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Lesbian Office Seductions 06 ____________________________________
Lesbian Office Seductions 06
I.D. dvd_5641, Adult
2011, 106 min.
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Nica Noelle
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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Lily LaBeau & Taylor Vixen, Kate Kastle & Jasmine Jem, Jasmine Jem & Autum Moon, Taylor Vixen & Kate Kastle.

The unprofessional conduct continues when a suddenly unemployed Autum applies for a job at lesbian lover Jasmine's firm. But Autum soon learns that bitchy blonde boss Kate has a weakness for brunettes, and she'll stop at nothing to get doe-eyed Jasmine in her bed. Meanwhile, Kate's favorite "girl-toy" Taylor Vixen craves the touch of a girl her own age, and young, blonde coworker Lily is more than happy to oblige. Written and directed by Nica Noelle.

DVD Features
chapter index, behind-the-scenes footage, photo gallery & trailers [all-g/g].

I was VERY pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this video- each and every scene! Letís see, where do I start? Despite the "office" theme, itís really just a term used to identify the workplace soap opera put on display. You wonít have to stomach anything but sex scenes on top of paperwork-covered desks. The one office shown is Kateís home office. Second, the dialog/setups for each scene are great. Kate plays just the right amount of controlling, manipulative boss. When the camera catches her watching each girl as theyíre working, you can see the raw hunger in her eyes. The dialog isnít just well-written, itís delivered well by each actress. This is what story-based adult video should be! Combine this with some varying age, body-type, and work/casual attire, and Iím fully on board. This might be the strongest, most consistent production Iíve seen from Sweetheart yet!

1)Buildup/Seduction: Kateís seduction banter is great. I also especially like how long Jasmine holds out playing reluctant in the last scene. It just adds so much to the realism and the payoff once she does succumb.

2) Kissing: Really, really, really great kissing...in every scene.

3) Attractiveness of Women: Iím a huge Autum Moon fan, and Kate Castle is someone I wish we all saw much more of. Seeing these women dressed in appropriate attire for the characters theyíre portraying...awesome. SCORE: 9


I was in shock when I read the above review. A 5-star film? Ho-hum sex, desultory acting, a script that was a weak version of an overworked premise. Given the outstanding cast, this was a real disappointment and one of Sweetheart Videoís weaker efforts.

The best thing about this film was a behind-the-scenes segment where Kate Kastle canít resist massaging her gorgeous breasts while talking to the camera. Very hot!

There have been some SHV films that were very good that LLV ignored. Maybe this is a "make good". But the film itself is not very good.

Humble Opinion
This came out in mid-November, and didnít get a lot of attention, which is unfortunate.

I liked Taylor Vixenís scene with Lily LaBeau quite a bit. Lily always plays a delicious "reluctant", and Taylor does a nice job of enticing Lily to toss caution to the wind and make out on the office couch. I especially loved Lilyís voice as she pleads with Taylor to stop. "Iím the one who is going to get fired if we get caught!" Taylor just kisses and sucks on Lilyís neck all the more, making Lily pant and bury herself in Taylor. And Taylorís scene with Kate Kastle had some genuine heat to it, as they provocatively circled each other in Kateís private office at home.

But the real star of this production is Jasmine Jem, a new performer. Jasmine is a slim, fit girl with dark, piercing eyes. She has long, thick, black hair and an exotic look that fits her name perfectly.

Jasmine is in two scenes. In the first, Jasmine is with Autum Moon. Autum is Jasmineís lover and roommate. The scene has a "girlfriend" feel to it, comfortable but sexy. The two start kissing in the front room, when Autum has come home from an unsuccessful day of job hunting. They then traipse up to the bedroom. The sex is casually sexual at first, with each being playful and teasing with the other. But the passion between the two ladies heats up. We know that Autum Moon can eat pussy with fervor. It is watching Jasmine Jem, as she buries her face into Autumís sex, that is truly the revelation. Jasmine brings Autum to two groaning orgasms at different times. One from her mouth only, on Autumís pussy. And the other orgasm is through both pussy eating and finger thrusting. Autum, for her part, clearly loves Jasmineís sleek body, and we see Jasmineís beautiful body on full display numerous times.

It is the scene between Jasmine Jem and Kate Kastle, though, that was the real highlight of this DVD for me. Kate is simply a stunningly attractive woman, with a gorgeous body and eyes that can be warm and inviting one second, but then turn seductive and intense in the next. It is very easy to imagine Kate and Jasmine becoming very turned-on by each other.

The set-up is excellent, and deserves some elaboration. The role-playing between the two ladies is also outstanding.

Kate has been hungry for Jasmine since the day that Jasmine came to work for her. Kate is the partner of an architectural firm, and Jasmine is her "Girl Friday". Kate says slyly to Jasmine, early on in the scene, "You always seem to know what I like. Itís like you have a sixth sense". Jasmine innocently answers back, "It is my job to make the boss happy." Kate looks intently at Jasmine and responds, "I could not have put that better myself."

Kate Kastle is marvelous slinking up and making her "wants" perfectly clear to Jasmine. And Jasmine Jem is terrific playing the startled, even stumbling, girl trying to back away from the aggressive Kate. Early on, as Kate strokes Jasmineís arm, Kate says, seductively soft, "I knew from the moment I saw you that you were something special. Youíre nothing like the other women here, youíve outlasted all the bitches." Later, Kate adds more urgently, "Think about what kind of team we could be! You and me. Just imagine the kind of life you could have!" Kate is seducing Jasmine with her mind, as well as her body.

Kate then slowly keeps trying to kiss Jasmine. But Jasmine keeps twisting away, trying to avoid Kateís mouth. Occasionally, Kate will twist her head unexpectedly, though, and meet Jasmineís lips. The first time this happens the kiss is brief. The next time the kiss lingers longer. But Kate is frustrated, so she holds Jasmineís face and presses her mouth down into Jasmineís, and kisses Jasmine long and full, the way that she has been wanting to.

Jasmineís head is leaning back from the force of Kate. Jasmine kisses Kate back hard now, even as she tries to keep her arms at her side. When Kate finally pulls back, they stare at each other, breathing heavy. Jasmine stumbles away from Kate and holds her arms out in front of her, "I think this is a mistake", Jasmine pants. Kate brushes Jasmineís arms aside as she leans in, saying, "Donít think so much!" And they begin kissing all over again, with Kate pressing Jasmine into the wall of files behind her. The kissing is slow and passionate now, with Jasmine moaning low through the kisses. Jasmineís hands begin trailing Kateís back, and butt, and Kate whispers excitedly, "Oh, yeah!"

Kate kisses, presses, and backs the pliant Jasmine into the next room, where there is a couch, so that Kate can more properly make love to Jasmine. But what is wonderful is how the cat-like Jasmine- once she has let go of the last of her inhibitions- takes control of Kate and sends both of them on an odyssey of sex that is truly awesome to watch.

While they are both passionate and hungry in their sex, Kate is really the more submissive of the two. It is Jasmine who is the first to make the other cum, by making Kate cum groaningly. It is Jasmine who keeps pushing harder and farther. It is Jasmine who sits on top of the spent Kate, and grinds herself on her, until both are crying out. And it is Jasmine who keeps eating and fingering Kate, seemingly insatiable at wanting to keep making and watching the gorgeous Kate cum. And, finally, it is Jasmine who lays herself back on the couch, spreading herself open, staring up at Kate, and beckoning for Kate to devour her.

This was a good movie, and an especially noteworthy introduction to Jasmine Jem.

After seeing #7 in this series I realized I had not watched #6. What an oversight for this is a truly superb movie, easily worthy of the Five Stars LezloveVideo has awarded it. Each of the four scenes is just so well done, by a cast who are really into this film and their partners (as the behind-the-scenes shows).

Scene one has Autumn Moon coming home to Jasmine Jem with her problem of being unemployed, which causes Jasmine to tell her she will try and arrange a job where she works. The love scene here is truly beautiful and packed with emotion.

Scene two has the boss at Jasmineís work discussing things with her girlfriend, Taylor Vixen. Taylor thinks boss Kate Kastle has the hots for Jasmine, whereby Kate tells Taylor that Autumn will be starting as the office manager, so hanky-panky will be impossible.

Scene three has Taylor attempting to seduce Lily Labeau in the office. Apparently Taylor really loves Lily and is only using Kate. The sex in this scene is just awesome. Please, someone shoot a whole disk of Lily/Taylor scenes! This is now on my list of the greatest girl-girl scenes.

Scene four has the boss, Kate, finally seducing her real passion, Jasmine, who initially is highly reluctant. However, once warmed up a tremendous scene ensues.

I think I have seen most of Nica Noelleís movies, and this truly has to be one of her very best. As for the cast they all give triple-A performances. As you can see in the behind-the-scenes, most of this was real live passion and sex. Taylor Vixen was just awesome.

Anon in 'Bama
The problem with this video is that itís NOT really about office SEDUCTIONS at all! Everybodyís already in a lesbian relationship to OPEN the video, so what weíre witnessing here are mostly repeat sexual encounters between already-lesbian couples! A more honest title would be "Lesbian Office Sex." There really ARENíT any seductions going on here!

1) Jasmine Jem & Autum Moon - It all opens with lesbian couple Jasmine and Autum talking at home about Autum losing her job at the law firm. Jasmine suggests that Autum apply at her architectural firm for the office manager position which has just come open. Then they begin kissing and having sex. Just like that. Both women move it to the bedroom where Jasmine goes down on Autum, followed by Autum going down on Jasmine. Neither woman is in charge. Thereís some fingering and tribbing. Autum completely ignores Jasmineís gorgeous derriere.

Set-up: D, casting: B, sex: C-

2) Taylor Vixen & Kate Kastle - Pretty dark-haired Taylor sits on the floor in Kateís office, doing paperwork while Kate smokes a cigarette and watches her. Kate is supposed to be the wicked lezzie boss-lady, even though sheís not really all that comfortable in the dominant, predatory lesbian role. Anyway, these two are already lovers, and itís apparent that Taylor is a little jealous of her dark-haired co-worker Jasmine. She tells Kate: "I see the way she looks at you and I donít like it." (Groan!) Of course, this lame line leads to immediately kissing. I liked it when Kate bends Taylor over her desk for some perfunctory spanking, but as I just mentioned, sheís NOT a great domme.

Anyway, after stripping Taylor she goes down on her. Neither woman really takes charge. Thereís a nice moment when Taylor kisses Kateís ass and spanks it. Thatís followed by some analingus and fingering, and thereís a hot moment where Kate grinds the pretty dark-haired girl doggy-style from behind!

Set-up: C, casting: B+, sex: B

Next we watch as Lily LaBeau explains to Autum what her new duties are as office manager. Taylor then enters the room, saying she needs Lilyís help in the storage room. At that point, black girl Charley explains to Autum that: "a lot of strange shit goes on here."

3) Taylor & Vixen & Lily LaBeau - These are the two DVD cover-girls. Taylor has called Lily to the back room to have sex with her. Lily says: "Iíll make out with you, but weíre not fucking." They fuck anyway, on a red couch. Lily goes down on Taylor, followed by Taylor going down on Lily, along with fingering and tribbing. Neither girl pays the slightest attention to the otherís gorgeous derriere. Two incredibly beautiful young women completely wasted in a poorly-contrived, un-erotic scene.

Set-up: F, casting: A, sex: C

Kate returns to the office and meets her new office manager, Autum. Then she catches Lily and Taylor hastily getting dressed in the storage room. Later she silently watches Jasmine, admiring the womanís curvy ass as she bends over. She then tells Jasmine that sheís going to keep her working late tonight. Autum is understandably suspicious of Kateís intentions.

4) Kate Kastle & Jasmine Jem - This is the ONLY attempt at including an actual seduction on this entire video. Kate WANTS Jasmine and she intends to have her. She asks Jasmine if sheís grateful about her giving a job to Autum, and then adds that sheís checked-out Autumís past employment record, telling Jasmine that "she cheated on you with a teenage blonde!" Kate then tells Jasmine not to push her away, and forcibly kisses her. There was a nice sub/dom feel to this scene as Kate takes control, at least at the beginning. Jasmine quickly gives in, however, and what follows is your basic I-do-you-then-you-do-me sexual encounter between the two!

Set-up: B, casting: B, sex: C

A video titled "Lesbian Office Seductions" really needs a predatory female boss whoís a natural at preying upon the pretty girls who work there, and NOT a lesbian "couples" film showing two women merely going at it like they do all the time. And although Kate Kastle certainly LOOKED the part of a predatory lesbian boss, being dominant doesnít come natural to her, and without good writing sheís lost. And this video did NOT have good writing! Overall grade: C+

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