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KissMe Girl: Girls Kissing Girls 01 ____________________________________
KissMe Girl: Girls Kissing Girls 01
I.D. dvd_5621, Unrated
2009, 139 min.
Greywood Entertainment

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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Avy & Alexis, Samantha & Lexi & Alexis Love, Bobbi & Nicole, Samantha & Karlie.

Long Passionate

Making Out!

Deep Kissing
Body Worship
Real Passion

Scene listing:

[0:34] Avy & Alexis

[42:29] Samantha & Lexi & Alexis Love

[1:12:06] Bobbi & Nicole

[1:46:55] Samantha & Karlie

[2:18:44] ----------

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, widescreen format. NTSC.

Move over Sweetheart, this is even hotter than "Girls Kissing Girls". If you enjoy deep kissing, tongue sucking, and two (or three) girls exploring each otherís bodies, this is the DVD youíve been waiting for (it sure was the one Iíve been waiting for). Granted, if you place a large value on writing and set-ups, forget it. In fact, I donít think there is any dialogue at all (unless you count soft moaning and the occasional giggle as dialogue). Not that the moaning is overly loud or fake-sounding, because it isnít. The only problem I could find was the limited camera angles when the kissing finally leads to the oral sex- which is a LONG time, but if youíre like me you wonít mind the wait. My only hope now is that they can get some more mainstream stars into the series like Girlfriends Films did. I hope they put out the call to girls like Mika Tan, Nautica Thorn, Jessica Bangkok, Jenavieve Jolie, etc.

Scene one (cover, vidcap 1), starring Avey and Alexis, is smoking hot. Itís over forty minutes worth of passionate sex, from beginning to end. The scene starts with the girls already deeply making out, and progresses through some very thorough breast sucking and on to a bit of tastefully shot oral. I liked the fact that the girls took their time getting out of their clothes, and incorporated the clothes into their lovemaking. I find it very sexy when a breast is nibbled or a pussy is licked thru skimpy clothing. These girls are really into each other. Everything they do is very passionate and deep. Thereís lots of tongue sucking and when they suck each otherís breasts they at times suck them all the way into their mouths. They lick tummies and necks, butts and feet, and constantly softly moan and sigh with pleasure. This was one of the hottest scenes Iíve seen in a long time.

The other three scenes were good, but compared to the first rather anti-climatic. The scene featuring Samantha, Lexi and Alexis consisted almost entirely of kissing and breast sucking, and was relatively short.

Bobbie and Nicole (vidcaps 3 - 5) were very enthusiastic. Their scene was in a yard, and I believe they were standing the entire time.

The Samantha and Karlie scene (last 3 vidcaps) was similar to the Bobbie and Nicole scene, with the entire scene being shot with them standing. I did like seeing them with their naked bodies pressed together as they made out with each other.

While there is a great deal to like about these scenes, I found that they seem very contrived. Every scene has the same feeling and pacing. All the girls kiss very deeply, with lots and lots of tongue licking and sucking. All the scenes start with the girls already slobbering all over each other, there isnít a word of dialogue. After the first scene I found myself not enjoying the movie as much as I could have, because it seemed fake and forced. Itís obvious the director tells the girls how to kiss, how to touch each other, how to suck each otherís breasts, etc. The stuff the girls do is sexy, but it would be much more so if it didnít seem they were doing it because it was their job.

Iíd also like to see just a bit of a set-up. The last thing I need is a plot and storyline, but just a minute or so of the girls talking and flirting together would make them seem much more like real people, rather than automatons programmed for lesbian hotness. Iíd also like to see them talking and laughing during the sex, just like people really do.

One thing I really liked about this movie was the almost entire lack of raunch. No butt holes two inches from the camera lens, no wide open beaver shots, no squirting, or toys, or so on. I wish other studios would follow their lead.

The film quality was excellent, and the camerawork was fine, though there were too many moments of the camera being tilted so the girls looked like they were on a hill. Entirely unnecessary and very annoying.

I thought this movie was VERY GOOD, if only for the first scene. If for their future releases this company added some set-ups and let the girls go their own way more, theyíd be as good, if not better, than some of the more highly regarded studios, especially if they continue to stay away from the raunch.


If you like girls kissing each other passionately, this movie is for you. The only problem is there is no oral sex. There is no way for anyone to tell if they are really excited, but great kissing!

Sexy, Teasing, Flirty. This DVD may not contain any oral sex or other play, but the kissing, fondling, and breast play is lovely! I really was excited to see just how much chemistry and sex appeal would ooze from these women, but I was glad to see it slowly play out. I liked the chemistry between the women in the various scenes.

As other reviewers before me have already said, the kissing is deep and passionate. No tiny little pecks on the mouth here! Lots of tongue swirling, probing tongue play, even some steamy tongue sucking.

Women kissing while pressing their naked bodies together is pretty much a great idea. Even without oral and other forms of sex, this video was some great foreplay for me. I found that watching the hands and lips and tongues eager to kiss lips, breasts, and other body parts was definitely a tempting watch!

Great series that anyone who enjoys women kissing will like!

Initially I bought a KissMe Girl DVD hoping to view an American take on the Japanese deep kissing genre. Luckily it turned out to be something similar but different. The kissing and general making out is deeply erotic! The following volumes are just as good as this debut offering.

This is so amazing with my favorite pornstar ever, Avy Scott. She is so SEXY Here.

1. Avy Scott/Alexis Texas. Two blonde goddesses who kiss so passionately. I want Avy so bad. Only about 5 scenes deserve A+ and this is one of them!

2. Bobbi Starr/Nicole Ray. The other HOT SCENE is this one. Both are so sexy and Nicole looks stunning in her outfit. Grade this a B+ at the worst. With Bobbi Starr and Avy Scott I ask one question: WHERE CAN YOU GO WRONG?

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