!" Abby impulsively kisses Allie.

Allie pushes herself away, "What are you doing?" Implausibly, Abby responds, "Staying in character. I need to know what to do if he kissed me!" Abby moves in again and kisses Allie. This time Allie is more forceful, "Ack! Stop!" Abby pouts, "Iím trying to learn how to seduce someone, and I feel like Iím failing miserably." Allie rolls her eyes, "Oh my God, youíre not failing miserably. Itís just that youíre my little sister, and itís just a little weird." Abby taunts, "Well, if itís weird, why did you kiss me back? Youíre smiling, so you obviously liked it." Allie stares at Abby for a beat, "You have a big mouth....are you going to say anything?" Abby smiles back sweetly, "I wonít tell anybody, itíll be fine. Just think of me as another girl at school." Abby leans in again. This time Allie lets herself go and kisses Abby back.

Abby is eager and excited. She makes Allie switch places with her on the chair, and eats her older sister out, while kneeling on the rug. After she has made Allie groaningly cum, Allie pushes herself off the chair. They wrestle a bit for dominance, before Allie gets control and makes Abby kneel on all fours on the rug. A panting Allie squeezes her stepsister Abbyís butt as she whispers in her ear, "You like it a little rough, donít you?" Abby groans as Allie runs her hand along Abbyís slick back. Allie murmurs, "I never knew!" as she proceeds to take her little sister hard and rough on the rug.

Jessa Rhodes is the older, more "streetwise" stepsister. Staci Carr is sweet and even now in college, she finds herself being bullied by other girls. Jessa has always looked after Staci, but she is old enough to learn to fight her own battles, now against a bitch who likes to "break other girlsí noses". The self defense instructions are going on in Jessaís bedroom, with Jessa showing Staci some move where they throw each other on the bed. Jessa teaches, "When youíve got her on the ground and youíre on top of her, try to pin her arms. And then just pummel the shit out of her!"

Jessa has Staci try it next, and Staci successfully is on top of Jessa on the bed. Staci leans down and briefly kisses Jessa. Jessa stares up at Staci, "Kissing your opponent is not exactly the best tactic." Staci laughs, "It distracted you, didnít it?!" Staci and Jessa tickle and wrestle each other, with Jessa soon on top. Staci stares up with her soft eyes, "I love how you look out for me." Jessa tries to laughingly brush the moment away, "I canít let the Ďcunty bitchí break you!" Staci impulsively reaches up and kisses Jessa again, this time deep, before laying back down on the pillow.

Jessa leans over her younger, more vulnerable stepsister, and quietly says, "I thought you said that we should stop doing that?" Staci whispers, "I canít help it. I canít change how I feel about you, even if you are my sister." The two kiss sweetly and deeply. Fairly quickly, almost automatically, Jessaís hand travels down in Staciís sweat shorts. Jessa watches as Staci grimaces and twists her face away. This sex scene will feature early and significant toy use, which was okay, but I would have preferred to see the toys introduced a little later in the scene.

Sasha Heart is another streetwise girl who is trying to get her younger, sweet, stepsister Aubrey Star to recognize her "in-the-closet" lesbianism. This scene suffers from a version of the silly seduction, "If youíre not a lesbian, then let me kiss you to prove it." If the setup was hokey, the match-up itself was dynamite. Sasha is dominant and pushy, and deliciously excited as she devours her

Up until now I had never been an enthusiast for the mother/daughter/sister love movie, as I thought them implausible and really a bit off. Why I then watched this only surprised me, but I thought it a very good film. I had not intended to write a review till I read the other reviews on a number of sites which did not seem to explain this movie adequately.

This film is about an element that all humans need love. In all four scenes, the sisters are basically loners who rely on their sister (or step sister) for support, a meaning in life and love. As such the physical expression of love is really understandable. Bree Daniels in scene one highlights this perfectly with her longing for her sister, Ashlyn Malloy, who is away at college. The screenplay was beautifully done, and unlike many of the inept Filly Films on this subject, one grasped the connection between the two sisters in each scene.

I had never been a fan of Bree Daniels till this, but here she is truly superb, showing that she could be a quality mainstream performer. Her performance here should not be missed.

Jacky St James has lifted in her direction skill for this. This is really well directed, with a screenplay that has been well gone through (note this Girlfriends Films). This is no half-baked effort.

Then there is the cast, which is superb. Jessa Rhodes I did think had such skills, while the ever reliable Abigail Mac shows that she is a real star. If ever there was a film about love and its meaning, this is it. In fact, at times it is quite heartrending, and being shocked at the sex seemed irrelevant.

Well worth the watch, as I am sure this will be one of the best for 2014.

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